Best Taurus G2C Holsters in 2022 – Our Picks

Looking for a good and reliable holster to securely hold your G2C pistol that won’t snag on you when you draw your pistol? With so many options on the market, we understand that it can get pretty overwhelming to pick one to suit your application. But before we head to the top best holsters for your G2C pistols, let’s go through a few important discussions first.

Holsters Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Modular Holster Starter Kit

Most Recommended Option

1. Sturdy and lightweight construction
2. Comfortable to wear
3. Easy assembly

10/10 SHOP NOW
CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster 1. Excellent choice for additional pistols
2. Fits most pistols other than Taurus G2C
3. Lightweight and durable construction
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster 1. Slim size for concealability
2. Fluid and smooth drawing
3. Available for right-handed and left-handed shooters
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Condor Vertical Shoulder Holster 1. Fully adjustable
2. Great for maximum concealability
3. Excellent for both right-handed and left-handed users
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
CYTAC OWB Holster for Taurus G2C 1. Durable polymer material that won’t snag
2. Nice and smooth pistol draws
3. Comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning
8.5/10 Currently unavailable
CONCEALED CARRIERTM Universal IWB Holster 1. Super durable material
2. Great option for competitive shooting
3. Available for both left-handed and right-handed shooters
8.5/10 Currently unavailable
Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed 1. Perfect fit for Taurus G2C pistols
2. No snagging during drawing
3. Works excellently for most applications
8.0/10 Currently unavailable
Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster 1. Comfortable fitting
2. Excellent for concealed carry
3. Leather does not feel too try with a genuine feel to it
7.5/10 Currently unavailable
LIRISY Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry 1. Great to wear for long hours
2. No skin irritation
3. Comfortable fit for most shooters
7.5/10 Currently unavailable

Types of Holster For Taurus G2C

There are actually three main types of holsters for you Taurus G2C that can be found on the market today. Each different Taurus G2C holster comes with one main objective, which is to offer you excellent concealability to make your pistol less noticeable to people around you. So, here are the three types of Taurus G2C holsters that are available as your next upgrade:

Standard Holster

These are the standard around your hip holster that users can clip or strap on. The waistband holsters come in a wide range of different designs that can be used to conceal your pistol either inside or outside the waistband of your pants. With adjustable straps, most standard Taurus G2C holsters will be able to fit any sized person.

Shoulder Holster

These shoulder holsters can be strapped around your shoulders and are located just below the armpit area for much easier pistol drawing of your Taurus G2C. Those who are involved in competitive shooting may favor this type of holster as it significantly reduces draw time to get shots off as quickly as possible from your Taurus G2C.

Ankle Holster

Shooters also have the option to strap their carry gun to their ankles for maximum concealability. These Taurus G2C holsters are generally made with durable materials, such as nylon or neoprene that won’t irritate your skin after long hours of wear. This type of Taurus G2C holster is great for self-defense situations as it minimizes the noticeability of your Taurus G2C.

How to choose The Best Taurus G2C Holster

You should remember not to just randomly pick just any holster off the shelf for your Taurus G2C. In fact, finding the right holster might take a bit of detective work and time as you will need to carefully examine each feature and compare different aspects of the holsters to see if it suits to your application. Here are a few things to look out for when purchasing a holster for your Taurus G2C.


Holsters are made with a wide range of materials – some better quality than others. There are plenty of holsters made from synthetic materials like nylon that will not rip or fray easily. The nylon is also not a loose fabric that can result in unwelcome snagging incidents.

Another material that makes for good holsters is leather. While leather is pretty durable, it does bring with it a different list of concerns such as making sure it does not get damaged during usage.


Obviously, you’ll need to set a range of budget that you’re willing to fork out to pay for your Taurus G2C holster. However, you must remember not to let price be the only factor when choosing your favorite Taurus G2C holster. You need to get a Taurus G2C holster that is reliable, good quality, and comfortable to use.

Sometimes, there may even be a possibility where you need to pay a little bit more than your expected price for something that with better quality. However, it is much better to get a higher quality product than to waste your money on a cheap holster that will disappoint you soon.


A good and reliable holster is often very important for those who practice daily concealed carry. However, you may also use a holster for carrying your pistol in areas such as the shooting range. Anywhere you go, having a good holster will be beneficial for you to carry your pistol safely.

