Best Mossberg 500 Trigger Assembly in 2022

The Mossberg 500 is labelled as America’s favorite shotgun, and for good reason being one of the most versatile and reliable shotguns available. If you are a proud owner of a Mossberg 500 and are looking to upgrade your prized shotgun, you have come to the right place as we will be giving you the rundown of the best trigger assembly upgrades available for the Mossberg 500 series of shotguns on this website. 

Upgrading the trigger assembly will help in extending the lifespan and longevity of your shotgun, maintaining your firearm at tip top shape as some of the parts get worn down over time. Swapping out parts for better ones will also improve the operation and performance of your Mossberg 500 shotgun, which is great for anyone who uses it often. 

We recommend using this guide to pick out some of the greatest Mossberg upgrades you need or want for your assembly as we only picked the best of the best available. Although some come at a hefty price, we provide only listings with the best deals with some at a great value for your money.

Cheap parts are not recommended no matter how much they save on money because some of them will likely result in them falling apart or failing at any time, which is something you definitely do not want to encounter when firing powerful shotguns. There is no worse feeling than a broken shotgun.

Trigger Assembly UpgradesNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Mossberg – Trigger Pin

1. Easy installation
2. Durable material
3. Pure steel

Mossberg – Disconnector1. High Quality
2. Durable
3. Strong grade steel
9.5/10Currently unavailable
Mossberg – Trigger Stop1. Super durable
2. Great replacement option
3. High resistance steel/polymer
9.0/10Currently unavailable
​​Mossberg – Hammer1. Highly durable steel
2. Fit all types of Mossberg 500s
3. Complements polymer triggers
8.5/10Currently unavailable
Mossberg – Sear1. High quality steel
2. Factory original product
3. May be harder to install
8.5/10Currently unavailable

Precautions Before Reading This Guide

Mossberg has recently started discontinuing a lot of their originally manufactured replacement and upgrade parts for the Mossberg 500 series of shotguns. We do not know why, however it would seem to be due to the ongoing pandemic.

This means more counterfeit parts made by cheap manufacturers will flood the market so we advise caution when purchasing assembly parts online for your firearms not including the Mossberg 500.

This is also why we recommend all viewers in using the links we’ve provided here to buy your parts as they are the best Mossberg 500 upgrade options to avoid receiving low-quality pieces for your Mossberg shotgun. 

An Overview Of The Mossberg 500 Trigger Group

As you will be carrying out these upgrades by yourself, it is quite important for you to get a know how some of things work in your trusty Mossberg 500.

The Mossberg 500 trigger assembly itself is made out of many different types of components which allows for the trigger action of the Mossberg itself.

One missing component is all it takes for the Mossberg to be completely unusable so please do take caution when disassembling a Mossberg shotgun and take note of which parts go where to make sure you do not miss anything out.

Referring to the second diagram, we will explain what each part is for according to their designated number and categories below.

1. Action Lock Disconnector Spring 

The purpose of this spring provides tension for the action arm and aids in the connection of the action lock to the disconnector.

2. Action Lock Hammer Spring

Spring that provides tension for the hammer pull and aids in connection of the two components

3. Action Lock Lever

As the name suggests, this gives the action to be locked and unlocked for inspection. It is located on the left side of the trigger housing.

13. Connector 

An important component of the whole assembly that ensures the safety function of your weapon is working properly.

15. Disconnector

Another component that contributes to the safety function of your firearm, works every time a shot is fired by disengaging the connection of the trigger and the sear. 

30. Hammer

Without it, your firearm would not be able to fire as it starts the firing sequence of your firearm. 

31. Hammer Pin

This holds the hammer together, allowing for it to move freely once assembled. It is a pin that should not be neglected as it is important along with the Mossberg 500 trigger to fire your firearm.

35. Mainspring

The mainspring also contributes to the firing sequence of your firearm, this allows the hammer to move and without it your firearm will not be able to shoot.

36. Mainspring Guide

One of the longest parts of the mainspring assembly, held by the mainspring.

38. Mainspring Plunger

This holds the mainspring in place at the end of the mainspring guide.

39. Mainspring Retaining Pin

Secures the mainspring assembly in place together.

51. Sear

Holds the trigger, hammer and striker together. This is not something you should forget to replace or put back when reassembling your trigger assembly or else your trigger will no longer work.

52. Sear/Action Lock Pin

Pin required to hold the action lock and secure the sear parts in place. 

53. Sear Spring

Holds the sear together at the back end of the sear.


