Best Ruger AR-556 Grips (2022) – Reviewed

Best Grips for AR-556

A good grip helps to boost your shooting accuracy and rifle control as you can better hold your rifle firmly and shoot in various positions. This is why grips can be regarded as one of the most important parts of a weapon. 

In today’s article, we will be going through the characteristics, benefits, and features of several best Ruger AR-556 grips on the market now. Hopefully, today’s article will give you enough information to help you with your search for the best grip to go with your Ruger AR-556 rifle. 

All Grips Are the Same – Myth Debunked!

Although grips may appear similar in terms of shape and size, they are certainly not the same as there are several different factors that will play a role in determining their quality and effectiveness. 


Regardless of which weapon you’re planning to mount your grip onto, you’ll find that the best grips are made of wood or different types of polymer that differ in composition.


The design we’re talking about today is in terms of the pistol grip’s shape and ergonomics. The best grips feature finger grooves and palm swells to offer better comfort and functionality while angled shapes help to determine the finger-to-trigger positioning. 

Several grips even have an adjustable angle to give people the freedom to customize the position that feels comfortable to them. The finger grooves and palm swells on the other hand help with giving better grip, which is a bonus point especially for sniping or when encountered with dubious emergencies. 

Texture and Finishing

Grips vary in terms of texture and finish with some having a smooth texture and others a contoured or rough texture to ensure better grip. For anyone whose palms tend to get a little sweaty, there are quite a number of best grips that come with a soft rubber finish to help counter sweaty and wet conditions, while others may have a harder finish. 

Factors to Consider when Picking a Ruger AR-556 Grip

The Ruger AR-556 caliber is a popular weapon used by many for hunting, competitions, practice, and even tactical applications. It is undeniable that getting a good pistol grip will boost your overall shooting experience. Here are a few factors that you can consider while on the hunt for a new grip for your Ruger AR-556. 


Since the main point of upgrading your factory stock pistol grip is to experience better comfort, the level of comfort provided by a grip is obviously one of the first things you should check. How comfortable a grip feels will depend on its ergonomics, angle, build material, finish, and finger-to-trigger positioning. However, the comfort level is subjective and will depend on personal preferences. 

Palm Swell and Grooves

The best rifle grips to go with your Ruger AR-556 should have a palm swell and finger grooves to ensure better grip and control over your firearm. The palm swell will ensure shooters can firmly grip the weapon under sweaty and wet conditions while the finger grooves offer a contoured surface to rest your fingers upon and get a sturdy grip. 


If you take your gun out frequently, needless to say, you should get a product that is durable enough to withstand all the stress you’re going to put it through. It is important to get a good grip as it will then mean you can rely on your weapon to fire off properly regardless of the shooting condition and position. 


For those shopping on a budget, you definitely do not want to get a pistol grip that will burn a hole through your wallet. However, you need to also remember not to settle for something that is cheap in both price and quality. Instead, you should get the best pistol grip that you can afford. 

The Best Ruger AR-556 Grips in 2022 – An In-Depth Review

Now that we’ve gone through the benefits of getting good grips and several factors to consider while shopping, hopefully, you’re now able to put this knowledge to good use and make a wise purchase. To help make the process much easier, we’ve even shortlisted and reviewed some of the best grips for Ruger AR-556 which are available on the market right now.

1. Magpul – AR-15 MOE+ Grip – The Best Overall

Made from high-grade durable polymer, the MOE pistol grip from Magpul is easily one of the most admirable and best-selling grips you can get your hands on. Although the shape and angle of the MOE+ grip greatly resemble the original MOE design, this one comes in a fully supported, single piece construction to resist impacts and tampering. 

Although it is made of rubber grips, it doesn’t feel very squishy. This means that you get to still clutch the rifle properly under every shooting position. The grip even works with tactical gloves on, making it ideal for you to use your Ruger AR-556 rifle in all weather conditions. 

Additionally, the grip comes with deep horizontal grooves on both the front and rear end of the grip to provide shooters with a sturdy grip. The cracked texture on the sides also works to maintain a firm grip during wet conditions and sweaty hands. 

Magpul has even included an over-molded rubber coating to further enhance the grip’s anti-slip feature. On top of that, the curved beavertail inserts on top works to fill the gap between the grip and receiver to offer you a comfortable platform to rest your hand on. 

Other than comfort and a firm grip, Magpul has even designed their grip to be practical. The MOE+ grip has a polymer cap protected storage compartment that lets you store small items like batteries, ear plugs, and basic first aid. Even better, this grip even accepts Magpul MIAD grip cores.

If you’re looking for an upgrade from your factory MOE version, then the Magpul MOE+ grip may just be the best choice for you. Not only is it easy to install to your Ruger AR-556 rifle, but it even has a rubber coating for enhanced grip and comfort. 


  • Easy to install
  • Curved beavertail on top
  • Storage compartment in the base of the grip
  • Rubber coating
  • Crackled textures on the sides
  • Deep grooves on the front and back strap


  • None

2. Hogue – AR-15 Pistol Grip – The Best for Money

The Hogue pistol grips are a mix of polymer and rubber as it’s made from strong fiberglass material with an ergonomic design to ensure extreme comfort during sessions. The durable grips even allow for intuitive gripping of the weapon as it features finger grooves on the front. 

