Best Remington 700 Scope Mount Bases and Rings Review (2022)

The Remington 700 rifle is a popular firearm that many Americans love to use for hunting and long-range shooting purposes. However, the Remington 700’s long-range shooting capabilities is incomplete without a good scope to help you aim better.

scope will also need a suitable base and rings to keep it firmly installed onto your rifle. While these items are easily ignored, they actually do perform a very important function to help boost your rifle’s performance, and ultimately, working to improve your shooting experience.

In today’s article, we will go into scope rings and base mounts that are suitable for your Remington 700 and what qualities you should look out for when getting one.

Bases and Rings Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails Most Recommended Option
1. Scope base
2. Nice finish and accurate
3. Able to withstand heavy recoil
10/10 SHOP NOW
Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings 1. Scope ring
2. Perfect fit for Remington 700
3. Quality construction
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Nightforce Ultralight Rings 1. Scope ring
2. Titanium bolts and jaws
3. Micro-radiused for a snug fit and to prevent against scratches
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Burris Signature Rings 1. Scope ring
2. Resists recoil and protects the scope
3. Can be bore-sighted using inserts
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
Talley Scope Ring Bases 1. Scope base
2. Can withstand heavy recoil
3. Lightweight and durable construction
8.0/10 SHOP NOW
Warne Maxima 1. Scope base
2. Solid and durable construction
3. 2-piece lightweight design
7.5/10 SHOP NOW
Leupold Dual Dovetail Base 1. Scope base
2. Able to withstand heavy recoil
3. Lightweight quality construction
7.5/10 SHOP NOW
Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings 1. Scope ring
2. Able to withstand heavy recoil
3. Comes in different variants to suit different scope heights
7.0/10 SHOP NOW

Picking Out Separate Rings & Bases

While there are some options out there where rings and bases come together as a set, it is also possible to choose your scope rings and scope mount bases separately. This is a commonly preferred route as it offers some advantages, such as adding a customizable option to your Remington 700.

Other than that, one-point systems which are when rings and bases come together as a single piece of equipment can get quite heavy for some. On top of that, the scope must also remain attached to your Remington 700 as detaching it could prove to be a challenge. This may easily become a problem especially when you frequently take your Remington 700 outdoor and get it exposed to dirt, water, and varying temperatures.

You can easily eliminate this issue by getting separate rings and bases that allow you to remove the scope from the base and store it somewhere safe when not required. Additionally, this option gives you the freedom to switch between different types of scopes according to your preference and whatever the situation calls for. Finally, separate mount bases such as the Picatinny and Weaver may even offer you the option to add other accessories like flashlights and lasers onto your Remington 700.

Important Qualities of Good Bases

The base is called a base because it acts as the foundation to hold your scope in place and keep it stabilized to ensure you get an accurate shot. Therefore, it is important that you consider the few important factors discussed below before picking out a good base to go with your Remington 700.

Firstly, there are a few types of bases that are commonly used for scopes and they are one-point scope bases, two-point scope bases, and quick-detach bases, such as the Picatinny or Weaver rails.

For those going for a one-piece base, you need to also take into account the length of your rifle’s action because this will make a difference depending on the length of your scope and position of taping on the action.


The material used to construct a scope mount will determine how strong and heavy your mount will be. Generally, scope mounts are made from either aluminum steel alloys or simple stainless steel. Since steel models tend to be on the heavier side, it is a good idea to go for aluminum alloy models if you have the choice as a lighter Remington 700 means you can perform better especially during longer treks or while taking long-range shots.


As mentioned earlier, a scope mount’s material and construction play a huge part in how durable it is. A good, solidly built scope mount should last you long enough to save you money in the long run. Other than that, a durable scope base will also ensure that your scope can withstand heavy jerks of magnum-type models.


Different magnifying powers have different scope heights due to the size of the objective and other technicalities. Therefore, you need to assess what height you need so that your scope will not get in the way of the bolt, barrel, or charging handle.

