The Best 7.62×39 Rifles in 2022 – Reviewed

Best 7.62×39 Rifles FI

If you’re looking for the best 7.62x39 rifle, then you’re in the right place. A 7.62x39 rifle is one of the best rifles if you want something that will give you unbeatable firing power that works for a wide variety of applications. 

The Purposes of 7.62×39 mm Rifles

Here are some of the best uses for a 7.62×39 weapon:

Home Defense and Tactical

This is a good option when dealing with multiple attackers or prowlers during a home defense situation. The projectiles produced by this powerful gun to deliver a great deal of stopping power to stop almost any enemy target. 

Target Shooting

It is no secret that many AR style weapon users enjoy spending their days at the range shooting at targets. Other than casual shooting, there are also some that join shooting competitions and will likely hold accuracy of a much higher standard. Hence, many will prefer to get a 7.62×39 mm gun to help them achieve better accurate shooting at various ranges. 

Hunting Larger Game Targets

The 7.62×39 mm rounds are larger and travel at much faster velocities to help you tear through the thick skin, bones, muscle, and hide of a big game target. It is so powerful that it can even knock down a game that weighs as much as 550 pounds, making this the perfect option for people who want to knock down a deer or an elk. 

The Types of 7.62×39 Gun List

AK Style Rifles

The AK style rifles has a long stroke gas piston action, the build quality is amazing and crucial AK 47. Hence, AK style rifles are incredibly reliable and durable as compared to modern rifles.

AR-Style Rifles

AR style rifles are chambered in 7.62×39 which gives you the best of both worlds but this is subjected to your usage and purposes.

Large-Format Pistols

These large format pistols were originated from the 7.62×39 pistols or better known as AK pistols invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov which are indestructible. These semi auto pistols are easily accessible, which can be purchased from Zastava Arms, Sig Sauer, Century Arms, and Palmetto State Armory.

Bolt-Action Rifles

The bolt action rifles are remarkable because it is equally on par in relation to the range though it may lose out on capacity and mobility as to AR AK. Besides that, these bolt action rifles can be difficult to hit for some gun owners.

The Important Features of a Good 7.62×39 mm Rifle

Here are a few characteristics and aspects to consider while you’re out on the hunt for a new 7.62×3 9mm gun to accompany you on your next adventure:


Most magazines have a capacity of 20 rounds and these are pretty handy for most applications. However, you’ll need to note that such weapons will also be made for different style magazines and these foreign magazines can also deliver the same jam-free reliability that you find in standard 7.62×39 mm magazines.


The first thing you may notice on these types of rifles is the top rails that come along with them. The main purpose of these rails is to provide shooters with plenty of customization options, meaning you can easily attach your favorite scope or optic onto your gun with no trouble at all.


Obviously, the price will hold greater significance for shoppers on a budget. However, you need to remember that the overall quality of the weapon is just as important, if not more. As a general rule of thumb, you should get the best quality gun that you can afford. It may even be worthwhile to fork out a little bit more money to get a much more reliable rifle than to settle for something that is cheap in price and quality. 

The Best 7.62×39 Rifle List in 2022 – Rated and Reviewed

We have finally gotten to the interesting part of our article. Here is a list of the best 7.62×39 rifles you can find on the market and their respective reviews. 

1. Ruger Mini Thirty 7.62×49 Rifle with Flash Hider

The Ruger Mini 30 is a classic 7.62×39 mm gun that is a legendary and uniquely compact weapon with the M4 battle rifle as the base model but in .223 Remington. This ruggedly designed hunting rifle takes on the awesome 7.62×39 cartridge as the caliber became more widely available and it even comes at just the right weight for “run-and-gun” scenarios during self-defense or tactical cases. The Ruger Mini Thirty also features sturdy and durable construction to take on frequent bumps and bangs without getting beaten up. 

The Mini 30 also delivers the benefit of offering 5 round magazines standards (in addition of 10, 15, and 30 rounders capacity) and does not always come with a pistol grip which results in this semi auto being out of the definition of a potentially banned “assault rifle” in many states. 

This is a good gun that you’d expect to see used by law enforcement and military personnel. Other than providing accurate shootings during stressful situations, the rifle even works as a good choice for target practice. Whether you’re getting this firearm for professional or casual use, this high value gun is more than just an average budget rifle. 

