Best 1911 Triggers (2022) – Rated & Reviewed

Best 1911 Triggers

Finding the best 1911 trigger is by no means an easy task simply because of the thousands of options available on the market. However, some may be excellent in terms of quality while others are simply cheap models that will only disappoint you. If you are looking for other parts, have a look at our detailed reviews here.

To help you out, we have hand-picked the six best 1911 triggers you can get your hands on now for a better shooting experience. However, before we get into it, let’s touch a little bit on the benefits of upgrading a 1911 trigger as well as a few important aspects to consider when picking out the best 1911 triggers. 

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Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger

Most Recommended Option

1. Polished bow
2. 90-grain weight
3. Made from aircraft grade aluminum

Nowlin – 1911 Drop-In Trigger Job

1. Easy installation
2. 3.5 pound pull weight
3. comes with hammer, main spring, sear, disconnector, and sear spring

8.5/10SHOP NOW
Greider Precision – 1911 V-Series Match Trigger1. Super lightweight
2. three-hole design
3. Made from aluminum
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Harrison Design & Consulting – 1911 Extreme Service Trigger1. Stainless steel bow
2. Features a natural silver DLC finish
3. Has a stop screw to eliminate overtravel
7.0/10Currently unavailable
Wilson Combat 1911 Short Pad Trigger1. 80-grains weight
2. Matte silver finished pad
3. Made from aircraft grade aluminum
7.0/10Currently unavailable

Advantages of Upgrading To The Best Aftermarket 1911 Trigger

If you are one of those that find their factory-installed 1911 trigger is usually more of a disappointment, then you’ll be glad to find out the advantages and benefits of upgrading to a new and improved trigger. Here are a few benefits you can expect to get:

Better Accuracy

Believe it or not, but the quality of a trigger pull will actually play an important role in the overall accuracy of your gun. While an upgraded barrel will definitely help you in one way, a trigger with a pull weight of six pounds and a lot of creep won’t do you any favor, especially if you hold accuracy to a high standard. 

Reduction in Finger Fatigue

Having a trigger pull with a heavy weight will lead to trigger finger fatigue, which is something you might probably have experienced after extended shooting sessions. 

Better Trigger Security

It is never a good thing to have a loose or sloppy trigger. You should make sure that your 1911 trigger movement feels secure in place yet offers a smooth pull. 

Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best 1911 Trigger Kit

Although there are thousands of 1911 triggers on the market, you can’t just choose one right off the bat. You need to actually consider a few factors that will determine whether the 1911 trigger you’ve purchased is gonna last you a long time or just break apart after a few rounds of shooting. So to prevent that from happening, here are a things that you can consider before making your purchase:

Trigger Pull Weight

The pull weight is always an important factor to consider. A light pull weight means you’ll be able to quickly get a shot off in a short amount of time, which is why competitive shooters are a prime group of gun owners that would prefer something with a light pull weight. 

Ease of Installation

Most gun accessories on the market now come in as “drop-in” types, which is a super easy installation process. Although some tool usage may be required, you do not need gunsmithing skills to install it. Likewise, a non-drop-in trigger design will require a more difficult installation process that may be difficult for someone without decent gunsmithing skills. 

Review of the Best 1911 Triggers

1. Greider Precision – 1911 V-Series Match Trigger – The Best 1911 Trigger Overall


The Greider Precision 1911 V-Series match trigger features a skeleton design that’s engineered to be lightweight and to help reduce recoil in your 1911 handgun. This is definitely one of the best 1911 skeleton triggers available on the market. It is a lightweight, competition option that helps owners keep drag and pull weight to a minimum to ensure smooth trigger movement engagement and quicker return. 

For those familiar with the Videki Speed Trigger, you might just be surprised to find that the Greider Precision V-Series Match Trigger is able to deliver the same proven design that made the VST an industry standard. The 1911 trigger’s extra stiff, high-strength bow is machined from Class A Videkki tools and 400 series stainless steel for ultimate durability. 

As for the shoe, it is CNC-machined from top quality aluminum billet with a slightly oversized left for custom fitting. The purchase also comes with stop screws to eliminate any possibility of overtravel. As mentioned earlier, this is a skeleton trigger that comes with three holes designed to keep it lightweight. 

The Greider Precision Match trigger is the best option for those looking for a lightweight trigger that’s also durable. Since it fits with a lot of 1911 guns, you might just find yourself ordering a few more triggers for your other 1911s. This 1911 trigger also comes in two different designs for customers to choose a model that best fits their style and preference. 

You would like this if:

  • You want products with a smooth action. 
  • You don’t want to creep.
  • You prefer a trigger with a crisp break. 
  • You want a trigger that fits well with most pistols. 

