Best Remington 700 Chassis in 2022 – What You Need

Since introduction in 1962, the Remington 700 has quickly become a hit with shooters thanks to its Monte Carlo cheekpiece, sharp checkering, deep bluing, and an incredible accuracy. Even though the Remington 700 offers a very accurate and versatile platform by itself, there are still ways to customize and make it better.

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Magpul – Remington Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable

Most Recommended Option

1. Folding stock with a push-button activated steel hinge
2. Ambidextrous design
3. Adjustable length

Accuracy International – M700 .300 AICS Stock1. Full, self-bedding aluminum V-block
2. Ambidextrous design
3. Compatible with AICS-pattern magazines
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Bell & Carlson Remington 700 SA Adj. Stock1. Durable and comfortable to use
2. Lightweight and high-quality
3. Adjustable
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Kinetic Research Group – Rem 700 Bravo S/A Chassis1. Comfortable and lightweight
2. Made of stiff aluminum and reinforced polymer forend
3. Forend with M-LOK mounting points
8.0/10SHOP NOW
J P Enterprises – Rem 700 Amcs Benchrest SA Stock Chassis1. Ergonomic AR platform
2. AR-style forend enables mounting Picatinny rails
3. Adjustable cheek piece
8.0/10SHOP NOW

Importance of Having The Best Remington 700 Chassis

With the ability to install accessories like the bipods, quivers, night vision, barricade stops, sling adapters, or Picatinny rails, the chassis offers shooters with better consistency and enhanced accuracy. On top of that, their molded pistol grips also work to provide shooters a more comfortable grip of the firearm.

While most are often confused between stocks and chassis, they are both the same thing and the term can be used interchangeably. A stock or chassis system holds the feeding mechanism, houses the trigger and to allow accessory attachment.

Chassis are generally made from aluminum and are heavier than most rifle stocks that are crafted from wood, composites or fiberglass. However, due to the heavier construction, the chassis is much more solid and stable compared to rifle stocks, hence providing greater internal and external stability.

Benefits of Rem 700 Chassis Stocks

Similarly like a traditional stock, a rifle chassis system works to provide a much more solid shooting platform. They are typically bedded through a labor-intensive process that requires competent gunsmith to offer optimal performance. On the other hand, this ultimately makes traditional fiberglass/synthetic stock much more expensive to maintain in the long run.

However, a rifle chassis is much easier to install and may not even require the assistance of a gunsmith. The chassis also adds a variety of multiple types of accessories to your rifle. Instead of fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber, chassis systems are usually constructed of aluminum and don’t require separate bottom metal bedding pillars.

Factors When Picking Out Remington 700  Tactical Chassis

Most chassis systems have a V-block installation to cradle the receiver while ensuring two solid points of contact. The main advantage of a positive mechanical bedding is to significantly improve accuracy when compared with standard factory stocks. They also help to negate the mess that is usually accompanied by resin or epoxy bedding. Higher-end chassis even come with a free-floating barrel to ensure a much higher accuracy.

If you’re looking for a good full-length aluminum chassis, it’s good to opt for one with an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad, pistol grip and also remember to look out for one with an integrated AICS-style box magazine compatibility.

A chassis system is specially designed to properly support the action and may require some to screw the barreled action in the chassis. The chassis system’s ability to allow the barrel to be unscrewed without taking the barreled action makes the system works suited in switch barrel applications.

While some shooters feel that box-style magazines are more convenient, for an ultimate precision rifle, a stiff and blind receiver is of utmost importance. Most precision shooters lately prefer to go for a chassis system as they are integrated with a detachable magazine system take has larger capacities.

The Best Remington 700 Chassis

Below, we will review and go through our list of top chassis systems for your Remington 700 rifle.

1. Bell & Carlson Remington 700 SA Adj. Stock


The Bell & Carlson SA Adj. Stock is made from composite materials with a solid black finish to ensure durability. The measurements of the chassis are perfect for your Remington 700 rifles for easier fitting. This chassis is designed to be super tough to be able to even handle heavy-barreled rifles, making it the perfect chassis for rifles with a bit more weight.

