Best Remington 700 Bottom Metals (2022) – Reviewed

The Remington 700 firearm has quickly become a top choice among many shooters. The Remington also comes with various upgrades and accessories that you can choose from. However, if you prefer to have a traditional stock or modern fiberglass variant, then you’re also most likely looking for an aftermarket bottom metal system too.

Bottom Metals Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
Accurate Mag Remington SA 308 5rd Bottom Metal

Most Recommended Option

1. Comes with steel trigger guard
2. Designed to work with Remington trigger assemblies
3. Available in tactical heavy profile, traditional profile and heavy-duty Oberndorf configurations

10/10 SHOP NOW
H-S Precision – Remington 700 Detachable Bottom Metal 1. Smooth and effortless cartridge feeding
2. Stainless steel trigger guard and magazines
3. Locking springs on bottom of both sides of the floor plate
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Sunny Hill – 700 Long Action Bottom Metal 1. Available for long and short Remington 700 actions
2. Replaces factory original bottom metal with a steel one
3. Sako-style release function for better performance
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Sunny Hill – Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal 1. Heavy-duty construction
2. Made of 100% certified high-quality steel
3. Easy-to-install and operate
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
Magpul – Hunter 700 Short-Action Magazine Well Bottom Metal 1. Polymer trigger guard and magazine construction
2. Straightforward installation
3. Includes a short-action magazine
8.0/10 SHOP NOW
Williams Firearms – Rem 700 Bottom Metal 1. Beautifully CNC-machined
2. Replaces aluminum trigger guard with steel
3. Uses factory action screws
7.5/10 SHOP NOW

Factors to Choose a Bottom Metal for Remington 700

With so many bottom metals available on the market, how do you actually pick one that will be suitable for your application? Before we shortlist the top bottom metals, here are a few factors to consider first before picking out the one as your Rem 700 upgrades.


You need to make sure that your bottom metal is made of quality and durable material if you want it to last. The better the quality of the material, the more durable it is. In the end, what you want is something that is built to last long enough and is tough enough to withstand most damage and abuse,

Ease of Installation

It is important to also ensure that your bottom metal can be quickly installed on your Remington 700 easily. By getting one that can be easily installed means that you won’t have to rely on the professional services of a gunsmith. This will then help you save plenty of money and time just to install a bottom metal on your Remington 700.


Certainly, price is important when you’re out shopping for a new bottom metal. However, you should be reminded that the price should not be the only reason you choose your bottom metal. You should look for the best quality bottom metal that you can afford. Sometimes it might also mean getting something a little above your budget. But it’s always better to spend a little bit more to get much better value instead of getting something that is both cheap in price and quality.

Other Factors to Consider When Installing a Bottom Metal

Traditional, flush-mounted magazine port may alter the smooth lines of the rifle when paired with 5, 10, or even 20-round magazines. Following the overall external aesthetics, it is then important for customers to decide what type of finishing they prefer.

It is also important to pick durable materials, such as steel, aluminum or synthetics. Another critical thing to take notice is the Maximum Overall Length (COAL) of the cartridge that can fit into a detachable magazine.

You should also know that bottom metal systems often require machine work to stock and these activities should be performed by professional gunsmiths. You may also have to consider widening your feed ramp if you’re using flat nose bullets. However, the pointed bullets feed is fine.

Other than that, most bottom metals require some inletting to fit a Remington 700 stock. This type of modification has the potential to reduce the resale value of your firearm in case you plan on selling it off later.

Last but not least, if you’re an experienced shooter, you’ll most likely prefer a bottom metal with zero tolerance fit, unscrupulous seating and feeding to ensure smooth cartridge delivery during shooting.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Bottom Metal

For most gun owners, the most crucial feature in selecting the best Remington Metal 700 bottom metal is the compatibility with the industry standard, which is better known Accuracy International (AICS) magazines. Alternatively, there are various Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM) manufacturers that offer more competitive and budget options on the market. However, the possible downside is you’d face tremendous difficulties in searching spare magazines when required.

Regardless, detachable magazine system is incredibly reliable which is evident through their mechanisms, followed by a effortless and convenient way of removing the cartridges. Thus, detachable magazine is slowly gaining traction among gun owners in recent times.

The Best Bottom Metal for Remington 700 in 2022

While reviewing each bottom metal below for your Remington 700, do remember to take note of any special features and unique characteristics of each one to better identify which is the best option for you. So, here’s the one list of top bottom metals for your Remington 700.

