Best 9mm AR Buffers (2022) – Buying Guide

Best 9mm AR Buffers (2020)_ Our Mini Buying Guide

Finding the suitable 9mm AR buffer can be a challenge for you. Especially if you are looking for something that is high in quality and reliable swimming in a sea of low-quality and sad looking models. But knowing how to differentiate the best from the not so good will take skills and a little time before you make your final decision. 

To help you go in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of the best 9mm AR buffers that are currently on the market (as of this writing). These buffers are a very significant part of a 9mm AR-15 pistol for a few solid reasons. We’ll talk about that and how you can opt for a buffer that best fits your personal needs, preferences, and even your pistol itself.

9mm AR BuffersNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Luth-AR 9mm Carbine 9mm Buffer Assembly

Most Recommended Option

1. Reliable firing, no jamming or issues to speak of
2. All parts are high-quality and durable
3. Easy to install, takes a few minutes

Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm 5.4 oz Carbine Buffers Assembly w/ Carbine Buffers Spring

Premium Option

1. Spring is super tough, can handle a lot of recoil
2. It comes with a spacer for better functionality
3. Buffer absorbs a great deal of shock

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Spikes Tactical ST-9X 9mm Heavy Buffer SLA009X1. A lot less recoil when compared to other buffers
2. Does a good job balancing the weight on most pistols
3. A little stiff at first, but gets the job done once you’re getting used to it
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Armaspec Sound Mitigation AR-9 Buffer – ARM158-91. Easy to install, takes minutes and the right kind of tools
2. Moves smoothly, no stiffness to speak of
3. Very tough material for the buffer itself
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Spikes Tactical 9mm Buffer Spacer1. Light in weight, adds no additional weight to the AR
2. Has the potential to last you for years, even decades
3. Works perfectly with most 9mm AR-15 pistols
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Foxtrot Mike Products – AR-15 9mm Receiver Extension Assembly Pistol-Length1. Buffer tube fits with most AR-15 pistols
2. All the parts fit perfectly with no issues
3. Might come with missing parts upon shipment
8.0/10SHOP NOW

9mm Buffer Kit Review : What is a Buffer? 

The buffer is a small piece that is located inside the buffer tube of numerous rifles. Along with the buffer itself is the buffer spring that supports it and gives it the capability to shift around. The buffer tube is attached to stocks. However, in the case of a 9mm AR-15, most of these buffer tubes will be devoid of a stock since AR-15 pistols do not need them. 

The purpose of the buffer is to make the firing aptitude of your pistol more effective. Without it, it’s just another single shot machine that is chunky and not as effective. The buffer does its part in absorbing a good deal of recoil that can allow for better resistance on your end.  

Without this buffer, the energy will be a bit too much to handle for the spring located inside and can break apart and hence making BGC cycling much more difficult. 

The Criteria: What Makes The Best For 9mm AR?

There are some things that will make a buffer stand out a lot better when pitted against those that are useless and crappy in quality. Knowing what makes a great buffer can help you make that discrepancy between which is better than the other. Here are a few things on what to look for while searching for a 9mm AR buffer: 


Most of the 9mm buffers will be created from rubber. This material will quite likely be your best bet if you wish to absorb and resist a great amount of recoil impulse and the shock that comes with the 9mm carbine buffer. This will also help make the 9mm buffer spring take on a lot more while still being able to shift. If you are looking for a 9mm buffer spring, steel may be your best options here since it is a much tougher metal material for situations like a bolt catch pistol caliber buffer 9mm carbine which require heavier buffer. 


If you are a budget shopper, the price tag will obviously be a lot more important for you. Especially when you are looking for the best 9mm buffer weight that you can afford and is made of stainless steel. As soon as you find something that’s high in quality and fits your budget, odds are, you may have found a 9mm winner. As a rule: never settle for low-priced 9mm AR buffers made of stainless steel. A cheap price tag can sometimes mean poor 9mm quality. 