The Best Holster For Taurus G2C 

Below is a list of the top holsters that are currently available on the market for you to keep your G2C pistol in.

1. Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Modular Holster Starter Kit


With the holster starter kit, you don’t just have to deal with a single holster, but you get an entire kit that comes with four different kinds of holsters, each of which are measured specifically to hold your Taurus G2C pistols securely. Other than your G2C firearms, the holsters can also hold small-sized pistols pretty well.

The Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Modular Holster Starter Kit will mostly be used by those who practice concealed carry. But it can also be used for carrying your pistols in both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. The holster is designed to minimize any possibility of snagging for a safety pistol draw.

However, one thing that can be improved about the Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Modular Holster Starter Kit is to possibly include an outer shell for better concealability. But it should also not be too bulky and anything too drastic. The outer shell should work to make the gun a little less obvious to conceal the firearm without getting too bulky or uncomfortable.

Customer Feedback

Many customers are very satisfied with their new holster kit purchase. Some found it super easy to attach the holster to their straps with very little assembly required. For the most part, customers commented that the holsters were comfortable to use and provide a secure fit for most pistols.


  • Color: Black
  • Holster Type: Appendix Holster, Inside the Waistband Holster, Paddle Holster, Belt Holster
  • Attachment / Mount Type: Belt Loop/Slot, Paddle, Belt Clip/Hook
  • Additional Features: Rigid Hard Polymer Belt Slide
  • Belt Width: 1.5”


If you need a good holster that is one of the best to keep your Taurus G2C pistol with you, then you’ll likely love the Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Modular Holster Starter Kit. Not only is it comfortable enough to use, the holster kit even comes with different holsters for different applications, whether you prefer IWB or OWB, but this holster kit also has it all.


  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Perfect fit for Taurus G2C pistols
  • Multiple holsters


  • Might be too bulky for some
  • May not be able to accommodate pistols with red dot sights attached


2. CYTAC OWB for Taurus G2C

One of the reasons why this holster is among the top holsters for your pistol is because of its polymer material. While most holsters are made from softer materials, the CYTAC OWB Holster uses hardened material to take on a whole lot more beatings and abuse. Other than that, harder material will also mean less possibility of snagging occurrence.

Additionally, the CYTAC OWB Holster is perfectly outlined to be in perfect alignment with your pistol. It features a trigger guard that will be in line with your pistol’s trigger to prevent any accidental shots and this is a very important feature especially if you carry a pistol on you.

The CYTAC OWB Holster will mostly be favored by everyday carry shooters as this holster comes with a very streamlined design for better concealability. The small-sized of the holster also means it is better suited for smaller pistols like the Taurus G2C.

However, the holster can be improved by making it easier to put on for most users by including a strap. By doing so, it’ll make adding on parts much less of a challenge for some users. Another method is to probably improve the clip so that it will become less of an issue for different articles of clothing.

Customer Feedback

Many customers are pretty satisfied with the streamline holster that isn’t too bulky. The holster was able to fit many pistols perfectly regardless of the size. Customers also noticed that they’re able to quickly draw their pistols from the holster without worrying about it snagging.


  • Material: Military Grade Polymer
  • Paddle: 360 degrees rotation adjustable with Allen Key
  • Package: Pistol Pouch, Paddle Part, Allen Key


The CYTAC OWB Holster is a good holster choice if you need to fit your pistol perfectly without making your firearm too obvious to the public. With a few tweaks, this holster is on its way to being the best holster available in the near future.


  • Nice and smooth pistol draws
  • Great fit for most pistols
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning
  • Excellent finishing
  • Durable polymer material that won’t snag


  • Might be challenging to put on
  • Might be a little bulky for some

3. CONCEALED CARRIER (TM) Universal IWB Holster

The CONCEALED CARRIER (TM) Universal IWB Holster can quite possibly fit into any pistol you can think of.  The holster is made of a soft and durable material that will be able to last you a super long time if taken good care of.

If you’re looking for a universal holster to fit most of your guns, then this might just be the closest thing you can find. This is the perfect holster to get for those who have multiple pistols at home and need one that can fit all of them.