Slip Resistance

Another important factor to look into when picking out a good scope mount is the slip resistance. Slip resistance is critical as it will ensure that your scope does not wobble easily to offer sufficient eye relief, especially when used with heavier calibers. The scope mount base may come with extra screws, polymer, rubber padding, or padded horizontal columns to keep it secure.

Important Qualities of Good Rings

Scope rings are the part of the accessory that comes in direct contact with your optic scope when mounted, therefore, it is imperative that the ring you choose does not harm your scope. In addition to that, your scope ring must also provide a bit of canting for you to adjust and tilt your scope as and when required.


Metal scope rings that do not have added padding will cause metal-to-metal contact with your scope tube, thereby leading to more serious damages in the future. This could result in additional recoil, altered handling, and extra tightening of screws. That is why you should get scope rings that come with plastic inserts to allow your scope the flexibility to cant up a bit and ultimately helping you with long-range shots.


Another important thing that you should take into account when out shopping for scope rings is to make sure that your new purchase matches your base. You should get Weaver-style rings if you have a Weaver base, a Burris ring if you have a Warner base or any other compatible combination.

Other than that, you need to also check that your scope rings are tall enough to match your scope. You can get mid-sized rings if you’re using a 40mm objective scope and higher scope rings for scopes with 50 mm objectives to ensure that your scope does not touch your Remington 700.

The Best 8 Remington 700 Scope Mount Bases and Rings Review

Below is a shortlist of the top scope mount bases and rings that you can get for your Remington 700 rifle. Again, do remember to note down each accessory’s unique and specific features to figure out which will suit your application.

1. Talley Scope Ring Bases


Best Overall Scope Base

The Talley Scope Ring Bases quickly stand out to us thanks to their super simple design. The installation is so easy that it will only take a few minutes to get it onto your Remington 700 and add a few rings for good measure. After that, you can quickly add a one-inch scope or any other of your choice to help you achieve optimal performance with your Remington 700.

If you’re planning to take your shooting capabilities to the next level with your Remington 700 rifle, then odds are that you’ll need a good scope and accessories to help you through this quest. Therefore, a good scope mount such as the Talley Scope Ring Bases will provide a very stable foundation for you to mount such accessories on to your Remington 700.

Other than that, the Talley Scope Ring Bases are also constructed with a solid stainless-steel base both front and rear end of it with a machined-saddled design. The scope ring bases also come with double recoil shoulders to ensure the rings retain their original position even despite heavy-caliber recoils. Lastly, the Talley Scope Ring Base is compatible with Talley fixed rings and quick detach rings.

The Talley Scope Ring Bases act as a good mount for shooters who mainly rely on their Remington 700 rifles for hunting purposes. This solidly built scope ring base will securely hold your scopes together to help you achieve better accuracy. This is a worthy addition to your rifle that will not disappoint you.

Customer Feedback

Many customers were very satisfied with their Talley Scope Ring Bases as they were very solidly built, easy to install, and can be handled easily with the scope rings. There are no noticeable ring wiggling after they have installed them onto the Talley Scope Ring Bases and it has helped many achieve very reliable shots.


The Talley Scope Ring Bases feature very solid and reliable construction to hold your scopes and rings securely. It is easily one of the best bases you can find on the market to handle your Remington 700 scopes. This is a great option for those who need a sturdy and reliable scope ring base that will get the job done.

This durable scope ring base also features a two-point design that is very lightweight. You have the option to affix the base to pre-taped holes or to adjust the mounting position according to your Remington 700 and scope. This well-priced scope ring base is an excellent buy that offers great value for the money.


  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Two-piece design
  • Can withstand heavy recoil


  • May be difficult to install for some


2. Warne Maxima


Runner-up Scope Base

The Warne Maxima scope mount is slightly smaller in size compared to the others, but you can rest assured that it is strong enough to handle any scope of your preference. The scope is solidly built with high-quality aluminum to offer a sturdy construction to withstand plenty of abuses.