1. H-S Precision – Remington 700 Detachable Bottom Metal – The Best Overall


The H-S Precision Detachable Bottom Metal is made of super high-quality material. It even comes with a Teflon finish above the durable stainless steel to act as an extra layer of protection. This bottom metal is essentially built like an indestructible tank that no fire can stop, making this detachable bottom metal one of the best to last you a long time. All you really need to do is to just install it and you’re all set.

While the H-S Precision Detachable Bottom Metal is slightly on the pricier side, it is made from CNC-machined with durable stainless steel and includes an H-S proprietary magazine. To top it off, the magazine is even made with durable stainless steel and black Teflon coating for ultimate durability.

The H-S Precision Magazine also utilizes an extremely durable polymer boot to surround its bottom to make it much easier to install and remove, even when you’re wearing gloves. You should know that the Gen II magazines are not interchangeable with other brands, this magazine has a seven-round capacity in their standard version and three rounds with most long-action magnum chamberings.

The long interval length of H-S boxes helps with their versatility of accepting cartridges from 2.85” to 3.7” COAL depending on your Remington 700 action length. The H-S magazine also utilizes a stainless-steel follower with a large spring to feature a center-feed design to ensure the rounds are stacked properly.

The manufacturer even included an improvement to hold the magazine box in place without the use of rubber O-rings. Instead, it uses positive locking springs on the bottom of both sides of the floor plate for a much secure fit.

Fortunately, the H-S Precision Detachable magazine bottom metals can fit most Remington 700 BDL stocks with minimal fuss. At most, you may occasionally need to inlet a small amount above the latch housing for it to fit well.

This bottom metal would be perfect for those who love to change between rifles with minimum fuss. All you need is a simple Allen wrench to remove the bottom metal and transfer it over to another rifle. Once you have it on, you won’t have to worry about the bottom metal getting beaten up thanks to its durable construction to withstand plenty of abuse.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have found to be very satisfied with the H-S bottom metal as this unit is super easy to install without requiring too much fitting. Once you’ve got it installed, the bottom metal manages to stay in place without space to wiggle around. Some have even noted how lightweight and durable the metal bottom is to last time for years of use.


The H-S Detachable Bottom Metal is a great fit to fit almost any chassis or stock without much filling needed. Once you’ve had it installed, you can keep it on there for a very long time without worrying about it getting scuffed. Other than that, the H-S assembly is even designed with a plug and play setup for ease of convenience.


  • Smooth and effortless cartridge feeding
  • Stainless steel trigger guard and magazines
  • Locking springs on bottom of both sides of the floor plate


  • Much more pricey
  • The magazine may occasionally drop out with recoil


2. Magpul – Hunter 700 Short-Action Magazine Well – The Runner-up


Why bother getting two separate equipments when you can get both in one? With the Hunter 700 Short-Action Magazine Well Bottom Metal, you get both bottom metal and magazine that fit perfectly. Both the magazine and bottom metals are made of good quality materials that can last you a very long time. With a magazine that is made from polymer, you can let it fall on a hard surface without worrying that it will break.

With everyone loving to customize their weapons for a unique experience, many synthetic parts have slowly become a favorite among gun enthusiasts. The Magpul Industries that are well-known for its AR lines has introduced an entry-level line of Hunter 700 stocks that are meant for the Remington 700-pattern rifles.

Magpul has even released a bolt-action magazine well that is compatible with this favorable stock to add a detachable box magazine (DBM) for the Model 700. The Magpul polymer magwell is designed specially to work with the Hunter 700 stock as a simple drop-in, meaning you’ll only need to remove your existing OEM bottom metal and just insert your reinforced polymer trigger guard and magazine well and you’re set.

On top of that, the Magpul magazine is even compatible with AICS short-action magazines. The kit also includes a single five-round Magpul PMAG 6. Even though the PMAG magazine offers easy release, it may not necessarily drop free. You may opt for AI AW 10-round, double-stack magazines that offer a much better and tighter fit that does drop free.

The bottom metal comes with an aesthetically pleasing construction with no sharp edges that could snag on you. However, do note that not all triggers can work with this due to a different trigger guard shape. Some modification may be required to make it work.

Customer Feedback

Many recent customers were pretty satisfied with the Magpul bottom metal, especially since it came with an extra magazine for improved firing power. Made with durable material, the construction was of no disappointment when it comes to perfect fitting.


Magpul’s metal bottom and short-action magazine duo are the best for durability and reliability. The entire magazine-well conversion is made with reinforced polymer construction to even be able to outlive its user. There’s certainly no questioning about the added comfort and durability, this equipment will add to your firearm.


