Best AR-15 Pistol Cases You Can Find (2022)

Feature image Best Pistol Cases for AR-15

If you have recently purchased an AR-15 pistol, it is very likely that you are looking for a pistol case for your AR-15. With so many choices available in today’s market, we have filtered some of the best cases for you to store your AR-15 pistols.

Generally, there are two types of AR-15 pistol cases, soft case and hard case. In this review, we will be looking at 3 soft cases and 3 hard cases for your AR-15 pistol. The criteria for choosing these cases are based on how reliable these cases are and how good it is to store your AR-15 pistols in it. 

Cases Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
Pelican 1700 Protector Gun Case

Most Recommended Option

1. Durable
2. Customizable
3. Easy to travel around with

10/10 SHOP NOW
Boyt Harness H36SG Single Takedown Gun Case 1. Durable
2. Good protection
3. Water-resistance and dustproof
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Condor 42″ Single Rifle Case 1. MOLLE compatible
2. Good amount of storage
3. Not very bulky
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Rifle Case 1. Compact and discreet
2. Easy to use
3. Decent security
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case 1. Customizable
2. Waterproof
3. Good protection
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
NcStar VISM Deluxe Double Carbine Pistol Case 1. Large pockets
2. Durable
3. Not limited to one type of weapon
8.0/10 Currently unavailable

Types of Pistol Cases

Soft cases

If you are just getting started and have recently purchased an AR-15 pistol, a soft case like the  Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Rifle Case will be the best choice. The reason for that is because it can easily store an AR-15 pistol and has additional space for magazines. Since there are two compartments, you can fit your second AR pistol in the case too. 

For shooters that have more gears and would like to have more storage for it, soft cases like NcStar VISM Deluxe Double Carbine Pistol Case and the Condor 42″ Single Rifle Case are great choices. Both of these cases can accommodate up to two AR-15 pistols and have an ample amount of storage to store your extra magazines and slightly bigger gears and accessories. 

Hard cases

Hard cases usually have very limited space as to how many AR pistols you can fit in it. However, it is a great case to use if you plan to travel around with it. All the hard cases that are mentioned in this review provides good protection for your AR-15 pistol against the harsh conditions faced when travelling. 

Since all the hard cases are very similar, the recommended hard case to go for would be the Pelican 1700 Protector Gun Case. This AR-15 pistol case has features that are convenient when travelling around such as the wheel and tow handle. It also gives good security for the case. On top of that, you can customize the foam to fit your AR-15 pistol perfectly. 

The Best AR Pistol Case in 2022 – An Overview

Here are some of the best soft cases in the market for your AR-15 pistols.

1. Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Rifle Case


The Bulldog Cases Ultra-Compact AR-15 Discreet Rifle Case is one of the smallest AR-15 pistol cases in the market with a length of 29” and a width of 9”. It is a case that is catered for an AR-15, the AR-15 needs to be separated in order to fit in the case and the parts cannot be any longer 27”. However, it makes it a great case for AR-15 pistols because you do not need to separate the pistol to fit it in the case. 

This AR-15 pistol case is made of ballistic nylon, a thick and tough fabric designed to withstand harsh conditions. There are two compartments in this pistol case which is separated by a padded divider, the divider can also be removed easily. Two magazine pockets are also available for 30-round magazines. 

Laminated Tricot and soft Scratch-resistant Heat Resistant inner lining are used to protect the rifle. On top of that, the zipper of this AR-15 pistol case uses a heavy-duty full-length zipper. The carry handles are also wrapped around the case. 


  • Compact and discreet – A small and easy to carry around pistol case that is stealthy.
  • Durable – Uses ballistic nylon which is water-resistant and makes it durable.
  • Good protection – Ballistic nylon protecting the rifle from the outer environment. Padded interior so that parts do not scratch easily.
  • Easy to use – Very lightweight making it easy to bring to the range and good enough space to fit magazines and other accessories.
  • Decent security – Zipper has space to allow for the usage of a padlock.


  • Limited space – Hard to store additional accessories if your AR-15 has plenty of it. Bigger accessories are difficult to fit in as well.
  • No straps inside – No straps for the rifle parts and magazine pouches. Prone to falling out if the case is not zipped properly. 
  • No shoulder straps – No D-rings attached for shoulder straps.


2. NcStar VISM Deluxe Double Carbine

The NcStar VISM Deluxe Double Carbine Pistol Case is a thick and rugged pistol case. If you own more than one AR-15 pistol, this pistol case will be perfect for you as it is designed to fit up to two AR pistols. 

