Best Glock Extended Magazine Releases (2022)

Best Glock Extended Magazine Releases

As Glock users ourselves, we can identify with the situation when you are all ready to practice some emergency reloads, but that is when you realize just how small the magazine release button is.

This results in you fumbling around with your thumb, adjusting your grip on the gun multiple times just to release your mag. Understanding that frustration, we have put together some top options of extended magazine releases for your Glock with their pros and cons to solve this pain point and provide you with a higher quality loading experience.

Buying Considerations for a Glock Extended Mag Release

Before purchasing an extended magazine release, do keep in mind a few factors during your search process in order to choose the best extended mag release that suits you.


Materials of the extended mag release is a key determining factor of its reliability and how long it can serve you. If you have the budget, it is better to spend on a durable model rather than get a replacement not long after. 


Since all extensions have difference in length, you need to find one that suits the gun or guns you use. A really long length can make it difficult, while moderately length ones are more recommendable.


Extended mags are often not only longer but also wider. This is good for someone who wants a larger release button. Your preference of width would also differ with your hand size. 

The 8 Best Glock Extended Magazine Release – Revealed

After going through many products, we decided to narrow this list down to the best 8 glock extended magazine releases. 

1. Glock – Extended Magazine Release

Pros Cons 

·        Very inexpensive 

·        Manufactured by Glock

·        Excess length easily sanded due to polymer construction

·        Slightly rounded front edge 

·        Does not improve stock magazine release besides extending it




The Glock – extended magazine release is well known for its exceptionally low price. There are few others that are as budget friendly as this one. At that amount, you can enjoy an extension to your Glock magazine release by almost a millimeter. With the extension, it is easier to press and it reduces the effort needed to get your mag to release. 

Furthermore, manufactured by Glock, this product retains almost exactly the same feel as the stock release. It is a good choice for those who do not want to change the ergonomics of their Glock. Being a Glock part, it pretty much guarantees the fit for your Glock. Made with Glock polymer, you can also sand down any excess length if necessary to suit your other guns. 

The front edge is also slightly rounded which reduces the potential for snagging. We feel that this also helps with a more comfortable grip and reduces the likelihood of accidentally dropping a mag in a high-pressure situation. 

The downside would be that it is pretty boring with straightforward function and does not improve the stock magazine release apart from the extension. But, hey, we are not complaining with the budget price you can obtain it at. It does exactly what you need from an extended magazine release: extend. 

Bottom Line

This piece is great for someone who is on the fence on whether or not to try out an extended magazine release. Since it is inexpensive, you have a chance to get a feel for whether or not it works for you by spending little money. It also suits those who want a straightforward and low budget model that you can use just fine. The price point is also minimal enough that it would not be a big waste to upgrade later.   

2. TangoDown – Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release  

Pros Cons 

·        Moderately Elongated

·        Prevents unintentional release of magazine

·        Maintains aesthetic of Glock

·        May feel a tad stiff at first



The TangoDown Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release adds some length to your magazine release but not too much. It is one that suits those with average to small hands due to its moderate elongation which is just enough to release your magazine with less effort. 

Those with smaller hands may understand the frustration of having to turn the gun in your hand to release the magazine. With this piece however, you can use it while still gripping the pistol in the same manner as shooting. It does not release accidentally or by bumping against the body. It also does not unintentionally release your magazine if you lay your gun down.

The only problem we encountered is that it may feel a bit stiff at the beginning. However, we found that the more we used it, the easier it seems to get. So do not worry if you encounter this issue, but give it some time. 

Another point people agree with is that the aesthetic is good, made from the same high quality polymer as the stock magazine release. Tough and durable, it provides a shooting grip texture that is essentially similar to the stock part, consistent with your Glock.  

Bottom Line

We recommend this magazine release extension to anyone who is interested in a moderate change while still maintaining the same aesthetic, grip and function as the stock mag release. This would also be a top option for shooters with average or small hands.  

3. Hyve Technologies Glock Gen 4 Extended Magazine Release

Pros Cons 

·        Easy magazine release 

·        Scalloped extended portion minimizes interference with firing grip  

·        Well priced for aluminum mag release

·        Available in many colors  

·        Requires holster 





The Gen 4 extended magazine release by Hyve Technologies is one of our favourite aluminum Glock extended magazine releases. In fact, for its material, it is considered really well priced. Aluminum construction also means that it will flex less than that of polymer, providing sturdiness. 

