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Are you currently looking for the best Marlin 795 stock? If you are, you have come to the right article. Finding the right stock for your rifle can be a challenge for some gun owners. Whether you are upgrading your current stock or are looking for one for a building project. 

The Marlin 795 is a very popular .22 long rifle. It lurks somewhere close to around Ruger 10/22. The unique selling point of the best Marlin 795 stocks are its trustworthy operation, coupled with its incredible price. Every best Marlin 795 stocks owner knows that aftermarket upgrades for this rifle are quite narrow. 

However, if you are looking for a stock based on your personal needs and preferences, the search process may be a bit easier for you. As soon as you have replaced an unproductive factory stock with something more robust, you’ll be able to experience immediate advantages that will make your Marlin 795 more accurate and dependable. 

To get you started on your best Marlin 795 stock search, we have decided to review some of the best Marlin 795 stocks that are currently on the markets. Before we start our list, we’ll be talking about what really is the point in upgrading to new wood stock and how you can choose one for your own perusal. 

So it is better to get the ones you can easily find. Here we will talk about some important and rewarding wood stock upgrades for Marlin 795. We will look into the best stocks that are available for Marlin 795 that are currently on the markets. This is in order to help you realize their importance and eventually get your hands on them. So pay as much attention if you want, and keep reading this mini list.

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Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Hunter

Most Recommended Option

1. Available in three different finishes: applejack, nutmeg, and forest camo.
2. Made from high-quality hardwood.
3. Full body stock.

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Pro Varmint

Budget Option

1. Includes a recoil pad for reduced recoil and better control.
2. Best Marlin 795 stock for the money.
3. It comes in a black texture finish.

9.0/10SHOP NOW
At One Thumbhole Clip Feed FBC Stk1. Includes a rubber recoil pad for reduced recoil and better shooting.
2. Made from high-quality synthetic material.
3. Black finish for an aesthetically sharp look.
9.0/10Currently unavailable

The Reasons to Upgrade Your Stock 

Range TargetYour stock is easily one of the most significant accessories of your Marlin 795 rifle (or any rifle on the market for that matter). Not every stock that you put on with your Marlin 795 rifle is going to be as effective as the other stock that is currently being sold. 

A good one helps with refining the comfort of shooting and handling the rifle. This is along with improving the precision to some extent. Stock can either be really simple or quite tactical, depending upon its design. 

Hardwood stock is disposed to warping, whereas polymer stock is both lightweight and immune to warping. Marlin 795 comes fitted with a fiberglass complex stock, however adding an improved stock will improve its overall performance. A good stock on Marlin 795 makes it a model hunting and self-defence rifle. 

There are a few benefits that you’ll definitely get to experience if you choose to upgrade your rifle with a new stock. And don’t forget to have a look at the pros and cons of each recommendation before you get those for your guns. Here are what you may be missing out on if you don’t: 

Lesser Recoil 

Most stocks will come with recoil pads that are deliberated to make recoil less perceptible with each of your shots. On top of that, a stock that is made from synthetic materials will have a better chance of captivating more shock than classic wooden stock. When you have less recoil that means you have much better control over your rifle with the help of a recoil pad, giving you another critical advantage – better accuracy. 

Better Accuracy 

Yes, we really have to mention better accuracy twice. A new stock will give you a considerable boost in your rifle’s accuracy. Your shot groupings will be much tauter because you won’t experience a lot of recoil to throw off your shots. 

This is certainly a must-have benefit if you are a hunter who is struggling to land a kill shot or if you are target practicing and wish to be consistently hitting inside the target rather than its outer rings. The closer your fire shots are to the bullseye, the better off you will obviously be. 

Better Length of Pull 

Some options may not be beneficial to your size or frame. On top of that, it can make your length of pull (LOP for short) a little shorter than it has to be. If you upgrade to a stock that is more adjustable to your personal size or frame, you will be able to have a better length of pull (LOP). That simply means you will struggle much less and you will be able to handle the rifle with the best of ease and use it more efficiently. 

