Best Remington 700 Stocks (2022) – Comprehensive Buying Guide

The Remington 700 is one of the most popular bolt-action rifles of all time, being a favorite among many hunters, police and even military units. One of the biggest reasons why the firearm remains popular over the years is thanks to its customizability and the availability of aftermarket parts.

Everyone knows precision shooting can be a little challenging, and sometimes shooters may need to rely on high-quality parts of add-on accessories to help them engage targets at far distances. In today’s article, we will be listing the top stocks to go with your Remington 700 firearm.

Benefits of Getting a Good Remington 700 Stock

Why spend more when you can spend less? While this phrase is important to remember, but it’s not the best thought to have when getting a stock for your Remington 700. It is important to remember that quality should come first. Below are a few benefits of investing a little more in a quality Remington 700 Stock

Lesser Recoil

For those who go shooting regularly, you may understand the difficulty and discomfort of frequent recoil. This is where a good stock comes in to help you reduce recoil. Many stocks even come with thick buttpads to absorb shock and protect your shoulders from getting bruised up or due to the recoils


Many stocks are built to last for a very long time. So that is why it should be one that is made with high-quality materials that are hard to damage. Most stocks are usually a one-time investment that will last shooters decades of use.

Better Length of Pull

Everybody has a different body size and preference, that is why the factory stock does not always work to everyone’s benefit. An adjustable stock will do the trick as it allows shooters the flexibility to adjust it to a certain position to ensure the rifle is much more comfortable and easier to use.

Factors for a Good Remington 700 Stock

One main factor to look at when deciding whether it’s a good stock or not is to take a look at the components connected to the rifle’s stock. The components should provide shooters with a durable platform that can boost their overall shooting accuracy by ensuring the rifle is firmly supported and the recoil action is minimized.

While factory stocks are perfectly good by itself, an aftermarket stock will be better at providing shooters with enhanced comfort and stability. Other than those, stocks that offer a straightforward installation process is a great added bonus.

However, it is still important for you to know which characteristics and features are critical to helping you distinguish a great stock from an unreliable one. Here are a few aspects to take a look while on the hunt:


Most stocks are made from high-quality materials that should be able to last you for a long time. Whether you’re opting for a wood stock or a synthetic stock, it is likely that it is built to last and will be responsible to help you reduce the number of recoils. However, it is noted that most shooters prefer a synthetic stock due to its ability to resist environmental damage.

Ease of Installation

The last thing you want to be stuck with is a stock that is too complicated to install. The ones we have shortlisted feature easy installation that would take a few minutes rather than needing to go to a professional gunsmith for fitting. This DIY project will save you both time and money.


Everyone holds their rifles differently, therefore it is important to find a stock that fits your body and shooting position. The few things to look into would be the size of your hand, length of your arm, and also how you like the comb positioned. A person who prefers to hunt lying with a bipod will definitely have different preferences as those who sport-shoot targets while standing.


If you’re on a tight budget, the price of a stock will be high on your list of priorities. However, you need to remember that overall quality and performance should always trump price. This could mean that you may need to purchase a good quality stock that could be slightly above your budget, but this is still better than spending money on something that is both cheap in price and quality.

Stock Materials

There are two main types of material that are used in the fabrication of aftermarket stocks: synthetic and wood.

Synthetic stocks have been widely accepted by many shooters for its functionality that is sometimes better than the classic, wooden stocks. The synthetic buttstocks offer consistency without the risk of swelling and shrinking as wood does. Other than that, synthetic stocks are also much more moisture-resistant and inherently stronger than the traditional wood stocks.

Another important material is the laminate rifle stock that is just as strong as wooden stocks but much heavier. In general, synthetic stocks are lighter than both wood or laminate stocks however if the synthetic stock is solid, it can also weigh just as much as some wooden stocks.

While there is no denying that synthetic stocks are more budget-friendly, many shooters still prefer the warmth, feel, and look of a natural wood stock.

Fixed vs Adjustable

There are two replacement stocks available on the market which is fixed or adjustable type of stock. They’re both equally good so it boils down to your personal preference and usage. However, most often than not, some gun owners appreciate the flexibility of the adjustable stock to allow more room. Also, the different type of stock possess different length of pull as discussed above hence, an adjustable stock will provide you a better optimum size of the length of pull as compared to a fixed stock.

The Best Aftermarket Stock For Remington 700

Here we will be going through a handful of Remington 700 Stocks to help you shortlist and figure out the best one to accompany you on your hunting trips.

