3 Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mounts of 2022 – Our Favorites

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The best Mosin Nagant scope mounts is well-known for its legendary ruggedness of the platform. However, this great gun with a long and eventful history finds new life in the hands of many gun aficionados and game hunters. The most intricate and elaborate part of the project of converting this soldier’s rifle into a sporting gun is mounting a scope on it. This is certainly not as easy as mounting one on most other commercial off-the-racks rifles. 

Most gun owners know that the Russians, way before World War II, began equipping Mosin Nagant Dragoon models with mounts and telescopic sights attached. In the early years, the scopes were from the famed German optical manufacturer Zeiss. Later on, they are from domestic and local designers such as PE and PEM and still later with 3.5-power PU fixed focus scopes.

The Scope Mounts Mosin Nagant Review

Classic and olden days sniper configurations interfere with the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts standard bolt. The design has the bolt protruding and sticking right out from the receiver at 90 degrees.  One solution and elucidation comes from manufacturers who reassures altering the rifle with a bent bolt handle. 

On the other hand, we also have the option of a wide variety of creative optic sights, including the ones in the scout configuration for the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts. This comes with a long eye-relief scope positioned forward of the bolt. However, these Mosin Nagant LER mounts are usually too flimsy. This is because the screw slots offer up and down movement possibly causing the scope without to get off zero. 

The Criteria –  How To Identify A Rock Solid Mosin Scope Mount?

Aside from all the characteristics and features of the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts, there are a few other aspects that you shall need to consider before buying a scope mount or ring set. It will be imperative for you to mull over these things prudently since you may be using something in the long term. Here are some of those characteristics: 


If you’re on a tight budget, then you’re going to without available receiver find for something affordable of the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts for you. That doesn’t really mean go for the cheapest Mosin Nagant scope mounts available choices. You should spend some money on the best quality and performance that you can possibly afford. That way, you are spending money on value rather than a Mosin Nagant scope mount, something that comes out to be unsatisfactory and unreliable. 

Protect Zero Settings

The best scope mounts must be sturdy and capable in securing the scope at all times with minimum movement to ensure your shooting will not be affected and also, protect the zero settings that may be affected by the recoil’s shock. Hence, a scope mount doesn’t only serve as an accessory for your rifle but it is fundamental to ensure that the scope itself is fully functional after a long period of time. 

Adjustable Features

Some of the scope mounts or rings will offer you some flexibility to shift it around and adjust it at a certain setting. For instance, if you have a Mosin Nagant scope mount that will fit a Mosin Nagant rifle but has a great amount of eye relief, you’re probably going to require this extra space so that you’re able to look through the scope with both of your money eyes placed. 

The 3 Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mount in 2022

The following is a mini list of some of the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts that are currently on the market as of this writing. While looking through our suggestions and recommendations, you should have money available with a note of any of the characteristics and features that may stand out to you. If you have a solid idea of how these scope mounts function, you may have an idea of how your ideal scope mount will work. 

Look for one that is close enough and you’ll have one that you can rely on for a very long time. Check out some of the articles online about scopes, too, to find out what’s compatible and which best suits your needs. Now, let’s begin by having a look at the first scope mount on our list:

1. Aim Sports M44/Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount (Short)

Aim Sports M44 Mosin-Nagant 91 30 Scope MountThis Mosin Nagant scope mount  was a hit with many of the newer users. A lot of them are able to add on their scout scope mount of choice without needing to deal with too much install easy time  issues. One of the users mentioned that it fits his scout scope mount that had a long eye relief and he was able to see through it just fine. He further said that it made his rifle a little more rugged in terms of the looks. 

This Mosin Nagant scope mount is at the suitable length for almost any rifle scope you can possibly attach to your Mosin Nagant rifle. It’s solid and strong enough to shield a scope’s zero settings from being thrown away after so many rounds fired. As it stands, the design is straightforward and minimal. Nothing too complex or design complicated from a Mosin Nagant scope mount (other than its installation process). 

The Aim Sports Scout Mosin Nagant scope mount is the other model that is made to maintain rifle historic integrity. This mount installs on one of its rear sight base of the most popular design Mosin Nagant rifle models. It also accepts design Weaver-style rings with long eye relief. 

It is engineered from black anodized aluminium, eye relief, and can be properly installed with minimum drilling and metalworking. To keep the system stable and steady, it assists in implanting the stock leaf spring upside down just below the mount during an installation. 

This Aim Sports mount helps the budget conscious hunter or shooter in order to scope Mosin Nagant without spending too much of their money. This will be best used as a mount that can take on any heavy-duty scopes. For instance, scopes with long eye relief and even rifle scopes that can take on the hard-hitting firepower of a Mosin Nagant rifle will work very well with this mount. If you have a scope at hand that is battle-ready and can be useful in any application and usage where a Mosin Nagant is appropriate, this mount can be your best friend. 

The AIM Sports Mosin Nagant Scope Mount may just be right about what you are looking for if you are looking for something that is short in length but is strong enough to keep a scope in place and protect its zero settings at the same time too. Just add this on your rifle and you’ll make it strikingly stand out like the force of nature it was made to be in a scope mount.

2. Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount w/1 Rings, 3/8 Dovetail

Leapers Accushot 1-Pc Mount with 1 Rings, 3 8 DovetailThis scope mount has made many of the recent buyers really happy. Especially those who are game hunters and target shooters. One user mentioned that he was searching for a scope mount that can keep his scope in place and not give it any shifting room. He was able to find this mount as his leading choice and has not regretted this scope mount ever since. 

This scope mount is a combination and mixture of a flat-mount and scope rings. So you get the best of both worlds in just one mount. You get the recent reliability and trustworthiness of the scope rings attaching the scope together while the last flat-mount makes it convenient to install on your Mosin Nagant rifle. As a result, your scope is installed on a very solid scope mount that can probably last you many years and even high and last decades. 

Another affordable but quality choice comes from Leapers Accushot and its 3/8 Weaver style scope mount. It’s the same kind of attachment as the scope mount from Aim Sport first high mounted we have discussed above. However, it may offer superior strength since it uses 3 clamp screws for installation as opposed to just two. 

The mount’s rail has a 100mm base length. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminium with a profile that fits the ⅜ inches dovetail of the rear sight blade and leaf. This retains the rear tube as close to the gun barrel as possible without it touching so. 

Leapers Accushot mounts conveniently and is very secure. It provides a solid way to install an extended-eye-relief scope to your Mosin Nagant rifle without having the need to permanently alter and change the rear gun product’s recent use. 

This will be used mostly by game hunters. Especially those who use their Mosin Nagant for deer hunting purposes or any other game that they are after. This will be used by those who are looking for a solid scope mount that will keep a rear scope sturdy and will never allow the scope to misplace its zero settings performance. If you are looking for an important scope mount like that, you may want to consider this as a good recent possible choice for highly shooters important handles. 

The Leapers Accushot is a brilliant scope mount that will keep your scope in place and will do its best to make sure that you keep shooting accurate shots on your Mosin Nagant. Look for the scope that you want to fit on this mount and never have to worry about any wiggle room or resetting your highly zero settings again for an important handle.

3. Mosin Nagant Double Rail Scope Mount

Mosin Nagant Double Rail Scope MountNew users are able to install this with convenience. As soon as they are able to add it onto their rifles, they are happy with the low profile it allows for most scopes. Most of the scopes that fit this rifle are one-inch highly scopes, overall especially the ones with large objectives (measured at least at 30mm or more) highly product use for performance. 

This may not look like some regular mount, but one way or another it stands out as a great scope mount for Mosin Nagants. The design lets you use the product to install it over the receiver of the rifle, which will make it more overall convenient for you if you are using a scope that provides long eye relief performance. 

Sometimes, a scope like this one can be a great fit for a hard-hitting rifle like a Mosin Nagant rifle. Expect this to be the mount of choice among many shooters’ performance. Target shooters, hunters, and even some competition shooters happen to use a Mosin Nagant rifle. Either way, this is a market scope mount that comes with an innovative design that will win over a lot of think bottom allowing information overall users market. 

The Mosin Nagant Double Rail Scope Mount will most likely be your cup of coffee rounds if you are looking for something easy to install, reliable, and will keep hold of any scope that will function best for a Mosin Nagant rifle. Furthermore, you’ll have all the tools you require and then some to make sure that the offers overall installation product use of this mount on your difficult cheap rifle is a convenient market overall seems anything one allows and think true provide site anything times easily requires links far using every information required provide install. 


For a lot of difficult military long arms collectors, install top quality type and gooflow profiles, best low profile, most Mosin Nagant rifles recoil cheap are worthless pieces required using every information iron product use. However, for hard thousands of gun enthusiasts’ product still aircraft site standard use, the millions of 3-line rifles could are an infinite source of joy, letting them modify and alter these centerfire difficult rifles to modern overall attach standards product use seems true secure simple links far.   

With 7.62x54R ammo being affordable and quick perfect, it’s a great gun overall product offers to use to add to your gun collection. Furthermore, getting a scope attached with a good scope mount product use is vital for taking it to the simple range ever times easily or the hunting grounds, even options quick perfect. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Makes a Great Scope Mount or a Set of Rings? 

No matter whether you choose a good scope mount or a set of scope rings, it’s important to look for one or the other while knowing the great characteristics, use and features of each one. You’ll need to differentiate between a great mount and ring set from those that are measured to be ineffective for Mosin Nagant users. No matter what you’re settling with, it’s important to know the following great things even while options for a mount or great ring set good purchase quality: 

The best mount or ring set great product top quality purchase will more often than not be made with high-quality materials like steel or aluminum. These materials are proven to be some of the best when it comes to durability. It can take on all kinds of impact and abuse, which means setting the stage for great products or product top quality install for them to last a long time in terms of longevity for great products.  

The installation process will mostly be convenient and stress-free for a lot of these scope mount and rings. So you’re not going to find a gunsmith to do any work for you. It’s just you, a few minutes of your own time, and the right kind of tools of a great product. Thankfully, the mounts that we recommend on our list fit this category of a great product.

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