Top 5 Best Remington 700 Upgrades You Can Get in 2022

The Remington 700 rifle is a great weapon that many people like to buy thanks to its reliability and performance. Other than being one of the most accurate factory gun available, the Remington 700 also provides a great platform to build a rifle according to your own imagination and checkbook.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the best upgrades that you can get for your Remington 700 rifle that will be able to contribute toward achieving better results while you’re out on the range or roaming through the field.

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Badger Ordnance – Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails

Most Recommended Option

1. Available for left-handed shooters
2. Offers perfect fit and a strong hold
3. Compatible with any picatinny-style rings

Jewell Triggers, INC. – Remington 700/40X & Win M70 Rifle Triggers1. Adjustable pull trigger of 1.5 oz to 3 lb.
2. Excellent for bench rest, varminting, and other types of precision shooting
3. Trigger can easily be fine-tuned without the need to disassemble the rifle
8.5/10SHOP NOW
HARRIS – S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount1. Perfect height for prone shooting or bench rest
2. Leg notch locking for reliable height adjustment
3. 6 to 9 inches height adjustability
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Magpul – Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter 700L Standard Black1. Drop-in design for quick installation
2. Compatible with Magpul PMAG AC Short-action magazines
3. Adds detachable box magazine versatility to your rifle
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC1. Comes with parallax side turret
2. Zero-reset function for windage and elevation adjustment
3. Advanced ballistic reticle has crosswind compensation
8.0/10SHOP NOW

What to Consider For Your Remington 700 Customization 

Below are a few considerations that you should keep in mind when getting a new accessory for your Remington 700:


If you’re a frequent hunter, you should know that there are many tactical stock configurations that may be heavier than you want. Getting an upgraded trigger may be advantageous for you during competitions, but you need to remember that a trigger that is too light and sensitive to shock may cause unintentional discharge that could be dangerous.

The Remington 700 rifle is an excellent foundation as a build that features a few significant areas like stock options, triggers, magazine wells, scope bases, barrel’s bolt lift, and even bipods. This opens up some options that let you build and create an exclusive setup that is tailor-made to your specific needs.


By picking out the right accessory at the right price, you can ensure that your wallet stays intact without getting too stressed out. Upgrading the parts on your Remington 700 may be a very good investment as it can significantly improve accuracy and the overall reliability of your rifle, however, as with anything, better upgrades come at a cost too.


The Remington 700 rifle does not come equipped with a set of iron sights which may make it a little difficult to aim especially for new rifle owners. In this case, getting a rifle scope and its corresponding scope base and rings may just be one of the first things to do. The Remington 700 rifle comes in over 40 different variants, chambered in a wide range of calibers, making few thousands of rifle scopes available for you to choose on the market.

Factors to Look Out for in Remington 700 Upgrades

Other than knowing what upgrades you need for your Remington 700, you should also know how to be able to distinguish a good product from other unreliable and crappy upgrades. So, here’s a short guide on what you should consider when looking for a good Remington 700 upgrade accessory:

High-Quality Materials

A good upgrade accessory should always be made from high-quality materials and some reliable and tough materials to look for include steel, aluminum, and polymer. These materials have been proven to be able to handle all kinds of bumps and abuse to withstand environmental damages.


If you’re on a budget, the price tag may be the very first thing you set your eyes on. However, you should remember that the price should not be the biggest factor when getting an upgrade for your firearm. Instead, you should focus more on the accessory’s quality and performance. Remember to get an accessory that offers great value without being cheap in quality.

Easy Installation

Getting an easy-to-install accessory is great for those who prefer their own DIY project and not have to rely on gunsmiths. Installing your own upgrades onto your rifle helps you save both time and money, especially with an accessory that can be quickly snapped onto your rifle in under minutes. That is why we made sure that all the upgrades we suggest in our article today do no take too long to install to offer you more time to test them out at the range.

The Best Remington 700 Upgrades in 202

We have shortlisted and reviewed the top five best Remington 700 upgrades currently available on the market for you to choose from. As you go down the list, do remember to take note of the features and unique characteristics of each accessory to help you figure out which is the one you need.

1. Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC


Best Overall

Nikon is mainly well-known in the photography industry, but they also make some of the best scopes available on the market that provide shooters with the best possible image quality you can find. The Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC can best be described to offer crisp, high-definition, and non-gritty images.

Other than that, the BDC reticle is also specially engineered to help shooters lock in their target to provide a sharp and precise shooting with an almost guarantee of getting a kill shot. If you need a scope for the purpose of achieving highly accurate shots from long distances while enjoying crystal-clear images, then the Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC is exactly what you’ll need for your rifle.