With its reliability, this item makes releasing the magazine very easy because it is not flimsy. The installation is also easily done by following the instructions that come with it. Furthermore, you may be interested in the many colors available including red, violet, green, tan and blue which gives a bright look.  

Another benefit is that the extended portion is scalloped. This is not just for the look but it provides comfort as you will not feel the extended magazine release in your hold when you get a good shooting grip. 

The only downside of this magazine release extension is probably that you could possibly accidentally release your magazine due to the extended portion which makes the magazine release long enough. The solution would be to carry a holster with sufficient space for an extended mag release if this is for a concealed carry. 

Bottom Line

If you prioritize durability, the Hyve Technologies Glock Gen 4 would be suitable for you due to the aluminum construction. It also looks great in different colors, suiting those who want a bright look.  

4. Ghost – X-Mag Magazine Release for Glock 

Pros Cons 

·        Tear-shaped release button prevents unintentional deployment 

·        Accommodates most holsters   

·        Proprietary polymer blend 

·        Does not fit as well for larger hands  




Ghost is one of the big brands for extended magazine release. Reasons why include the unique design of this extended mag release such that you can drop your magazine without changing your firing grip and you do not need to modify the frame of your Glock. The design provides maximum surface area possible for comfort and release speed.

The button also has ergonomics of a teardrop shape. This way, you can easily press with your thumb and it also depresses faster than other button types. At the same time, the pointed end is put forward to prevent any accidental deployment. The only part we would improve on it is to have secure screws at the teardrop to provide further sturdiness.

Another benefit of the X-Mag Magazine Release by Ghost is that it features Ghost’s proprietary polymer blend. This offers a solid grip and great durability. It also accommodates most holsters by preventing them from accidentally engaging the button. 

This option also works exceptionally well for people with smaller hands. You do not need to turn your handgun to release the magazine. However, it may not be as comfortable for larger hands in terms of the design which is more suited for smaller frame hands. 

Bottom Line

This is one of the best glock extended mag releases in the market suited for shooters with smaller size hands. It will also be suitable for those who want an extended magazine release made of polymer to match their other gun parts or accessories. 

5. Agency Arms Extended Magazine Release 

Pros Cons 

·        Secure magazine lockup  

·        Aluminum construction

 ·       Great for left-handers 

·        Retains texture of OEM extended mag release 

·        Design is non-reversible  





The Agency Arms Extended Magazine Release is another top pick on the list of best glock extended mag releases, with its very secure lockup that gives a satisfying pop when you settle a fresh magazine into the well. Furthermore, with its aluminum construction, this extended magazine release flexes less than polymer which gives a sturdy operation. Hence, it requires less pressure on the thumb to release the mag. 

We did not face problems with its performance, but the only thing is that the design is non-reversible. This means it comes in either a left or right-hand model rather than being reversible. However, this is actually good news for left-handers as its construction is specifically tailored for them. Also, this point may not be something that concerns you anyway if you stick to loading with a single hand. 

Furthermore, with the Agency Arms Extended Mag Release, its button has almost the same texture as the Glock OEM extended mag release, retaining its shape as well. The aesthetic and design is also simple like the OEM. Based on our honest review, there is nothing we would really change about this product.  

Bottom Line

This extended mag release is probably the best choice for you if you want the crisp lockup, easy release and durability of an aluminum extended magazine release but yet prefer the shape and feel of the OEM magazine release. 

6. Strike Industries Glock Gen 4 Magazine Release 

Pros Cons 

·        Produced with anodized aluminum, polymer and CNC milled from 6061 aluminum  

 ·       Customizable magazine release feel with 2 button caps 

 ·       Pretty affordable for modular components 

·        Screw could potentially loosen 




This extended magazine release is a new modular upgrade for the Glock Gen 4 and 5. It comes with 2 push buttons. These buttons are CNC milled from 6061 Aluminum, with magazine release internal mechanism manufactured from high density polymer. This ensures the smooth ejection function of your glock magazine. 

Interestingly, this is one of the few magazine releases in the market which enables users to change the shape of the extended mag release. The 2 caps for the buttons are the standard shape and enlarged magazine release button. This allows you to configure your magazine release to fit your grip and holster. 

Due to the nature of the two-piece product, you will need to look out for the screw between the two pieces which could potentially loosen over time due to movement. However, this kind of thing can be avoided by dabbing a thread locker on the screw when you have decided which magazine release button you like the best. While a bit troublesome, it can avoid such situations. 