You might not like this if:

  • You have larger hands. There have been several reports where users have complained about it being too small. 


2. Harrison Design & Consulting – 1911 Extreme Service Trigger – The Runner-Up Trigger

The Harrison Design & Consulting 1911 extreme service trigger is a lightweight option that comes with a solid pad. It also has a stop screw used to eliminate any kind of overtravel. So, if you’re looking for a drop-in model that is easy to install, the Harrison Design & Consulting 1911 might just be the right 1911 trigger for you. This is certainly the type of product you’d want to have on you if you’re a shooter that wants to run their gun hard, yet expect consistently smooth and precise trigger pull every single time.

The 1911 extreme service trigger features a solid aluminum shoe that ensures a comfortable, natural finger placement to prevent any uneven pressure that could possibly throw off your gun’s accuracy. You would also notice a smooth, curved face on the 1911 extreme service trigger with radiused edges designed so that your fingers don’t get abrasions. 

The trigger even gives you a choice of shoe lengths to let you set the desired length of pull that concentrates the pull force on the trigger centerline. The shoe itself, on the other hand, is permanently staked to a non-flex trigger bow of hardened stainless steel that features a mirror-polished finish surface to eliminate friction produced from the frame. 

The bottom line is that the Harrison trigger is a pretty good item to have. It is a lightweight and perfect trigger for those who want to get in some extended sessions without causing abrasions to their thumbs. This thing is very easy to install and has a very sturdy build, offering a good choice if you want a model that is crisp and has no creep at all. 

You would like this if:

  • You want a 1911 trigger that is very easy to install.
  • You want a sturdy trigger bow. 
  • You like something with excellent quality and finish

You might not like this if:

  • You don’t have gunsmithing skills. This 1911 trigger might require some filing and fitting. It may also require heavy stoning in order to fit some guns. 

3. Nowlin – 1911 Drop-In Trigger Job – The Best 1911 Drop In Trigger Kit


Next on our list is one of the best drop-in 1911 triggers on the market. This is definitely the one to go for if you want one that is easy to install. This Nowlin 1911 drop-in trigger requires little to no fitting and goes into your pistol with a clean breaking, ultra-smooth, professional-quality product. 

Not only does this trigger easily fit with most 1911 models, but it certainly works much better than the factory-installed ones. The hammer and sears are double heat-treated for maximum durability. At 3.5 pounds, the length of pull is light enough to make it a perfect choice for those who plan on using their 1911 for home defense purposes. A light pull weight also means a quicker shot, which is important when defending yourself from attackers. 

This is the one trigger where no one has ever and will never complain about fitting, making it one of the easiest item to install on the market. While there are hundreds of 1911 triggers out there that claim to be drop-ins, sometimes it may not necessarily be the case. So, if you want a drop-in model that will not bring you any problem, then the Nowlin is the one for you. 

You would like this if:

  • You want to install a trigger with little to no fitting required. 
  • You want a reliable and light pull weight. 
  • You prefer a trigger that’s made in the U.S.A. to guarantee excellent quality. 

You might not like this if:

  • None


4. PSA 1911 Trigger 3 Hole Aluminum

The next trigger on our list that’s up for review is the PSA 1911 Trigger 3 Hole Aluminum that’s crafted from aluminum for a very durable and damage/scratch resistant construction. The PSA trigger is a strong, lightweight model that is tough and also safe to use, making it the perfect trigger choice for those building their own 1911 pistol. 

Overall, gun owners and enthusiasts who love to take on the task of building their own guns from scratch would favor this 1911 trigger instead of purchasing a brand new one. If gun building is your hobby and your current project is 1911, then you should definitely consider the PSA 1911 trigger as one of your best possible choices. Since this 1911 trigger is lightweight, you can expect a very light pul lweight with little to no creep. 

You would like this if:

  • You want a trigger that fits most 1911 pistols. 
  • You want trigger products made from aluminum that’s guaranteed to be strong and durable. 
  • You need an ideal trigger choice for gun owners into building a 1911 gun project.

You might not like this if:

  • None

5. Wilson Combat 1911 Short Pad Trigger – The Best 1911 Trigger for the Money


Now, we have one of the best 1911 triggers for those shopping on a budget. However, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality and settle for only cheaply made products. Cheap triggers are not the best when it comes to quality, so it’s advisable to opt for the best 1911 trigger that you can afford. This is where the Wilson Combat 1911 short pad trigger comes in as the best 1911 triggers you can afford. 

This trigger weighs just over 80 grains, making it super lightweight. The pad is also made from aircraft quality aluminum to ensure it is a highly durable item that will last you a while. Considering how affordable this is, we do find the Wilson Combat 1911 quite a steal. 

