Best Walther P22 Magazines (2022) – Reviewed

Best Walther P22 Magazines

Finding the best Walther P22 magazines for yourself can be a challenge sometimes. However, if you own a Walther P22 pistol and may be getting tired of the factory default magazines, then you’ll probably know what you want in a new magazine. You may find the best Walther P22 magazine search easy for you if you have a solid basic understanding of how a magazine works. 

Your Walther P22 pistol is perhaps one of the best pistols for concealed carry and it is also known to best for home defense purposes. While it’s not like the kind James Bond uses in his movies, it’s still a small concealable pistol that can be reliable whenever you need it the most. Yet, you will certainly need a magazine to provide you with a good amount of firepower. 

That’s why we have put together some of the best Walther P22 magazines that will best fit your Walther P22 pistol best. Before we get started on the list, we will talk about what size magazine is ideal and perfect for your pistol and what characteristics make a magazine for this pistol better than the rest of the other choices. If you are looking for the other upgrades, you can have a look here.

Magazines Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Deal
P22 Q .22LR 10rd Nickel Plated with Finger Rest

Most Recommended Option

1. It can fall to the ground freely and not damage when it hits the hard surface
2. Reliable feeding, no jamming to speak of
3. Super sturdy and durable construction

10/10 SHOP NOW
Walther P22 .22 LR 10-Round Magazine

Premium Option

1. Super durable, it can take on a lot of impact
2. Excellent as a factory replacement
3. May be a little pricey for some, despite being affordable for most

9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Wingman” +5 Magazine Bumper for Walther® P22 1. Indestructible
2. Excellent for concealed carry and target shooting
3. Spring might make reloading difficult sometimes
9.0/10 SHOP NOW

The Ideal Sizes for the Best Walther P22 Magazines 

The short answer: it depends really. It will depend on the capacity of rounds your magazine can hold. Some Walther P22 magazine options with a larger capacity tend to be a little longer in their length. If there are lesser rounds, the size will be much shorter for obvious reasons. The size will depend on your personal preferences and how many rounds you think is perfect for you.

If you’re a concealed carry user, the standard capacity will be adequate. If you are a target shooter or competitive shooter, then more rounds may be a good idea and therefore may warrant a longer size. 

Criteria: What Makes a Great Walther P22 Magazine?

There are some characteristics that will allow a magazine to stand out above the rest of its peers. Granted, a lot of magazines that are fit for the Walther P22 are available on the market. However, a handful of these magazines may not even hold a candle to the top suggestions that we’re about to review and recommend to you for your ultimate Walther experience. Here are some of the characteristics you should look out for before deciding it is the best magazine for yourself: 


While it may not be a solid characteristic, a great magazine can come at an affordable price for most gun users. The main thing you need to pay attention to other than the price tag is the Walther P22 Magazines’ overall quality and performance. Always stand by the rule of finding the best quality that is within the affordable range for your budget. Never skip over on the quality because of a cheap price tag. 


Manufacturers always search for the best materials that will make sure your magazines last a very long time. Everything from the inner workings to the exterior must be in pretty decent shape so it can last a long period of time (as long as you take great care of it). For instance, most magazines will be made from a mixture of polymer and steel. These two materials are established to be the toughest and most durable materials in the business.  


How many rounds do you really need? Which application will work the best for your pistol? These are the questions that you’ll want to be asking yourself while choosing for yourself a magazine. Again, it comes down to your personal preferences. However, if you’re using it for an application like competition shooting, then you’ll probably need to find one that will have more rounds at your disposal.  

3 Best Walther P22 Aftermarket Magazine Review – Our Top Picks

 Below is our list of some of the best Walther P22 magazines. As you look through our suggestions, be sure to know about the characteristics and features that make them stand out. Your goal here is to look for the magazine that will best fit the criteria of your perfect Walther P22 magazine. If you have found one that is close enough to your description, you’ll know for sure that you’ve got the best on your hands. Now, let’s begin by kicking off our list with our mini guide list:

1. P22 Q .22LR 10rd Nickel Plated with Finger Rest

P22 Q .22LR 10rd Nickel Plated with Finger Rest


A lot of recent buyers of this Walther P22 magazine are satisfied with the magazine. The overall quality is one of its best features. It’s solid and has the capability to take on all kinds of abuse and impact. Especially when it free falls and smashes the surface. They also are happy with the ease of reloading. One of the users said that he wasn’t disappointed with the reliability of the magazine itself.

This is a small, compact magazine that will definitely last you many years or even decades to come. It’s almost everlasting, which is a major plus point for our criteria for choosing the best magazines. The magazine will be one of the most concealed carry friendly magazines that you can ever find on the market. That’s because it doesn’t swell out and make it look like you’re obviously carrying something under you.

This will be a magazine that will be a great choice for concealed carry users. They’ll usually put it to use just in case they have to (for example – self-defence situation). However, they can always use it for target shooting sessions for the fun of it or consistent tune-up. You’ll have ten rounds at your disposal no matter what your situation is.

