Best Walther PPK Grips in 2022 – Evaluated

Best Walther PPK Grips

Walther PPK is a popular pistol thanks to its appearance in James Bond movies and has even been given the name “Bond Gun”. Who can ever resist the image of Sean Connery holding a Walther PPK and throwing the famous line of “The name’s Bond, James Bond.” ? Aside from being a classic firearm with a retro design to it, the Walther PPK is also a highly concealable and its accuracy is considered the best among handguns that many can rely on.

If you happen to be a Walther PPK gun owner, you’re definitely going to need the best Walther PPK grips to help you improve its overall handling and performance to bring it in-line with the latest handguns. In today’s article, we will be learning more about the benefits of having a high-quality Walther PPK handgrip as well as a review on the best Walther PPK grips available on the market.

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Hogue Walther PPK Pistol Grip Coco Bolo

Most Recommended Option

1. Textured grip for firm handling
2. Suitable for larger palms
3. Beautiful wooden design to boost overall aesthetics

Hogue Walther PPK Pistol Grip Rosewood1. Made from durable and high-quality Rosewood
2. Heat and scratch-resistant
3. Well-made to suit the gun perfectly
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Hogue 04810 Walther PPK/S & PP Grip Coco Bolo1. Wooden grips with classy finish to improve aesthetics
2. All-brass installation hardware that does not corrode or rust
3. Smooth and non-textured grip
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve1. Cobblestone texture to offer perfect grip
2. Comes with patented innovative shape, proportional finger grooves and ambidextrous palm swells
3. Convenient slip-on design
8.5/10SHOP NOW
DOXICON&NOMIX Resin White Ivory Walther PPK1. Made from polymer resin for smooth lustrous finish
2. Precisely molded to match Walther PPL
3. Beautiful ivory finish offers unique design
8.0/10Currently unavailable

Benefits of Getting a New Walther Hand Grips

New grips have fairly obvious benefits, especially if you’re been struggling with a worn out or broken grip. A new grip can renew your love for the Walther PPK as it gives you better control of recoil. 

Good Fit

A new Walther PPK grip serves as a good replacement for handguns with broken grips, which is a fairly common problem with many PPK owners. In addition to that, you may also find that getting a PPK grip will definitely help if you’re facing problems and are not getting a comfortable fit. 


A good aftermarket grip not only improves the overall performance and handling of your gun, but it also improves the accuracy of the shooter. The gritty rubberized grips are especially great for people with sweaty hands or are often involved in strenuous defense situations. 


The Walther PPK is a classic retro handgun that many people often keep as a collector weapon. Although these hand guns are not so relevant for EDC/CCW use, many people still spend plenty of effort and money to improve their aesthetics. And this is where a new Walther PPK grip can help to improve the appearance, considering they’re a large external component. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing Walther PPK Pistol Grips

Here are a few aspects that you should take into consideration when out shopping for new Walther PPK grips. 

Personal Taste

Aftermarket PPK grips are widely available on the market and they come in a variety of materials. Hence, choosing a grip for yourself will be highly dependent on your personal preference and choice of material. Some may prefer the cushy feel of rubber grips while others may opt for harder materials such as wood. 

Texture and Finishing

Aside from aesthetic purposes, an aftermarket grip such as those made with rubber and feature a dotted surface or wooden grips with a checkered finish like the OEM grip offer a neat and balanced texture for better handling. 

Fitting and Installation

You’ll also need to consider the PPK grip you choose has been designed to tight tolerances and is able to suit your handgun without requiring any modifications. Remember to check that the size should not alter the thickness of the PPK grip and should still feel comfortable holding the gun. Another aspect to take into account is to get a grip that is easy to install such that you don’t have to pay a professional just to get it onto your Walther PPK. 

Review of the Best Walther PPK Grips 

1. Hogue Walther PPK Pistol Grip Coco Bolo – The Best PPK Grip Overall



  • Color: Cocobolo
  • Finish: Checkered

The Hogue Walther PPK Pistol Grip comes with outstanding quality and finish, making it a worthy replacement for your handgun, given its price and class. Although the grips may be a little on the pricey end, they do work amazingly to complement the appearance of the gun and will last for many years to come. 

The Hogue grips are perfect for almost any PPK owner. Regardless of whether you happened to have cracked your original PPK grip or just simply planning to get a new grip to boost the overall appearance of your handgun, these grips make for a great choice for almost any application. 

