Best Marlin 795 Scopes (2022) – Evaluated

Best Marlin 795 Scopes (2020)

Finding the best Marlin 795 scope may be a challenge for some people, especially if you’re trying to look for one that sticks out from all the others that floods the firearms market. However, knowing exactly what criteria to look for in one is as easy as answering this simple question: what exactly are you looking for in a scope? An additional question is what exactly do you want to get out of a new and upgraded scope? 

To help you choose the best Marlin 795 scope for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Marlin 795 scopes you can find on the market as of this writing.

The Marlin 795 is seen by many (ourselves included) to be one of the best out of the box to the more expensive Ruger 10/22. With a high-quality trigger, and a rather pleasant barrel, not only do you save over other prevalent rimfires and rimfire shooting fun, you get a better gun to start off with. That translates into instead of running around changing out triggers and barrels, you can start focusing on the optics. 

Before we start off with our list, we’ll talk about what a Marlin 795 is used for and which magnification will work best for you (and other gun owners). We will also talk about the reasons why these scopes, in specific, made this list.  

Sure, you can’t get as many odd scopes and million-round magazines for it, but who needs that junk? You have already got a Marlin 795 in your possession. Now, let’s get a great scope to go with it. From surprisingly affordable to high end, we’ve got what you need. These are, in our own opinion, the best scopes for Marlin 795 rifles around the market. 

ScopesNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Simmons Truplex 22 Mag Riflescope

Most Recommended Option

1. TrueZero Windage and Elevation Dials.
2. HydroShield lens coating
3. SureGrip rubber surfaces

Barska 3-9×32

Premium Option

1. Engineered for plinking and general hunting
2. Fully coated optics
3. Waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof.

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Bushnell Optics, 2-7x/32mm1. Drop Zone-22LR BDC Reticle, Second Plane.
2. Designed for .22 Long Rifle Ballistics.
3. Fully Multicoated Optics.
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II1. Magnification settings range from 3x to 9x.
2. Instant zero reset turrets.
3. Parallax free at 50 yards.
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Vortex Optics Crossfire II1. Super Durable Scope. 2. Excellent for Medium Range Shooting.
3. Has a Decent Eye Relief of 4 Inches.
8.5/10Currently unavailable
Bushnell Drop Zone -221. Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle, Second Plane.
2. Side Parallax Correction Knob.
3. Designed for .223 Caliber Ballistics.
7.0/10Currently unavailable
CV Life 4×32 Scope1. Tri illuminations (green/red/ blue)
2. Weaver mount slot on each side.
3. Multi- coated lens for bright and sharp optical clarity.
7.0/10Currently unavailable

The Criteria: How To Choose The Best Scopes for Marlin 795?

If you have a stock or factory-produced scope, the odds are it won’t do a good job at what it’s manufactured to do. So it’s always a great idea to elevate to a better quality scope. Here are a few benefits and advantages that you may experience if you’ve ever chosen to upgrade to a new scope for your Marlin 795. 

These scopes were not chosen at random, let’s put this out there. They are chosen because they have specific characteristics that stand out. If you are looking for a low-end, low-quality scope, then it’s less likely that you will find one on our list below. However, if you’re looking for a product that stands head and shoulders over the competition, then you’ll need to look for the following criteria: 

Body Construction 

An excellent scope should be sturdy enough to handle all kinds of recoil. The shock from the recoil may be more than enough to throw off your settings and that alone can lead to the annoying task of having to constantly reset turrets of your scope. 

The majority of the scopes on this list are made from high-quality aluminum. They are hard and shockproof. That means, you won’t have to worry about losing 0 even if you uninstall it from the rifle itself and it somehow slips out of your hands and hits the ground. 


We will later discuss (in detail) about the magnification. However, the ideal magnification for these scopes will be about 3x to 9x. You may settle for something with a little more magnification, however, it may be a little blurry in its picture quality. For obvious reasons, that may also depend on the amount of eye relief your scope has available on it. 

Eye Relief

“Scope eye” is the last thing that you will really want to deal with. You don’t want to look too closely at your scope while using your rifle to open fire. The recoil will kick back so hard it can quite possibly cause serious eye injury. Therefore, you will need a scope that will be worth looking through with both of your eyes. You should be able to see the image flawlessly while only a few inches away from your face. 