The main compartment of this pistol case is padded which can prevent contact between the parts. There is also a padded divider to separate and compartmentalise the weapons. Within each compartment, there are also two diagonal pockets and two hook and loop straps to secure the weapons. 

In addition, there are three large pockets on the exterior to store your accessories and magazines. The pockets are secured with buckles, hook and loop fasteners and bungee cords. At the top and bottom of the case, there are compression straps with plastic quick connect buckles to secure the pistol case.

The NcStar VISM Deluxe Double Carbine Pistol Case is made from heavy-duty PVC to make sure that the case is resistant to water and chemicals. Heavy-duty zippers are also used to secure the main compartment and a lock can be used when the zippers are together. Metal D-rings are attached on the side to allow the use of a strong and adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Durable – All the parts that made up this case uses high quality and durable materials.
  • Large pockets – Can fit up to 12 magazines and 4 boxes of ammo along with additional gears.
  • Good protection – Thick paddings of the compartment with additional features to hold the weapon in place. 
  • Not limited to one type of weapon – Ample amount of space to fit other weapons other than the AR-15.


  • Prone to moisture – Small amounts of moisture may enter the main compartments.
  • Bulky – Can be bulky when fully filled with weapons and accessories.
  • Hard to carry around – Can be heavy when fully packed. Cannot travel long distances or by plane. 

3. Condor 42″ Single Rifle Case


Condor is known for making rugged products and the Condor 42″ Single Rifle Case is one of it. It is a fully foam padded case that can accommodate a rifle that is up to 42” long. In other words, it can fit up to 2 AR-15 pistols in a single compartment. There are also two internal pockets available to store your sidearms or additional magazine. 

Besides the padded compartment to protect your weapons, you can use the two straps that are inside to secure your rifle. If you feel like there is not enough space to store your gears and magazines, this rifle case has three external pouches made to store these additional accessories. 

The Condor 42″ Single Rifle Case uses a heavy-duty zipper that is lockable which can be really beneficial when carrying a few weapons in this case. This case also has a very considerate design which is the padded shoulder strap and it can be removed if you prefer to carry the case using the carry handles of the case. The handle is wrapped around the case for further secure the case.


  • Durable – Made with good quality materials and quality stitching to make sure the case last for a long time.
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Good amount of storage – Main compartment can fit up to 2 small AR-15 pistols, internal and external pockets for additional gears, magazines and other accessories.
  • Good protection – Foam padded compartment and strap to secure and prevent damages to the firearms.
  • Not very bulky – Not very bulky for a big case considering how many items it can hold.
  • Comfortable to bring around – Padded shoulder strap for comfort when carrying it around your shoulder and padded handle for hand carry. 


  • Only one shoulder strap – For a case of this size, would be better if there is another shoulder strap.
  • Poor handle quality – The carry handle is not made with heavy-duty materials to withstand the weight of the case when fully packed.


Next up, we have the best hard cases in the market for your AR-15 pistols.

4. Plano All Weather Tactical 


The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is a hard pistol case and as the name says, it is designed to withstand harsh weather and impacts. The case is made weatherproof using a Dri-Loc seal to keep out moisture and dust and to keep the case airtight. Because of that, there is a built-in pressure release valve so that you can open the case easily. 

This AR-15 pistol case is made with a heavy-duty polymer and on the inside of the case, a high-density foam padding is used to keep the weapon in place. The foam that is used can be customized to the shape of your AR-15 pistol and the case is also big enough that you do not have to dismantle your AR-15 pistol to fit in the case. 

Besides having enough room to fit a whole AR-15 pistol, there is also some extra space for you to store your additional gears or magazine, even an extra sidearm too. The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is also a case made for shooters who wish to travel around with it. It has easy glide wheels so that you don’t have to carry the case all the time and press release locking system to prevent the case from accidentally opening. 


  • Customizable – Egg crate foam is used and can be plucked out to the shape of your AR-15 pistol.
  • Waterproof – Uses a Dri-Loc seal to keep moisture from entering the case. 
  • Good protection – High-density foam to protect your weapons and Dri-Loc seal to keep weapons in an optimal condition.
  • Good safety – A press release locking system to prevent the case from accidentally opening.
  • Easy to travel with – An easy glide wheel to aid in moving around with the case. 


  • No shoulder straps – The case can only be carried by hand or glided, no shoulder strap for carrying on shoulder.
  • Limited space – Can only fit one AR-15 and a few magazines, no space for bigger gears and accessories. 
  • Medium-quality latches – Not the best quality latches in the market, latches may not last very long. 


