Best Mini 14 Accessories and Upgrades (2022)

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Semiautomatic rifles are an essential part to a lot of American gun aficionados’ arsenal. Bill Ruger, a professional manufacturer and marketer of firearms, realized that Americans are starting to prefer auto-loaders over other kinds of guns and rifles.

On top of that, he also noticed the added love for the military-style rifles used to keep Americans safe from various enemies.The Ruger guns and rifles had enormous commercial success during its initial release of handguns and rifles that mimicked the classic military guns popular at the time.

This Mini 14, which was styled after the M14, is no exception either. As a matter of fact, the Mini 14 can easily have had become the military’s choice as a successor to the M14 rifle.

However, the Mini 14 went into production in 1974 first, which was a bad time to sell it to the Pentagon. Nevertheless, the rifle gained popularity with shooters of all levels who prefers the looks and ergonomics of the traditional style of the rifle.

You can make some really great alterations and innovations to this rifle. You can say that the aftermarket parts for it are on par with the Ruger 10/22 or AR15. The only setback that prevents you from going ahead is how much you are willing to spend on it, or whether if you have budget big enough for it.

Let’s have a look at some of the best accessories and upgrades you can get for your Mini 14. However, before we start on the list, let’s have a look at some of the criteria and basics stuffs regarding the Mini 14.

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Ruger Mini 14 Archangel Sparta Stock

Most Recommended Option

1. Includes Four Quick-Detach Sling Mount Points
2. Includes Two Pre-Molded Hard Points For a Rail
3. Includes a Full-Length Aluminum Picatinny Top Rail for Any Sighting Solution
4. Fully Adjustable Collapsible Stock Will Fit Any Shooter

Picatinny Rail Mount for Ruger Mini 141. Low-Profile Platform For Reflex Sights
2. A Good Cheek Weld
3. Fits All Mini-14 and Mini-30 Models
. Made in the U.S.A.”
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Adjustable Gas Block

Premium Option

1. Improves Accuracy By Reducing the Vibration of the Weapon
2. Aesthetically Pleasing Design
3. Available in 2 Colors. Sling Swivel Stud That Fits Most Swivels

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Pro Mag Magazine 223/5.561. Chrome-Silicon Internal Springs For Flawless Operation
2. Lifetime Guarantee To Cover Your Back
3. Lightweight and Durable Polymer Body
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Sling for Ruger Mini 141. High-Quality Leather Construction
2. Quite Heavy-Duty Sling For Strenuous Hunting Trips
3. Aesthetically Pleasing Adjustable Two Point Sling
8.5/10Currently unavailable
Mini 14 Ammo Pouch1. Contains Molle Straps For Better Compatibility With Your Gear
2. Allows You To Carry 1 or 2 Extra Mags For the Mini-14
3. Ambidextrous; Allows the User To Switch Sides
7.0/10Currently unavailable

The Benefits Behind A Ruger Mini 14 Modifications

Due to the size, capacity, caliber, and ruggedness, the Mini 14 is widely used for hunting, competitions and defense. It is mostly used in the countryside. Upgrading it with certain modifications has some benefits that cannot be ignored. Here is some of that benefits stated:

Better Accuracy

Upgrading to a better trigger, adjustable block, and scopes/sights can largely improve the accuracy of your Mini 14. The rifle is used for hunting a lot because of its .233 cartridge. Hence, having a Mini 14 with better accuracy is definitely better in terms of help for you as a shooter.

Tactical Advantage

The use of add-ons (like mounts, rails, bipods, bipod adapters, and high capacity magazines) can give you as a shooter a tactical advantage for using the rifle under different situations. The Mini 14 rifle becomes more effective and usable under different circumstances with such additions. Adding rails lets you mount scopes, lights, and lasers – that’s one of the examples here.


Adding upgrades like slings, modified lightweight stocks, recoil pads, and mag pouched help with the handling of the rifle. The Mini 14 is not a lightweight rifle and the weight rifle and the weight really matters when you are carrying it across the woods on your hunting trip.

The Types of Ruger Mini 14 Upgrades

There are many kinds of upgrades for your Mini 14 rifle. Like every other guns and rifles you come across, it’s always good to have a diversified area and list of upgrades for the weapon you have at hand.

Here are some examples of the more popular and important upgrades you can get for your Mini 14 rifle.


