Best Glock Speed Loaders in 2022

You are probably here because you are ready to save time reloading your magazine, or to save your thumbs from the pain of reloading. Either way, you are at the right website.

Ironically, the difficulty in choosing a speed loader these days is not due to limited options, but rather, plenty of options which will cost you a lot of browsing effort before deciding on the best speed loader to invest in.

Therefore, we have put together our choice of the 5 Best Glock Speed Loaders to smoothen your search process and ultimately improve your Glock experience.

What to Look for in a Glock Speed Loader

Before jumping straight in, three factors to keep in mind are speed, ergonomics and durability. The idea is that these things will ensure that you pick a speed loader best suited for you.  


Speed is the most basic criteria in all the speed loaders we short list. Although this should go unsaid, you should be careful because certain models may have the look on the surface but do not play the part. 


Ergonomics play a main role in saving your fingers. Find a speedloader made of good materials and design that will be comfortable in your hand and one that reduces strain from excessive trigger pull. 


Durability will allow your speed loader to serve you a long time without giving way. Based on our opinion, it is worth it to pay for a durable speed loader rather than a cheap one which may require replacing not long after.  

Review of the 5 Best Glock Speed Loader

Without further ado, here are our top five picks for the best glock speed loader below, in no particular order. Each speed loader may be compatible with different calibers and may cater to your preference differently so keep an eye out for what suits you best!

1. Semi-Auto Pistol Uplula Magazine Loader 

  • High quality construction
  • Ease of use
  • Truly universal speed loader
  • Comes in many colors


  • Higher cost


Maglula UpLula is a personal favorite of many, receiving tons of good reviews in the market and barely any complaints, for good reason! Firstly, it has great construction. Made of military grade material, it is a durable option that can serve your thumbs for a long time. Through our experience, even after filling plenty of magazines with the UpLula, it still works as good as new.  

This speed loader also offers ease of use by not requiring pressing the bullet in. Instead, you only need to drop them in place. This makes it suitable for you if it is your first time trying out speed loaders. The Maglula UpLula is also the best choice for many because it is universal, being able to self-adjust to any size magazine because of its shims. It works for both single stack magazine and double stack magazines and is compatible across S&W, Sig, Springfield, Ruger, STI and Glock pistols. 

It can fit single and double stack 9mm, 10mm, .375SIG, .40 S&W plus some .380 auto magazines. If you are a gun owner of multiple pistols, then this is a great option for you as it can support numerous magazine types. It also comes in various colors besides black color such as pink, green, orange and purple which may be of interest to you.   

The only thing you may be hesitating on would be the price that is higher than the other speed loaders. However, we think that it is worth investing in a universal pistol magazine loader that gets the job done nicely and lasts long. One thing to note is that it unfortunately does not load 6-rounds single stack, 45 caliber, S&W 7-rounds single stack 9mm or magazines less than 8mm between feed lips. 

Overall, our review is that if you are willing to spend a little more money, hesitate no further on this speedloader as it will definitely be worth your money to purchase this piece. It is known as one of the best magazine speed loaders out there, not giving us any issues. Not only is it easy to use which results in lesser loading times, it is of high quality construction and it is a universal pistol magazine loader that will cater for both a single and double stack magazine. 


2. MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader 

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Reduce strain and stress on hands
  • Affordable
  • Fits a variety of guns and calibers
  • Requires practice to master
  • Not a universal speed loader


The MakerShot custom magazine speed loader is another favorite of many customers with positive ratings too. It is easy to use thanks to the lightweight and compact design. It can conveniently fit into your pants or shirt pocket and occupies little space in the range bag. This means that it suits those with smaller hands too.   

This magazine speed loader is known to be easy on the fingers because of the easy load-assist latch. The purpose is to provide less pressure and stress on the hands and prevent pinching. It is even found to be helpful among users with arthritis or weak hands as it slides down easily for loading the magazine, enhancing their loading sessions. It also has simple design and no moving parts which is suitable if you are looking for simplicity. 