The scope mount is even specially designed to be able to absorb any recoil-originated shock to ensure your scope’s zero does not get affected. This is a very handy feature as we know that having to constantly reset your scope can be extremely frustrating to do, especially when you need to quickly fire off the next shot.

Other than the ability to resist shock, the Warne Maxima scope mount also features easy installation. Setting it all up is only a matter of minutes and you can do it with a snap of a finger. Once it’s installed, you’re all set for your next hunt.

Warne Maxima Scope Bases are CNC-machined with stainless steel to impart strength and durability on their design. The base of the scope mount features a Weaver-style construction to ensure it is compatible with QD rings. The low-profile design also means you can use it in conjunction with iron sights after removing the scope rings.

The Warne Maxima scope mount will be an easy choice for shooters who want a wiggle-free mount that will work to protect your zero settings on the Remington 700 rifle. The Remington 700 rifle has a very heavy recoil and it is amazing that the Warne Maxima scope mount is able to resist such significant recoil to help you maintain your zero settings.

Customer Feedback

Many customers are very satisfied with the scope mount’s rigid design that offers enhanced durability. The easily installed scope mount is also perfect for those who want something that can be quickly snapped on in under two minutes. Many have also commended the scope mount’s ability to absorb heavy recoil with no reports of zero settings loss even after multiple firing rounds.


The Warne Maxima scope mount is one of the best upgrades you can get to bring the most out of your Remington 700 rifle. Don’t be surprised to find that your scope remains straight after hundreds of firing rounds after installing this mount on. The Warne Maxima scope mount is a rugged, easy-to-install mount that will cater to plenty of applications.

The two-piece scope mounts have pre-tapped holes on the action that can be easily screwed down to keep it stable. Once installed, the Warne Maxima scope mount is super rigid and even features a full-width recoil slot in each base to keep the mount in position and to withstand heavy recoil. In summary, this scope mount’s sturdy construction means it can last you a very long time and making it a crowd favorite.


  • Low-profile design
  • Full-width recoil slot
  • 2-piece lightweight design
  • Solid and durable construction
  • CNC-Machined with stainless steel


  • Supports only Weaver base rings


3. Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails


Best for Value Base and Rings

The Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails have been in the market for a very long time and they are best known for their reliability. In fact, your father and grandfather might just be using them on their hunting rifles to this day.

The Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails act as a prime example of modern scope rings that are durable and can provide much better security than older rings. On top of that, the materials used to construct the scope rails are extremely tough. So if you’re on the lookout for high-quality scope rings to last you years, you might want to consider these.

The Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails are been specially designed to fit a Remington 700 short-action rifle to offer a heavy-duty, steel base design with a built-in forward angle bias. The bias on the scope rails helps shooters with precision during long-range shots without exceeding the scope’s elevation adjustment.

The Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails will mostly be favored by hunters as they work amazingly for hunters who can line up their crosshairs on a target and to land a good clean kill shot.

Customer Feedback

New customers were pretty satisfied with the scope rings and they were able to choose one that best fits their scope. On top of easy installation, the Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails worked well to keep their scopes in place with no extra wiggle room. The rings themselves are super durable and it is noted that they do not fall apart as easily as other rings.


The Badger Ordnance Remington 700 Short-Action Scope Rails offers shooters a steady base to keep their scope securely fitted and wiggle-free. Whether you’re using it for a small game or a big game, this pair of scope rings will work to your advantage to keep your eye on the hunting target without fail.

Additionally, the rail even comes with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail slow so that it is compatible with most of the detachable rings you can find on the market. The scope rail also has an integral recoil lug to prevent the scope from moving and slipping under heavy recoil. The hard, durable rail comes complete with a nice finish to be used for hunting, tactical, and long-range shooting applications.


  • Solid construction
  • Able to withstand heavy recoil
  • Nice finish and accurate
  • Built-in forward angle bias


  • The one-piece design might be heavy for some
  • Might take some time for installation


4. Leupold Dual Dovetail Base


The Leupold Dual Dovetail Base has a lightweight design, so it won’t increase the weight of your rifle. This base is impossible to pass up on if you want something that is solid yet light. In any case, you definitely won’t be disappointed with its overall performance as it can hold your scopes up nicely and steadily for very long hours.

