5 Best Reloading Dies of 2021 – A Detailed Buying Guide

Reloading dies are extremely vital to every gun owner. It is common for gun owners to reload their new weapon, but surely it is not easy. With this handy guide, it’ll not only show beginners to reload, it’ll also recommend several beginner-friendly reloading dies, making it easier to begin reloading your own cartridges.

There are many high quality die sets of different types, and many more traits that distinguish them from each other. This guide will also show the best reloading die available in the market via ratings.

When it comes to reloading dies, there are 5 main distinctive dies, such as resizing/depriming die, case trimming die, powder-through expanding die, bullet seating die, and factory crimp die. Each dies have different functions to ensure quality reloading different calibers. A good set of reloading dies, usually consists of a minimum of three, but most dies available in the market come in sets of two, three, or even five.

This guide is to show buyers the best and most commonly used modern reloading dies available on the market, the advantages and disadvantages of each reloading dies, as well as finding the best type of reloading dies suitable for a beginner.

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Forster – Reloading Die Set and Bench Rest Seater

Most Recommended Option

1. Versatile for all weapons
2. High-End Materials
3. Impressive Match Grade Accuracy

RCBS – AR Series Small Base Taper Crimp Die Sets

Premium Option

1. Good to reload for specific weapons
2. High-End Materials
3. Durable

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Redding – Reloading Full Length Sizing Dies1. Specialized for rifles
2. Wide range of reloading dies
3. Made for both experts and beginners
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Hornady – Bullet Feeder Die1. Specialized for handguns
2. Straightforward die
3. Worth the money
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Lee Precision – Lee Deluxe Carbide Pistol 4-Die Set 90963 Caliber (9mm)1. Versatile with a specialty
2. High-End Materials
3. Easy to learn, easy to use
8.0/10SHOP NOW

Function of Reloading Dies

Its function is to decap, resize and expand the case mouth, bullet seating and crimping. Dies are usually fixed onto the reloading press, and then used to produce cartridges to reload. In other words, it is an essential equipment to reload properly by prioritizing safety and effectiveness at the same time. 

What makes a good die?

You ought to consider the way that your choice of reloading passes on will influence your restrictions and capacities while reloading. Having more choices is consistently alluring, yet it will rely upon the number of things you need to do. You should consider this when you begin considering the shopping cycle for reloading dies. 

Getting the best reloading die

Something else you should remember when looking for reloading passes on is the place where you need to buy them from. This is an alternate thing through and through from simply the brand of dies that you select. You need to get your passes on from a respectable seller since they can be a critical venture whilst having your purchases acquired. 

Choosing a good die

At the point when you are beginning to search for reloading dies, there are a few attributes that you should remember. While most reloading dies to carry out a similar essential capacity, there are some characterizing qualities that improve some than others, particularly with regards to your particular requirements. 

There are some key properties you should remember when choosing the best reloading dies. Remembering these properties will guarantee you get reloading passes on that work for you and make sure you meet your necessities. 

Reloading Dies Variation

There are many types of dies that mainly depend on the type of ammo used. The variation of dies are usually only compatible with a set of ammunition. The key here is being acquainted with the sort of bite the dust you need will be an exceptionally supportive bit of information to know previously. 

Die Materials

Reloading dies are usually made out of strong metallic materials such as carbide, steel, and several other alloys. Each material has their own precedence, depending on your own preference, whether it’s durable, affordable, or somewhere in between. 

Die Brands

There are many die brands available in the market that caters to every gun owner’s liking, each with different traits and bullet sizes. While we unquestionably urge you to keep a receptive outlook during the determination cycle for the best outcomes, we likewise comprehend that individuals have various loyalties with regards to mark. Once in a while, your trust has been developed with a brand and you like to just purchase their items. 

This is unquestionably justifiable, particularly while thinking about the amount of a venture these bites the dust frequently speak to. You need to ensure you don’t have a terrible encounter, particularly when you have had a ton of good encounters with your positive organizations.


