NRA freestyle TV Shows

NRA Freestyle TV Shows consists a a few series of shows that are set out to inspire you, motivate you, and bring out the burning passion out of you. They have retired NAVY Seal Veterans to give you advice, they share their gun knowledge, combat experience, and many more! Here are a few examples of what NRA Freestyle consists of.

A bunch of helpful resources and rifles have been mentioned in these series. If you are interested in learning more about any of these rifles or pistols, we have them covered here on Firearms Land.

Famous rifles talked about in these series:

  1. The most popular rifle: Ar 15
  2. Special Edition: 300 Blackout
  3. 6.5 Creedmoor
  4. The variations of Glock and their conversions

Colion Noir TV Shows

The NRA wants you to visit Colion Noir. He is the host of their upcoming show Noir, which premieres on NRA Freestyle on May 11th. The NRA hopes to announce some new series, including Media Lab, in which a Veteran Navy SEAL will dissect abuse in TV and film, NRA Sharp (“for the intellectually curious”), and I Am Forever, featuring another Veteran Navy SEAL and the young girl he will “guide” on her “journey toward personal protection.

The NRA launched a relationship with Noir almost two months ago. Noir, as an African-American millennial, is not your usual NRA spokesman, which is part of his charm. Since Newtown, the NRA has made it a priority to gain more non-white followers. The NRA also had a “Youth Day” where children were given free memberships.

However, the chances are never in the NRA’s favor: According to a Harvard University Institute of Politics survey conducted in the spring of last year, 49 percent of millennials favor tighter gun controls, while 15 percent believe they should be relaxed (35 percent want no change in the laws). Just 18% of 18-to-25-year-olds reported owning a gun.

Noir has a sizable social media following, with over 35,000 followers on Twitter, 181,000 shares on Facebook, and over 220,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He got his start in the pro-gun community with firearms-related YouTube posts. His show is part of the NRA’s larger attempt to reach out to people who aren’t older, white, or male; he co-hosts with Amy Robbins, a young white woman whose goal is to “highlight women shooters and our influence in the gun community.” She also expresses contempt for men who pick up a pistol by “limp wrist[ing] it like he was picking up a tarantula.” The whole thing reads like an out-of-touch person’s vision of what hot, trendy gun supporters should be.

Media Lab TV Shows

Are you looking for something new? NRA Freestyles has got you covered. The newest and latest video projects from NRA are available on their websites; NRA Freestyle TV (featuring content from Daniel Defense) and NRA Life of Duty (featuring content from Brownells). DefenseReview (DR) friend Dom Raso has a really interesting web TV series on the NRA Freestyle site called the Media Lab. Media Lab is a series that previews combat orders, armory knowledge, and even shows you several self-defense techniques. This TV show features scenes from a series of shows, and may even consist of your favourite blockbuster movie, like Rambo, Enough, Training Day, The Bourne Identity, and many other Triple A rated movies.

Raso is a great teacher that shows you the experience and tactics of martial arts, and how to be deadly with it. It’s especially amusing and entertaining when you’re watching a hand-to-hand combat, something that could be a matter of life and death, and maybe even take something from it.

Spoiler alert, and don’t say we didn’t warn you, it would just be a short briefing of the introduction to Media Lab TV Shows. Dom Raso, in the first episode, talks about how people ditch their guns on the ground after each kill, just so they can act like a hero. This is what the CliffsNotes version of it is: Don’t ever throw your gun away. He also did a combatives demonstration with a discussion of the Keysi Fighting Method, in which he participated in a fight scene with character Jack Reacher.

Dom Raso spent 12 years in the Navy Seal, and since Media Lab, he has received many questions about movies, whether they are realistic or not. However, he is the first to state that his opinion does not have much value unless evidence is provided to support it. Please make yourself at home in the Media Lab.

I am Forever TV Shows

This is a show with a good zero to hero theme to it. Join teen athlete, Reagan Tyler, who was not an accomplished shooter to begin with, as she is introduced to the best trainers in the world. Experience this new concept of NRA Freestyle’s thrilling new season of the show called “I Am Forever”.

Reagan Tyler, who used to play softball and ride horses when she was younger, loved the idea of being part of a team. She signed up for volleyball and even qualified to play on a traveling competitive team. Reagan, enamored with the sport, has not stopped playing volleyball and has even won numerous championships throughout her years. Aside from volleyball, she enjoys other extreme sports such as dirt bike riding and wakeboarding at pools.

Tune in and watch how an accomplished athlete like Reagen goes from zero to hero in her journey to becoming the next best shooter. Through this show, we will have the rare opportunity to experience what it takes for a beginner to become an expert shooter in an astonishingly short period of time. Featuring former Green Beret John Wayne Walding, who handles the guns, and Isaiah Truyman, who is an acclaimed fitness coach.

As Reagan Tyler once said, “One of the eye-opening experiences is that you put your heart and set your mind to concentrate and focus, set out all your emotions and calm yourself down, and Snap! You make the shot” That was Reagan’s “aha!” moment, and when you’re on the other side of the scope, immersed in your own bubble, you’ll find your “aha!” moment as well.

Watch as these two trainers work together, hand in hand, in ensuring that Reagan Tyler’s journey to becoming an expert shooter is a success. Although she still has to attend high school, Reagan Tyler still finds the time for her rigorous training schedule to become a shooter born in heaven! This is definitely the show for you if you’re looking for a motivational and life-inspiring series to binge. What is your “aha!” moment?