The Leupold Dual Dovetail Base even features a rock-solid two-piece body design made of stainless steel that reduces the weight as compared to one-point bases. The dual dovetail base even has a reversible front that can be installed on either long or short scopes.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, solid scope base that is within your budget then it is definitely hard to pass up on the Leupold Dual Dovetail Base. This mount base is the perfect option for those who are looking for something that can last them a long time without breaking the bank.

Customer Feedback

Customers were satisfied with the Leupold Dual Dovetail Base’s solid construction and easy installation. They noted that the mount base is a good size to fit all kinds of scopes on the Remington 700 rifles. Other than that, hunters and target shooters also like that the Leupold Dual Dovetail Base is solid enough to hold their scopes in place for a very long time.


The Leupold brand has been quite well-known among many as one of the top manufacturers of durable scopes and mounts and this mount scope is no exception to it. This is a good option for those who want a super-solid scope mount that can fit on most Remington 700 rifles.

The base of the Leupold Dual Dovetail Base is very rigid and durable enough to support heavy calibers on top of light varmint hunting rifles. The scope mount even offers assistance to help shooters manage recoil and improve accuracy. At such an affordable price, the Leupold Dual Dovetail Base is sure to make the best-valued option you could invest for your rifle.


  • Affordable
  • Reversible front
  • Improves accuracy
  • Able to withstand heavy recoil
  • Lightweight quality construction


  • Not interchangeable with other rings and bases


5. Leupold Dual Dovetail


Best Overall Scope Ring

The Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings have stood against time to prove its undefeatable durability. Thee dovetail rings are perfect to be paired with one-inch scopes and are also one of the most popular choices among Remington 700 rifle users.

These dovetail rings can also be tightened up to give your scope a perfect fit and to keep it straight for as long as you’re using the rifle. The durable construction also means that these ring mounts will last you a very long time and to withstand against any shocks associated with rifle recoil action.

If you don’t like the idea of your scope moving around or wiggling, then this is a great new addition to keep your scope steadily in place. The Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings will ensure your scope is well mounted to help you hit your targets every time.

The Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings are suitable for those who use their rifles for hunting or competitive shooting purposes as they work better than flattop scope mounts. These rings are not only tough and stable, but they also give your scope a perfect fit. If you have a one-inch scope that you’re just dying to take out and use, then this dovetail ring mount may just be what you need to accommodate it.

Customer Feedback

Many customers are very satisfied overall and are quick to note that the Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings work reliably with most one-inch scopes. The durable design even features an easy installation that can hold the scopes steadily in place without the need to constantly reset the zero settings. All-in-all, the Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings is a great scope mount for hunting and target practices.


The Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings act as a great alternative to the Leupold mount making it an easy no-brainer choice for those who are a fan of scope rings. The Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings have also proven itself to be one of the most durable ring mounts available on the market thanks to its solid construction.

Other than lasting for decades, these rings also come in different variants to suit different scope heights. All you need to do is insert and turn the rings into the mount base and you’re all set to go. Each ring also has two screws to ensure a firm hold of the scope to eliminate any potential of wiggling.


  • Prevents unintended canting
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Able to withstand heavy recoil
  • Comes in different variants to suit different scope heights


  • Not interchangeable with other rings


6. Burris Signature Rings


Runner-up Scope Rings

The Burris Signature Rings have proven themselves to be a super durable and versatile choice to fit almost any Remington 700 rifle. These rings can easily be installed in a couple of minutes flat to let you immediately tack on your favorite scope. With the right skill and tools, you can quickly set up your entire rifle in under 10 minutes making it an ideal choice for those who want to quickly get out on the field and do not like to spend too much time fiddling with their firearm.

On top of quick and easy installation, the Burris Signature Rings also works to instantly boosts your firearm’s precision and accuracy to help you hit all your targets. The Burris Signature Rings feature synthetic polymer inserts on each of the rings to prevent the scope from ring marks and other damages.