Other than that, the slight palm swell also helps shooters with the grip and reduce felt recoil. Those who use their Ruger AR-556 gun for tactical purposes will appreciate the coarse texture that makes it easy to grab and keep the firearm in place, even while performing extensive maneuvers. 

The pistol grips even come with an A2 style angle to deliver optimum trigger to finger distance and positioning for enhanced comfort. This is among the best ambidextrous grips that are also covered in rubber with a soft and squishy texture. On top of being easy to install, the grips are also hollow on the inside which works to reduce the overall weight of the firearm. 

Overall, the Hogue Pistol Grips are the ideal choice for using with the Ruger AR-556 gun as it offers good ergonomics and function without altering the stock appearance. The ergonomic and orthopedic design is also great for sustained firing and longer sessions. 


  • Easy installation
  • A2 style grip
  • Coarse rubber coated texture
  • Strong and durable fiberglass construction
  • A mix of polymer and rubber material
  • Maintain stock appearance


  • Might require modifications

3. Monsterman Grips – AR-15 Monsterman Grip

If you’re living in California or in a state with strict gun laws that only permit the use of featureless AR-15 rifles, then you’ll love the AR-15 Monsterman Grip. These are featureless grips from Monsterman that you can easily mount onto your Ruger AR-556 gun without an issue. 

Although the grips are designed to be used with a fixed A2 style buttstock, it can easily be slipped into any kind of stock. Not only that, the product quickly attaches like any other P-grip without the need for any permanent modifications to the weapon.

The angled design ensures no gap is between the pistol grip and the stock and works to give the rifle a sporty look and feel. In addition to that, the diamond-cut textured surface of the grip ensures people have good control over their rifles without compromising their safety, regardless of the circumstances. 

All-in-all, the Monsterman Grips are life saviors for those who are struggling to build a featureless rifle to comply with local laws. Additionally, the comfortable texture and design of the grips make it a joy for hunting and practice purposes. 


  • Easy installation
  • Uses existing grip screw
  • Tough and durable design
  • Gives the rifle a sporty look
  • Useful for making a featureless rifle


  • Limited functions

4. Ergo Grips – AR-15 Suregrip Ergo Grip

Those with average to large hands will appreciate these comfortable grips from Ergo Grips as they’ve been crafted with durable high-grade polymer with an ergonomic profile that features palm swell and finger grooves. 

Other than a rubber coating for better grip and comfort, the Suregrip also comes with a grippy texture to make sure your AR-556 rifle does not slip out of your hands under wet conditions. 

Furthermore, the pistol grip is hollow inside with a rubber plug to close it. Although this compartment can be used for storage of small items and stuff, the manufacturer does not recommend doing so. 

The beavertail notch at the rear provides a comfortable rest for your hand while the ergonomic grip makes it perfect for those who often participate in difficult maneuvers. The downside is that the grips do not come with a coarse texture, but nonetheless, the material and coating still do a fairly good job of ensuring a firm, comfortable grip. 


  • Curved and ergonomic design grip
  • Rubber plug pistol grip hollow
  • Grippy texture and beavertail for comfort
  • Includes both palm swell and finger grooves


  • Does not include screw

5. Command Arms AAC – AR-15 Universal Pistol Grip

For people who want complete customization, then you need not look further than this innovative Ruger AR-556 product from Command Arms. Made from injection-molded hardened polymer, you can trust the grip’s durability and strength. 

However, the best part about this is its interchangeable inserts that let you change and customize according to your specific needs and shooting conditions. The package also comes with three removable inserts made from rubber material for the front and another for the back. 

Like the other products we discussed above, this pistol grip features finger grooves on the front to keep your weapon sturdy while making quick movements or firing quick successive shots. Since it uses an existing screw and washer, the pistol grip is super easy to install. 

Additionally, the product also has a roomy internal storage compartment to let you keep a small item and accessories. Overall, this is a great choice that offers great value for money that you can get for your Ruger AR-556 rifle if you appreciate customizability. 


  • Interchangeable inserts
  • Rubber material removable inserts
  • Roomy inserts
  • Beavertail on the rear for high grip


  • No rest for the pinky finger


The bottom line is that adding a grip to your Ruger AR-556 rifle is not just to improve its aesthetics, but it also helps to improve the comfort and accuracy of your rifle. A good product should not only be durable but it should also include an ergonomic design, grippy texture, and finish. Before making the final decision, make sure you take into consideration the extra features, design, price, and intended applications of getting a rubber grip for your AR-556 rifle. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the best value AR 556 grip for the money?

I’d recommend the Hogue pistol grips as it is known for its durability, reliability and level of comfortability especially with the finger grooves and ambidextrous design for the best shooting experience as discussed above. Also, the A2 style angle would comes in handy to further maximize comfort. Besides that, the slight palm swell allows a more secured grip and reduce great recoil. The ease of installation, great sleek and stylish design would certainly make your money’s worth if you decided to purchase this Hogue pistol grips.

Should I upgrade my rifle grip?

You can upgrade your rifle grip to enhance the gun’s functionality as the new grip offers several benefits. Other than offering better comfort, different people have different hand sizes such that the existing grip may not be a good fit for them. Some grips also have a small compartment to act as additional storage for you to keep items in them.

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