Made with high-grade polymer composite bonded to a machined aluminum pillar bedding block, the chassis provides a snug fit with the action to improve the overall accuracy of your shooting. The functionalities and effectiveness of the chassis system have easily earned a place in our list.

Since the Remington 700 rifle is mostly used for hunting and requires shooters to carry it for longer durations, Bell & Carlson has made their stock with a very light composite base for easier portability. The stock can even be adjusted to achieve the perfect length and rise depending on user preference.

A Pachmayr recoil pad that is adjustable for left/right cant is added at the base of the stock to provide shooters with a more comfortable experience. The stock can even be extended to 1 ¼ inch for the pull while the cheek riser can also be adjusted to help you shoot from different positions.

The Bell & Carlson SA Adj. The stock features a beavertail forearm with a dovetail rail to let users mount multiple accessories at the same time. The forend of the stock even comes with an adjustable swivel stud for you to add a sling.

The Bell & Carlson SA Adj. Stock is an excellent chassis for those with a heavier Remington 700 rifles that won’t crack under pressure. If you need something that offers an easy fit and is proven to be reliably tough, then this chassis would what you’re looking for.

Customer Feedback

Many recent customers were happy with the chassis as they said the fitting was easy without requiring any additional fitting. The durable construction also makes it super handy to use with the Remington 700 rifles.


In terms of quality, the Bell & Carlson Remington 700 SA Adjustable Stock is easily the best chassis for your Model 700 rifle. Despite being super lightweight, the chassis has proven itself to be tough enough to handle the heavy hitting of a Remington 700. This chassis is built like a tank and delivers a stellar performance, making it a fantastic upgrade to your rifle.


  • Lightweight and high-quality
  • Adjustable
  • Durable and comfortable to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Fits well to most Remington 700 rifles


  • Might require minor adjustments during installation


2. Kinetic Research Group Rem 700 Bravo S/A Chassis


One of the first things that stood out is the design of the Kinetic Research Group Bravo S/A Chassis. It features a simple and straightforward style that is a lot more open near the barrel area to make it much easier to install onto your rifle.

The Bravo S/A Chassis is constructed with heavy-quality metal materials that are mixed with a polymer to make it much more stable and shock-resistant. This helps to significantly boost the performance of your rifle.

The renowned Kinetic Research Group has recently released a more budget-oriented, adjustable polymer chassis named ‘Bravo’. The polymer chassis is made from a full-length, stiff piece of aluminum that is combined with a reinforced polymer forend to make it one of the lightest rifle chassis available on the market.

Even though the Bravo chassis comes with a more traditional sense of style, it has a precisely machined internal bedding block. The Bravo features a modular design with three spaces to offer an adjustable length of pull, cheek riser, and a built-in thumb shelf. In addition to that, the Bravo chassis is also compatible with five or ten-rounds of AICS-pattern magazines.

For shooters who prefer a quick and painless chassis installation on their Remington 700 rifle, this would be perfect for them. With an open design, the Bravo S/A Chassis features a much quicker installation compared to its competitors. Other than that, the durable construction also means that the chassis will give your rifle an all-round durability.  This chassis will make your rifle look and feel like a brick house that won’t crack easily.

Customer Feedback

Many customers loved the straightforward and simple design of the Bravo S/A Chassis that helped to make it much easier to install on their Remington 700 rifles. The durability of the chassis has also been noted to be able to allow a much more stable shooting and reduced recoil.


If you want a chassis that offers amazing durability and easy installation, then the Kinetic Research Group’s Bravo S/A Chassis is the one for you. The Bravo Chassis even features M-LOK mounting points on each side and bottom of the forend to allow users the option to attach various accessories. This chassis is easily one of the most comfortable stocks available that features the essential benefits paired with conventional target/varmint ergonomics.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Resembles a traditional-style stock
  • Made of stiff aluminum and reinforced polymer forend
  • Compatible with AICS-pattern magazines
  • Forend with M-LOK mounting points


  • May be a little flimsy for some


3. Magpul Remington Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable


Magpul’s Sa Chassis Adjustable is designed especially for ambidextrous used to suit both right-handed and left-handed shooters. Most left-handed shooters who usually experience difficulty in operating the Remington 700 will be happy with this chassis. It even comes with a thick buttpad to protect your shoulders from the constant abuse of heavy recoils for comfortable shooting.