The adjustable stock will have some positions that can fit all kinds of shooters easily. They will not just be adjustments to improve the length of pull (LOP) to your benefit, however it will also come with adjustments for the cheek well. The bottom line is, remember to give them time to adapt into more added comfort while they are in the firing position. 

The Best Marlin 795 Stocks in 2022 – Reviewed 

Below are some of the best Marlin 795 stocks that are currently on the market. One of these stocks can be yours if it somehow stands out to you in some outstanding way. It may be a certain feature or function that catches your firearms interest. 

If one of these stocks ticks off the boxes on your list of what to look for in 1 of them, you may have the most suitable one on your hands. At the same time, don’t forget to weigh out the pros and cons of each rifles’ stock as shooters and if it falls within your budget option and range. Having said that, let’s kick off our review list by unveiling some of our favourite picks.

1. Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Hunter

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Hunter


Recent rifle users gave high praises to the precise fit and aesthetically pleasing finish of this stock benefit. Hardwood stocks do not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they are also easy to carry, which is a big benefit for everyone. The stock has an ergonomic design with palm swells on its handguard, and a recoil pad at the end. Furthermore, the elevated cheek rest and a pistol-style grip also makes it a lot more convenient to use. 

At the same time, some other buyers are also quite happy with the stock for a few solid reasons. One of them mentioned that his rifle looks like a retro style rifle, something he thinks his dad may have used when he was out game hunting back in the old day. Others have mentioned that the recoil pad has done its job in reducing a good solid amount of recoil. 

It is a full-length rifle stock with an ergonomic and aesthetically good looking design. The handguard, cheek rest and grip have been intended to provide comfort to the gun owners while open firing. The hardwood stock has been properly polished so the stock holds its gloss. 

There’s no specific answer to whoever will use this stock the most. However, some rifle shooters consider rifles more than tools and are passionately attached to them. So this stock is definitely for whoever loves wood stock out there. On top of that, it is not a very tactical stock, so it’s not a good option for self-defence.


2. Boyds Hardwood Gunstock Pro Varmint

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Pro Varmint


If you are looking for a Boyds Hardwood Gunstock, however the previous Boyds stock didn’t seem to fit within your budget range, then this 1 may be easier on your budget stipulation. This buttstock has a darker coloured finish that will make your Marlin 795 rifle seem like an old school hunting rifle. Furthermore, it’s the one of the stocks that is used the most frequently by varmint hunters. 

If you do not want to wait until hunting season to improve your stock, then this may be the stock for you to lay your hands on instantly. For obvious reasons, it is available at an affordable price so you won’t have to go overboard with this budget option. The stock has a recoil pad that you can use to make sure that the recoil is less current and in turn, you get more accurate shooting as a result. 

Like the previous Boyds Hardwood Gunstock, this one is able to make your rifle more aesthetically pleasing and may turn some heads at the shooting range. However, a good stock should not always be bought for the sake of its aesthetics. 

It’s the benefit of upgrading to a new stock that counts. If you are looking to get both a good look and better governance over your rifle without having to break your bank, then the Pro Varmint Gunstock from this manufacturer can just be your right cup of tea. 

Most recent stock buyers are quite happy with this stock in general. Most of them have mentioned how they have noticed some recoil reduction while out and about on their latest hunting trips. They are able to hit their varmint targets with little to no problem from about 50 to 150 yards out. Some of them have even mentioned how they may have mistaken their stock for a synthetic stock due to its black finish. 

This stock is a varmint hunter’s dream come true, especially for those who are looking to give their Marlin rifle that rugged and classic, but aged look. Other than that, it’s lightweight and isn’t going to turn your rifle into an extremely heavy dumbbell. For now, all this stock needs is the accessories you may want to turn it into a varmint destroyer. 

