Best AR-15 Magwell Grips (2022) – Evaluated

While it is easily overlooked, having proper grip is critically important on your AR-15 rifle. Having a good grip could mean the difference between a hit and a miss. However, with so many magazine grips on the market, finding one best for you may not always be the easiest thing.

Magwell GripsNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Best Deal
Fab Defense Mojo Grip

Premuim Option

1. Helps increase your reloading speed when shooting
2. Easily and quickly attaches to the standard AR-15 magazine
3. Comes with 5 interchangeable masks for added style and flair

9.0/10SHOP NOW
Mission First React Magwell Grip

Most Recommended Alternative 

1. Great mid-point balance
2. No interference with magazine
3. Less effort is required to direct muzzle

Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip1. Gives an advantage during close-quarters situations
2. Reduces hand and arm fatigue
3. Added comfort and stability for the support hand
8.5/10SHOP NOW
​​Mako Magwell Grip1. Provides better shot
2. Made from a durable polymer material
3. Keeps hands off of the magazine itself
8.5/10Currently unavailable

What is a magazine grip?

A magazine grip, also known as magwell (magazine well grip) is a kind of replacement or substitute for the foregrip of your rifle. A magazine grip is installed on the lower receiver of your rifle to provide you with a grooved grip to rest your fingers on.

A vertical grip is often attached to the bare of your barrel with the help of a Picatinny rail or a new barrel cover. These vertical grips work to provide you better control over the rifle and to help shooters in handling recoil and arm fatigue more efficiently.

Warning to Consider

Before getting a AR 15 magwell grip, there is one very serious possibility you need to consider when holding your AR-15 through the magazine. During a blowout due to faulty or mislead cartridge, the easiest vent for the exploding gases and fragments will come out from the AR 15 magwell. So, holding your hand there may cost you some skin, fingers, or even your entire supporting hand in extreme situations.

Blowouts can be a result of faulty upper or lower receivers, unremoved suppressors, dirty barrels, or other flaws. However, if you’re still looking to hold onto the magwell, just be sure to get one with a durable and sturdy design and be careful not to wrap your fingers over the ejection port.

How to Choose The Best Magwell Grip AR 15?

Knowing which Magwell grip will best fit you is key. However, you should also need to know what distinguishes a great Magwell grip from the rest in terms of quality and performance. Here are a few characteristics and features that you can keep an eye on while on the hunt:


Getting a good Magwell grip can reap plenty of benefits, especially if you have a good grip. The grip, in this case, refers to the way the gun fits into your hand when shooting. An AR-15 rifle can be a little big and we understand that holding its magazine when shooting can get pretty uncomfortable for some. Hence, having a good grip will let you achieve a more comfortable grip without adding strain onto your hand, ultimately letting you shoot for a longer time.


The shape of a typical magazine is not designed to provide the best fit to hold, so getting a good Magazine grip can help solve that issue for you. You can opt for a flatter grip to give your hands more room to get into whatever positions feel most comfortable. Or, you can get one with a shape that is formed to the hand to allow each finger an indented spot for the perfect hold.

Each model comes in different shapes and finding the right one that feels best for you will help make accurate shots for the best shooting experience.

The 3 Best Magwell Grip AR 15 in 2022 – Reviewed

Here are some of the best magwell grips you can get for your rifle.

1. Fab Defense Mojo Magazine Well Grip – The Best Overall


The Fab Defense Mojo Grip stands out to us thanks to its unique style that features multiple mask options and contoured grip shape. This magazine grip allows your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger to have a place to hold while you shoot.

The Fab Defense Mojo Grip is also a fantastic choice if you like to customize your rifle. Manufactured from ultralight mil-spec reinforced polymer, the Mojo grip comes with six different customized masks to replace your finger grooves.

This magazine grip even features left and right shells that can be assembled with 3 screws and an Allen wrench (all of which are already included in the package). Made in Israel, this magwell grip has a 60-degree magazine insertion angle to make it easier for you to change magazines under low to no light conditions.

The Fab Defense Mojo Grip features a sleek design and is frequently used by police officers and military personnel. However, with the masks adding some style to the magazine, professional shooters may also find that this grip works to enhance their presence on the field.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have raved about this magazine grip thanks to its durability and a precise fit that many love. Another great thing about it is that the Fab Defense Mojo Grip has interchangeable masks that feature a sturdy build and multiple designs to provide customers with multiple options for a unique style and look.


The Fab Defense Mojo Grip is a durable, well-fitted, and stylish grip that lets you reload much faster. Aside from giving you more control of your weapon, this magazine grip even features a great deal of advantages to put it ahead of other products. That’s why this model is chosen as one of the best on our list.


  • Helps increase your reloading speed when shooting
  • Easily and quickly attaches to the standard AR-15 magazine
  • Comes with 5 interchangeable masks for added style and flair
  • Provides a completely customizable look and fit
  • Helps reduce magazine change times without losing line of sight


  • Does not have individual finger grooves
  • Grip does not work with Drum Magazines


2. Mako Magwell Grip – The Runner-Up

There are plenty of features that the Mako Magwell Grip has that makes it one of the top choices, but what really stands out is the fact that this magazine grip helps to prevent pressure on non-free-floating handguards that can affect the accuracy of your shot.

Other than that, this two-piece magazine well is even made from lightweight polycarbonate to make feeding your mags much easier. With a wide mouth, you get to perform lightning-fast magazine changes without needing to look at the receiver under stressful situations.

Although this grip does not have finger grooves, it still works to ensure you get a good hold of the rifle. Another downside about this magazine is that it is not compatible with Bushmaster or Tangodown magazines.