The bottom line is that the Ruger Mini Thirty is a reliable and accurate rifle that works under adverse conditions but a suggestion to improve its handling is to make the sight a little smaller so that it won’t obstruct your field of view. 

If you need a reliable and accurate weapon that won’t break your bank, then the Ruger Mini Thirty may just be one you’re looking for. This durable 7.62×39 rifle offers extremely high value at such a budget-friendly price.


  • Flash hider ensures noticeable recoil reduction
  • Excellent for Home Defense Use
  • Durable stock
  • Reliable feeding and shooting 


  • Bulky sight
  • May not be suitable for long range shooting

2. ARAK-21 XRS Complete Rifle

One thing that stands out to us with the ARAK 21 XRS is that it features a high quality sight to help you shoot accurately. We were genuinely surprised to see a factory issued sight as good as this. It really works to boost your shooting experience instead of letting you down.

The ARAK 21 XRS rifle works flawlessly in almost any kind of application including target practice, home defense, tactical, or even hunting. This is one of the best multi-purpose rifles chambered in 7.62×39 calibers. Although the fun may be a little heavy with integral quad rails, if you want to go with a piston like the AK, the ARAK-21 may be the one for you. 

While this rifle does not have any noticeable cons, one minor suggestion that could possibly improve it is for the company to include additional pins and bolts just in case one of them becomes faulty – something that does happen to even the best rifles. 

With a set of reliable optics, the ARAK 21 XRS Complete Rifle is one of the best total package rifles that you can get your hands on. With its accurate shooting and jam-free operation, the precision rifle leaves very little room to want more for a multi-purpose rifle like this. 

3. PSA Gen2 KS-47 16” Carbine-Length 7.62×39 Nitride Classic RIfle

The PSA Gen2 KS-47 16” Carbine-Length Gas System 7.62×39 Nitride Classic RIfle is easily one of our best overall options as it sticks out as the type of rifle that will deliver top performance in almost any application you can think of, especially with a price of most decent standard AR 15s. 

Considering the rifle’s slightly shorter length, you can trust that this is one of the best rifles for highly intensive situations where you’re required to move around in smaller spaces. The rifle offers a suitable length to ensure it doesn’t hit the walls or get scuffed up in the process. 

As mentioned above, the PSA Gen2 KS-47 16” Carbine-Length 7.62×39 Nitride Classic RIfle is suited for almost any application. But more specifically, this rifle excels at big game hunting and casual target shooting as it lets you hit targets from long distances. Another great thing worth mentioning is that PSA offers this rifle in several configurations which includes a braced pistol version and a 10.5-inch barrel.

While this rifle delivers amazing all-round performance, one part that could be improved is its charging handle. We’ve gotten several complaints that the charging handle on this rifle is a little longer than usual which might also lead to several snagging or reliability issues. Another thing is that this rifle does not feature a last round bolt hold open thanks to AK 47 mags. 

If you’re on the hunt for a 7.62×39 chambered weapon that performs the best in a variety of applications, then the PSA Gen2 KS-47 16” Carbine-Length 7.62×39 Nitride Classic RIfle may just be what you need. On top of delivering a good deal of fire power, this solid rifle can even fit various AK magazines to make things more convenient for you. 


  • Solid construction
  • Can shoot very tight groups
  • Can hit targets as far as 200 yards out
  • Includes a muzzle brake to reduce recoil
  • Ambidextrous design


  • Long charging handle

4. PSAK-47 GF3 Forged MOEkov Rifle

The PSAK-47 GF3 Forged MOEkov Rifle exudes a classic AK-47 rifle design that will be perfect for those who enjoy classic styles. Other than its beautiful design, the rifle’s finishing is also quite eye-catching. However, the finishing isn’t there just for looks, it actually works to protect the rifle from scuffs and abrasions. 

This tough cookie will mostly be preferred by casual and competitive target shooters. However, its use is not only limited to the range, the PSAK-47 GF3 Forged MOEkov Rifle can be counted on no matter the application whether it is for home defense and tactical purposes. The rifle delivers a good deal of firepower to effectively help you deter anyone who invades your personal space. 

This one is yet another weapon that does not come with any obvious cons. However, one improvement that can be beneficial for shooters is to include some sling swivels to allow shooters to free up their hands for other important tasks such as looking through binoculars or scopes. 

The bottom line is if you’re looking for an AK rifle that is the closest thing to a classic AK47 style weapon, then the PSAK-47 GF3 Forged MOEkov Rifle may just be it for you. This powerful rifle is chambered in 7.62×39 rounds to deliver superior performance in a variety of applications. 