The pair also features a double dovetail front ring and a windage-adjustable base to offer a wider range of windage settings without the worry of exceeding your scope’s built-in adjustment. You can even expect your rifle to be bore-sighted at 0 at 100 yards with a little help of an insert kit for alignment.

The Burris Signature Rings are used mainly for general purposes, making it more complicated to decide which application do the rings excel at the most. Generally, the scope rings work well to provide shooters with a good amount of sturdy support for your scope while also protecting it from heavy recoil and shock.

Customer Feedback

Customers noticed that the scope rings did a great job without obstructing the windage and elevation adjustments. Some have also commented that their previous scope rings made it difficult for adjustments that make working with their new Burris Signature Rings a breeze. The scope rings are easily installed to allow on-the-fly adjustments with their scopes without the rings obscuring them. Lastly, customers are also satisfied with the scope ring’s excellent quality and solid construction.


In terms of quality, the Burris Signature Rings may just be one of the best scope rings you can find on the market to help you hold your favorite scope in place. Other than that, the scope rings can even work to provide you the freedom to make any much-needed adjustments in case your shots go a little off after a few rounds with no obstruction of the adjustment knobs.

The Burris Signature Rings feature easy installation that may require a little bit of time and practice for some.  In any case, once installed, the rings will work perfectly to hold the scope firmly in place while offering good recoil resistance making it a great option for hunting, tactical use, and target practice.


  • Easy installation
  • Quality construction
  • A wider range of windage setting
  • Resists recoil and protects the scope
  • Can be bore-sighted using inserts


  • Might be finicky to adjust


7. Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings


Best for Value Scope Ring

The heavy-duty Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings are made from high-quality steel with added finishing to serve as an extra layer of protection to keep the scope rings from scratches and scrapes. The quality construction of the Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings has easily made them to be considered as one of the most durable scope rings available for purchase.

On top of that, installation and adjustments can be made easily with the Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings and they also allow your scopes a proper fit without having your adjustment knobs obscured. The scope rings work fantastically to keep your scope straight while also maintaining your zero settings even after firing off more than 100 rounds.

The Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings are heavy-duty, 30mm steel rings designed to support large scopes on rifles with heavy recoil. The base of the scope rings come with a Weaver-style clamp that is compatible for use with Weaver scope mount bases.

On both sides of the scope rings, you’ll find a big ½ inch nut that works to secure the rings to the mount. The nuts also help to provide additional resistance against recoil and to prevent any accidental detachment.

The Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings are suitable to be used for target shooters. If you need a set of scope rings that will boost your shooting accuracy, then this pair will be a fantastic option. You will most definitely not be disappointed with these scope rings.

Customer Feedback

Many recent customers were satisfied with their Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings that provided a perfect fit for their scopes. Installation was easy and it only took a few minutes to get everything set up. Some customers noted that they were able to accurately hit their targets even at further distances of up to 200 yards away.


The sturdy Badger Ordnance Maximised Scope Rings are one of the most useful scope rings available on the market. It is without a shadow of a doubt that they belong in this list thanks to their enhanced durability, security, and reliability. These scope rings are ideal for hunting and long-range shooting as they are accurate, easy to adjust, on top of providing the perfect fit for most scopes on all Remington 700 models.


  • Quality construction
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Perfect fit for Remington 700
  • Perfect for large, heavy scopes and calibers


  • No polymer inserts to prevent damage on scope


8. Nightforce Ultralight


If reliability is a top priority for you then you’ll definitely want to take a good look at the Nightforce Ultralight Rings as they perform better than mount bases. The scope rings do a great job of keeping your scope straight all the time without fail.

The Nightforce Ultralight Rings have been constructed with steel or 7075 T6 aluminum with bear beta series Titanium bolts and jaws to provide ultra-sturdy performance. These rings also suit 30mm scopes although there are different variants available to fit different-sized scopes.