The pad features a matte silver finish while the bow is hardened with stainless steel that is resistant to scratches. In fact, the bow is even polished to reduce bow-to-frame friction and an overtravel screw that can be adjusted easily for precise adjustments. 

The Wilson Combat brand is considered to be one of the most trusted brands among gun owners and enthusiasts and it’s not hard to see why. It is not surprising to see the manufacturer live up to its reputation in making top-quality gun upgrades for their customers with this short pad trigger. For high-quality trigger products at a price you can afford, the Wilson Combat is definitely one of the best 1911 triggers out there. 

The bottom line is that it would be very hard to beat a trigger much like the Wilson Combat, considering the price it comes at. The aircraft-grade aluminum used to make this trigger is the toughest, most durable material there is for gun parts. 

You would like this if:

  • You want a trigger that fits most 1911 guns.
  • You need a quality trigger that is tough to break or damage. 
  • You want a light pull weight that is perfect for competitive shooters. 

You might not like this if:

  • You want a trigger that does not require any fitting. This trigger may need to be sanded down if it doesn’t match your desired measurement. 


6. Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger – The Best Flat 1911 Trigger

Last on our list is yet another product from Wilson Combat brand is the Wilson Combat 1911 Ultralight Match Trigger. And the name doesn’t lie, weighing at 90 grains, this really is an ultralight trigger that doesn’t compromise on quality. In fact, the weight helps enhance the trigger’s performance. 

Since it’s so light, the trigger gives users a very crisp feel when they pull it. The trigger is also constructed with a stainless steel bow from hardened material to ensure frame friction is reduced. To better enhance the design and appeal of the trigger, the Wilson Combat 1911 ultralight trigger comes with a 3-hole design – one that is often synonymous with the manufacturer. 

Although most 1911 triggers do require little to some fitting, you’ll be happy to find out that this trigger is one of the easiest to install that won’t take you too long. Once you’ve set this up, it is immediately ready to be used and you’ll instantly feel the difference between this and the original factory trigger. The lightness and smoothness offered by this 1911 trigger are like no other. 

This is a great trigger to own if you’re tired of having to deal with loose or sloppy factory models. Although this product is lightweight, it does a great job of getting rid of any looseness and sloppiness in your old model. 

Overall, the Wilson Combat brand has been proven to be a trusted brand for many gun parts and continues to prove the same with their 1911 triggers. You’ll not only get a lightweight trigger but also a tough one for your gun. If you are in need of a high-quality trigger with a light pull weight for quick and accurate shots, then you should definitely give the Ultralight 1911 a try. 

You would like this if:

  • You want a trigger with a three-hole design.
  • You need a good trigger for your pistol building project. 
  • You want a trigger made from hardened material on the bow.

You might not like this if:

  • You don’t want a trigger model that requires fitting. 
  • You don’t want a trigger with a lightweight trigger. 


Finding the best 1911 triggers don’t always have to be a challenge, even with thousands of options available on the market. With some time and research into online reviews, we are confident that you’ll be able to find one to ensure a much better gun performance and function. When you’re looking for the best 1911 trigger, remember to consider the factors and unique features of each model before making the final decision. A quality trigger should not only improve your accuracy but also enhance the overall function of your 1911 gun. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install a 1911 trigger?

Below are some instructions that you can follow to install a trigger on your 1911 gun:

  1. Remove the slide and slide barrel while concentrating on the frame.
  2. Remove the grips.
  3. Punch out the pin and remove the mainspring housing. 
  4. Remove the grip safety.
  5. Take out and set aside the sear spring.
  6. Remove the larger of the two pins that hols the hammer and hammer boon in place. Then remove the smaller pin that holds the sear and disconnector. 
  7. Remove the trigger bow by disassembling the magazine release. 
  8. Slide your choice of the trigger through the back of the frame and be sure to move it back and forth to see if it can move freely. The more freely it moves, the better. 
  9. Replace all the parts in reverse order. Start by replacing the magazine, then test the trigger movement. Once you’re all clear, replace the parts in reverse order of which you disassembled it. 

What Are The Differences Between Flat Trigger and Curved Trigger Kit?

The trigger system comes in different variations such as the flat trigger and curved trigger. These aftermarket triggers serve its own distinct purpose and usage.

Firstly, curved trigger is more comfortable for your finger position. Furthermore, the curved trigger kit is shorter in the middle of the trigger blade than at the top or the bottom. This would allow ease of finger placement. Besides that, the flat trigger is equipped with more flexibility for finger placement. The trigger pull is always consistent regardless the finger contact. Moreover, many people tend to opt for this aftermarket trigger especially those with hands smaller in size as flat trigger could reduce the trigger pull. Also, this trigger mechanism also allows your trigger finger to move easily so you’d gain more control over the finger pull.

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