1. Hogue 70201 Remington 700 BDL Long Action OverMolded

The Hogue 70201 Remington 700 BDL Long Action OverMolded Stock is a full-on design that can fit every Remington 700 rifles available. This popular stock is built like a tank and stands out as a force to be reckoned with to help you boost the durability of your rifle.

The stock has been a long-time favorite thanks to its carefully designed construction and aluminum pillar beds that offer a free-floating barrel to help shooters achieve maximum accuracy. However, you’ll need to keep in mind to get a stock with full-length bedding if you plan to use a bipod with it.

The Hogue 70201 Remington 700 BDL Long Action OverMolded Stock is constructed with synthetic materials through a multi-stage process called “Over-Molding”. The stock contains a small yet strong fiberglass skeleton as a base to coated with rubber to turn it into a remarkably sturdy and lightweight stock that fits perfectly to your Model 700 rifle.

For those who are on the lookout for full-on design stocks that are durable and easy to install, then you don’t need to look further than the Hogue 70201 Remington 700 BDL Long Action OverMolded Stock. This stock offers better durability and gives your rifle control a huge boost to help you accurately hit your targets during a hunt or a shooting contest.

Customer Feedback

Many customers were satisfied with their Hogue 70201 Remington 700 BDL Long Action OverMolded Stock. Not only was the stock a perfect fit with their Remington 700 rifles, but it also features excellent overall quality. Customers felt confident using it thanks to the sturdy construction that can persist through bad weather conditions while also helping shooters reduce the recoil action.


With a sturdy construction that is built to withstand bad weather and oils and solvents, the Hogue 70201 Remington 700 BDL Long Action OverMolded Stock is easily one of the most sturdy and durable stock you can find on the market to go with your Remington 700.


  • Comes with Uncle Mike’s swivel studs
  • Cobblestone pattern
  • Strong fiberglass skeleton with rubber coating
  • Simple drop-in installation


  • Not adjustable
  • Does not have full-length aluminum pillar beds

2. Grayboe, LLC – Remington 700 Outlander BDL Long Action Stocks

With a super slick all-black finish, this stock will instantly boost the aesthetics of your rifle upon installation. Made from high-quality polymer, you can expect your Grayboe LLC Outlander BDL Long Action Stock to last you for many years. For those who clean their guns regularly, you won’t need to worry about the leaked oils or solvents damaging the stock thanks to its durable polymer material.

Grayboe is well known for designing the most successful tactical stocks and is the only authorized and licensed McMillan A5 design on the market. Other than that, the company is even a renowned manufacturer of fiberglass composite hunting stocks such as the Outlander model, which features a straight comb, traditional, swooped-back pistol grip.

Each Grayboe LLC Outlander BDL Long Action Stock is constructed with aluminum pillar bedding and molded from homogenous composite mixtures under super high heat and pressure. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that any modifications you make to your Grayboe stock will instantly void its warranty – a case that is typical among most aftermarket stock manufacturers.

The Grayboe LLC Outlander BDL Long Action Stock is a drop-in fit for your Remington 700 long-action rifles and can be used for both standard and magnum contour barrels. It is a great stock that is commonly used for hunting or target shooting purposes.

The really thick and super-durable polymer material works a great deal to absorb a high amount of shock to protect your firearm from random bumps and abuses. If you want your rifle to stand out like a beast, you’d be hard-pressed to find a stock as good as the Grayboe LLC Outlander BDL Long Action Stock.

Customer Feedback

The Grayboe LLC Outlander BDL Long Action Stock provided enhanced durability to the customer’s rifles, as well as much better control due to the significant reduction in recoil. Many customers have also found that the buttstock was very comfortable to use thanks to the attached buttpad, which helps to soften the blow. This way, their shoulders won’t have to deal with repeated amounts of abuse due to the rifle’s recoil.


If you need a stock to help you land a big game target such as a deer, then you can remain confident that your Grayboe LLC Outlander BDL Long Action Stock will offer you enhanced control over your rifle. The significant reduction in rifle recoil makes this stock worth every penny.

On top of that, the Outlander stock features a lightweight and sleek design to make it easy for you to carry it around the field all day. The traditional hunting stock shape comes with an ambidextrous design while the slightly over-sized forend M-LOK is compatible with a wide range of accessories.


  • Lightweight and sleep design
  • Traditional hunting stock shape with an ambidextrous design
  • Designed as a drop-in stock for Remington 700 rifles


  • Does not include a cheekpiece

3. Magpul – REM 700 LA Hunter Adjustable

The LA Hunter Stock Adjustable is not only made from high-quality polymer, but it is even adjustable for shooters of different sizes. With this stock, you can easily achieve a length of pull that suits you instead of having to suffer through the discomfort of using a factory stock.