Fitting with Buffer Tube

Not all 9mm AR buffers will be created equal. That being said, it is important to get a solid idea of whether or not it will fit your 9mm stainless steel buffer tube in particular. Consider measuring the buffer tube itself while you are looking for a suitable replacement 9mm buffer. If you do not have one, you may want to consider getting yourself a stainless steel buffer tube along with the assembly itself. It should also be noted that some stainless steel 9mm AR 15 buffer tubes will come with an assembly with it. 

Types of Gas System 

You will either have a carbine gas system or a pistol gas system. No buffers are created equal. Some of them are made for pistol length gas systems, but cannot take on anything as powerful as a carbine. At the same time, a 9mm AR 15 buffer made for a carbine or stainless steel will not work effectively with ARs that are equipped with a pistol length gas system. 

Make Sure You Have All The Right Parts 

This is important. A 9mm buffer AR 15 tube made of stainless steel will not be the same without a 9mm buffer AR 15 and the spring. The 9mm buffer AR 15 will not work if it’s in the confines of a 9mm buffer tube. In summary, make sure that you have the right parts that can be accumulated and put together in the rifle itself. 

Review of the Best Buffer System For 9mm AR

Below is a list of some of the best 9mm AR buffers that are currently on the market (as of this writing). As you go through each one, make sure to take note of the features and functions. This way, it will give you a better decision making of whether or not it matched your ideal 9mm buffer. 

Close enough of a 9mm buffer AR 15 buffer is certainly a lot better than nothing at all. Now, let’s begin our list by looking at some of our favourite choices of 9mm AR buffers.

1. Foxtrot Mike Products – AR-15 9mm Receiver Extension Assembly Pistol-Length

Foxtrot Mike Products - AR-15 9mm Receiver Extension Assembly Pistol-length


Most recent buyers are happy with this 9mm AR 15 buffer kit. As a matter of fact, one buyer said that this 9mm AR 15 buffer was good enough for him since all the needed parts are right there. It was convenient for him since this 9mm AR 15 buffer saved him a great deal of money and time rather than spending it tracking down every separate part of suppressor hosts.  

This has the whole kit in its entirety right here. All you need is in 1 package. The entire kit is stress-free to assemble and are all made from high-quality materials for long-term usage. Other than that, it will send a solid performance like nothing else. It’s about what you will expect from any kind of 9mm buffer assembly that’s an improvement from the standard, factory-issued 9mm buffer assembly.  

These will be used by those who are on a tight budget option and simply want a full assembly kit. This will certainly save them a good deal of money and time. We know that tracking down every single part can be a challenge. This 9mm AR 15 buffer can also cost a lot of money.  

One of the things that can be improved on this 9mm AR buffer is making it so it can be one of the closest things you can get to a universal assembly. This supports 9mm AR-15 pistols, however it can have the potential to support more AR 15 9mm buffer AR-15 pistols that come with different calibres on your 9mm AR buffer. 

If you’re looking for an assembly kit that is made to last and easy to install on your 9mm AR buffer, the Foxtrot Mike AR-15 9mm Receiver Extension Assembly can very well be your best possible choice. Especially if you want the entire assembly all present and accounted for. This is perfect if you’re looking for a suitable upgrade or if you are building an AR from the ground up.


2. Spikes Tactical ST-9X 9mm Heavy Buffer SLA009X

Spikes Tactical ST-9X 9mm Heavy Buffer SLA009X


A lot of recent buyers are satisfied with this buffer overall. It was very affordable for most budget ranges and definitely makes for a solid unit for heavy-duty 9mm AR buffer AR-style firearms. Especially the ones with the 9mm caliber on your 9mm AR buffer. Recent buyers also say that they like the overall performance and reported no jamming or dependability issues after 100+ rounds on your 9mm AR buffer. 

Now, we take a look at the 9mm AR buffers that compares with the heavy hitters. This is made from stainless steel and is solid as a rock in your 9mm AR buffer. Despite it being a bit heavier in feel, it does have its advantages. As the matter of fact, it will absorb a lot of recoil and shock much better than your regular 9mm AR buffers. 

Obviously, this will be best used by people who have AR-style pistols and 9mm rifles that will pack a good deal of punch. That way they will require a heavy buffer that can handle all that energy. This may be the closest that they are going to get when it comes to “tough and affordable”. 