  • Tough build
  • Aesthetically sharp finish
  • Can be zeroed in after initial use


  • Does not include sling swivels

5. PSA Gen2 KS-47 10.6” Carbine Length 7.62×39 Nitride Classic Shockwave Pistol

The PSA KS-47 is a shorter version of the 7.62×39 rifle with its compact design that ensures it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. If you need a rifle that offers space saving, then this could be one of the best choices to consider.

The gun gives you a 1:10 twist rifling but with a mid-length gas system and a low profile gas block to accommodate its lightened M-Lok rail to let you attach whatever accessory your heart desires such as pistol grips and optics. Personally, a 1-6x scope or a good red dot and flashlight may be good choices for a home defense setup. 

The PSA Gen2 KS-47 10.6” Carbine Length 7.62 39 Nitride Classic Shockwave Pistol is a good rifle for hog and varmint hunters as one of the best hunting buddies for smaller critters, but it probably won’t work very well for larger animal targets like a deer. Even with the open sight, this rifle works to deliver reliable and accurate shooting.

An improvement that we can suggest to make this rifle even better is to make sure that the sight included is perfectly aligned before releasing it to the market. This will help to reduce the risk of not being able to zero your rifle properly. This small improvement can work wonders at helping you improve your rifle’s MOA accuracy. 

If you want a compact rifle that will help you hunt down wild hogs and small critters, then the PSA Gen2 KS-47 10.6” Carbine Length 7.62 39 Nitride Classic Shockwave Pistol may just be worth a second look. Although it’s small in size, this hunting rifle has the potential to be one powerful unit for the applications you need it for. 


  • Works with all kinds of AR style magazines
  • Both upper and lower receivers had no wobble
  • Durable build can handle high pressure applications
  • Tight shot groupings


  • Not suitable for long range shooting
  • May have issue with charging handle initially
  • May require additional lubrication

6. Windham Weapons SRC

Since the 7.62 39 rounds became widely popular among shooters in the United States, there have also been obvious efforts to match the increased knockdown potential of the cartridge with the accuracy of an AR platform. This is where Windham steps in with their SRC.

This rifle offers all the benefits you’d typically see in an AR rifle such as a direct impingement gas system, chrome lined barrel, light handling characteristics, and an adjustable stock, all with the punch of an AK.

However, one downside to this is that the 7.62 39 ammo has a uniquely sloped body that requires a continually curved magazine such as the AK. Since the traditional AR magazine wells are straight, this has caused the 7.62 cartridges to point below the chamber during feeding and may lead to jams. With some tinkering and use of cartridges with self lubrication like brass or nickel, you’ll quickly notice that this gun will be able to deliver top notch performance. 

7. Arsenal SAM7 SF 84

This rifle approaches the AR / AK bridge from the other end with upgraded and premium components. Arsenal has added new Bulgarian parts to the rifle with Steyr made chrome lined barrel and a positive reset trigger. 

A Soviet style scope mount has even been included with a receiver mounted system instead of the typical method of mounting to the cover. The rifle stock is also designed to be slightly longer since many shooters have found that the standard mil spec AF rifles have a shorter length of pull (LOP). 

The AK rifle was designed to be cheap and disposable but with proper machining from a professional gunsmith and close attention to details, this could easily be turned into a quality battle rifle that many may find hard to beat. 

The rifle comes in three variants: the 83 with black polymer furniture, the 84P with plum-colored polymer stock, and the 84R with an aluminum quad stock for additional options mounting. All versions come with AK 47 style muzzle brake and can even accept all standard AK 47 magazines. 

8. Arms International Red Army RAS47

This 7.62 39 caliber rifle meets all the standards of a semi automatic AKM that can be owned legally in the US with chrome barrel and stamped receivers. The weapon comes with a left side scope mount on the receiver and factory-made bolt hold open on the selector or dust cover to ensure safe operations. 

The RAS47 has an enhanced RAK-1 trigger group that delivers a clean break instead of a squishy trigger. Another upgrade that came with this weapon is its T shaped mag release that is designed for slapping with a second mag in the squick style swaps. 

Of course, the rifle also features a new common poly pistol grip with ergonomic finger grooves for a better and more comfortable grip. Those who enjoy customizing their weapon will love that the standard furniture and slanted muzzle brake offer aftermarket add ons to suit personal preference. 