The Remington Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable is one of Magpul’s newest bolt-action product that is designed with the help of veterans and professionals. The modular design of the chassis will interest those in tactical and PRS circles.

The main feature of Magpul’s Remington Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable is a folding stock that comes with a push-button activated steel hinge and Melonite finish. The stock itself features plenty of adjustments, including the length of pull, butt pad, comb height, and cheek riser to suit a variety of user preferences. The chassis is also adjustable in three-positions with a secondary knob that is designed to resist any movement in the riser.

While the Magpul Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable utilizes an integrated AICS-pattern for short-action magazines, it can also easily adapt to fit popular Magpul magazines such as the PMAG5 and PMAG19 7.52 AC magazine.

The chassis also comes with some M-LOK slots under the forend to allow accessory mounting. The bottom side of the chassis features a pistol grip with an aggressive angle that is popular with long-range, bolt-action rifles and an oversized trigger guard area for those who frequently shoot with gloves.

Customer Feedback

Most customers were very impressed with the durability of the chassis. The Remington Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable was able to keep their barrels cool even after an extended period of shooting at the range. Customers have also noticed a significant reduction in recoil and improvement in terms of accuracy after they’ve installed the chassis on their Remington 700 rifle.


The Remington Pro 700 SA Chassis Adjustable is easily one of the best in the industry as it is designed to last you years while addressing the issue of recoil. Users will definitely notice a decrease in recoil with better control and stability after installing the chassis on their rifle.


  • Based on internal sub-chassis made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Folding stock with a push-button activated steel hinge
  • Features an adjustable length of pull, butt pad, comb height, and cheek riser
  • Ambidextrous design to fit both left and right-handed shooters
  • Compatible with AICS-pattern magazines and Magpul’s PMAG


  • Suitable for short action Remington 700 only
  • Stock hinge increases weight


4. Accuracy International M700 .300 AICS Stock


Accuracy International’s M700 .300 AICS Stock comes with a green finish that works to your advantage if you’re looking to blend into your environment. This chassis is perfect for those who want to stand out less while on the lookout for the perfect target.

Other than the camouflage design, the chassis is even made to fit your Remington 700 rifle perfectly for a much easier installation. This way, you won’t have to worry about having to go for a fitting or alterations on your chassis to fit the rifle. This drop-in chassis is super easy to use, and you’d be insane to pass up the opportunity if you want something easy.

Accuracy International Company’s AICS rifle chassis and Detachable Box Mag system magazine have quickly become a benchmark in the precision rifle industry. While it is not the cheapest option out there, the M700 .300 AICS Stock is one of the most advanced replacement stock systems you can get your hands on for your Model 700 rifle.

If you love a little modification to your existing Remington 700 platform as a sniper rifle, then the AICS works to combine the full, self-bedding aluminum V-block with the ergonomic benefits of their latest advanced sniper rifle systems. Constructed from a strong alloy and polymer, the M700 .300 AICS Stock offers a very durable performance despite weighing only 5.6 pounds.

The rifle chassis comes in two configurations: solid and folding stock. All configurations are compatible with short, long and Magnum Remington 700 models. The chassis even features a comfortable thumbhole stock side and pistol grip for an enhanced stability that can be enjoyed by both left and right-handed shooters.

Frequent hunters that use heavy hitter like the Remington 700 will be able to benefit the most from the Accuracy International’s M700 .300 AICS Stock. The green finishing that lets you blend into the wilderness may often be overlooked but it can really be used to your advantage when utilized correctly.

Customer Feedback

Many customers were very satisfied with the overall durability of the Accuracy International’s M700 .300 AICS Stock. They noticed that the chassis is even able to fit on their rifles with little to no issues thanks to the simple and straightforward design.