Despite the fact that it has a good deal of weight, it may add a peripheral amount to your rifle or pistol overall. One thing that can be improved with this would be to include a spring that can have the ability to handle this 9mm buffer in particular. Not all regular 9mm buffer springs are able to handle the weight of this specific 9mm buffer.  

If you’re looking for something that is built tough and doesn’t suck the life out of your budget, then you’ll definitely want to give the Spikes Tactical ST-9x Heavy 9mm Buffer a consideration. It’s heavy in weight and it is heavy duty. That means it’s made to last and built to take on whatever recoil your AR can dish out.


3. Luth-AR 9mm Carbine 9mm Buffer Assembly

Luth-AR 9mm Carbine Buffer Assembly


This is another easy to assemble kit that can be put together relatively quickly. Most recent buyers have little to no trouble assembling it or adding it on to their 9mm AR-15 pistol or comparable firearms. One buyer said that the inclusion of a 9mm AR buffer tube was more than enough to get him to buy it. The 9mm AR buffer tube is even strong enough to handle all kinds of pistol braces for your 9mm AR buffer in stainless steel. 

This kit has the aptitude to handle the heavy-duty carbine-style AR pistols and rifles. Once again, this has all the parts you need to fully assembly the 9mm AR buffer system for convenient installation. Great choice if you’re using it for a 9mm AR 15 pistol or an SBR. Either way, it can take on some multiple instances of shooting for your 9mm AR 15. 

This will most likely be used by those who are target shooters or competition shooters. Specifically, this will be a fan favourite among many 9mm AR-15 pistol owners and even a handful of SBR shooters. The parts are strong enough to handle numerous episodes of shooting. Even during an extended shooting range day, it can handle the load of a 9mm AR buffer and 9mm AR 15. 

Despite no obvious disadvantages, this assembly kit should only be used for carbine-style 9mm AR-15 pistols. The odds of this working with pistol length gas systems are not approving. So err on the safe side and use this if you are aware that your 9mm AR is a carbine-style AR. 

While the focus is on a 9mm AR buffer spring, you get a pretty solid spring with the whole entire kit to spend. If you’re looking for a pretty decent kit assembly for carbine-style 9mm ARs, make no mistake that this is the best possible choice for you. This can handle the heavy duty stuff that a regular pistol length gas systems may consider too much to handle.


4. Spikes Tactical 9mm AR Buffer Spacer

Spikes Tactical 9mm Buffer Spacer


A lot of recent buyers are in search of a 9mm AR buffer that can reduce a great deal of friction. This spacer is made to prevent any reliability issues within the 9mm AR buffer assembly. It also plays a role in making sure that your 9mm AR buffer is working properly and is able to handle the recoil and shock of every shot. 

A spacer is a must-have part of your 9mm AR buffer assembly. We can say with confidence that without it, the 9mm AR buffer assembly is not so much impractical but rather it will make firing your AR a little more uncooperative operation weights product. This spacer is made from high-quality materials that can stop some of the shock-related with recoil. 

This will be used typically by 9mm AR-15 pistol and SBR owners. Either way, it’s a 9mm AR buffer spacer that can be used for all kinds of applications and purposes. It will also be used by those who are just looking to install a 9mm AR buffer assembly and be ready to fire off their rounds all on the same day. 

One of the improvements that’ll be great to make is to ensure that it’s measured properly to fit all kinds of 9mm AR buffer tubes. That way, it’ll save a lot of time and frustration for gun owners who may spend time making modifications to ensure a perfect fit. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality part that is important to the buffer assembly, then this Spikes Tactical 9mm Buffer Spacer may be exactly what you’re looking for. It will do its part in making the 9mm AR buffer work properly while reducing a good amount of shock that can otherwise throw your shot off.


5. Armaspec Sound Mitigation AR-9 Buffer – ARM158-9

Armaspec Sound Mitigation AR-9 Buffer - ARM158-9


Recent buyers of this 9mm AR buffers are happy with the installation process of these best 9mm AR buffers. It only takes several minutes and the right kind of tools. This saved them the time and money that will otherwise go towards a professional gunsmith. As soon as it is installed, the firing ability is solid and cycling is smooth and reliable. No jamming or any related issues are reported. 