While there is a plethora of choices, affordability remains one of the most important factors when it comes to considering the best set of reloading dies. Affordability is also the main determinant when choosing a die set. The price of a set should always justify the value of your purchase, but of course, that could vary from person-to-person since the match grade of a die is subjective. 

Willingness to spend on a good die set is one thing, but are you really getting the most out of the value of your die set? If you are beginning to reload your own cartridges, a high end one would not benefit you the most, since you do not have prior knowledge to reload.

However, if you are an experienced reloader, and would like to atone and relish your reloading skills to further hone effectiveness, you may want to look at the higher end die sets and possibly get the best reloading dies. Hence, this guide is available to everyone to look for the best value of reloading dies in terms of price, quality, and effectiveness. It’s also ranked accordingly based on our picks. 

Review of the Best Reloading Die Set

1. Lee Precision – Lee Deluxe Carbide Pistol 4-Die Set 90963 Caliber (9mm) 


Lee Precision reigns at the top of the list for the best reloading dies available in the market, due to its multifunction. This die set in particular, comes with 4 different dies

Why choose Lee Precision?

Lee offers the best reloading die at a very affordable rate, considering what is in the die set. The die set comes with a carbide full length die, bullet seating die, powder thru expanding die, universal shell holder, powder dipper, and instructions/load data. It is specifically made to reload 9mm ammunition, but not limited to. It also comes in a very convenient case that is easy to carry around if needed to be brought somewhere else to reload. 

Lee also offers a collet neck sizing die, expanding die, and a factory crimp die. Considering this is rated as the best type of reloading die set in the market, its calibers for a standard pistol is uncanny. To ensure uniformity, a powder measure could be used. Though this set does not offer lock rings or neck sizing, it is still a good set regardless. 

However, if not for reloading 9mm munitions, it is also available to use with a variety of other weapons, more specifically for pistols. It is also considered one of the best die sets available for handgun ammo. With a purchase like this that is beneficial overall at a low price, it definitely justifies itself. Lee also offers a considerably high match grade accuracy for its price.

Who would use this product the most?

On  a normal basis, the people that would use this product are likely to be handgun owners who are venturing into reloading, as well as experienced reloaders. Factory crimp die and sizing die are especially easier since this is manufactured by Lee with high quality materials such as brass. 

Most recent report from customers

This 4 die set is one of the highest-rated sets of dies on the internet due to its multi-functioning dies. It’s easy to use, convenient, and worth the value for the price. Henceforth, people continue to buy them, since it is a reputable die set by Lee. Beginners may want to begin reloading with a single stage, as they may find that much simpler. 

What could be improved and why?

On the off chance that we could improve anything on these dies, we would most likely begin with the way that they’re not generally the easiest to fully utilize every die. While experts and experienced reloaders shouldn’t have an issue, they aren’t the best for tenderfoots and those simply beginning with reloading. However, that could be changed, since the learning curve with this die set is not very steep. 

The Bottom Line

This item furnishes a solid set to help with handloading for experienced and proficient reloaders. They are entirely reasonable, accompany a case, and furnish you with a considerable amount of flexibility with regards to reloading guns and different handguns. As for beginners, it may not be the easiest, but it may be a learning stone to reloading. Through time, reloading skills may be sharply honed. 



2. Redding – Reloading Full Length Sizing Dies


Next up is the Redding’s die set. This die set is made for both beginners and experienced reloaders. Unlike Lee Precision, these sets of reloading dies are easier to use and have an even more gentle learning curve, which makes it almost effortless to start reloading your own cartridges

Why choose Redding’s Die Set?

Redding is very reputable and has always produced top tier quality products. This die set is no different. On top of that, it is also very affordable, considering the durability and materials. With quality materials, that only means you do not have to worry about durability or reliability.

