Best M1A Bipods in 2022: Our Honest Review

Why Invest in a Good and Reliable Bipod for your Springfield M1A?

The history of bipods started in the 1930s and has slowly become a supportive gear for your rifle over the years. A bipod can be of great help in target acquisition and stabilizing your rifle to improve accuracy. With the help of a bipod, you can have a better shooting experience and performance as well.

There are many bipods on the market that claim to be the best but only a handful of them are best M1A bipods. In this guide you will learn the reasons to buy a bipod for your M1A rifle and what makes a good bipod. After that, you can go through the list of best M1A bipods that we have prepared for you and search for the best one to mount on your M1A rifle.

Does Your M1A Rifle Need a Bipod?

Getting a bipod is highly recommended if you are expanding your shooting experience in areas of high vegetation or being obstructed by natural barriers while acquiring your target. If you get a bipod, you will be able to overcome these obstructions, stabilize your rifle and take good shots.

Besides bipods, there are also shooting sticks that do the same thing as a bipod. However, the height of shooting sticks cannot be adjusted easily like how a bipod does. If you don’t need the adjustability then shooting sticks might be a better option for you.

Even if you don’t need the adjustability, a bipod is still recommended as it gives you exceptional comfort that sticks might not be able to provide.

The Criteria: What Makes A Good M1A Bipod?

The following guide is not only meant for professional shooters, but it’s also a great guide for beginners. The best bipod for M1A needs to have the following features to be considered the best bipod for M1A so make sure the bipod for M1A that you choose has some of these features.


Since bipod for M1A is only an attachment on your rifle, it is crucial that the bipod is lightweight for easy transport. When you attach a bipod on your M1A rifle, you do not want to have unnecessary weight on top of your heavy gun, hindering your readiness.

If a bipod can be extended, it is usually heavier but there are some bipods that are made from more expensive materials and components that weigh lighter and insignificant when carried with your rifle. A bipod typically weighs from 8 to 15 ounces depending on its size and the features it offers.


No matter what the purpose of your rifle is, or how you need to position your body when you’re shooting, the height of a great bipod should be able to adapt to almost any scenario. If a bipod is meant for shooting in prone positions then it will normally come in a low-profile height and will be higher for sitting or kneeling positions.

Bipods that are smaller and shorter will usually have a more stable platform and later on, you will find some of the best low to middle profile bipods for the M1A rifle. Some of the choices have great adjustability so that they can be used on multiple occasions.

To customize the height of your bipod for maximum stability, you will need to lower the legs as much as possible to the ground. The legs of a good-quality bipod can remain locked and provide incredible stability at all heights and that is what you should look out for.

Rifle Attachment

You can attach a bipod to your rifle in different ways but installing it properly is extremely important. Some bipods can only mount on a Picatinny rail while some attach to a sling swivel stud. There are also others that attach to the stock of your M1A/M14 rifle.

Regardless of how it attaches to your rifle, the installation will be easy as long as you follow the manual. By using the manual, you can avoid damaging or scratching both bipod and rifle. With the help of a few tools, a good bipod can also be attached to the sling and provide light and safe carry without causing any hassle.


Bipods are commonly made from aluminum and it ensures that the bipod is durable and lightweight. To know if a bipod is durable or not, we see if it’s rigid and has minimal flex because these factors affect its durability.

A bipod with great strength also needs to be able to adapt to different environments and adjustments. It should be sturdy but also adjustable. The mass of your gun and the vibrations going into the ground can be countered by a strong bipod to reduce the recoil of the M1A rifle.

The 4 Best Bipod For M1A On The Market in 2022

Now that you have a clear understanding of what makes a good bipod, we can move on to 4 of the best M1A bipods that you can get your hands on. Use the knowledge that you gained and start choosing the best one for your M1A rifle.

1. Harris Engineering LM Series S


  • Spring-loaded folding legs
  • 7 height settings
  • Hinged base
  • Universal sharpener


Harris Engineering is one of the best bipod makers in the industry. They have a superb reputation for making top quality bipods and this LM Series S Bipod is the perfect example.