Better Accuracy

For obvious reasons, this is the one major benefit and advantage that you’ll enjoy with a better and much-improved scope. No matter what your usage is, you want something that will let you reach out and touch something from a particular distance. If you’re a varmint hunter, get yourself a scope that will have the ability to consistently hit targets from at least 200 yards out. If you are a target hunter, get a scope that has a reticle that can easily deliver consistent bullseye shots. 

Better Clarity 

Some scopes are not able to give you a whole lot of lucidity and the adjustments may make it a little more complex. Look for scopes that have super clear optics. They don’t have to be top-of-the-line in terms of its clarity, but good enough to where the definition is not blurry and difficult to view. 

Better Reliability 

Reliability is the time when you require a scope that can get the job done. It can be when you are staring down at a “can’t-miss target” or when the game competition is on the line. No matter what the situation is, you will want a scope that will work consistently with each and every shot you fire off. So it’s significant to find a scope where it’s easy to make 0 settings. On top of that, the faster you can break-in a scope, the better off you’ll be. 

Why Having Those Scopes Are Important?

As we have already hinted at, the Marlin 795 is a somewhat superior out of the box rifle compared to other leading .22 rifles. Combine that with a lower price than what other competitors can offer, and as long as you don’t want to put jazzy tactical bubba stocks and weird dainties on your gun, the only thing you need to worry about is an ammo supply and the best scope for your firearm needs. For obvious reasons, just what that scope would be is somewhat subjective and it all depends on budget and end use.

With the notable exception of the CV Life scope (which despite its super low price, is pretty much made for the entry level/lower tier of target shooting in mind), you’ll find that all these scopes will be suitable for all but the most challenging competition shooting. Furthermore, we even have that base covered with the Nikon ProStaff.

For casual plinking, first time shooters, or truck gun use, there is no real rational reason to spend a whole lot of money on a scope. As a matter of fact, you should shop by its features and your budget. The odds are, the tin can or bunny rabbit won’t know or care if you hit it using a cheap scope instead of an expensive and premium optic. This also allows you to easily get children or first-time shooters into shooting without breaking your bank. A solid entry-level or mid-grade scope sitting on top of a Marlin 795 is really a classic combination that is hard to top at any price range. The same general rule applies for most hunting, even a modest-quality scope is enough for a minute of grouse or bunny rabbit in most cases.

However, if you wish to do any sort of precision shooting or stretch the limits of your rifle to the optimum, you will need a top-end scope. Lucky for a whole lot of you firearms fanatics, in the rimfire world, it is possible to get your hands on such scope for not much. It makes even high end shooting super affordable. 

The Marlin 795 is an amazing rifle, one that is suitable for almost any purpose you intend to put it to. It is within many people’s budget range, well built out of the box, and capable of providing a lifetime of wholesome rimfire gunfire fun. Adding the best scope for Marlin 795 rifles that you can possibly get your hands on is an inexpensive way to optimise the possibilities of your rifle, and should be the first thing on your things-to-do list.

The 7 Best Marlin 795 Scopes in 2022 – Evaluated 

 The following is a list of some of the best Marlin 795 scopes that are currently on the market as of today. While this list may be subject to change between now and the following years, this is your opportunity to take a look at the scopes that are popular as of now for this rifle. 

No matter what the usage and application is for, you will definitely want a scope that is clear to see through and delivers consistent pinpoint accurate shooting every time. Now, let’s get right into our list by unveiling some of our favourite scopes that are currently available.

1. Simmons Truplex 22 Mag Riflescope

Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope


Most of the recent buyers of this scope are really happy with the overall image quality of the scope. It’s crystal clear view and definitely shows little to 0 signs of anything being less than that. The eye relief is decent at just about 4 inches. You can still look through it and quickly attain a target using both eyes. The scope’s construction is solid and definitely made to last.

Whenever we hear the words “strong” and “high-quality images”, we know it will be a scope that can be really hard to compete with. Most especially with this product that is considered the best of the best. We really like it simply because it has the ability to give you precise and accurate shots from about 50 to 100 yards out. Therefore, it definitely makes its money in all kinds of short-range situations. 