The Mako Magwell Grip is useful for tactical weapons and has a tight fit so that you don’t have to worry about removing it accidentally. This is a great model for use by police officers, military personnel, and professional shooters, but it also works best for hunters who need to get a good shot off quickly while on the move.

Customer Feedback

Many recent customers have only words of praise for the Mako Magwell Grip. However, the one complaint that comes up consistently is that the fit is not always spot on. Several customers have had to trim down the original grip to get it to fit onto their magazines.


All-in-all, this magazine grip does its job and it does it well. Simply by attacking the Mako Magwell Grip to your magazine, you get to experience increased accuracy of a shot and better control of your weapon. Plus, the contoured handgrips even allow for a tighter hold. All these benefits added together is what made this one of the best you could get.


  • Provides better shot
  • Made from a durable polymer material
  • Keeps hands off of the magazine itself
  • Enables faster magazine reloading process
  • Allows a tight stance for better speed and maneuverability


  • Only has three finger grooves instead of four
  • Does not fit lowers with flared magazine wells
  • May require some trimming to fit on some AR-15s

3. Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip – The Best for Value


Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip is a lightweight option that stood out to us because of its textured finger grooves. These grooves not only provide shooters a better grip, it even helps to reduce the user’s hand and arm fatigue, especially when you hold your weapons for longer periods.

Made from reinforced mil-spec polymer, the Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip

is a durable accessory for your AR-15 rifle as it helps to prevent pressure on non-free floating handguards. This way you can experience a more compact stance with improved accuracy.

Aside from that, the grip even functions as an extended magazine to offer quicker reloads. It opens up into two separate fragments that can be installed on the lower receiver with the help of three screws and a hex wrench. The fingers grooves featured on the magwell grip are also designed to suit hands and fingers of every size. However, it may require some grinding if you plan to use it with PMags.

The Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip offers better recoil control during rapid-fire, making it a great choice for those who work as police officers or as part of the military personnel. These grips are designed to allow shooters much better grip and control of their firearm while out on the field.

Customer Feedback

Most customers are seen to be singing praises for the Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip. One comment that pops up most frequently is that his model comes with only three finger grooves instead of four. Still, nothing we can’t live without considering the rest of the benefits it offers.


The Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip not only provides added comfort for their support hand and reduces fatigue during use, it even gives shooters better recoil control. With all these great features, it is no wonder that the Command Arms CCA AR-15 Magazine Well Grip is one of the most sought-after magazine grips for AR-15s.


  • Gives an advantage during close-quarters situations
  • Reduces hand and arm fatigue
  • Added comfort and stability for the support hand
  • Makes it easier to hold and aim your rifle
  • Helps prevent misfeeds


  • Three finger grooves instead of four
  • Does not fit lowers with flared magazine wells
  • May require some trimming to fit some AR-15s



Magazine grips are a good way to help you improve magazine changing times in low light conditions. These accessories even work to give you a more compact stance to relieve your support hand from any fatigue and strain.

It is without a doubt that getting magazine grips will do well for you during stressful and competitive situations where you will need to change magazines quickly while maintaining a compact stance for improved accuracy. However, you need to be reminded that using them also comes with come related risks to your magazine feed and for yourself. So, do think deeply before getting one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the differences between vertical foregrips and magwell grips?

A vertical foregrips are very straightforward, essentially it is vertically attached to the base of your barrel through a Picatinny rail, barrel cover or even an accessory attachment. They allow you to maneuver with more control, better recoil system and combat your potential fatigue. 

Nevertheless, some occasions call for an alternate hand to handle. For these instances, we’d suggest the magwell grip that affords additional grip required and comfort due to its compact grip style. Magwell grips are designed to assist you in longer shooting sessions as vertical foregrips could not as they require you to extend your offhand that might call you discomfort in the long run. 

Regardless, many gun owners seem to opt for vertical grips rather than magwell grips as the former offers better control due to the closer proximity of your offhand to the barrel. 

Is Magwell grip the same with regular foregrip?

They are similar, as magwell grip can be used to subsitute your foregrip, but they are two completely different items and they can serve different purpose for the user. However, they both aim to allow you a good grip on your rifle and reduce the recoil required.

Do I need a Magwell Grip?

Holding a rifle with foregrip designed and mounted for the purpose does improve accuracy and target acquisition. However, if you maintain that position for longer durations, the forearm does get fatigued pretty quickly. Hence, holding the rifle through the magwell is a good idea if you need to shoot in sprints because of the compact stance.

In fact, another great benefit of using a magwell grip is that it lets you feed magazines in easily. Many have even claimed that they can do it without even looking at the receiver with the help of a magazine grip.

While supporting the AR-15 with the magazine may look cool, it does have some dire consequences. Holding the magazine with your support hand may erode the slope of your magazine as well as your rifle’s mag well. As you press forward on the magazine, the magazine will actually tilt downwards over time and may cause feeding problems due to the distorted arrangement of the magazine mechanism. This could also mean mouths or bullet tips could get hung on the edge.

A more severe consequence of holding your rifle through the magazine is in the case your rifle explodes, the expanding gases and particles will shoot out of the magazine well. In this case, your hand or fingers may get seriously injured along with the magazine well.

In the end, if you do insist on holding your AR-15 through the magwell, either due to longer shooting sessions or your own personal preference, do remember to consider getting a good grip. A quality magazine grip not only helps eliminate the load on your magazines, it even provides you with a soft, compact, and good grip over your rifle.

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