The S model of Harris bipods represents swivel and is ideal to use on uneven ground. If you are usually shooting on a flat surface, a solid base that does not rotate will be recommended.

Harris bipods are made of heat-treated steel and hard alloys which gives it exceptional strength. After that, it is given a black hard anodized finish that is aesthetically pleasing and resists weather. You can expect to use this Harris bipod under all kinds of conditions, whether it’s competitive shooting, hunting or target practice.

This Harris bipod has incredible adjustability with 7 height settings from 9 to 13 inches. With such adjustability, you can expect this bipod to perform very well for various occasions and that is exactly what you need from a top-quality bipod.

These bipods can also easily clamp to a factory sling swivel stud on your M1A rifle. Regardless of which model you choose, the easy attachment is still consistent and will not disappoint. The spring-loaded folding legs also allows you to fold it back with ease and carry it around.

You will fancy this product if:

You are looking for a bipod with incredible adjustability. With 7 different height settings, it is definitely one of the most adjustable bipods on the market.

You want something that you can use on different terrains. The swivel base allows it to adapt to different surfaces and is especially useful when you use it on uneven terrain.

You prefer to have something that you can install with ease. The quick detach system on the Harris products allows you to easily mount it to your rifle.

You will not fancy this product if:

You don’t usually shoot in different terrains. Since this is the swivel base variant, it is ideal to utilize it on uneven terrains and if you are using it on a flat surface then this might not be the greatest selection.

2. Springfield Armory M1A M2


  • USGI (United States Government Issue) bipod
  • Extends between 12 to 16 inches
  • 14.1 oz.
  • Attaches to the gas cylinder


It is without any doubt that the manufacturer of M1A/M14 rifles makes the best bipod for their rifles too. The Springfield Armory M1A M2 Bipod is a USGI bipod which means this is made for military use and is definitely a durable piece that will last for a long time even if you abuse it.

This piece can achieve its durability thanks to the heavy-duty construction. It is made from high-quality metal to withstand abuse and provide phenomenal stability. Even with such a strong construction it only weighs 14.1 ounces.

The aesthetic matte black finish is something that many shooters will enjoy and it also resists corrosion which gives it longer service life.

The M2 bipod is not only built to last, but you can also easily clamp it to the gas cylinder of the M14 and M1A rifles with no adapter needed. There are no alterations required for your M1A because it attaches to the front gas lug in a smooth manner and because of that, this will work well no matter what kind of stock you opt for.

A bipod needs to be adjustable and is pretty much pointless if it only has one height setting. However, that’s not the case for the M2 bipod because you can adjust it between 12 to 16 inches. With such construction and adjustability, you should expect this to have a slightly higher price than an average bipod.

You will fancy this product if:

You want a heavy-duty bipod. This piece is made from an incredibly strong metal to have exceptional durability.

You prefer to have something lightweight attached to your M1A. Despite the material used to construct this item, it still managed to maintain a fairly lightweight of 14.1 ounces.

You prefer to have something easy to install and don’t require any adapter. The installation is extremely easy because all you need to do is clamp it to your M1A rifle without any adapter.

You will not fancy this product if:

You have a tight budget. Due to how it’s constructed and the features that it offers, it is not the ideal choice for shooters that are on a budget.

You think you need instructions when mounting it on your rifle. When you buy this bipod, there are no manuals or instructions to help with the installation.

3. Atlas Bipods V8


  • Constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Stainless steel springs and fasteners
  • UHMW components
  • Extends between 5 to 9 inches


The Atlas bipod is one of the best options to mount on your M1A rifle because of its sturdy yet lightweight build. This bipod is made with 6061-T6 aluminum, a well-known and durable material for making gun parts.

The use of this material results in an extremely lightweight bipod of less than 11 ounces and yet, strong enough to withstand harsh loads.

There are three different ways you can attach the Atlas bipod to your M1A rifle and all of them can be done easily. The first is a quick-detach Picatinny lever and if you want it permanently attached to your rifle then you can use a two-screw Picatinny. The last method will require you to have a suitable adapter so that it fits lever-style mounts.