On top of that, the LA Hunter Stock Adjustable also features a thick buttpad at the end of the stock to help you reduce the effects of recoil on your shoulders. So, if you’re in need of a comfortable and reliable stock, then this might just be the one to help you get the job done.

Magpul’s is well-known among the aftermarket gun accessory industry and they’re known to build great gunstocks. Their line of Remington 700 stocks is intended for both hunting and tactical use for short and long actions. Produced from reinforced polymer and combined with an A380 cast-aluminium V-bedding block, the Magpul LA Hunter Stock Adjustable works as a true drop-in solution for easy installation.

The soft buttpad at the bottom of the stock absorbs most of the recoil while the half-inch spacers offer shooters with several options of the length of pull ranging from 13 to 15 inches. The LA Hunter Stock Adjustable also comes with a fully adjustable cheek riser kit that offers a custom fit ranging from a quarter-inch to three-quarter inches.

In terms of design, the LA Hunter Stock Adjustable comes with an enhanced ergonomics of a steeply angled pistol grip. Other than that, the Magpul stock also comes with a bolt-action magazine to allow your rifle to be used with a detachable box magazine without the help of a gunsmith.

The forward portion of the LA Hunter Stock Adjustable offers rear sling point and drill positions for shooters to add a front sling swivel while the M-LOK compatible slots appear on the sides and bottom for additional accessories.

Customer Feedback

Customers were very excited to find that the stock was easily adjustable, making their rifles very comfortable to use. Users who have long suffered from a terrible length of pull from factory stocks were especially satisfied with the LA Hunter Stock Adjustable. Most of them also were very satisfied with the overall quality and durability of the stock with noticeably reduced recoil effect after installation.


The Magpul’s LA Hunter Stock Adjustable does not disappoint shooters and stands out as one of the best stocks available on the market for solid reasons. The LA Hunter Stock Adjustable is not only adjustable, but it features an ambidextrous design to suit both right and left-handed shooters. The recoil action is also instantly reduced upon installation to make the shooting experience a whole lot better. For those who want to add most adjustability options on their rifles without having to dig too deep in their wallets will be very satisfied with the LA Hunter Stock Adjustable.


  • Suitable for hunting and tactical shooting purposes
  • Features bolt-action magazine
  • Fully adjustable length of pull and cheek riser kit
  • Compatible with Remington 700 short and long actions


  • Bolt cannot be taken out without removing the cheek riser

4. Bell & Carlson – Remington 700 SA BDL Target/Competition Stock

Bell & Carlson’s SA BDL Target/Competition Stock is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum, which is considered to be one of the toughest kinds of aluminum you can use. This durable construction will make your rifle stand out like a beast that can last you for years. The added polymer finish on the stock even offers an additional layer of protection for your rifle.

Bell & Carlson has really taken the effort to offer shooters with a rock-solid, ergonomically designed stock to help enhance shooting accuracy. These synthetic stocks are created from the ground up to maximize your rifle’s performance and to improve overall handling.

The SA BDL Target/Competition Stock features full-length bedding systems, machined from a 6061-T6 aluminum block and is specially designed for serious shooters and hunters. The bedding block extends through the forearm to give the rifle additional strength and stiffness while also providing contact with the full length of the rifle’s action.

The SA BDL Target/Competition Stock core is constructed of structural urethane combined with aramid and fiberglass materials with an adjustable cheekpiece to offer shooters precise cheek/eye placement. The stock also features an ambidextrous design to fit both right and left-handed shooters.

The wide and flat, beavertail-styled forend gives the rifle extra bench/bag stability while the dual front sling studs can be used for a sling and a bipod. All Bell & Carlson stocks are compatible with both short and long-action Remington 700 with BDL floorplates.

The SA BDL Target/Competition Stock is an all-time favorite among target shooters and competitive shooters alike. Not only does it significantly reduce recoil action, but it even gives your rifle lifelong durability. This stock is definitely the one to go for if you want to reap maximum benefits from your Remington 700 rifle.

Customer Feedback

Many customers who were looking for a stock suited for both their target and competitive shooting purposes were not disappointed with the SA BDL Target/Competition Stock. Not only was the stock super durable, but they also absolutely love how the stock was able to deliver excellent recoil reduction to allow them better control over their rifle. Many Target/Competition Stock on their Remington 700.