Despite no major disadvantages, one thing to be aware of is that these magazines may be a little difficult to disassemble or unassemble for maintenance. That’s why it will need some patience while performing these tasks. However, don’t let that hold you back from getting a magazine like this (or others on our list).

This Walther P22 magazine is super tough and will handle all the rounds you’ll need in a concealed carry use. With its compact size and great capacity, it will be hard to say no to a magazine that will give you a good amount of firepower.



2. Wingman +5 Magazine Bumper for Walther P22

Wingman +5 Magazine Bumper for Walther P22


Most recent buyers are Walther P22 users looking for a simple magazine extension that are able to give them more rounds. They have found it in the Wingman magazine bumper. One of the users mentioned that it took him just a few minutes to install without much trouble. He also mentioned that he was surprised by how many rounds he was able to add on to his magazine.

This magazine extension may be a good choice for you if you’re not too pleased with the idea of having a 10-round magazine. So why not make one with 15 rounds instead? This is a small, compact, and durable little unit that will give you a little more firepower than any other magazine on the market. There may be magazines with a 15 round capacity, but it may not be the best for many users. So they’ll have to settle with an extension that can easily fit on a typical magazine.

This will be put to good use by gun users who are looking for nothing more than a few extra rounds for their P22 Walther magazines. It may also be a great addition for someone who wants to turn their pistol into a competition quality and level kind of firearm. With that many rounds at your disposal, you will be wise to add more for your additional magazines.

This ought to be improved to fit all Walther P22 pistols. They seem to have no issues with fitting the more modern types, however the older models will be a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, it should only be fair for all Walther P22 magazine users to have more rounds at their disposal if 10 rounds isn’t enough.

If you are looking for something that will give you a boost in your magazines, then this Wingman magazine extension will most likely be the one thing that you’ll need to take your magazine capacity from 10 to 15 in a matter of a few seconds. No other magazine on Earth can match the additional firepower compared to a magazine equipped with this little unit.



3. Walther P22 .22 LR 10-Round Magazine

Walther P22 .22 LR 10-Round Magazine


Most Walther P22 magazine users are looking for a magazine that gave them the standard capacity of rounds for their pistol. However, there is only one catch: it has to be affordable and excellent in quality. This magazine fits the bill perfectly for them, especially for something that is measured as a factory replacement. Most users are satisfied with the overall reliability and feeding. Through 100 rounds, not a single magazine tested was stuck.

This is made from high-quality steel and is made to last. Expect this magazine to last you several years or even decades to come. On top of that, it’s a magazine that is impact proof. It won’t bust up all over the place if it were to fall freely from the mag well and hit a hard surface. All this best quality into one affordable magazine? How can you possibly say no to that?

This is a magazine that can likely be used across many applications. Expect this to be a favorite among many concealed carry and tactical shooters. This magazine is the perfect size for most users who are looking to keep their pistols as concealable as possible.

While there isn’t anything we can improve, we may throw in a little something to sweeten the deal for budget shoppers. A magazine extender can be something that can go nicely with this magazine. That way, if you’re not happy with 10 rounds, you can give it a bit more space to fit a few more rounds.

If you’re looking for a magazine that can be affordable and give you sufficient rounds for any application that your Walther P22 can take on, then this factory replacement magazine will be your best bet. Indestructible, compact, and reliable this magazine won’t drive you wrong for as long as you take proper care of it. 




The bottom line is that if you are looking for the magazine best fit for your Walther P22, one of the few suggestions we have listed above may be what you will need. Whether it’s for self-defense purposes or a day out at the range, having a reliable magazine (or multiple amounts) will be what you are looking for. These are the magazines that will not compromise your concealability but will also give you some excellent firepower when and where you need it the most.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Many Walther P22 Mags Do I Need? 

When it comes to magazines, having one may never be enough. So you should perhaps consider the idea of buying multiple magazines. The reason being that any one of them can end up jamming on you, especially when you are using it. You should carry additional magazines to make sure that you are prepared to switch one out in case disaster strikes. We have given you the best reasons for getting more, so you should totally take this into serious consideration. 

Do I Need an Extender? 

The standard number of rounds in a Walther P22 magazine is usually 10 rounds. That may not be enough for some users. If that is the case, it is best for you to consider buying a magazine extender so you can increase your Walther P22 capacity. If you don’t need one, then you can skip this product. 

Are These Walther P22 Magazines Conceal Carry Friendly? 

The Walther P22 magazine is by far one of the best magazines for your pistols that you can use for concealed carry purposes. You may not need a bigger sized magazine if you care about keeping it out of plain sight. That’s when you need to decide which magazine size is the best fit for you. If you are looking for smaller and more compact magazines, never go any higher than 10 rounds (with the exception of a magazine extension, which may retain the pistol’s size but with more firepower).

What Is The Best Walther P22 Magazine Capacity To Get?

The ordinary P22 magazine capable of holding about 10 round. However, aftermarket magazines allow higher number of rounds to be achieved such as 15 round magazines but there’s also the availability of extenders that increase a 10 round magazine’s capacity up to 15 round. Bear in mind that higher capacity of mags can extend further from the bottom of your handgun which could not be the best option for concealment and carry. 

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