The trigger is one of the most important, yet popular components when upgrading your Mini 14 rifle. The M1 Garand-style trigger has a moderately heavy pull and a bit of an over-travel in its 2nd stage. Installing a newer and smoother trigger will ease the functioning of the rifle.

Although the Mini 14 is not as accurate as an AR15, this is mostly due to the Ruger 10/22’s 2-stage Garand-style trigger. We do not recommend that you switch the old one with a new replacement unit on a whim. Instead, opt for Accuracy Systems Inc’s entire trigger enhancement.

Gas Systems

Upgrading the gas system of a Mini 14 is maybe the most important upgrade of the rifle. The rifle requires an adjustable gas block and a reduced size gas bushing.

Not forgetting to mention, the original gas system of the Mini 14 rifle runs with a lot of force, which hugely impacts the receiver and pushes the spent cartridge too far away. Upgrading the gas system will make the rifle more accurate.

Adjustable Gas Blocks

At the same time, a lot of shooters complain about the Mini 14’s lack of serious competitive accuracy, and the reason often lies in the gas blocks. This problem can be easily solved by getting a reduced-size gas bushing or an adjustable gas block.

Although replacing a gas bushing is a lot less expensive process, real connoisseurs often choose an adjustable gas block. This can help reduce the violence of cycling, decrease shock to the scope, and control the distance that ejects empty cases that are thrown. As an extra benefit, this accessory is convenient if you load your own ammo and want to tune your rifle to the specific load too.

Rear Sights

The Mini 14 uses iron sights, however you can upgrade them with red dot sights or scopes for an improved range and accuracy. But you just have to remember to upgrade the gas system as it has already have sufficient stroke to shake your scope off 0 after every shot.

If you are not interested in mounting a full scope to your Mini 14, but still want to improve your accuracy with it, you can always add a more compact and simple sight. If you choose to install a scope, you can still install a sight as a redundant backup. This is useful if your preference changes on your different days out with your Mini 14 rifle.

Scope and Scope Mounts

However, the accuracy of the Mini 14 rifle is, of course, not perfect. Although it is greatly improved in recent years. A lot of gun owners find it to be perfectly adequate as a sports or utility rifle. For those who expects a higher level of precision, investing in optics is worth considering.

If we peruse Ruger’s factory side rings, there are see-under scope mounts offering more flexible installation options with extra-long Weaver-style mounting rails. This will help gun owners achieve maximum eye relief.

As Ruger Mini 14 has been long suffering from a reputation for poor accuracy, however after a few modifications and the addition of a good scope will prove that this platform becomes more appealing and versatile.

For obvious reasons, this is specially made for those who would like to hunt with a Mini 14 rifle. The Bushnell Trophy line is a step up from the economy Bushnell Banner line. And the scope was made and designed for centerfire rifles or black power guns.


The Mini 14 rifle can be upgraded with accessories and after mods for better handling. Adding modifiers such as recoil pads, lightweight stocks, cheek risers, and rail mounts can be done conveniently with the use of the right stock.


For many years, the Ruger 10/22 only offers a proprietary 20 and 30 round magazines via law enforcement channels. The company’s policy spurred the production of a variety of aftermarket magazines. Currently, one factory package comes with two 20 round magazines with the rifle, and Ruger-branded 30 round magazines are also available.

But in the meantime, the shooters are looking for the more affordable high capacity magazines and Pro Mag released their line of steel 10-rounders, 20-rounders, and 30-rounders.


Slings is another accessory that gun owners would often like to upgrade, however it’s one of the less popular accessories to upgrade. While the Mini 14 rifle comes with an M1 Carbine cotton sling, the market is filled with a huge quantity that goes from absolute junk to top-grade steer hide. There are even some exact reproductions of the M1907 Military sling.

Ammo Pouch

Having an easy access to your ammo is definitely a quality-of-life improvement. Acquiring a quality ammo pouch that will not get in your way is important. You will want one that is tough and lasts long. It does not hurt also if it helps your rifle to look brilliant.

Bipod and Adapter

A bipod is good for shooting from a bench rest or prone. If you are target shooting or hunting, a bipod is a great addition to make your life easier. In most circumstances, a bipod with a standard leg length extending from 6 inches to 9 inches is the most suitable for most people.

The Best Mini 14 Accessories Review in 2022 – Explained

Now that we are done with going through some of the best accessories or modifications to upgrade, here are some of the best you can currently find on the market. Be sure to note down which suits your Mini 14 best.