Being Nikon’s flagship, the Monarch 7 is one of the most advanced scopes designed for the Remington 700 rifle. The Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC is a multipurpose scope that can perform under any kind of situation without as much of a hesitation. The scope even features a 4x zoom ratio to allow shooters the ability to capture a much more detailed picture of your target from a variety of distances.

Additionally, the Monarch 7 series also features a 30 mm main tube that is constructed from aluminum alloy. It is even sealed with dedicated O-rings, purged with oxygen and filled with nitrogen to ensure that it is completely fog, water, and shock-proof.

The single-piece central tube is slightly larger and it works to provide optimum structural integrity. Due to the oversized 30mm main body tube, the Monarch 7 easily outshines other competition by offering a wider field of view with enhanced windage and elevation adjustments.

The Monarch 7 scope is a perfect fit for long-distance shots, unlike its Monarch 3 and 5 cousins that are better for shorter distances. The combination of 50 mm wide objective lens, multi-coated optics, and Nikon’s Ultra Clear Coat system ensures the Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC is able to deliver highlight transmission regardless of the time of the day.

While some shooters may opt for the more conventional duplex reticles, most sharpshooters and competitors like to go for more advanced BDC reticles like the one offered in the Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC. Advanced BDC reticles are laser-etched and are specially designed to compensate for bullet drop while also being adjustable according to the wind. These settings can be done through their built-in marks on both the left and right sides of the lower sighting post.

However, the Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC features a capped windage turrets to prevent inadvertent twisting but the target-style top turret is uncapped to offer shooters much quicker elevation adjustment in quarter-minute increments. Both turrets do not require tools to zero as they are spring-loaded that can instantly reset to zero.

Last but not least, the Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC features a side focus, parallax adjustment knob located on its left side. The scope also delivers a constant 3.5 inches of eye relief throughout its magnification range for better comfort.

The Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC will mainly be suited for hunting purposes especially when you need a reticle to make sure every shot you take is accurate and precise for a quicker target acquisition. If you need a scope to help you make a landing kill shot much easier, then you definitely want to give the Monarch 7 a closer look.

Customer Feedback

Many customers were satisfied right off the bat with their Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC. They were able to achieve a clear, high-definition image quality that was crisp. Customers were also impressed with the BDC reticle that came along with it and noticed that they were able to land accurate shots consistently even from about 400 yards away. Some have commented that it is easily the best scope they’ve had their hands on and it is their favorite buddy to bring along on their hunting adventure.


The Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC is definitely a rifle scope that you’ll want to get for this quality and performance. This rifle scope is also made with very durable materials to last you through plenty of abuses for a very long time. This is a hard to beat accessory that usually comes out on top even when you pit it against different scopes.

When it comes to upgrading the accuracy on your Remington 700 rifle, the Nikon Monarch 7 4-16x50mm SF BDC is an easy choice. The Nikon Monarch 7 series is perfect for long-range shooters despite coming in at a slightly higher price compared to the rest. In any case, the extra in cost is well worth it as the performance quickly outranks any lower-end models.


  • Comes with Parallax side turret
  • FOV @ 100 yards is 29.6 – 7.4 feet
  • Windage and elevation adjustment comes with a zero-reset function
  • Compatible with Nikon Spot-On Ballistic Match Technology program
  • Offers a wide range of variable zoom
  • Advanced ballistic reticle has crosswind compensation and bullet drop compensation


  • Might be pricey for some
  • Relatively short eye relief of only 3.5”
  • Not suited for close-range shooting


2. Badger Ordnance – Short-Action Scope Rails


Best Scope Rail Upgrade

The Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails is the closest thing to a Picatinny rail that you can find that is as functional as it looks great. The scope rail offers shooters the opportunity to customize your rifle according to your personal preferences. This solid accessory helps to keep everything in place after it is installed. So, if you’re in need of a scope mount that is compatible with most scopes, then this is what you’re looking for.

If you plan to take your Remington 700 out for precision competitions, then it is important that you ensure every component on your rifle is at its very best. This is where the Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails steps in as this one-piece base act as the perfect complement to your rifle to set you up for success.

The Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails is undeniably a high-end scope mount that is milled from pre-hardened 4140 ordnance grade steel. The scope rail is also machined according to mil-std-1913 specifications and even features a Picatinny slot pattern to make it compatible with any Picatinny-style rings.

The Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails measure at 6.3 inches long with a drop-in installation that perfectly aligns with the action of your model 700 rifle. It is well noted that all heavy-duty scope bases from Badger come with an integral recoil lug that works to ensure the base does not move even during high-impact recoil.