9. IWI – Galil ACE SAR

The original Galil rifle brought the best of both worlds from the AK and AR platforms, but IWI’s latest Galil ACE SAR bolt action rifle goes in a new direction all on its own. This 7.62 39 rifle operates off standard AK mags instead of having to pair it with a proprietary magazine, making it suitable for feeding off battlefield pickups and other cheaper mil surplus magazines. 

You’ll also be able to see a full-length Picatinny rail, an adjustable folding stock and comb length, and a left hand bolt handle. Overall, the ACE SAR is a battle rifle that has been designed to correct any shortcomings seen by rifles before it. The milled receiver even offers much less torque while firing that is often seen in rifles with stamped steel receivers. 

10. CMMG MK47 Mutant

CMMG has successfully merged the accuracy and performance of the AR with an AK magazine to create a complete hybrid between the AR and AK platforms. Since the 7.62 39  cartridges require constant curvature, the ammo is then pointed directly towards the chamber instead of below the breech. 

The MK37 Mutant is the only rifle that has the squared section of the magazine well removed so that the weapon can accept AK magazines. This magazine plus the manufacturer’s proprietary bolt has been designed to feed both mil spec and commercial ammunition with equal efficiency and dependability. 

AR rifle shooters who are on the hunt for the knock down the capability of an AK round will find themselves hard pressed to find another set up that offers better performance than this hybrid. The weapon even comes with free floating keymod rail and the ability to accept AR platform furniture upgrades to offer the perfect combination of Western and Eastern military functionality, durability, and reliability. 

11. Ruger American

With the growing popularity of AK 47 hunting rifles (since it has similar ballistics to a 30-30), the application of the bullet into a hunting bolt action rifle has been explored by Ruger. The manufacturer then creates an American model rifle to fit the popular 7.62×39 cartridge with a proven design of the Marksman adjustable trigger and threaded cold hammer forged barrel. 

With this firearm, you won’t ever have to worry about getting a proprietary magazine. The American rifle also has reported to feed and function with mil surplus steel cased ammunition, working to boost Ruger’s reputation for being able to take a serious beating. 

Ruger American Ranch gun comes with an ergonomic, lightweight composite stock that combines a classic look with some modern forend contouring grip serrations. The Marksman Adjustable Trigger mentioned earlier delivers a crisp release with a light pull weight of 2-5 lbs. Not only that, but it also uses a full diameter bolt body and dual cocking cams to ensure smooth, easy cycling from the shoulder.

The threaded barrel in the American firearm is cold hammer forged to ensure ultra-precise rifling that delivers nothing short of exceptional accuracy, longevity, and easy cleaning. 

Lastly, the weapon’s rotary magazine fits flush with the stock and provides smooth feed to make it one of the most impressive hallmarks of Ruger’s rotary magazines. All in all, this weapon is a top notch option for a shooter who is seeking durability and reliability. 


The best 7.62x39mm rifle is out there and whether you want to get a new rifle for hunting or self defense reasons or maybe It’s time to add another 7.62×39 rifle to your collection, we are confident our list above includes some of the best models and products you can find on the market. 

Hopefully our article today has given you some insights on the current market offerings and given enough information and comparison knowledge for you to make a well informed decision before you purchase. Just remember to not only look at the brand but check the company’s credibility and reputation for creating reliable and durable weapons. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 7.62x39mm caliber the same as .308?

No, 7.62 39 mm is not the same as .308 calibers as the 7.62×39 is measured at 39mm length while the case length of a .308 is slightly longer and is measured at 51mm in length.

What is the difference between 7.62×39 caliber and 5.56×45 caliber?

The difference between 7.62×39 and 5.56×45 by the numbers include the following:

7.62×39 bullets are bigger

5.56×45 bullets are faster

7.62×39 can load a bigger powder charge while the 5.56×45 can take on higher pressure

Is the 7.62×39 mm the same as .300 Blackout?

No, the 7.62×39 mm cartridge is not the same as the .300 Blackout although their lengths are identical. They’re different in terms of other characteristics such as velocity with the 7.62×39 round slower than the .300 Blackout. 

Why is the 7.62x39mm always compared to the .223 Remington or 5.56×45 NATO?

The 7.62×39 mm is always compared to the .223 or 5.56×45 NATO because of the similar cartridge size. However, the 7.62×39 mm is shorter in length but larger in diameter. 

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