The adjustability of this bipod is superbly impressive. It allows your gun to pan up to 30 degrees left or right and it can be done just by loosening or tightening the knurled knob. In addition, the legs can also be adjusted for its position, allowing you to get the ideal position depending on what kind of terrain you are shooting on.

On top of the adjustment for its legs and the durable construction, it also has soft rubber feet to protect the legs and keep your rifle stable on different surfaces. With all the great features that this bipod offers, you should expect it to come with a hefty price tag.

You will fancy this product if:

You are looking for a bipod with high durability. The way that this bipod is made and with it’s hard anodized finish and rubber feet to protect the legs, ensures that it will have a long service life.

You prefer to mount a lightweight bipod on your gun. Even if this bipod is built to be sturdy, it still maintains a lightweight that is barely noticeable when you mount it on your gun.

You enjoy the adjustability it offers. Besides adjusting the height of the legs, it can also be adjusted for its overall position.

You will not fancy this product if:

You are on a strict budget. With a well-constructed item, you should expect to spend more money on it and if you are on a strict budget then this may not be the right one for you.

4. Caldwell Pivot Position XLA


  • Extends 9 to 13 inches
  • Quick attach/detach using sling swivel stud
  • Spring-loaded legs
  • Soft rubber feet


The final bipod that will be reviewed is this Caldwell XLA Bipod. Using and mounting this bipod is exceptionally easy because it springs out with the touch of a button and it easily attaches to any rifle that has a stud. This bipod is also designed to be lightweight using aluminum as its main material.

This Caldwell bipod is offered in different heights other than 9 to 13 inches, so if this height doesn’t fit you well, you can still go for the other options.

For the Pivot Position XLA model, you will be able to cant your rifle up to 20 degrees on flat ground so you can quickly acquire your targets. With a turn of the knob, you can change the tension of the pivoting motion and lock it in place.

Not only is this the perfect piece for an M1A rifle, but it will also perform just as well on other firearms. Besides weighing at about 12 ounces only and being able to carry it around without feeling troublesome, you can also run a sling through it at the same time.

Caldwell may not be one of the greatest brands when it comes to firearm parts, but their products have a decent quality that ensures it lasts for a significant amount of time. Most importantly, it is not highly-priced and it’s a thing that many shooters will appreciate.

You will fancy this product if:

You want a cheap bipod that has decent quality. This piece is made with aluminum which is a common material for a firearm part and despite how it’s made, it still doesn’t cost too much.

You like bipods that are easy to install. Mounting this bipod can be done with ease if your rifle has a stud.

You want to improve your shooting experience. The features that it offers allow you to achieve quick target acquisition and you can potentially get better accuracy.

You will not fancy this product if:

You are shooting rounds with heavy recoil. Even though it has decent quality, it is not sturdy enough to handle heavy recoil.

You would prefer to disable the pivot function. Although the pivot function is an impressive feature, it is unfortunate that it cannot be disabled.


The bottom line is that the best bipod for M1A would be a great addition to your rifle by providing and enhancing stability. In fact, bipod for M1A costs significantly lesser than other parts of your shooting gear hence, do not hesitate to use it to your advantage. A useful tip for you gun owners out there is to always lean forward your shoulder to allow more pressure to be loaded onto the bipod which could prevent unwanted and unnecessary movement. You may be worried because of its small size but do remember bipod for M1A is heavy duty and could withstand great amount of pressure. Besides that, always read the manual guide of the bipod for M1A to ensure ease of installations. With that, I’d say with the list of some of the best bipod for M1A above – it’d be much easier for you to narrow down your choices according to your personal preferences, budgets and usage into finding what fits for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the M1A so popular?

Many gun owners know about this rifle because after the M14 is retired, Springfield Armory made a civilian version of it which is the M1A. It has become popular amongst gun owners, especially match shooters because of its accuracy and versatility.

How accurate is the M1A?

Many old-time shooters that are experienced have confirmed that the M1A rifle is a 1.5-2 MOA rifle when it’s functioning as it should.

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