As the name says, it’s a Varmint Pro. That means that varmint hunters will definitely benefit from this the most. However, this doesn’t reduce it to uselessness for other usages. If you’re a target hunter, you may want to give this stock a closer consideration if you are using your rifle for light to moderate use. 

Like the previous Boyds wooden stocks, the non-appearance of a sling swivel is rather disappointing (to some rifle owners). You should be able to not entirely rely on your hand to pick your rifle all day long. On the other hand, how will you carry your rifle when you have to carry your bag full of varmints with you on your trip? You are going to need to use your hands for something else other than carrying your gun. So a good, solid sling swivel should preferably be added. 

This Boyds stock is one of the best wood-stocks that are on the affordable side of the price spectrum. As soon as you have installed it, you’ll be more than ready to get going for your next hunting trip. Varmints wouldn’t really stand a chance when you have a newly upgraded rifle that’s better looking and gives you less recoil for a more precise, deadly shot.


3. At One Thumbhole Clip Feed FBC Stk

At-one Thumbhole Clip Feed FBC StkLast but not least, we’ll be taking a look at the At One Thumbhole Clip Feed Stock. This is a stock that is made from synthetic materials, making it a very reliable, tough, and durable stock for your Marlin 795 rifle. Its all-black finish will make it look like a daunting beast out in the field or while you’re out at the shooting range. 

This may be your best option for a stock if you’re one of the few shooters who don’t care much for the hard-wood stock suggestions. This stock is so sturdy you can expect it to last for a very long period of time. It can last for many years or even decades, to be precise. For no obvious reasons, no stock is complete without the addition of a reliable recoil pad to make sure that you’re getting the best things out of your rifle with less recoil. 

Recent buyers of this stock are really happy with this stock for a few solid reasons. The stock itself is high in quality and doesn’t scrape up or get damaged easily. Most users of this stock are quite satisfied with the enhancement of the overall grip. In wetter weather conditions, this stock will still give an excellent grip and will not allow easy slippage. 

For starters, it’s a synthetic stock. It means that it does a lot of things that wooden stocks probably are not able to do. At the same time, it’s available in a wide variety of lengths of pull (LOPs). So, you can custom order it to make sure that your rifle will fit your size and frame. This should not be confused for an adjustable stock. However nonetheless, you should take some measurements to decide which length is best for you before you buy it. 

Most of the users of this stock who will benefit from this will be hunters, target shooters, and even small game competition shooters. This stock is sturdy enough to handle all the bumps and bangs of moving quickly in high-stress circumstances. This will also be used the most by those who obviously do not care much for wood stocks. 

One of the major improvements that can be done to this stock is reducing the length. Some gun shooters feel that it should just be a rifle stock and not something that has a full-body designation. While it is expedient to see different lengths of pull available, this stock should be an adjustable style stock so it can be easily adjusted for most rifle users who are looking for a different length of pull to fit their personal build and frame. 

At this point, you are probably courting with the idea of getting a stock like this one. And we won’t blame you. If you are looking for a stock that is tough as nails and makes your stock look like a menacing beast no matter what use you intend it for, this At One Thumbhole Clip Feedstock can be exactly what you are looking for. 


The bottom line is that one of the best Marlin 795 stocks for you is certainly still out there somewhere. And one of these listed above can be yours. Find the best stock that will fit your preferences and needs and be ready to enjoy the immediate benefits that you won’t find with a generic stock. Whether it’s a synthetic stock or a characteristic wooden stock, your will come with better reliability as soon as you find it for your own use.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best Marlin 795 stocks I can buy?

There are a lot of really good Marlin 795 stock that you can find out there. The stock can be of much improvement for almost any situation, and can be a winner. The applications are largely the same, bonus point if it is one that fits you best in almost any situations. The bottom line is that as long as there is stability in addition to what you need, then we guess that it can be the best stock for Marlin 795 that you can ever lay your hand on even for target shooting.

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