However, the speed of reloading by using MakerShot custom magazine speedloader improves with practice. At the beginning, it may feel slightly awkward for some people to use but it gets easier. The tip is to slide the round in as far as it can go to the rear then slide your MakerShot completely up until the plastic clears the back of the round. With a gentle push of the thumb, the bullet will be seated fully into the clip. After a few rounds, you will find reloading faster and easier.  

Not being universal, the MakerShot enables you to choose specific firearms from the long list of pistols they have available. They have loaders for other calibers available too. However, a downside would be for those who own a variety of pistols because the MakerShot may not fit ideally with all of them. You may want to note that the model may not work well with Sig p365 mags. However, we found that it works well with many others including SR9, SR9C and Sig Sauer P238.

Overall, if you are looking for something with slim design and compact size to be stored easily, the MakerShot custom magazine speedloader would be a recommendable one. We also recommend it for magazine loaders who have smaller hands, or are facing arthritis because it requires less strength to work with. It also gives a light feeling in the hand and is easier to grip. 


3. Maglula – AR-15/M16 MAG LOADER


  • Toggle switch provides speed 
  • Reliable in all weathers
  • Rugged design 
  • Durable polymer 
  • None 


This Maglula AR-15/M16 Mag Loader receives positive reviews from us for simplifying the loading of AR magazines. It comes with a unique toggle switch at the top with two raised pieces at the bottom. When pushed up, you can drop your bullet in easily. This provides a sense of ease of navigation especially if you are new to speed loaders. 

This toggle feature is a great time saver in loading magazines. Unloading is also very quick by holding the magazine upside down and rocking the lever back and forth while the rounds fall out with each stroke, great to see in action. The strength and force required of the loader is minimal. 

This convenient tool is not only ruggedly built but also lives up to its looks by being durable. The simple toggle mechanism without springs prevents wearing out, providing reliability. Trust us, the durability of a speed loader makes a world of difference for your loads.  

Made of durable polymer, it can load AR magazines easily in any weather condition. This is helpful in cold weather when your fingers may not work as well as you want them to for reloading your magazine. It is also suitable for hunting and shooting in different weathers. 

This magazine speedloader loads 10, 20 , 30, 40 & 100 round 5.56/ .223 magazines including the Lancer, Beretta AR 70-90, Hexmag and Magpul PMAG. We have tested it on polymer and metal mags and did not face any problem.

Overall, based on our review, this is a good magazine loader to purchase for someone who prioritizes durability such as if you are a frequent outdoor shooter or hunter. It also suits anyone who is trying out a speed magazine loader for the first time with its helpful toggle design. Although it is not the cheapest option out there, we would say that this product gives the user value for money.   


4. Glock Magazine Speed Loader for 9mm/.40/.357/.45 GAP 

  • Very affordable
  • Manufactured for Glocks by Glock
  • (Glock Factory OEM Bulk packaged)
  •  Glock Polymer Construction
  • Flimsier than others
  • Cheap feeling in hand 


The most affordable choice on our list is the Glock Magazine Speed Loader, obtainable for below $10. This option has received positive reviews due to its cost-friendliness which makes it suitable for you if you are working with a tight budget. It also has a very simple design, making it straightforward to use. 

While on the cheaper side of the range, this speed loader is produced by the Glock manufacturers themselves so there is no worry whether it will be compatible with your Glock as it is made with the same polymer used by Glock on their firearm. In fact, it also works well with your other glock parts or accessories. 

In addition, this 9mm option works with a ton of other Glock magazine calibers including 9mm/.40/.357/.38 Auto and .45 GAP. It also fits magazines for glock pistols including G17, G19, G22, G23, G25, G26, G27, G28, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G37, G38 and G39. However, it is important to know that it is not for use with Glock .45, G42 Single Stack mags, .380 Auto as well as 10mm magazines. There is, of course, a 10mm option available by Glock for 10mm weapons but the 9mm is purchased more commonly. 

As this piece comes at an attractive price, there will inevitably be a tradeoff to it. From our experience, while we find that the product performs its function fine, it may be considered flimsy compared to the other models which may not be your preference. You may also notice a cheaper feeling in your hand. However, in this case, being one of the cheapest in the market, it is expected for there to be some give and take.    