Our research has shown that buyers were very impressed with the quality and finish of these grips as well as being easy to install to give the handgun an entirely new finish. Aside from a high-quality construction, Hogue also offers prompt and helpful customer support to answer any questions you might have. While several customers have commented that the PPK grip is a bit thicker than usual, so far it has not caused any problems. 

Overall, the Hogue grips for Walther PPK are one of the best quality grips available on the market. Not only does it improve the appearance of your PPK and make it look brand new, its checkered surface feels exactly like the factory default grips and you won’t even notice any significant change with this on. 

You would like grip this if:

You want to have larger hands and want firm handling. The Walther PPK grip comes with a textured PPK grip for firm handling and is also suitable for people with larger palms. 

You want to improve the appearance of the gun. The beautiful wooden design/craftsmanship and textured grip to boost the overall aesthetics of the gun. 

You want a model with a good fit. The grips are custom made to fit the Walther PPK perfectly. 

You might not like this grip if:

You’re shopping with a tight budget. While this is one of the best wood grips available, they do come with an expensive price that may not suit those with a strict budget.


2. Hogue Walther PPK Pistol Grip Rosewood – The Runner-Up



  • Color: Rosewood
  • Finish: Checkered

Made from an expensive and fine hardwood, the Rosewood ensures that you have a durable and sturdy grip that will last for many years. This is especially true if you handle them with proper care. Other than that, the grip even gives your Walther PPK a classy look that will suit almost any user. 

If you are someone with soft non-sweaty hands, then this wood grip will be the perfect option for you. Bearing a smooth, non-textured finish, this PPK Rosewood grip is ideal for improving the gun’s appearance while offering a smooth grip to the user. However, one thing’s worth noting is that these handgun grips are not very suitable for rugged use in harsh conditions as it may wear out the finish. 

Customers have reported that the Hogue grip is very well made and makes an amazing fit for the gun. They were also happy to find that the grip features brass nuts and can be installed quite easily without any special tools. However, certain buyers noted that the grip hole might require some adjustments that could easily be made with a needle file. 

The bottom line is that the Rosewood grip is a durable and beautiful option for the Walther PPK as long as you take good care of it. The smooth surface feels soft on the palms while gripping and makes for a suitable alternative for gun collectors or enthusiasts, EDC, and other non-rugged applications. 

You would like this grip if:

You want durable grips. The wood grips are made from durable and high-quality Rosewood for enhanced longevity. Other than that, the grip is also made to resist heat and scratches. 

You want a model with a good fit. The wood grips are well inletted and feel good to the hand. They’re also well-made and suit the gun perfectly. 

You might not like this grip if:

You want something low-maintenance. Unfortunately, to maintain such a delicate material, the grip requires regular maintenance and proper handling. 


3. Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve – The Best for the Money


This affordable Hogue grip has been made from a soft rubber and insulation material. The grip also features a slip-on method design to not only let you keep the OEM grip but it also works to protect its finish. The grips are also best at enhancing your grip over the gun while the finger grooves help with ergonomics and the cobblestone texture finish feels quite smooth on the palms. 

These grips are perfect for those who want a no-fail full-size grip on their PPK, especially for CCW, EDC, and SHTF purposes. The grip also makes the OEM grip much more ergonomic and easier to handle, making it ideal for people with big palms. 

Users raved how great the PPK grip is thanks to its tight fit, good stability, and easy installation. While some users did mention that slipping this onto their gun does take some time and effort, the gun instantly instills confidence in the shooter once it’s successfully installed. The grit texture on the PPK grip is also helpful during strenuous situations plus the price makes it a complete no-brainer for many to purchase. 

The bottom line is that these PPK grips are rubberized, low-price, and interchangeable to improve the overall handling experience with the Walther PPK. The PPK grip even comes with finger grooves and cobblestone texture for better shooting comfort while also being able to be installed/removed with ease without any tools. 

You might like this grip if:

You want a good grip. The grips have a cobblestone texture to offer the perfect grip. The grips are also scientifically designed with patented innovative shape, proportional finger grooves, and ambidextrous palm swells for comfortable handling. 

You want an easy installation. The grips feature a convenient slip-on design that lets you easily place it over the existing OEM grip. 

You’re shopping with a tight budget. These grips come with a super inexpensive price tag and are easily interchangeable with other handguns, making it a great alternative for anyone who does not want to burn a hole through their wallet. 

You might not like this grip if:

You want to use them instantly. While they work great, they may take some time to get used to it.