With the modularity, this is also considered to be an affordable magazine release. Furthermore, the ridged surface on the release button gives a nice feel or touch when your thumb is in contact with the magazine release. 

Bottom Line

If you are interested in a configurable option for your Glock, this is probably the best option for you among the other products in this list of top glock extended mag releases. The high density polymer will also ensure smooth operation, making it a good purchase. 

7. Tyrant Design Glock Gen 4/5 Extended Magazine Release 

Pros Cons 

·        Chamfered internal edges  

 ·       Aggressively textured button face providing tactile feel 

·        Functions similar to OEM release 

·        Perfected profile match for its style  

·        Extensive installation process  




With its chamfered edges, Tyrant’s extended magazine release has definitely raised the bar in their competition against other extended mag releases. The chevron design on the side offers a different texture compared to other models, providing superior grip and better control. They come in different colors too! 

The details of the fit, finish and overall quality of this extended magazine release is pretty impressive. These tools work with all full frame 9mm Glocks and function exactly like the OEM stock magazine release and even better, with its aerospace grade aluminum. Tyrant manufactures similar mag releases for every glock including gen 3 glock as well as gen 4 and 5 glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38 and 39. 

Overall, we have no issues with this extended magazine release except for one. That is, the process of installing which can be extensive. However, this is just a one-off thing to go through. 

Bottom Line

Whether for a concealed carrier or competitive shooter, this is among the best glock extended mag releases by Tyrant suitable for someone who wants to upgrade to an aluminum magazine release that provides a strong grip and smooth shooting experience. It indeed provides value for money from the quality, design and performance of operation. 

8. Zev Technologies 1st – 3rd Gen Extended Mag Release 

Pros Cons 

·        Billet Aluminum with anodized finish  

 ·      Comes with enlarged button for sturdy grip 

·        Has scaled texturing 

·       Enlarged release button felt during grip 

  ·     On the pricier end  


The extended mag release by Zev Technologies is firstly machined from billet aluminum, then it is hard anodized, preventing it from corrosion. This makes it suitable for different weather conditions, providing a durable and lightweight feature to pistols. 

Made of aluminum, it also only requires a light press to release your magazine. This is the advantage over a polymer magazine release. This bit has received multiple positive reviews, from us too. 

Furthermore, the button side is textured and slightly enlarged which allows you to reach it easily without shifting your grip. This way, you can reload then get back on target faster since you will not need to fiddle with your grip. 

The setback is that the enlarged release button can be felt during the grip. However, it will not interfere with your shooting. 

Bottom Line

Although this extended magazine release may be pricier than the others, if you are looking for a choice of larger button that is almost completely non-intrusive, then this would be the best option that is worth your money.

The Final Verdict

So here you have the pros and cons of the 8 best glock extended magazine release models and the reasons behind it. There are a lot to select from but we hope that our reviews put you in a better place to make the best decision among the best glock extended mag releases. Most importantly, invest in an extended release that accommodates your hands and is value for money.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Name the downsides of an extended magazine release for Glocks.

An extended magazine release has both pros and cons. The first downside is that it may be difficult to conceal for a concealed carry.  The second is that it may be difficult to work with if you have large hands. This is because extended magazine releases are usually ideal for smaller to average hands. Lastly, it may be troublesome to readjust it with any upgrade. 

How do you install the Glock Extended Mag Release?  

Prepare a flathead screwdriver. Start by removing the slide from the glock frame. You will see a cut in the back which allows the screwdriver to fit in and turn leftward. You will see a spring that needs to be removed by moving the screwdriver to the right and out. 

Push to the right then outwards until the pin comes out. When it is out of the way, then replace the stock release with the extended release. 

Now you will need to put things back. Using the screwdriver, push the pin towards you until it is over the magazine release then push the magazine release out and leftward. Finally, position the screwdriver vertically and push in the pin so that it falls into the groove. The best way will be to follow a video or image instructions so you can visualize this info and execute without error. 

What Is The Best Glock 19 Extended Mag Release?

The best extended mag release is the Glock extended mag release because it is extended just sufficiently to allow your magazine to be released easily, has a slightly round front edge to reduce snagging and retain the same capabilities as a stock release. Also, this Glock extended mag release can help you eject your magazine with ease and speed.

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