One of the trump cards of this set is that this particular set can be used for both rifle and handgun ammunition of majority type of calibers. It’s also extremely easy to use, making it very good for people who are starting to reload, or learning to reload. As for more experienced users, they can reap the benefits of this product as well, since it is a great product generally.

Newer reloaders may begin with this set instead of a single stage press, it is reloading made easier. 

Redding offers a full length sizing die, which different types of die, such as a collet neck sizer for neck sizing, powder measure, carbide sizer die, bullet seating die or a bullet seating plug, and a shell holder. It’s match grade accuracy is still amazing considering the various types of die it provides. 

Who would use this product the most?

A very user-friendly product made of brass that is great for all kinds of experiences from gun owners, regardless of being a beginner or experienced reloader, this serves for any and every individual gun owner. The convenience that allows reloaders to achieve efficiency is remarkable. The product also comes with a zip spindle design, making it easier to reload rifle cartridges.

Most recent report from customers

Yet another very high review product from a reputable company, Redding, with a relatively affordable price for a good die set. The most widely recognized commendation of ongoing purchasers is that these sets by Redding give great quality, straightforwardness, and worth.

What could be improved and why?

Redding’s reloading dies are easily accessible everywhere, which makes it great. However, this is also one of the limitations. They are popular throughout the country, and may be very difficult to get ready stock. The product in particular, has nothing but great things in all aspects. 

The Bottom Line

Being set as one of the best reloading dies, these full-length sets by Redding provide both amateurs and experts with an approach to productively reload and do it with a quality item. This reloading set is truly reasonable and simple to utilize, in any event, even for beginners. This is a fine item and serves a wide assortment of necessities. 



3. RCBS – AR Series Small Base Taper Crimp Die Sets


One of the classics, the RCBS dies. This company alone, is very well known for their reloading dies. This die set in particular will mainly catch the eyes of a hobbyist. 

Why choose RCBS’s Die Set?

Considering a company that specializes in reloading dies, this set is a very good option for experienced reloaders. At this price, it would be natural for anyone to worry about the quality construction and material. However, considering it is from RCBS, a reputable match grade accuracy company in the field, fret not, they never disappoint. It is also very affordable, and it most definitely justifies every penny paid. 

Who would use this product the most?

Hobbyists and experienced reloaders would enjoy this product the most, and is definitely the go-to reloading set of dies. Anyone who does not want to break the bank for high end quality products, this would be the perfect set for you. 

Most recent report from customers

A high review product from the company that got famous from making reloading dies itself, RCBS, with a very affordable price that justifies itself, considering that this is one of the pioneers of reloading dies, they make sure of high quality reloading. It also has many good reviews on the internet when it comes to reloading assault rifle munitions.

These dies eliminate any guessing. The most common problem in assault rifle chambering of reloaded brass is the ability of the dies to reduce the casing web back to SAAMI specs, and these dies do exactly just that. 

What could be improved and why?

RCBS’s set of reloading dies remains amazing based on its value and price. However, for the ease of convenience, we would say that a carrying case should be provided by RCBS, but we wouldn’t complain, while it is still cheap.

There are no problems related to the product itself in terms of quality and durability, but it definitely can’t be ignored that this set does not come with anything extra, it’s basically “What you see is what you get”. 

The Bottom Line

Bottom line is, for anyone who reloads rifle cartridges, this set of dies may look small, but they really pack a punch. The cheapest way to shoot these types of cartridges is to reload yourself, and there is nothing better than to invest in an affordable yet high quality product.

RCBS dies remain at the top of the list of recommendations when it comes to reloading assault rifle calibers. The dies also come with a decapping pin, and with a little more, they also offer carbide dies for rifle reloading. 



4. Hornady – Bullet Feeder Die


When it comes to Hornady’s reloading dies, they are extremely solid in the handgun range of weapons. Hornady offers a wide range of varieties for the handgun range, since they specialize in this area.