The trigger is also important for the firing sequence as it allows the hammer to strike the primer by a pulling back action also called trigger pull. The best Mossberg 500 triggers are made from high-end polymer or aluminum.

68. Trigger Pin

The pin used to hold the trigger and it’s assembly together without it, the Mossberg 500 trigger will not function. So the trigger pin is an important component to note. The best pins for the Mossberg 500 trigger are made from steel.

69. Trigger Return Spring

The return spring “returns” the trigger to its original position so that the firearm can be shot again. It aids in the movement of your Mossberg 500 triggers.

70. Trigger Stop

Prevents the trigger from going further to make sure it does not break and allows a quicker reset so the shotgun can be fired again in a short amount of time. The best trigger stops are the ones that can be adjusted.

76. Trigger Assembly

The entire Mossberg 500 trigger assembly that is made out of individual components such as the trigger stop, trigger pin and trigger return spring. The trigger housing is what encases the whole trigger assembly.

What you should look for in a Trigger Assembly

As you can see after reviewing the parts list for a trigger assembly for your Mossberg, the trigger of your Mossberg is quite a vital component in your firearm, should the trigger break or become worn out your weapon will not be as fully functional as it was brand new and it is also dangerous to keep using faulty components. By using high quality upgrade parts, you will be able to rest easily knowing you have a reliable beast in your hands.

Once again the most important element to pay attention to is the quality and material used by the parts. It is a fact a cheap and low quality trigger will not last long so it isn’t worth the trouble buying. Looking for trigger parts that use industrial grade steel or aluminum however although plastic may sound cheap do give them a closer look as they could be from high end polymers. Most low quality trigger parts are also not as easy to install as compared to high quality trigger parts.

Most trigger parts should fit your original build, meaning your Mossberg 500 trigger should have a snug fit and the trigger components should be easy to place inside. If you need to replace your trigger housing, it is important to pick the best quality one available since it is important for your trigger as a whole.

Most trigger housings and trigger assemblies, especially the high quality ones should include components such as the pin and anything else such as the trigger stop, trigger and other components already included so you can perform a drop-in installation which is very quick and easy.

Why Upgrade your Trigger Assembly

The Mossberg 500 makes upgrading and swapping trigger components a breeze and the trigger assembly is one of the easiest upgrades you can do for your weapon that allows for significantly better fire rates, best pull weight and performance overall. Most of the trigger components are labelled as easy to install making the Mossberg 500 the best to upgrade. They also have many accessories to choose from so the Mossberg is one of the best shotguns to upgrade.

Now get ready as we will be listing our top picks for parts of your trigger that will prove to be a worthy upgrade to your trigger assembly for the Mossberg 500.

The Best Mossberg 500 Trigger Upgrade – Evaluated

1. Mossberg – Disconnector

Why we recommend this part

Gun safety should always be your number one priority and that is why we recommend getting a disconnector replacement if you feel like yours is being worn away or is actually broken. A trigger assembly without a safety function is down right illegal to own. 

As mentioned in the parts list, the disconnector is a vital part of the safety system in ensuring that your Mossberg’s safety function is working by disengaging the connection of the trigger and the sear every time a shot is fired. This will keep you and the people around you safe and so you should get this trigger part replaced as soon as possible. 

This disconnector that we recommend right here is an OEM trigger part made by Mossberg themselves, being an original top of the line replacement part provided by Mossberg has its advantages such as being the perfectly correct specification making it an easy fit into your firearm.

Mossberg has designed the part of the trigger themselves so it will be of supreme quality. Some are also aluminum if you want them at an even cheaper price.


High Quality

Super Durable

Made out of strong grade steel


Need to completely disassemble the trigger housing to get into trigger assembly

2. Mossberg – Trigger Stop

Why we recommend this part

A trigger stop prevents the trigger from moving back unnecessarily far back and aids in precision firing by giving a quick reset to the firing sequence. Which is why it is important to have this piece of your trigger assembly in good condition or else your weapon will not work at all very soon and your aiming will be altered. 

The trigger stop, we are recommending today is also an original piece manufactured by Mossberg themselves. Being an OEM trigger part which is top of the line, installation should be a breeze for you and there should be no problem with the fitting as well.

This replacement not only fits the Mossberg 500 series of shotguns but also the 835 and 590 as well. If you are looking to find other options, there are also some high-end polymer trigger stops you can find.

As this product is made by our friends at Mossberg themselves, we don’t really have the need to talk about the durability and reliability of these trigger parts. Only that you can expect the highest standards and quality control from Mossberg so there is no need to worry about that. This is one  option that will be perfect for your trigger.