However, you may not need every accessories that are listed here. You will most likely just need 1 or 2 from this list at the most. After all, accessories are just what they are meant to do – to upgrade your rifle for better.

1. Ruger Mini 14 Archangel Sparta Stock

Ruger Mini Sparta



Gun users and gun owners mentioned that this rail has been secured by steel grommets that does not strip out under huge pressure. The stock fits most, if not all Mini 14 and Mini 30 models manufactured after the year 1982.

Furthermore, it is really easy to install, according to a lot of gun owners who have bought this before. The adjustable stock and cheek riser are also quite helpful at the same time. What more, the grip storage compartment is also well-liked by a lot of buyers too.

So far, this is one of the best tactical stock that is available on the market for the Mini 14 rifle. It fits both the Mini 14 and Mini 30 models pretty well, and it allows you to convert your modest Mini 14 into a tactical weapon feared by many people. You simply couldn’t ask for anything more from your Mini 14 once you have installed this stock.

If you wish to upgrade your Mini 14 to fit into the present day’s standards, then this stock is one of your best choices. First and foremost, this stock is made from space-aged Zytel with a carbon-fiber core for thrilling durability, weather resistance, and lightness.

One of the things that every modern semi-auto rifle or carbine needs is a full-length top rail. Pro Mag has further made sure that the rail’s height off the bore is similar to the one that is on a standard AR-15. That makes it a lot easier for most shooters to get accustomed to whatever sighting options they choose from the market.

The fore-end is molded to accept two additional lengths of the rail where only very minor drilling is needed. The stock has four solid points for quick detach sling mounts. Other modern expediencies include a pistol grip and an adjustable length of pull. Those are 2 things anyone accustomed to most modern semi-autos is bound to live without.

Just ensure that the majority of the bases have been covered. It even comes with an adjustable cheek rise, a collapsible buttstock, and a removable recoil pad. This is something you simply cannot say no to if you are looking for a stock to upgrade.

If you are looking for a stock that is best suited for home defense, tactical usages, and hunting, then this will be a great option for you. The storage grip compartment allows you to carry extra stuff for your hunting and camping trips.

Furthermore, the adjustable cheek weld and length of pull (LOP) are quite helpful in order to make it a subsidiary tactical rifle. Gun owners who like to boast about their guns can also use it for any aesthetics purposes.

This Mini 14 Archangel Sparta Stock is so far one of the best stocks to upgrade for the Mini rifle series that is currently on the market. It can convert a simple ranch weapon into one that is a deadly tactical rifle. Considering its function and pricing, it is definitely one of the best upgrades you can get for your Mini 14 rifle.

This is definitely an incredible stock. Pro Mag has thought of pretty much everything that is needed on this stock and implemented it quite well. Whether you have a Mini 14 rifle or even a Mini 30 rifle, this is a great choice to upgrade your carbine for this present age.



2. Adjustable Gas Block

Adjustable Gas Block



A lot of recent gun buyers reported that the gas block reduces vibrations to a significant level and prevents the optics from getting knocked off your gun. Furthermore, it also allows you to adjust the pressures so the brass falls closer to you and not too far away. This is a common problem with the Mini 14 rifle, as reported by a lot of gun owners.

It also improves accuracy and works flawlessly even with cheap ammunition. However, it seems that some cutting or fitting may be needed with certain models though.

The reason why this modification stands out to us is that it is a Gen-4 adjustable gas block. Basically, it allows you to adjust from “no-cycling for single-shot operation” to “wide-open shooting”.

It also has a positive click adjustment knob. That is to help prevent the gas block from moving out of adjustment. The sling swivel stud is also a good addition to the Mini 14. As a matter of fact, it serves the maximum number of uses for an adjustable gas block – so to speak.

If you wish to tame down the cycling action and regulating gas pressure for different loads, the adjustable gas block from Accuracy Systems is a great choice. It’s brilliant hardware for the Ruger Mini 14 rifle and Mini 30 rifle. This Gen 4 adjustable gas block can help with improving accuracy by reducing the harmonics of the guide or operating rod.

As an updated model Gen-4, this gas block shows off a newly-designed positive click adjustment knob. That way it cannot turn out of adjustment. Also, the device is made from 7075 aircraft grade alloy and it comes with a sling swivel stud.