Varmint and pest hunters will mostly benefit from this scope the most. It will definitely be your favourite pick out in the field or if you’re defending your garden or property from annoying pests that want nothing more than to destroy your crops or anything that you hold near and dear to you and your family. No pest or varmint will come close as a match for your Marlin 795 scope.

This product should be able to mount relatively easy on various kinds of rail systems. If you have a Picatinny or a Weaver rail, it should be convenient enough to attach it without much of a problem. At the same time, it should come without the base. You can find so many top-quality scope mounts on the market too. 

If you are looking for an excellent scope that will not steer you wrong during a hunt, you’ll definitely want to give this Simmons Truplex scope a closer consideration. It’s certainly a scope worth using if you’re intending to use it for a short and quick distance shooting. Furthermore, it may be the only scope that small game hunters will need to rely on.


2. Barska 3-9×32

BARSKA 3-9x32


Recent buyers of this Barska scope say that it is quite useful for the purpose of target shooting and plinking. Some of the veteran gun users have already used this for clay pigeon shooting purposes. Despite feedback from users of consistently accurate shots hitting targets from about 100 yards out, it has the potential to go even farther than that point. Some gun users have said they are able to hit clay pigeon targets from about 300 yards away. So it may have a little more distance than anticipated. 

This scope is quite sturdy. At the same time, the field of view is pretty good. At 32mm, the objective lens is a good size that can certainly give you a leg up in quickly acquiring your target. Not forgetting to mention, this scope can get the job done whether you’re a small game hunter or a competitive one. 

Expect target shooters of both casual and competitive sides to use this scope to their benefit. If you’re looking to increase your accuracy considerably, then you will definitely want to put this scope on the top of your need list. Especially when better accuracy can give you a better edge over your competitors or game. 

One of the things that this may need improvement on is making the adjustments a bit more fluid. Sure, it may be fine for some to just modestly use a coin to adjust the parallax or windage and elevation. However, even that can be a challenge for some rifle users. To save you some time, the alterations should be a bit smoother. 

The Barska scope has the perfect magnification levels that a Marlin 795 scope should have. At the same time, it definitely lives up to its ability to be a dependable scope that can deliver a precise and accurate shot, especially in the usages where accuracy counts matter more than anything else.


3. Bushnell Optics, 2-7x/32mm

Bushnell Optics, 2-7x 32mm


Aside from this being an affordable item for most budgets, most recent gun users love this product. Users have latched it to their Picatinny rails and has little to no issues with it. It pretty much stayed in place and continued to hold its zero after 20+ or so rounds. They expect it to remain that way when they shoot off a lot more rounds. 

Bushnell is perhaps one of the most reliable brands as far as scope brands and makes go. With that being said, it’s no surprise that we can really see them make the cut. However, the name alone isn’t why they are on the list. It’s an adaptable scope that definitely has the potential to become a daunting threat to any varmints and pests. 

Most hunters tend to use this. You can say this is their “go-to scope choice”. However, don’t entirely depend on your casual target shooters as well. If you are looking for something that can give you decent image quality in low-light settings, then this scope may just be what you are looking for. Especially when most hunters tend to get their bag limits in low light conditions. 

One of the things that can be improved is a reduction in its scope size. While it can still do some solid damage with every shot you take, the scope shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Furthermore, it may make the rifle look less compact in its size. 

If you are looking for a scope from a brand that is considered trustworthy and dependable by most and is affordable for all kinds of budgets, then this scope from Bushnell may be what you are looking for. It’s a sturdy scope with decent image quality and precise shooting ability that stands out above most high-quality scopes. It has got more than what you pay for and is way better than any other budget scope options on the market.


4. Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II

Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II


As expected, many buyers love their image quality. One user said it’s probably the clearest image he’s seen when compared to other scopes. Other than that, the crosshairs tend to stay in sight, even in different magnification modes. They won’t go away like some other scopes. 

This scope is more than just the ridiculously clear optics that comes with it. It’s actually pretty durable. It’s made from high-quality aluminum and proves its high durability with its ability to resist shock, fog, and water. In harsh weather conditions, it can certainly hold its own. 

Since it may not be a superb long-range scope, it will come in handy for short distances of up to 200 yards. So, if you’re a hunter who is more of a small or big game hunter, you may benefit much from this scope the most. Especially when you are able to get an excellent view of your target from that long distance.