The base of the scope rails features built-in forward angle bias that allows a 20 Minute of Angle (MOA) forward cant to add some much-needed range to the scope. This additional feature is beneficial for shooters who like to frequently take long-range shots without wanting to exceed the elevation adjustment of their scope.

The Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails works great for shooters who are looking for a solid scope mount that they can rely on. If you’re tired of your flimsy scope mount not working to keep your scope steady, then it is time for a change.

Customer Feedback

Plenty of customers quickly grew accustomed to their new Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails that were easy to install and also worked great to hold their scope in place. Most were able to quickly set everything up without experiencing too much trouble. Some customers even noticed that the rail offers just enough space for them to add their favorite scope of choice while also protecting it from heavy recoil shocks.


The Badger Ordnance’s Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rail is another critical upgrade that you’ll want to consider for your rifle especially if you want something that will keep your scope steadily in place. All it takes is a solid mount like this to get the job done.

The Badger Ordnance is one of the top manufacturers in the industry that manufactures upgrades to boost your rifle’s precision and accuracy. This heavy-duty rail features a true mil-std 1913 slot pattern that does not require any bedding. On top of that, the entire base is even coated with mil-spec Manganese Phosphate for extra endurance.


  • The base also comes available for left-handed shooters
  • Offers perfect fit and a strong hold without any bedding
  • Easy installation for quick mounting of the scope
  • Compatible with any Picatinny-style rings


  • Might be slightly heavier for some
  • Might be a bit pricey for some


3. HARRIS – S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount


Best for Value

The Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount is specially designed to ensure your rifle stays stable even when you are experiencing a hard time holding it. This may also depend on several factors such as ground conditions. In any case, we understand the difficulty in trying to adjust yourself and the rifle while working on uneven ground to get your aim situated properly.

With a difference in elevation, you can simply eliminate that issue by getting a bipod to help support your rifle. With this accessory, you can easily position yourself and achieve a perfect aim on all your targets every single time without too much fuss.

A good bipod will help shooters in terms of accuracy, especially for long-range shooting. The Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount is well-known among many top shooters as a reliable folding, extendable bipods. While the manufacturer has produced several different versions of the bipod swivel mount, the best quick-detach bipods available is their S-series that can be rotated 45 degrees to offer better positioning on uneven ground.

The S-Series bipod comes in either S-BR or S-BRM model. The difference between these two is that the S-BRM model features springs inside the legs that can be extended when unlocked. On top of that, the S-BRM locking mechanism can also be adjusted easily when the bipod is on the ground so that users can level their rifles easily on uneven surfaces.

The S-BRM model features telescoping legs that can be adjusted from 6 to 9 inches of height. This measurement starts from resting to the center of the bore upon full extension. On top of that, the Harris Bipod is also built for quick detachment and clamping to the front sling swivel stud of your Remington 700 rifle. This function works well on any bolt-action rifles.

Other than that, the S-BRM spring-loaded legs are also equally spaced with adjustable height notches to be able to quickly fold down for a steady rest while shooting. This also gives shooters the ability to modify their bipod setup without needing to change the zero of the rifle. When not in use, the Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount can be folded parallel to barrel for easy carrying with the ability to be attached to a sling via the swivel studs provided.

The Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount is an excellent choice for hunting and target shooting purposes. If you want the achieve the best stability on two legs, then the Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount is the perfect choice as it plans itself into the ground to remain stable without affecting your aim.

Customer Feedback

Many customers were mostly hunters that shoot on uneven and lumpy ground. They noticed that the Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount worked amazingly under such terrain to give them much better control over their Remington 700 rifles. Some have even commented on how sturdy the bipod is and they are satisfied with the overall quality of the swivel mount.


The Harris S-BRM Bipod Sling Swivel Mount is a must-have upgrade for shooters who often visit the outdoors and love shooting on uneven terrain. This bipod swivel mount will give your rifle extra stability and it’d be quite impossible to find another just as sturdy and reliable than this bipod.

This bipod swivel mount is even made with aluminum alloy and a few steel parts to offer enhanced durability while its unfolded six-inch standard legs are compact and suited for shooting in all kinds of environment.


  • 6 to 9 inches height adjustability
  • Lightweight bipod
  • Perfect height for prone shooting or bench rest
  • Leg notch locking for reliable height adjustment
  • Easy installation upon attaching to a universal sling swivel


  • Might be a bit pricey for some
  • Need to buy the “POD-LOC” or “S-swivel Lock” to stop swivel effect


4. Magpul – Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter 700L Standard Black


Best Magazine Well

The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter is designed to offer a perfect fit for your Remington 700 rifle without needing permanent alterations. Even when it needs a little adjustment, a simple Dremel tool will be able to fix it.