Overall, we recommend the Glock Magazine Speed Loader for 9mm Mags for anyone who is looking for a Glock polymer speed loader to pair it with their Glock. This speed loader will also be suitable for our readers who are satisfied with simplicity and not seeking a top quality tool, especially for those who only need a speed loader for Glock magazine rather than another brand.  


5. Caldwell Universal Pistol Loader

  • Purposefully engineered
  • Works well with many calibers
  • Adjustable side shims  
  • Higher cost  


At first glance, the Caldwell Universal Pistol Loader may seem intimidating with complex operation. However, it is actually not hard to learn and process the function and makes your life much easier. With minimal practice, you could even load a 9mm magazine under 30 seconds. You just need to follow the instructions that come with the loader to guide you and practice a couple of rounds. 

Start by setting the spacers for your magazine, inserting the magazine, then tighten the set screw and load each round into the window. Next, just use the handle or lever to load your ammo into the magazine. This works easily standing up without using a table.    

The amount of engineering that went into the Caldwell will really show through its performance as you put it to good use. You will find that the handle is purposefully engineered to minimize the spring tension and force, reducing strain to the thumb and fingers. This is not surprising as the company is a well known manufacturer for their great gear. This option is also made of polycarbonate which guarantees that it can last for years.  

Furthermore, the Caldwell works well with a number of 9mm magazines, including compact magazines, small double stack, large double stack, large single stack and double stack extended. It can load a range of caliber sizes including 9mm, 10mm, .357, .40cal and .45 cal ammunition. With the adjustable side shims, this is a truly universal loader as it can make adjustments to fit magazines of different width. If you have a handful of magazine types, this would be suitable for you.  

A handy tip we found over the course of using this magazine loader is to ensure that the shim rollers are centering the magazine. This means to set the shims equally for both sides. This way, it will load smoothly for both single stacks and double stack magazines. 

Overall, good reviews have been given for this universal pistol loader and we also recommend it. While it is on the pricier side of the range, we value the impressive function and performance, especially the lever that loads smoothly, reducing strain to the thumb. If you are one who is willing to pay more to deal with the arduous task of loading your Glock magazine, or if the price does not matter as much to you, this is one good option to work with.  


At the end of the day, there are a lot of products for you to choose from, each having their own pros and cons. The bottom line is to purchase one that will fit your preferences the best and the value you are looking for. We hope that our recommendations help narrow down your search process, and we wish you all the best in selecting the best glock speed loader for you!  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

What type of speed loaders are available? 

Various types are available for sale. The difference is in their design, quality, features and type of gun for which they are used. The traditional revolver speed loader is circular whereby bullets are inserted into the holes of cartridges and turned one side for its release. 

The magazine loader is the one used for your modern gun for loading and reloading mags and ultimately for operating a firearm. This is produced in different materials such as metal or polymer plastic. Cheaper alternatives such as rubber are also available but may not be as durable. There is also the universal speedloader which loads mags of different guns. 

Many speed loaders are manufactured in the United States but you may also consider one from another country according to personal preferences.  

What price range should I pay for a speed loader? 

There are ones as cheap as $3.75 that could be found online, while some are priced up to $44.95. Anything below $10 is considered as affordable. However, when considering the price to pay for your speed loader, the bottom line is to make a decision based on much research and information on the costs and benefits offered and decide if it is worth it in the end. The best ones may not necessarily be the most expensive nor the cheapest. Some may seem lucrative in terms of price but may not last more than a season or two. 

How to Use a Glock Speed Loader?

Glock speed loaders can function in  multiple ways which depends on the manufacturers. Regardless, the classic and standard Glock speed loaders are pretty straightforward and easy to use if you follow the following steps.

  1. Place your pistols mags on a flat surface.
  2. Secure the Glock speed loader right above your mag.
  3. Gently press the Glock speed loader down and depress the spring to ease your way for the cartridge. 
  4. Place the cartridge’s rear into the Glock speed loader until secured from within.
  5. Hold the bullet with your hand and pull the Glock speed loader upwards with your other hand.
  6. The tab from Glock speed loader will move away from the picture then proceed to sliding the bullet into the mag’s rear.
  7. Repeat the above steps until your magazine is fully load.

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