The Bell & Carlson SA BDL Target/Competition Stock features a straightforward design for breezy installation. Once you’ve installed it on your rifle, you’ll not only notice that your rifle will become tough all over, but it will even deliver a superior performance that is hard to beat.

Will the SA BDL Target/Competition Stock weighs similar to the original Hogue buttstock at 3.5 lbs., the Bell & Carlson stock certainly looks way nicer as they resemble a design that looks like the popular McMillan A5 with a speckled texture specific overall finish. Lastly, the vertical-style pistol grip is even shaped nicely with a wrist arch design to offer shooters a much more natural and comfortable position during shooting.


  • Adjustable cheekpiece
  • Comes with dual front sling studs
  • Suitable for right and left-handed shooters
  • Features wide and flat beavertail-style forend for bench/bag stability


  • May be heavy for some
  • Might be pricey for some

5. H-S Precision – REM 700 SA Varmint Stock Sporter

The H-S Precision is one of the more popular manufacturers of synthetic rifle components well-known for their stocks with the two most popular models being a classic Sporter and a varmint model with a wider forearm.

The SA Varmint Stock Sporter for Remington 700 rifle comes reinforced with Du-Pont Kevlar and fiberglass with a full-length aluminum chassis as the heart of the H-S Precision stock. This virtually eliminates the need for additional bedding and even allows a perfect fit to your rifle.

The 7075 T6 aluminum bedding-block is blended with aramid fiber reinforced and woven fiberglass cloth to help the SA Varmint Stock Sporter deliver exceptional strength and stability. The H-S Precision stock is able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, even extremely high temperatures will not be able to affect the stock.

The lightweight SA Varmint Stock Sporter is a high-tech synthetic stock that is hollow so that it only weighs 2 ¼ lbs. With an Uncle Mike’s Ultra-Mag Recoil Pad and Uncle Mike’s Sling Swivel Studs, the H-S Precision stock is poised to be a big favorite to shooters who value comfort and convenience.


The H-S Precision SA Varmint Stock Sporter stock features a light varmint contour, offering a long-range platform and simple “drop-in” installation for those who do not fancy the idea of going to a gunsmith. The metal chassis provides a very solid base for your Remington 700 rifles to offer excellent accuracy consistently.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Hollow lightweight stock
  • Full-length aluminum chassis
  • Comes with Uncle Mike’s Ultra-Mag Recoil Pad and Uncle Mike’s Sling Swivel Studs


  • Might be pricey for some


For those who need to upgrade their existing hunting or tactical rifle stock, the above aftermarket options are the most popular and loved by many customers thanks to their unique characteristics and advantages.

However, just like picking most upgrades, the most important part of picking a suitable rifle stock is to identify which is the best for you. Hopefully, the above review has helped to outline the top stocks to help ease your process in finding the right stock for your Remington 700 rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install my stock?

Installing a new stock onto your Remington 700 rifle can sometimes be a tricky and challenging process and it depends on the stock model. Some stocks are a true drop-in solution that users can quickly install in just minutes while others may require the technical expertise of a gunsmith to perform some adjustments.

Some Remington 700 replacement stocks need some preparation for bedding or modification to fit an M700 action, such as carving out the recoil lug pocket in the stock and also bedding it with suitable bedding compounds.

Does the military use Remington 700?

Yes, the military does use the Remington 700 rifles however they’ve adopted the M24 as a standard sniper rifle which is the police and military’s version of the Remington Model 700 rifle. Additionally, the M2010 sniper rifle was later then adopted in 2010 which is an improved version of the M24 and is a grandson of the good old Remington 700 rifle.

What does BDL mean?

BDL stands for “Better Deluxe” and it is a name given to a variant of the Remington 700 series. The ADL – Average Deluxe is the base variant while the CDL (Classic Deluxe) is an improved version of the BDL. The BDL rifle features a hinged base plate to allow users to empty their magazines easily simply by opening the floor plate on top of better aesthetics.

What is the twist rate of a Remington 700?

The twist rate of the Remington 700 rifle depends on the barrel. Generally, the Remington 700 rifles have a twist rate of 1:12 while other models feature a twist rate of 1:10 to accurately push bulkier rounds. As a rule of thumb, lighter round work will have longer twist rates while heavy grain bullets will require tighter twist rates.

Does the rifle stock affect accuracy?

Yes, a rifle stock can improve accuracy. From a shooter’s standpoint, if the rifle is uncomfortable to hold or if it hits the shooter under recoil, there’s a high chance that it will impact their shooting accuracy. Therefore a rifle stock that makes it more comfortable to handle the rifle will improve overall shooting accuracy consistently.

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