4. Hogue 04810 Walther PPK/S & PP Grip Coco Bolo – The Best Walther PPK Wood Grips For Sale



  • Color: Cocobolo

If you’re looking for the best quality wooden grips for your Walther PPK or PPK/S, then this may just be the one for you. Not only is the installation fairly easy, but it features a smooth surface that works to protect your hands from scratching. Despite being made from wooden material and comes with all-brass installation hardware that does not corrode or rust, the accessory is surprisingly fairly priced to suit all kinds of budget.

The Hogue Walther PPK/S grip is perfect for anyone who needs a smooth and non-textured grip for their PPK/S gun. The plain wooden finish also boosts the aesthetics of the gun plus the grips are easily customizable in case you need to make any modifications to it. Overall, these grips are suitable for range use and general plinking purposes. 

Recent buyers were pleased to find that these grips make a good insert for the Walther PPK and feels very soft on the palms, despite the checkered grips. However, some users did report that they had to make minor adjustments to the grip’s dimension to get a nicer fit. Nonetheless, such modifications were simple and did not require too much effort. 

All in all, the Hogue grips are made entirely from wood with a classy appearance and looks quite beautiful. It certainly works to improve the overall appearance of the gun. On top of the nice finish, these grips also come in handy if you’re planning on changing the look of your PPK handgun or just prefer a non-textured PPK grip to suit your soft palms. 

You would like this grip/product if:

You want an easy installation. The grips are easy to install and can be modified if required.

You want a good grip. The grips are soft on the palms and fit perfectly well. They also improve palm swell to suit larger hands.

You want your gun to look better. The wooden grips have a classy finish to boost the aesthetics of your gun. 

You might not like this grip if:

You have slippery hands. The grip’s surface is not textured hence may feel too smooth and slippery for some. 


5. DOXICON&NOMIX Resin White Ivory Walther PPK – The Best Walther PPK Ivory Grips

These Walther PPK grips stand out from the rest all thanks to its aesthetics. These grips are without a doubt one of the most beautiful grips available and will work to improve the appearance of your Walther PPK exuberantly. The grips have also been molded with a polymer resin to deliver a very smooth lustrous finish, all at very fair pricing for the average buyer. 

These grips are perfect for anyone who wants to beautify their Walther PPK handgun. While the grips do not serve any tactical or functional purpose very well, they do an amazing job of letting you boast around the range with your PPK. 

Buyers loved that these polymer ivory grips feature a good design/craftsmanship and serve their purpose really well. Not only are they beautiful but they’re well-made from precisely molded polyester to match the Walther PPK without requiring any special tools or precautions for installation. Overall, the customers seem to be very satisfied with the quality and price of the PPK grip. 

The bottom line is that these Walther PPK ivory grips have been precisely machined to tight tolerances and function to beautify your Walther PPK to envious levels. On top of a very nice finish, the PPK ivory grips are aptly priced and can last you for many years if kept and used properly. 

You would like this grip if:

You’re shopping with a tight budget. These ivory grips come with a super inexpensive price, making it a great choice for anyone who does not want to burn a hole through their wallet. 

You want an easy installation. The ivory grips can be easily installed onto your handgun with a simple screwdriver.

You want to improve the appearance of the gun. The beautiful white ivory finish offers a unique look to boost the overall design of the gun. 

You might not like this grip/product if:

You want a rugged PPK grip. These ivory grips are mainly designed for cosmetic use and do not work well in harsh conditions. 


The Walther PPK is a classic bond gun firearm that is quite rare and better characterized as a collector’s item. Since these guns are not suitable for CCW applications, the grips reviewed above are mainly designed to improve the handgun’s appearance and overall performance of the Walther PPK. 

Hopefully, today’s review on the best Walther PPK grips has provided you with enough details and recommendations on which are the best Walther PPK grips available on the market for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Walther PPK a good Gun?

Yes, Walther PPK is an excellent firearm option which has been very popular among all the handguns on the market for its reliability and durability. Given the latest technology, research and development, there’s more attractive and aesthetics designs which are available to cater wider crowd of potential gun owners. As such, this is definitely a trusted handgun though it may seem obsolete.

What is the Difference Between PPK and Walter PPK/s Grips?

The PPK/s is the shorter gun grip as compared with PPK which are longer pistol grips. These pistols grips were invented as per Gun Control Act of 1968 as a compliant handgun which can be imported in the United States. The PPK/s gun grip weights slightly over an ounce more than the PPK aftermarket grips and holds an additional round within its magazine.

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