Other than that, the rings are also 100% micro-radiused and honed in pairs to help keep scratches and ring marks away from your scope for better durability. You can be sure that these scope rings can keep your scopes lasting longer than you expected.

Most hunters will be able to appreciate the Nightforce Ultralight Rings to help them hit their targets accurately. However, some target shooters will also be able to get a good amount of use out of these scope rings once they find the right scope to go with it. If you have a scope with a large objective, then you will definitely need reliable scope rings that to support them.

Customer Feedback

Plenty of customers found that these rings offer a very simple and straightforward design to make installation on their Remington 700 rifle a breeze. They had no problem fitting large scopes on their Remington 700 rifle and some were even impressed that they can finally clearly see through their scope thanks to the sturdy mount base.


The Nightforce Ultralight Rings do not add too much weight onto your rifle, and they can even set the stage for your Remington 700 to become a beast to help you reach out and hit targets from impressive distances. These rings give your scope long-term support and act as one of the most reliable scopes you can get for your rifle.

On top of that, these rings are also compatible with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny mount base that is not prone to loosening even under heavy recoil. These rings come at great quality and are great lightweight options to go with your Remington 700 rifle.


  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Titanium bolts and jaws
  • Micro-radiused for a snug fit and to prevent against scratches


  • Might be too pricey for some



The bottom line is that it is undeniable that a good scope mount base and scope rings can significantly boost the accuracy of your shots, especially for such a heavy recoil rifle like the Remington 700. However, factors such as material, height, stability, durability, and ease of installation need to be taken into account when out shopping for a new scope mount base and scope rings for your Remington 700.

In any case, one should always be reminded that two-piece mounts are often lighter compared to one-piece mounts and it is also a good choice to go for scope rings that some polymer inserts to protect your scope from dents and marks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the scope rings?

The bases and rings are installed on a Remington 700 to connect a rifle scope to the firearm. Since the connection between a scope and the firearm is the weakest link in a shooting system, it is doubly important to get a durable and high-quality mount base and ring to ensure everything is properly fitted.

Are scope rings important?

Yes, scope rings are very important for your rifle. A shooter should take good care of their equipment and installing appropriate scope rings is one of the most important steps to take care of your rifle.

Are scope rings universal?

Rail-mounted rings are mostly universal. However, they do come with two different types of rail systems: Weaver and Picatinny. Therefore, you need to make sure that the accessory you want to latch onto your scope ring is compatible with its rail system.

What is the difference between Weaver and Picatinny rails?

The basic difference between the Weaver and Picatinny rails are their slot dimension. A Picatinny has a slightly wider and deeper slot with a standardized spacing of the slots. These slots also typically extend down the length of the rail. A weaver style base may consist of only one or two slots and the placement of the slots can be anywhere on the base.

Are scope mount bases or rings better?

Both scope mount bases and rings work great to accommodate your scopes and to keep them securely in place while shooting. However, if you want something that is more reliable and stable, then it’s recommended for you to go for scope rings. On the other hand, scope mounts can sometimes also offer the same stability except for the fact that they have a flat, straightforward design that makes installation much easier than setting up scope rings.

Are one-piece scope mounts better?

A one-piece mount is typically stronger and more rigid that can also add height to get your scope into a proper and comfortable position. Other than that, one-piece scope mounts also allow the flexibility to push the optic forward over the handguard for longer scopes to achieve better eye relief. However, it should also be noted that one-piece mounts are much heavier and could potentially add significant weight to your rifle. However, if weight isn’t an issue for you then a heavy-duty one-piece scope mount will work great for a powerful rifle with heavy recoil.

How far back should my scope by mounted?

Your scopes eyepiece should be mounted between 3 to 5 inches away from your eye for optimum comfort and accuracy. You can try moving your head back and forth behind the eyepiece to check how the edges blackout when you aren’t within the correct eye relief distance.

Is cantilevered scope mount necessary?

No, a cantilevered mount is not a must for large frame rifles. However, they do help to ensure your scope is out far enough for users to achieve better eye relief.

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