5. Boyt Harness H36SG Single Takedown Gun Case


Another hard AR-15 pistol case is the Boyt Harness H36SG Single Takedown Gun Case. This pistol case is made of 120D polypropylene and uses a full-length O ring gasket to make sure the case is dustproof and water-resistant. Because of that, a pressure relief valve is made in the case to easily open it. 

This case has an internal length of 36” which is a perfect fit for up to two AR pistols along with a few magazines and some extra gears. The AR-15 pistol is secured in the case with thick egg crate foams. However, the foam is not designed to be cut out making it harder to customize for your AR pistol.

This pistol case is also made to meet the conditions of travelling. It has powder-coated steel latches and holes around the case for the use of a padlock. That way, security wouldn’t be an issue when travelling around with this case. The Boyt Harness H36SG Single Takedown Gun Case also meets most of the airline requirements.


  • Durable – Use of good quality materials that are meant for harsh conditions and thick case to withstand impacts. 
  • Good protection – Powdered-coated steel latches making it hard to break and features for the use of padlocks for extra protection.
  • Good for travelling – Case is designed to withstand harsh weathers as well as impacts making it good to use for travelling. Meets most of the airline requirements too.
  • Water-resistance and dustproof – The use of an O ring gasket makes the case moisture-free and dust-free, protecting your weapon.


  • Limited space – After storing your AR pistols, not many spaces left for additional gears and accessories. 
  • No shoulder straps – Cannot carry around shoulder, only a handle for hand carry.
  • Heavy – Because of the thick casing and material used, the case can be heavy to carry around.


6. Pelican 1700 Protector


Pelican cases are some of the best cases made for storing your equipment. The Pelican 1700 Protector Gun Case is a case that is made for you to customize. The foam inside is a 3 piece foam set that is uncut and you can customize how you would like to store your AR-15 pistols, gears and magazines.

This pistol case may be a hard case but it is not heavy, it uses an open cell core design with solid walls making this case strong and lightweight at the same time. The Pelican 1700 Protector Gun Case also uses an O ring seal to make sure that the case is watertight and dustproof. An Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve is also used to keep the case watertight.

This case is not only made for withstanding harsh conditions, it is designed to be carried around and travelled with easily. It has polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings and a foldable tow handle on the opposite side. A sturdy handle is also made for convenience when carrying the case around. 

It is also a very secured case with double throw latches to avoid opening the case by accident. For extra security, there are stainless steel reinforced padlock holes to protect your padlocks. With an interior length of 35.75”, it can easily fit up to two AR-15 pistols and if you only have one AR pistol, the extra space can be used as storage for your gears and magazines.  


  • Durable – Constructed with a durable design and uses good-quality materials to make sure that the case lasts long.
  • Lightweight – Relatively lightweight compared to other hard AR-15 pistol cases.
  • Easy to travel around with – Good features to provide convenience when travelling around with this case.
  • Good security – Double throw latches to keep the case closed and good padlocks protection too.
  • Customizable – Can cut the foam to the desired shape for a good fit for your AR-15 pistol and other accessories.


  • No shoulder strap – Can only be carried around by hand. No attachments for a shoulder strap.
  • No pre-cut foam – Foam comes in one piece and can be troublesome to cut.
  • Limited space – No additional storages for bigger gears and accessories. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do You Need A Case For Your AR15?

Firstly, purchasing an AR15 can be quite costly though it’s a great investment. I’m sure you’d want your AR15 to stand the test of time hence, buying a case for your AR should be prioritized. Of course, even the most durable and reliable AR15 would be subjected to wear and tear, climate changes and even dust hence, a case for your AR may be the long-term solution.

Besides that, a case for your ar is mandatory when you’re travelling with it as though certain airlines will allow you travel with a rifle but they will never let you bypass carrying a rifle without a case – be it ar 15 soft case or hard case. This would ensure your AR15 isn’t move around during travelling or any form of transportation that may spoil the parts of your rifle. So, a good case that comes with backpack straps that act as a strap to secure the AR15, pistol pockets and sometimes, even zipper pocket to place your extra gear will come in handy.

What Is A Pistol Soft Case?

Soft cases are usually made of fabric and the compartments are usually padded to protect the weapon inside. Most of the time, there are additional pouches inside and/or outside of the case to provide more space to store your additional gears and magazines. 

What Is A Pistol Hard Case? 

Hard cases generally use a strong material as the outer shell of the case to provide protection against impacts. Foams are commonly used inside the hard case to store your weapon and usually, some spaces are available to store your magazines and some smaller gears.

Is hard case better than soft case?

To each their own, we personally prefer hard case because we like to think that its outer shell really served a great protection layer to our firearm although they can be quite heavy. However, the softcases these days are more than decent and the protection given should be sufficient.

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