Super Durable

A great replacement option

Made from high resistance steel or polymer



3. Mossberg – Trigger Pin


Why we recommend this part

Without a trigger pin you might as well have nothing anymore as it holds together the trigger assembly and without this little pin you will no longer be able to fire from your beloved weapon ever again. This is why we suggest that you keep a few of these trigger pins as spare parts just in case one of your trigger pins breaks or wear out to ensure the longevity of your assembly. 

This Mossberg original top of the line factory manufactured trigger pin should be very durable as it is made out of pure steel. Disassembly of the trigger assembly is required to replace the trigger pin so it will take some time and skill to replace it but the difficulty level is still not high as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

This pin should work on all variations of the Mossberg 500 such as a 20 and 12 gauge.


Ease of installation for most models

Durable material used

Easy to place





4. Mossberg – Hammer 

Why we recommend this part

The hammer of a firearm is imperative to its firing sequence because it is used to ignite the primer so the bullet can be fired making this a component as important as the trigger itself. As you can tell, this takes some force and energy to do and it won’t be a surprise that your it could have seen better days, so it is a good idea to replace it if it seems worn or else it might break and your weapon will not be able to fire. 

This product we are recommending is once again an originally manufactured top of the line replacement parts by Mossberg themselves which is of very high-grade. This component is made out of nickel, which is very hard and durable, a hammer is made to stand the test of time, so you should not need to buy this component often although I would keep a spare or two just in case for my trigger build. Some of these components are made of aluminum and are also sold so keep a lookout on the materials you want.


Highly durable steel used

Best fit for all types of Mossberg 500s

Complements the polymer trigger assembly



5. Mossberg – Sear

Why we recommend this part

Here is another very important component of your trigger assembly, the sear. The sear holds all the hammer, trigger and striker back essentially putting the shotgun into its “cocked” position. Without the sear, your firearm would not be able to control the release of the hammer making it not able to fire and we obviously want our shotguns to fire.

The sear part is not as easy to install as the others, however, as you need to take apart the whole trigger assembly. The sear can be worn down after many firings as it is constantly moving and shifting during shooting so keeping a few of these handy would be a great idea.

The replacement we are recommending coming from Mossberg’s own top of the line factories, meaning this sear is designed especially for your Mossberg 500 shotguns and should hold its own in terms of best durability for years to come.


High quality steel used

Super durability

Factory Original Product


May prove to be a harder installation process for beginners.

A Detailed Mossberg 500 Disassembly Guide

Now that you’ve got your replacement parts and you are ready to go, but you might have never actually disassembled your weapon before so what should you do? Do not worry as we will provide some useful guides and instructions for you to follow to make sure that you can successfully disassemble and upgrade your weapon.

The time taken for this process such as disassembling the firearm, getting the trigger assembly itself out of the trigger housing and replacing the components in the trigger assembly will take quite some time so this is definitely not a super quick project however it is still one of the easiest trigger assembly upgrades you can do for your Mossberg 500 trigger rendering your shotguns to work at full capacity. 

Shotgun Disassembly

Firstly, you should completely disassemble the whole firearm to get to the trigger assembly. 

Please follow these steps carefully :-

  1. Make sure your safety is on and your magazine tube is clear of any shells
  2. Open the action and depress the lock lever, then pull rearward on the forearm and be careful not to get your thumb stuck.
  3. Check the chamber area to make sure it is clear of any shells
  4. Open the action halfway and unscrew the takedown screw
  5. Pull forward on the barrel of the shotgun
  6. Grab a screwdriver to push the trigger housing pin completely out of the gun
  7. Pull down on the rear of the trigger guard
  8. Now remove the cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter, these are held in place by the trigger group so by removing it they will fall out of place.
  9. Remove the bolt slide by pulling it down and out of the bottom of the receiver.
  10. Now you can easily push the forearm forward and remove it from the 12 gauge gun
  11. Now with just your finger you can push the bolt out of the circular hole where the barrel was.
  12. To remove the elevator swing the silver forward end of the elevator out of the receiver.
  13. Then squeeze the arms together and pull forward of the bottom of the receiver.

Shotgun Reassembly

All in all, the reassembly of the gun should be fairly simple by backtracking the steps from our disassembly guide. I will always recommend a video guide over a text guide so please check this video out so you can understand how to disassemble and reassemble your weapon properly. You should read our written guide along with watching this video to have a better understanding of what to do as our text guide has no pictures to show how the parts look like.