Basically, the gas block is useful for just about anybody. But tactical and competitive shooters along with hunters will get the most out of this gas block. Due to its multifaceted capabilities, the gas block does not only improve accuracy. At the same time, it also improves the handling of chores associated with shooting.

This Gen 4 adjustable gas block is the most feature-filled and effective gas block to be mounted to any Mini 14 rifles or Mini 30 rifles. The gas block will not only improve the accuracy of the weapon, but it also helps you with switching your shooting modes.



3. Picatinny Rail Mount for Ruger Mini 14

Picatinny Rail Mount


This rail provides the Mini 14 rifles with a standard Picatinny rail, which is made from top military-grade materials. Furthermore, it is quite easy to mount and dismount it from your Mini 14 rifles too. The rail also stays perfectly in place and holds pretty well. The 6 inches of rail space also offers space to mount an optic that is appropriate for the Mini 14 rifle.

The very first thing that stands out to a lot of people, including us, is the quality and durability of this Picatinny rail. It attaches really firmly to the rifle and has a total of 14 slots to offer plenty of space for mounting scopes. To further add, the rail needs not to be dismounted while being removed from the bolt for field stripping.

One of the things that the Mini 14 woefully lacks when it is compared to most of the contemporary semi-auto rifles or carbines is a single slot mounting rail. Luckily GG&G (a designer and manufacturer of innovative optical mounting systems and tactical accessories based in North America) has a way of resolving this situation without making huge and costly changes to your firearm. This Picatinny rail clamps tightly to the notches on the receiver for accepting the factory scope rings. There is no gunsmithing jobs needed.

With that trade-off, you will get 5.7 inches, along with 14 slots of rail to adjust the eye relief of your scope to your liking. You may even attach an alternative such as a low-profile reflex sight.

One of the nice features is that the installation of this rail does not require the removal of the rear sight, although it does block it. Carefully designed relief cuts have been cut out of the underside of the rail to allow for un-impeded shell ejections. The 6061 Aluminum material is the same material used on NASA space crafts.

If you are somebody who needs a scope on the Mini 14 rifles can choose to use this rail mount. But since scopes are more common with hunters and target shooters, this rail is more likely to be used by these groups of people. Having a good quality Picatinny rail on your Mini 14 rifle is definitely a good idea – no matter what intentions you planned on using the gun for.

Pull your Mini 14 rifle into the 21st century with this Picatinny rail mount upgrade. The rail has been accurately designed to be robust, and prevent any ejection issues with the rifle. It is easy to mount and dismount from your Mini 14 rifles, and it holds zero steadily even under extreme maneuvers and when rattled.

It is perfect for red dot sights in particular because of the low-profile design. The best feature of this rail mount is simply the resourceful design that allows it to be attached to the gun with no gunsmithing needed. Of course, the fact that it is made in the U.S.A. and covered by a lifetime warranty makes this a fret-free purchase.



4. Pro Mag Magazine 223/5.56

Pro Mag Ruger Mini 14 Magazine 223 5.56



A lot of gun owners and gun users recently said that these magazines work perfectly with Mini 14 rifles, with very little to no feeding issues. The magazine is said to be lightweight and tough enough to withstand almost any kind of tampering and abuse for a period of time. Furthermore, the affordable price is also a good selling factor, since it allows you to purchase more magazines that are on a budget.

The magazine comes with block-shaped grooves on the lower surface, which makes it easy for gun users to grip even under sweaty or wet conditions. At the same time, the affordable price is also a differentiating factor. On top of that, the magazine is covered with a full replacement lifetime warranty. That means it is a complete win for the buyer.

These mags come in both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. They feature a heat-treated, carbon steel body with self-lubricating, polycarbonate follower. At the same time, these magazines have a removable base plate that enables easy disassembly for cleaning.

Some gun owners advised using the “rock-and-lock” way of insertion. They mentioned how these magazines will only cycle if the operator hits the bottom back of the magazine hard with his hand after insertion. However, otherwise they are a great choice as a magazine.

This magazine is a modification best suited for people who are often in shooting competitions, for shooting range practices, and even for self-defenses. Due to their affordability and design material, you can carry multiple magazines with you. Furthermore, the 20 round capacity makes it a good self-defense weapon magazine for some extra ammunition.