  • Affordable
  • Polymer trigger guard and magazine construction
  • Straightforward installation
  • Adds detachable box magazine capability
  • Includes a short-action magazine


  • Gunsmiths may be required for optimal fit and functionality
  • Trigger guard design might not fit some triggers


3. Accurate Mag Remington SA 308 5rd Bottom Metal – The Best Value


The Accurate Mag Remington SA 308 5rd Bottom Metal comes in a very durable construction that is almost impossible to wear off even after many uses. This magazine also fits snugly with the metal itself, making it suitable for hunting and target shooting purposes. This is the perfect choice for shooters who need their bottom metals to fit perfectly with their rifles.

Both short and long-action bottom metals are designed to meet military specifications of the M24 and M40 sniper rifles. Both sizes of bottom metals are also compatible with actions from many after-market manufacturers. However, some inletting work may be done depending on which stock you are using.

The Accurate Mag Remington SA 308 5rd Bottom Metal comes with a large and glove-friendly trigger guard that includes all the necessary pillars, screws and a small-capacity magazine. The main body of the bottom metal is made from anodized aluminum that is both lightweight and super strong. While a Teflon-coated steel magazine comes along with it, the bottom metal can actually be used with any AICS pattern magazine with a tactical-style release for quicker reloads.

If you frequently take your Remington 700 rifles for hunting, then this bottom metal will make the perfect fit. The package even includes a magazine, so you won’t have to find another one that may or may not fit into your rifle’s mag well.

Customer Feedback

Customers instantly noted that the bottom metal was very easy to add on. They were also particularly impressed with the perfect fit the magazine was. Loading the magazine only took a couple of minutes with super smooth feeding. No jamming or reliability issues were noted, despite running through 100 rounds.


The Accurate Mag Remington SA 308 5rd Bottom Metal and Magazine is one of the best bottom metal and magazine set that you can get for your Remington 700 rifle. These accessories are not only perfect for a wide variety of applications, but its durability also means it will last you for years.


  • CNC-machined steel
  • Comes with steel trigger guard
  • Designed to work with Remington trigger assemblies
  • Available in tactical heavy profile, traditional profile and heavy-duty Oberndorf configurations


  • Heavier than stock stuff
  • Smaller than factory aluminum unit


4. Williams Firearms for Rem 700


If you want to get a super high-quality bottom metal to replace your factory one, then the Williams Firearms Bottom Metal might just be right up your alley. This bottom metal package comes with all the tools and parts you’ll need to ensure you get the perfect fit minimizing any risk of wear and tear.

The Williams Firearms Bottom Metal features excellent craftsmanship at very reasonable price tags. The metal bottom is made from one piece of steel to bring a purely classy look to your rifle.

The bottom metal assembly does not just feature a direct drop-in, instead, it has about .100” longer floorplate than Remington, allow it to drop into H-S Precision stocks with minimal fitting. However, other stocks may require a slight trimming and inletting to clear the floor plate door to allow the Williams Firearms Bottom Metal to sit flush on the frame.

Other than that, the assembly provides minimum side-to-side tolerance on the bottom metal with a hinged floorplate that can be opened easily with push-button mechanics. Additionally, this replacement floor plate even uses factory screws, BDL box, original magazine spring and follower to make it more convenient for customers.

The Williams Firearms Bottom Metal works great for any Remington 700 shooter regardless of whether you prefer target shooting or hunting. As long as you use this rifle, then the bottom metal will do a great job to improve your overall experience.

Customer Feedback

Recent customers are generally pretty satisfied with the Williams Firearms Bottom Metal. In fact, some even said it is one of the most easily installed bottom metal – everything could be set up perfectly in just minutes. After it is installed, the trigger assembly and bolt action work smoothly together without any issues.


For those who need a bottom metal that provides a perfect fit to their Remington 700, then the Williams Firearms Bottom Metal is the way to go. On top of easy setup, the bottom metal is even made of very quality materials to resist wear down. Unlike other factories, painted aluminum parts, the Williams Firearms Bottom Metal comes in a much better fit and overall design to give a more professional and top-of-the-line look.


5. Sunny Hill – 700 Long Action Bottom Metal


The Sunny Hill 700 Long Action Bottom Metal is made from sturdy materials like the die-cast metal, meaning you can be sure that the unit can hold its own for many years of use. The bottom metal will not be worn down easily thanks to the durable construction. So, if you’re looking for something that can last you through a few years, then it’s difficult to find another bottom metal better than this.

Other than quality material, the bottom metal is even very easy to install that even first-timers can pull it off without pulling a sweat. This could be just about the easiest DIY project you’ve ever had to piece together.