Trigger Disassembly 

Now that you have your trigger assembly out of your Mossberg 500 12 gauge, you can now disassemble it and replace it’s inner components with your new parts! We do have to warn caution that the difficulty for replacing each part varies from part to part, however through time and practice, it should get easier.

Please follow the steps below for a guide on how to disassemble your trigger assembly properly :-

  1. First off, to take the pressure off the hammer squeeze the trigger and ease it back. Try not to slam it forward as it may damage the assembly.
  2. Take out the trigger pin with a small screwdriver or tool, you should be able to pop it out of the mainspring.
  3. Once you get the pin out, you can remove the mainspring. Place your finger over the hole where the mainspring is found and use your tool to push it out. You will see a part that stands out on the other opposite hand side of the mainspring which you should use your tool to push it further out. Make sure to have a tray below you to catch the loose pieces as the mainspring and plunger is very likely to fall out. 
  4. Now you can take out the hammer pin which holds your hammer in place, after taking it out that component will be able to move freely.
  5. Now be cautious when removing the action lock, you should be able to push it out along with its springs and it will fall out.
  6. The sear will now be visible, keeping track of its orientation. You should see the sear spring inside the sear,use your flat-head screwdriver to push it out slowly as it might pop out if you used too much force. 

And that should be how you disassemble your trigger assembly, I cannot stress the importance of keeping track of where all your small parts are so it is advised that you have a container or tray to place them. 

Trigger Reassembly

The trigger reassembly process for the Mossberg 500’s trigger assembly is admittedly much harder than the trigger disassembly process just because of how many small parts there are to put back together. We advise you to follow the guide video on how to reassemble the Mossberg 500 trigger group provided by the link below to have a better and clearer understanding of how to reassemble your trigger group.

If our written guide is not of satisfactory, you can also follow the video on how to disassemble your trigger assembly which we do recommend if it is your first time or even second time. If you are an experienced firearm owner who has reassembled their trigger assembly before and just need a quick refresher continue on below to read our step by step guide on how to reassemble your trigger.

  1. We will first put the sear back together so grab your sear part and sear spring. If you observe the sear section, you should see a notch which is for your sear spring. Make sure it is facing left or right of your hand according to how you hold it and proceed to push the pin half way in so it leaves a gap. Now you have a long part which should face the wall. You should be able to wiggle in the notch of the sear down toward the trigger group.
  2. Slide the action arm back into the housing through the side hole and it should slide into position with ease. 
  3. Put the action lever hammer spring and stick the action lock pin through the hole while the action lever hammer spring is held down.
  4. Replace the action arm through the housing and make sure it lines up with the holes.
  5. Now look at your disconnector spring, there should be a hook which is to be connected to the action lever. Make sure everything is held together and aligned properly after this your action hammer should have some tension to it.
  6. The trigger should now be attached to the disconnector. With the tail side of the trigger facing to the left hand side, you can push it through the hole above the trigger.
  7. Now replace the connector by taking the tab above the trigger on the right hand side and slide it through the connector. Press the disconnector against the sear using a tool to hold it back to put the disconnector in place. The trigger return spring should be in place while you put this all together.
  8. Now insert your trigger pin into the hole and you should be able to use the trigger now.
  9. With the round part facing downward, replace the hammer by pushing it in until its pinhole is aligned properly and use the hammer pin to secure it in place.
  10. Using a tool, the hammer pin will need to go downward and over a notch which can be hooked up right with an upper pin.
  11. The plunger and mainspring should be slid in allowing the hammer to have distance.
  12. Compress the spring at the rear of the trigger assembly and push the tension pin in.
  13. You should have a working trigger assembly.

As stated this step by step guide is highly summarised and we advise you to refer to the video guide below. (Please ensure your hand is safe with gloves throughout entire procedure)

Our Final Words

All in all, I would like to thank you for viewing our great guide on this website on the Best Mossberg 500 Trigger Assembly Upgrades for the year 2021. I hope this guide has helped some of you in making a decision in purchasing your trigger components by weighing the pros and cons of every product recommended here.

Replacement parts are imperative to own for any firearm owner so it is a no brainer to purchase and keep some in stock just in case you need to replace them. And luckily some of these important parts are not hard to find if you know where to look for them. These are some of the best trigger assembly parts to pick from after all. 

Remember to make sure you have all the correct parts you need purchased to make sure your triggers are working at the end of the day. Now you can all go hunting and shoot with confidence with the best Mossberg 500 assembled, working great with its replacement/upgraded parts. As always, care for your guns and keep them maintained and conditioned, especially your triggers, so they always work like new.

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