The bottom line is that this Pro Mag magazine for Ruger Mini 14 is a lightweight, affordable, and flawless piece of upgrade for your rifle. It offers a good grip and can be disassembled easily for cleaning and maintenances. The chrome-silicon spring does not fracture or deform under the influence of moisture or pressure either. Furthermore, it can be kept loaded.



5. Sling for Ruger Mini 14

Mini 14 SLing

Gun owners who have used this sling before seemed quite happy and delighted by its leather construction and quality. The leather used in this sling is a bit elastic. It is also durable enough to withstand the weight of the rifle under normal and regular conditions. However, you may want to consider oiling the sling with any laxatives before adding it to your rifle.

It looks like an exact replica of the standard military sling, and has been made from the best quality materials and procedures the company can find to ensure strength and durability. The sling is not as simple as slings made from nylon materials. It also has some aesthetic features too. Furthermore, the sling is quite easy to adjust and retains its normal position.

This sling is ideal for hunters using the Mini 14 rifles. This sling may be used by competition shooters. But it is not a very good idea. It may be a bit of a deterrent for competition users to use it in competitions after all.

The sling being durable, lightweight, and adjustable may allow a hunter to carry the weapon all day long with ease on their shoulders. And that is exactly what it should normally be used for.

This leather sling is a useful addition to the Mini 14 rifle since the rifle is mostly used for ranching and hunting. The sling is quite gorgeous and sturdy enough to last you a lifetime. The hooks and rivets have been appropriately embedded and positioned to give you the best sling for any jobs needed.

6. Mini 14 Ammo Pouch

Mini 14 Ammo Pouch

Gun owners who have owned this before said that the quality of this ammo pouch is relatively decent. Furthermore, the pouch is ambidextrous – which is an advantage for some shooters.

The laces are elastic and have plastic keepers, which can be adjusted to attach firmly to your Mini 14 rifle. The cheek pad is also quite helpful too, and the pouch can also be used with many other weapons.

The ammo pouch improves the tactical ability of your Mini 14 rifle by letting you carry one or two extra magazines on it. This pouch fits comfortably on the stock and can be carried with other gears using the D-rings and Molle straps. If you were to look at its price, this ammo pouch provides you with great value for money.

Tacbro’s Tactical Magazine Pouch is great addition for giving your Mini 14 rifle or Mini 30 rifle a more tactical high-speed look. It provides the gun owner with a readily-accessible spare magazine that is always with the weapon.

This pouch comes with its adapter for rifle buttstocks was designed to hold one 20-round or 30-round magazine of either .223 or 7.62×39 on the offside of the buttstock. A highly valuable feature of this pouch is that it is entirely ambidextrous and features a bungee retention strap to hold the magazine in place safely.

This magazine pouch is made from heavy-duty PVC nylon material. That is the same high Mil-Spec standard of most magazine pouches costing twice as much. It is attached directly to almost any conventional type of rifle stock. One of the drawbacks, however, is that it tends to get in the way if you use a quick release sling swivel on your stock.

The ammo pouch is an unknown necessity for hunting and self-defense if we can put it that way. The pouch allows you to carry extra mags, which can be quite useful for your hunting trips. At the same time, you can mount the pouch on the Mini 14 and equip it with an extra magazine, which proves useful for a possible home defense situation.

The bottom line is that this ammo pouch for the Mini 14 is light in weight, and is simple and easy to use. The multiple carry options and its ambidexterity makes it even more useful for the gun owners and gun users. The pouch is a must-have for Mini 14 rifle users who love to wander in the woods with their rifles.

Our Verdict

The bottom line is that there are plenty of gun accessories that you can currently find on the market. It all depends on whether if you really need it to upgrade your Mini 14 rifles or not. That and that fact that whether if you have the budget for it, or are willing to spend money on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the best accessories to upgrade for a Mini 14 rifle?

It depends on what you are looking for. There is a diversity of accessories or modification to upgrade for your Mini 14 rifle. There are magazines, slings, gas blocks, and many other accessories for you to choose from to upgrade your Mini 14 for the better.

What Are Some of Ruger Mini 14 Accuracy Upgrade?

To be frank, Ruger Mini 4 may not possess the highest accuracy among other rifles on the market but every accessories would certainly increase your efficiency and accuracy of your rifle. However, accessories such as optics, adjustable gas block, scope mounts and so on would significantly improve your Ruger Mini 14’s accuracy. 



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