This already has the buffers and the spring itself pulled together and ready for action. Aside from all that, you can bet that this will possibly be one of the easiest buffers you’ll install on any 9mm rifle or pistol. Other than that, it’s a solid little unit with a whole lot of durability when standing up to recoil. 

This will have the ability to take on multiple rounds of gunfire. In layman’s term, it will be tough to handle the recoil repeatedly. So this will quite likely be a choice among target shooters and competitive shooters since they are more likely to go through rounds after rounds. This will last a good while as long as you take excellent care of your 9mm AR-15 pistol 9mm AR 15 buffers. 

While there are no obvious disadvantages and cons to report, some recent buyers have reported receiving an incomplete set of parts that comes with this. If your buffers arrives with missing parts, you’ll need to contact customer service from the store of where you have bought it.  

If you’re looking for a 9mm AR buffer that is seen as one of the best of the bunch, you will be hard pressed to find something as reliable and tough like this Armaspec Sound Mitigation AR-9 Buffers. This will certainly work to your benefit whether you’re using a 9mm AR-15 pistol or rifle of your own.


6. Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm 5.4 oz Carbine Buffers Assembly w/ Carbine Buffers Spring

Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm 5.4 oz Carbine Buffer Assembly with Carbine Buffer Spring


Most of the recent buyers have little to no problems with the installation process of this buffers tube. As soon as it is installed, the shooting ability is smooth and doesn’t jam through 100 yards. One recent buyer even mentioned that he even noticed a slight reduction in recoil impulse. However, it is not enough to his liking since he didn’t have other accessories to make it less noticeable. Most buyers used this for either their Colt or Glock pistols and are able to fit them with little to no problems. 

One of the things that made it stand out is that it’s a lightweight unit that adds little to no significant weight to the rifle itself. Other than that, it’s slightly lengthier than some buffers with springs. This will work with some of the best types of pistols there is on the planet. Even in the heart of the Glock vs Colt debate, there is a buffers that treats these pistols alike. 

For obvious reasons, this will be used by those who may either have a Glock or a Colt 9mm AR-15 pistol. However, don’t consider it the only pistol you need to use this. It’s the best in terms of compatibility. However, if you’re a target shooter or a competitive shooter looking for solid buffers to work with, then this can be what you are looking for. 

Nothing out of the ordinary, but the spring itself may be a little stiff to move about. It can be a good thing when it comes to handling recoil but it shouldn’t be mistaken for being unproductive or even useless. Lightening the spring a bit without risking the quality may be a worthy improvement. 

If you’re looking for a practical alternative to the previous Armaspec buffers, then this Angstadt may be the closest thing to it. It’s a little longer than its Armaspec counterpart and will definitely work to your advantage in applications where you are going through magazine after magazine of your favorite 9mm rounds. 



The bottom line is that if you’re looking for 9mm AR buffers, then one of these buffers suggestions we have listed can be yours. Find one that is great in quality and delivers on the promise when it comes to reliability. The higher the quality, the better the chance it will last you many years or even decades. Regardless, this will certainly boost your firing ability a lot better than your standard, run of the mill buffers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Ideal Weight of Buffers? 

It will depend on the gas system that you’re using. For instance, if you’re using carbine buffers then the ideal weight for the buffers should be approximately 3 ounces in weight. Heavy buffers will be a bit heavier by at least one ounce (4 ounces).  

What Material is Best for Buffers? 

There are 3 kinds of materials that are high in quality but are made to make buffers durable and less likely to break easily. Most buffers are made from aluminum, but can also be made from either tungsten or steel. Of the three, steel is established to be the toughest compared to the other 2.

Why Should You Get The 9mm Buffet Kit?

To answer that, you must realize the importance of 9mm AR, which is also known as AR9 or 9mm AR 15. Firstly, it can allow greater recoil reduction than an AR 15. Next, AR9 is an excellent home defense shotgun which is more compact as compared to a carbine. Besides that, an AR9 can be used as a truck gun because it is lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, you should invest in getting a AR9 where naturally, you’d get the 9mm buffet kit as well.

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