The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter is a solidly built to hold your magazines in place without any chance of wiggling. On top of that, it also offers quick release so that you can quickly switch out an old magazine with a new one.

The Magpul Industries has been in the industry for a while and has established a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products. For those who are looking to upgrade their short-action rifle or wanting to convert to a magazine rifle, the Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter acts as a perfect solution.

After their release of the famous Hunter 700L Stock, Magpul has also launched a polymer magazine well that comes with a detachable box magazine. The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter offers a drop-in design to make installation quick and painless.

This bolt-action magazine well is also compatible with Accuracy International Chassis Systems (AICS) pattern short-action magazines and the kit also comes with a Magpul PMAG 5-round polymer magazine. It also features a modifiable follower to allow shooters the flexibility to convert it to a 6-round magazine.

The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter is a simple upgrade option for shooters who are tired of ineffective magazine wells. If you need a mag well that offers perfect fit without wearing down easily for your Remington 700, then you might just want to give this a closer look.

Customer Feedback

Many recent customers were impressed with the overall quality of this magazine well. They noted that the Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter fitted their Remington 700 rifles like a charm and could even use the additional magazine to their advantage. The mag well even did well to hold other similar magazines without extra space for wiggle. The hold was strong with no sign of looseness.


The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter is definitely much better than any factory default mag well available on the market. The sturdy construction makes sure that it is tough as nails and is able to handle all kinds of magazine that are compatible with your Remington 700 rifle. The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter makes for a great addition thanks to its durability, ability to fit without allowing any room for wiggling.

Magpul is a well-known company for manufacturing heavy-duty products and they certainly did not leave out the Bolt Action Magazine Well Hunter. The mag well is thoughtfully designed to perfectly complement the Remington 700 stock, making it one of the best accessories for your rifle.


  • Drop-in design for quick installation
  • Replaces OEM bottom metal plates
  • Polymer trigger guard and solid magazine construction
  • Compatible with Magpul PMAG AC Short-action magazines
  • Adds detachable box magazine versatility to your rifle


  • May require gunsmithing for optimal fit and functionality
  • Trigger guard has an awkward shape that can draw complications with straight triggers


5. Jewell Triggers, INC. – Remington 700/40X & Win M70


Best Trigger Upgrade

The Jewell Remington 700/40X & Win M70 Rifle Trigger is constructed with high-quality materials and is also well-assembled to ensure that every moving part does not get worn down easily. The manufacturer has done its best to ensure the trigger will last shooters for a very long time.

Other than that, the trigger is also great to use for when you need to get a shot off quickly without experiencing any grit or creep at all. This smooth, crisp trigger pull is miles ahead of any factory default and might just be the one you need for your Remington 700 rifle.

The OEM trigger that comes along with your Remington 700 rifle weighs 5.5 pounds and it does not provide the best option to make a precise shot. However, a trigger upgrade does not necessarily enhance your skill as a shooter, instead, it ensures that your gun is in tip-top shape for when the time comes.

The Jewell trigger is a popular choice among many Remington 700 rifle owners as it is made of durable and heat-treated stainless-steel construction. The Jewell trigger comes in two versions to fit most Remington-style actions. One is the Remington Hunter Varmint Rifle (RHVR) and the other is a Remington Bench Rest (BR).

The RHVR includes a top lever safety and a bottom bolt release with a pull weight of 1.5 oz to 48 oz while the BR version can be adjusted only from 1 to 3 oz and is exclusively designed for target and bench rest shooting.

While the RHVR can fit Remington 700 and 40X rifles, it is mainly suited for right-hand actions only. On the other hand, the BR option features am ambidextrous design that can be used for both left and right-handed shooters, but it does not include a safety or bolt release.

If you are looking for other triggers for your Remington 700, we got you covered here!



The bottom line is that the Model 700 upgrades are endless. Nevertheless, the Model 700 upgrades list above strives to narrow down your options and choices. Essentially, you should take into account your budget, range of shooting, personal preference and so on before purchasing any of these upgrades to provide the best shooting experience for you. Nevertheless, any Model 700 upgrades that you opt for would certainly improve the performance and efficiency of your rifle. Besides that, you’d get some fun out of it in exploring the wide-variety options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Remington 700 Tactical Upgrades Necessary?

Well, the Model 700 is sufficiently adequate and good by itself. But of course, there’s always room for improvements especially the OEM parts plus upgrading your Model 700 is significantly cheaper than buying a brand new rifle. Besides that, you’d customize to your liking and budget in transforming your average hunting rifle to a highly precise target rifle. Through this, you’d gain better vision, higher level of comfort, better trigger control which would guarantee the best shooting experience.

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