The Sunny Hill 700 Long Action Bottom Metal is a direct, drop-in replacement for Remington 700 rifles, that is why it requires little to no inletting. The metal bottom even includes a precision shim washer for a final fitting, making them the perfect choice for hinged floor plates.

The bottom metal also features a push-button floorplate release on the outside of the guard. This quickly allows a Sako-style release that performs a whole lot better than the original design.

This newbie-friendly bottom metal is great for first-timers. So, if this is your first time installing a bottom metal to your rifle, then this would be a good option. All you really need to do is add this piece onto your Remington 700 chassis and you’ll be set for the next few years.

Customer Feedback

The Sunny Hill 700 Long Action Bottom Metal impressed quite a number of customers thanks to its overall design. The installation is straightforward and very easy. Another great thing about it is that it does not require any extra fittings to make it work.


If you need a bottom metal that features a no-frills design and is simple to install, then you’ll want to consider The Sunny Hill 700 Long Action Bottom Metal. This tough construction will even offer their users years of reliable and faithful service. Once you’ve got it settled in, you’ll instantly be ready to go out for your next hunt or target shooting practice.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available for long and short Remington 700 actions
  • Replaces factory original bottom metal with a steel one
  • Sako-style release function for better performance


  • May require inletting
  • May require time to finish and polish parts


6. Sunny Hill – Rem 700 S/A


Like other Sunny Hill accessories, the Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal comes with a streamlined and straightforward design for convenient installation. So, for shooters looking for a sturdy metal bottom that won’t wiggle around, then this might just be the bottom metal you’re looking for.

The Sunny Hill Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal is a replacement that is super easy to install that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as it blends with your other metal parts on the gun. However, aesthetics is not the only thing good about it, the bottom metal is also made of sturdy and quality material. The all-steel construction comes in a matte blue finish or matte stainless-steel finish to let you enjoy years of performance.

Working as a direct, drop-in replacement, you can expect little or no inletting required. The hinged floorplate design also comes with a simple push-button release on the outside of its bow for convenience. The Sunny Hill Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal also provides customers with detailed instructions on how to install it correctly. The package even includes a precision shim washer to allow a much more accurate fit to ensure absolute security.

The Sunny Hill Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal is the perfect choice for those who want an accessory that can be easily operated while improving shooting accuracy. This bottom metal is also very easy to install, making it ideal for newbies. The Sunny Hill Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal is designed with a perfect fit to make it a good replacement for those who are tired of the factory default bottom metal.

Customer Feedback

Many customers appreciate the straightforward and simple design that made the Sunny Hill Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal super easy to install. It even took some users just a mere 2 minutes to get the job done before he was out for a target shooting session.


If you need a simple replacement for your factory default bottom metal, then you need not look further than the Sunny Hill Rem 700 S/A Bottom Metal. This easy-to-install bottom metal comes with great quality and reliability for shooters to use at their advantage.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Improved accuracy
  • Made of 100% certified high-quality steel
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy-to-install and operate


  • Price might be a little high



There are plenty of bottom metals available on the market for you to choose from to pair with your Remington 700. These bottom metals also offer a pleasing aesthetic to improve the overall appearance of your gun. In any case, customizing your Remington 700 can add immense unique value to your personal firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to replace a Remington 700 bottom metal?

Replacing a Remington 700 bottom metal is very easy if you know how to do it. Just follow the simple instructions below and your Remington 700 will have a perfectly installed bottom metal:

  1. You need to first prepare the following tools: A Dremel tool, sanding bits, protective eyewear and mask, bottom metal, and a ventilated workstation.
  2. Using an Allen wrench, remove your default metal bottom from your Remington 700.
  3. Remove the bolt action from your stock or chassis. Those should be easy to pull out.
  4. Remove any accessories such as your sling, magazines, etc.
  5. Dremel the bottom part of your chassis to ensure a smoother fit or you can also smooth out any edges if desired.
  6. Using a sanding grinder, smooth out any edges of the bottom metal. This will ensure that there won’t be any hang-ups as you install it.
  7. Once you fit your bottom metal on your stock, re-assemble the rifle and clean up any dust or debris before you use it. Make sure you do not insert any box magazines or accessories until you have everything put back together.
  8. Load a magazine of dummy rounds to test the bolt action.

Does the Remington 700 have a detachable magazine?

The Remington 700 series rifles usually come with 3-, 4-, or 5-round internal magazine depending on the caliber chambered. The rifle can also be ordered to come with a detachable box magazine.

What is an Oberndorf bottom metal?

Oberndorf bottom metals are CNC-machined masterpieces that are lightweight and high quality. The patented cantilever spring also releases to ensure that the floor plate will not accidentally open under any level of recoil.


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