Hornady also offers a 3 die set that comes with different types of die depending on the reloading process. It may either be an expander die, factory crimp die for the neck of the case, bullet seating die, bushing die, carbide sizer, or even a taper crimp seating die.

Why choose Hornady’s Reloading Dies?

Hornady made it to the list due to its simplicity and effectiveness. When it comes to the 9mm, it can definitely be titled as one of the best reloading dies available in the market. The material is incredibly solid, and it may even seem as if it is a premium product. 

Who would use this product the most?

For anyone who is experienced in reloading handgun ammo, you’ve surely heard of Hornady, It’s no lie that it gets the job done, especially on a budget. They are extremely easy to use and the money-to-value ratio is very hard to come out on top of. For an everyday shooter, this is a must-buy, since you’ll cut your cost of reloading in half with this set. 

Most recent report from customers

A good majority of people would say that they deliver what they advertise, and the caliber of the die set is incredibly difficult to find. Hornady also makes their handgun reloading dies work seamlessly by meeting most of the expectations of people. It’s money-to-value is incredible, very high quality and durability, both effective and affordable, what more could one ask for? 

What could be improved and why?

One of the limitations to this die set is that it is not compatible with autoloaders. In the more modern era of reloading, Hornady needs to improve on this, because manual reloading is just not as efficient as autoloading, or any more convenient. 

The Bottom Line

There isn’t much to complain for the price you are paying, therefore this is still in the list. Made out of solid steel for maximum durability and still at a decent rate, this definitely serves its purpose in the handgun ranges. Though it’s not an award-winning product, it still made it to the list since it is absolutely sufficient for most applications.



5. Forster – Reloading Die Set and Bench Rest Seater 


Finally, Forster’s set made it to the list by showing its versatility on reloading munitions, mainly the rifle section. This advanced set is made for experienced people who want to maximize efficiency and quality results. Though it is still relatively new to the market, it’s no doubt that it is still an incredible product with good value buy. This is typically in a 3 die set. 

Why choose Forster’s Reloading Die Set?

Forster’s set of dies is available in the marketplace everywhere, and it is easily attainable. However, this set can be particularly expensive. It produces great results that enhances accuracy and would be like a gemstone to get hold of a pair. They are at the premium range, and that also means, high-end quality results.

Accuracy has been their strong point as advertised, and they are very promising for sure. These dies are made of carbide, which offers a match grade accuracy of different calibers. These types of dies makes the reloading process a whole lot easier.

Who would use this product the most?

Professionals and experienced reloaders hobbyists would fully utilize this product the most, and hence they would enjoy this product the most. As for beginners who are learning to reload, this may not be the product for you. People who are getting serious with the reloading business and would like to enhance accuracy, they will also be able to reap the benefits of this product.

Most recent report from customers

A remarkable result can be produced with this set of dies. From a precision point of view, they definitely trump the other die sets. There’s also great uniformity of finished cartridges and can be easily adjusted if needed. 

What could be improved and why?

While it certainly is not the cheapest of all products, these sets of dies are incredibly solid with a nice touch. The price could be lowered so everyone can enjoy, but for this versatility it’s not much to complain considering what it can do.

The Bottom Line

Being set as one of the sharpest reloading dies, experts can fully enjoy this without hassle. It’s definitely not for beginners, nor is it affordable for everyone, but if anyone is looking to get feisty, this set is perfect for you. 



There are various types of reloading dies in the market. However, even the best reloading dies require constant lubrication, so if well taken care of, a reloading die will take very long before it is worn out. On top of that, they also need to be cleaned after some time, to prevent rust, since they are metal after all.

Mineral spirits or paint thinner, with a rust preventive finish should do the job. If much attention is given, the dies do not wear out easily and can last a very long time, but definitely not forever. Beginners who are looking to start reloading on their own, should also consider a full set that includes a zip spindle design, it can be very useful.

A seating die and a sizing die are often excluded, but it still poses a level of importance.

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