 One of the things that may be worth refining is making the reticle a little bit more reliable for other usages other than shooting. This may mean tweaking the adjusting abilities a tiny bit. Other than that, there are no major enhancements that are needed.

If you’re looking for a scope that provides you with excellent optics and accurate shooting like nothing else, then this Nikon Prostaff may be exactly what you are looking for.


5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 

Most new Marlin scope buyers took this out to the range and are immediately able to zero it in at about 100 yards. No further problems to speak of. Aside from all that, one of the buyers was surprised to see his scope hold zero even after he shoots off 50 rounds. 

Vortex is perhaps one of the best scope brands on the market. They are best known for having some of the most durable scopes on the planet. They are so confident in this Marlin scope that they have a lifetime warranty for it. So if something happens to this scope, they will always back up their product. It’s why we consider it a very dependable brand. 

This may be the closest thing you can get to a multi-purpose Marlin scope. So if you’re a hunter, a target shooter, or a competitive shooter, then this may be the best possible scope you can use for a Marlin 795 rifle. 

The ability to work a little better in low-light settings would be a good start to improving it. The reticle is pretty much incredible to see when there is little to no sunlight. So the Marlin optics should be improved a bit to make sure that you are able to see and recognize your target without having to depend on a whole lot of sunlight. 

If you’re looking for a Marlin scope that is made to last and reliable in almost any usages, the Vortex Crossfire II is definitely the scope that is worth taking a closer look. This may be your scope for the long run. So if you are looking for something that may be the last scope you’ll ever buy for a while, then you may want to consider choosing this Marlin scope over the other options.

6. Bushnell Drop Zone -22

A high end, .22 rimfire scope devoted optic from Bushnell, this scope is top of the range in nearly every aspect. Featuring side focus parallax adjustment, ¼ MOA adjustable turrets, fully multi-coated optics, 3.5-10 magnification, a 36mm objective lens, a fast one-piece focus eyepiece among others, this feature super optics is one of the best Marlin 795 scopes you can get your hands on today. 

It is suitable for serious target shooting or casual plinking. You really can’t go wrong with a scope of this quality and plan. What is great about this rimfire scope is that even if you are a novice shooter, this is a scope you can grow into and shoot for a lifetime. Even way before handing it down to your kids or grandkids. It’s one of the best scopes for Marlin 795 rifles in many people’s scope lists.

7. CV Life 4×32 Marlin Scope

This is an excellent little scope for your Marlin 795 simply because it is so nearly deviously simple in design and construction. Let’s be honest, for most rimfire shooting you need a modest scope of decent quality, and this meets that need pretty well. A basic fixed 4 power optic with a 32mm objective lens on your Marlin best scope mount is far more than enough for an afternoon of plinking and backyard target shooting activities. 

It’s certainly a classic deer hunting scope configuration from a few generations ago. That in itself should tell you all you need to know. With a set of scope rings, why debate about it? Just get yourselves one of those Marlin best scopes already! 


The best Marlin 795 scope is definitely out there. All it takes is for you to locate one that can fit your personal firearm preferences and needs. If you finally get to find one of the few scopes listed above appealing to you, please be sure to do your in-depth research with customer reviews and gun forums. Check customer feedback if you have to, that’s what those guides are for you on the scope for Marlin. 

Find out what other users are saying and any recommendation about the scope for Marlin before making a final buying decision. As soon as you find one that you like, you’ll be dependent on it for many years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is a Scope for Marlin 795? 

 A Marlin 795 is a rifle that you can use in just about any situation you can think of. However, it’s varmint hunting and target shooting where it makes its backbones. It may not be the best looking riflescope of them all, however it definitely gets the job done in terms of its reliability. 

Since the scope for Marlin 795 is light in weight, it will definitely make portability a lot more convenient for you. That means you’ll have a sure-fire winner on your hands regardless of which application you intend it for.

What is the Best and Ideal Magnification Scope?

As for your preferred magnification, it should range anywhere from 3x to 9x for your Marlin 795 and target shooting. However, you should go with a magnification level that will be more comfortable for you. Just take note that you will need to make sure you have a clear image for your Marlin 795 upon setup before you can call it fitting.

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