The Accuracy International’s M700 .300 AICS Stock is a great choice for hunters that want something easy to install and to reduce the rifle’s recoil. The adjustable cheek piece can be moved left, right, up, and down to provide users with the optimal cheek position. The AICS even comes with a flush-fit, five-round magazine as a piece of standard equipment, however, users can also opt for a ten-round magazine.


  • Full, self-bedding aluminum V-block
  • Available in solid and folding stock configurations
  • Ambidextrous design and is available for short and long actions
  • Adjustable cheekpiece
  • Compatible with AICS-pattern magazines


  • Might be too expensive for some
  • Might be too heavy for some


5. J P Enterprises Rem 700 Amcs Benchrest SA Stock


J P Enterprises’ Rem 700 Amcs Benchrest SA Stock Chassis is constructed from high-quality aluminum that has proven to be tougher than the majority of the chassis on the market. This Remington 700 chassis may just be one of the most hardcore chassis available for purchase. If you really want something that is built to last you years while bringing out the best of your rifle, then you don’t need to look further than this.

This lightweight but tough chassis provides excellent stability with upgraded performance. Not only does it improve your overall rifle’s durability, but the durability and usability stand out as one of the few major reasons why your rifle can perform a lot better after installation of the chassis. The chassis plays a central role to help you reduce recoil for better accuracy and precision during shooting.

Customer Feedback

Most customers have noted that the J P Enterprises’ Rem 700 Amcs Benchrest SA Stock Chassis is a super tough unit that has helped to reduce a significant amount of recoil with little to no trouble in terms of installation. Many customers have also noted to be very impressed with how lightweight the chassis is to make carrying the rifle very comfortable.


The J P Enterprises’ Rem 700 Amcs Benchrest SA Stock Chassis stands out as a super solid chassis that fits any Remington 700 rifles on the market. It does an amazing job of reducing recoil while making sure that your rifle performs doubly better after installing the chassis.

The chassis features an H&K PSG precision-style tactical grip with a palm shelf to make it much easier for shooters to stabilize their weapon. Unlike standard bolt release positioned in front of the trigger, the chassis comes with a much simpler solution of having it on the side of the bolt-action.

The ambidextrous extended magazine release easily allows shooters to keep their hand on the grip while changing the magazine. This is a super handy feature that is perfect for when shooting a moving target.


  • Ergonomic AR platform
  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • AR-style forend enables mounting Picatinny rails
  • Available in fixed or folding stock configuration


  • May require fitting
  • May be a bit heavy for some



In today’s world of precision shooting, many modern gun aficionados have a wide range of upgrades available to help improve their shooting experience. Although a rifle chassis system may be more expensive initially, it is a worthy investment as it can make your shooting much more comfortable and accurate. Compared to carbon fiber stocks, a chassis system offers much more versatility when taking int consideration the shooting style and customization features it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rifle chassis?

Stocks and chassis systems serve as a physical interface between the shooter and the rifle to maintain a proper body position and head alignment with the optic. The chassis system is typically constructed of aluminum and works to hold the feeding mechanism, houses the trigger and even allows for the attachment of other accessories. The chassis also helps to provide the rifle with much better accuracy.

Why do I need a chassis system?

Many need a chassis system to go with their Remington 700 rifle is due to a wide variety of reasons. A chassis system helps to improve your firearm’s stability, accuracy, and overall performance. Regardless of your intended application, a Remington 700 will need to be excellent in terms of performance and a chassis may just be the right tool to make that happen.

What is the difference between a stock and a chassis?

A difference between the stock and chassis is that chassis usually comes with a separate unit that the barreled action bolts into while the stock is a separate part that bolts to the chassis. Stocks usually require bedding while a chassis does not.

How Long Will The Chassis Lasts Me?

This would depends on the your level of care and durability of the materials as of course, better quality materials are more sturdy that could last longer. Nevertheless, chassis is also subjected to natural wear and tear over time.

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