Those on a budget will most likely use this holster, especially if you are a frequent visitor to the shooting range or if you use your pistol for self-defense purposes. This holster offers much quicker draw times to provide shooters with an advantage. Quick draw time means shooters can take a shot off much faster.

An improvement that can be made to the holster is to adjust the size a little bit to fit longer pistols. However, this isn’t a major issue for G2C pistol users as the holster can nicely fit smallest and compact pistols.

Customer Feedback

Many buyers were satisfied with their purchase as they found that they can draw their guns from this holster much quicker and smoother. However, there were a few complaints about snagging issues, but these incidents only occurs a small fraction of the time. The sturdy and durable holster material also makes it resistant to wear and tear and does not rip or fray easily.


  • Material: padded and breathable surgical grade elastic neoprene
  • Fit: sub-compact Glock 27 to full size .45 1911


If you’re under a tight budget and need a reliable holster to house your pistol when you go out, then the CONCEALED CARRIER (TM) Universal IWB Holster would make a perfect choice. It is specially designed to handle most pistols and not just your G2C for you to safely and securely carry your pistols with you wherever you go.


  • Super durable material
  • Quick drawing
  • Great option for competitive shooting and self-defense purposes
  • Extra compartment
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed shooters


  • Come complains about snagging
  • May not fit longer pistols

4. Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB)

One of the great things about the Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB) holster is that you can simply assemble it and have it ready for wear. It didn’t have a bulky design which makes it very easy to conceal your pistol as you carry it out with you. Other than that, the holster also does a great job of fitting more pistols without much issue.

This holster is perfect to act as a reliable pistol carrier for those who are pretty much done with their previous unreliable holster. Other than being a great place to hold your pistol as you go out, the holster also offers an additional feature of preventing your pistol from falling out as you walk.

A slight improvement to be done for the holster is to include a screwdriver with the holster itself. This would make assembly a whole lot much easier. Aside from that tiny issue, the holster is pretty great to use overall.

Customer Feedback

Many customers who have purchased the Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB) were happy with its ability to conceal their pistols without drawing in too much attention. The holster also did great to fit most pistols on the market with a pretty decent fit.


  • Fit: Taurus Millennium G2, PT111, PT132, PT138, PT140, PT145, PT745, and G2C
  • Carry Type: IWB for right-handed shooters and OWB for left-handed users
  • Material: Self-lubricating polymers


If you need a holster to make your concealed carry activity much easier than most holster with smoother drawing, then it’s not likely that you can find another holster that is as good as the Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB).


  • Perfect fit for Taurus G2C pistols
  • Great quality material
  • No snagging during drawing


  • May lack some retention
  • Some looseness

5. Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

This leather holster is something from the movies about the outlaws long ago and also the lawmen that would fight to restore order in the country. The old-school classic look of the holster gives it an evergreen design that can stand the test of time. So, as long as you take good care of your holster, the Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB) will be able to last you for many years to come.

This holster will mostly be used by those who love leather that doesn’t like it when their guns get snagged constantly. This will also be favored by those who want a little change from the typical holsters you see on the market. In short, this is the best holster for those who like to stand out.

One thing that can be improved on the Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB) holster is to include an optional strap for users to wear around their waist. This also means to make the metal clip to be removable for convenience as well. This way the holster will give the shooter the freedom to choose whether they preferred to use the strap or the clip -whichever is more comfortable for them.

Customer Feedback

Customers commented that they really love the genuine feel of leather and the fact that the holster also doesn’t snag as much as the rest. The holster gave the pistol a nice fit without too much room to wiggle around, running the potential to slip out. Overall, quality was pretty decent, and many users are satisfied as well


  • Material: Genuine USA Bullhide Leather
  • Fit: Most full-sized and compact handguns


If you want to break away from the typical design and need a holster made from genuine leather, then the Tactical Scorpion Gear Polymer Concealed (IWB) might just be the one you want. The quality material feels excellent to touch without sacrificing its functionality. In fact, it does pretty well for all your concealed carrying needs.


  • Comfortable fitting
  • Excellent for concealed carry
  • Quality material
  • Leather does not feel too try with a genuine feel to it
  • Designed to fit Taurus G2C pistols


  • Metal clip might have some issues
  • Some pistols might sit a little too low
  • Leather might collapse under the tension of the belt

6. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX


While it is originally designed to be an inside-the-waistband holster, it does not actually fit inside your waistband. Instead, it acts as an outside-the-waistband holster that will really work to conceal your pistol without attracting any attention. This is especially important as you might get awkward stares when someone notices you carrying a pistol with you.

The Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster functions great to keep plenty of pistols hidden, especially for those who practice every day concealed carry. This is definitely a much better alternative than those bulky holsters that draw too much attention from others. If you plan to carry your pistol with you everywhere, then it’s a good idea to get a holster that keeps it secure without making it look too obvious.

One improvement that can be done to this pistol is to find a better way to ensure that the safety does not disengage when shooters pull out their pistols or when placing them into the holster. Some design changes might be done to adjust the safety to prevent this from happening as it is important to practice gun safety.

Customer Feedback

Despite the holster sitting outside the waistband, many customers are actually quite satisfied with their holster purchase. The slim design made it great for most concealed carriers without making it look like you’re obviously carrying something, making it easily one of the best for concealed carry without drawing in too much attention.


  • Claw Compatible to Minimize Printing!
  • Adjustable Cant (-5 to +20 Degrees)
  • Adjustable ‘Posi-Click’ Retention – Hear a Satisfying Click when Holstered
  • Undercut Trigger Guard for ease of Draw
  • Over-cut Open-face to Accommodate Threaded Barrels
  • Accommodates Suppressor Height Sights
  • Full-Length Sweat Guard with Rear Sight Shield
  • Fiber-Reinforced Stealth Belt Clip so no one knows you are Carrying
  • All Black Oxide Steel Hardware with Threadlock
  • Made 100% Start to Finish in the USA by Americans using All American Made Machinery & Equipment
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


If concealability is the most important factor to you, then you should definitely have the Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster on your list. The slim design is great to ensure your pistol remains hidden and not bring any undue attention. This way you won’t cause others around you to feel intimidated just cause you’re carrying a gun.


  • Slim size for concealability
  • Fluid and smooth drawing
  • Durable material to withstand all kinds of abuse
  • Available for right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • Lightweight


  • Holster may rub against your skin while sitting down
  • Some sanding may be required
  • May accidentally disengage slide safeties while pulling the pistol out


7. CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster


If you’re not a fan of OWB, then this IWB holster will do great for you especially in providing better concealability. This is perfect for those who don’t want something clunky or something that is bulky. Another great thing about the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster is that it is made in super high-quality material and performance without the high price tag that comes with other similar holsters.

This holster will be an east choice for shooters who prioritize concealability. For those who do not want to cause any unintentional discomfort in others when they notice a pistol, then this holster will do a good job to help you hide your firearm. This holster features a streamlined design such that it almost makes you forget that you even have a pistol with you.

An improvement that we would like to see made on the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster is to adjust the size such that it is good enough to not accidentally disengage your pistol by accident. Accidentally firing off a shot is a potential safety hazard when carrying your pistol every day. So a change in size could just be the solution to curb this potentially dangerous issue.

Customer Feedback

Recent customers find that the holster works great to conceal their firearms inside their waistband. Whether you’re a fan of OWB or IWB, this holster offers you different methods to let you carry your pistol without drawing in too much attention. Most customers were able to carry their guns with them without too much issue with this holster.


  • Color: Black Cowhide
  • Gun Make: Glock
  • Material: Leather/Kydex
  • Holster Type: Inside the Waistband Holster


If you’re looking for a much better concealability than your typical oWB holster, then the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster will be the perfect choice to carry your Taurus G2C pistol. Regardless of your carrying preference, this holster will work perfectly to keep your firearm concealed and out of the spotlight. This is especially great if you don’t want your gun to become the subject of other people’s conversation or their reason to get intimidated.


  • Non-bulky design
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Excellent choice for additional pistols
  • Slim design
  • Fits most pistols other than Taurus G2C


  • Holsters might have some grip issue
  • Leather top cut might be a little too wide
  • May be a little bit harder to draw


8. Condor Vertical Shoulder


This holster is not your typical holster that fits around your hips. In fact, it provides another option of carrying your pistols somewhere other than your hips comfortably that also ensures concealability and to keep your firearm out of sight.

The CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster will most likely be favored by users who want to draw their pistols much faster than normal or those who do not want an ordinary waist holster. The shoulder holster is also a great choice for use during competitive shooters for much easier carry. Other than that, it helps reduce draw time much more significantly which can give competitive shooters an upper hand.

However, one thing that can be done to improve the holster is to make it slightly more adjustable to fit shorter shooters and women. Adding some fitting adjustments will improve the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster’s overall usability for everyone.

Customer Feedback

Many customers are happy with the easy adjustment to allow the shoulder holster to fit their body size. The shoulder holster was comfortable and easy to put on and take off without too much fuss. In terms of concealability, the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster did pretty decently as well as it was not too bulky to help make your pistol look much less noticeable.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 340g


If you want a holster around your shoulders without compromising on concealability, then the CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster might just be up your alley. Once you’ve got this setup, you’ll quickly notice how much of a competitive edge the shoulder holster can offer you.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great for maximum concealability
  • Excellent for both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Fits a wide variety of shooters


  • May not fit every shooter
  • Might feel uncomfortable for some
  • Adjustments might be stiff at first


9. Shaver Holsters Nylon Concealed Ankle Holster

It is generally uncommon to find an ankle holster, but they do exist. The Shaver Holsters Nylon Concealed Ankle Holster is perfect if you want to be as subtle as possible about carrying a pistol. The ankle holster also works great when you’re in close contact with a potential attacker, making it one of your best friends in a self-defense situation.

The Shaver Holsters Nylon Concealed Ankle Holster is best used for those who want concealment in a non-traditional holster. This ankle holster will mostly be used by shooters who want to have an advantage during a self-defense situation when they face a potential attacker or prowler at night.

One possible improvement that can be done to make this ankle holster better is to change the material to reduce the chaffing problem. Getting a material that is hypoallergenic can also make the holster suitable for use shooters with a sensitive skin. However, it should be noted that the material should not be one with the capability to trigger skin irritation after long hours of usage.

Customer Feedback

Most customers reported that their Shaver Holsters Nylon Concealed Ankle Holster is very comfortable to wear as an ankle holster. It was easy to put on and did not irritate the skin even after long hours of wear. Some customers even said that they prefer using this holster as it provides for maximum concealability for every day carry purposes.


  • Material: Neoprene with foam pad
  • Strap: Elastic retention strap with metal snap with an extra calf strap to keep the pistol in place
  • Design: Ambidextrous to fit both left and right-hand draw
  • Size: 15 inches or 17 inches


If you want a holster for the ultimate concealability, then Shaver Holsters Nylon Concealed Ankle Holster would just work perfectly for you. All you need to do is strap the holster on your ankle and be ready to use it when the situation calls for it. Other than concealability, the ankle holster also acts as a fancy way to keep your pistol secure without having to rely on a holster around your waist.


  • No skin irritation
  • No bulkiness
  • Great to wear for long hours
  • Great fit for Taurus G2C pistols
  • Comfortable fit for most shooters


  • Might slip for some
  • May heat up your ankle
  • Might be bulky for some


If you’re looking for a reliable and good holster for your G2C pistol, then it’s likely that concealability will be one of your top factors. Whether you’re carrying the pistol in public, in your home, or at the shooting range, you’ll need a good holster that you can rely on to securely fit your pistol without running the risk of slipping out. With so many holsters reviewed above, there are surely bound to be one that will fit your application that will last you for a very long time. If you are looking for some different upgrades, check out our review here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pistol holsters essential?

A good pistol holster is essential for shooters who practice every day carry. A holster is an important tool to securely store your pistol and it is much more reliable than any article of clothing. Another good reason to invest in a holster is that it won’t cause any snags while you draw your weapon from it.

A snagged weapon can put you in some potentially unsafe situations, which is why most states require you to get a reliable holster to ensure your pistol is safe and secure while you bring it out with you.

Will a plastic holster scratches my gun?

No, a plastic holster won’t scratch your gun, but a Kydex holster might have the potential to wear the finishing on your gun where it contacts. Since most plastic holsters only come into contact with the gun in a few locations, it will then concentrate the wear into spots and stripes.

What is Kydex?

Kydex is a material that has recently taken off in the firearms world to be used to make holsters. Kydex is an incredibly durable thermoplastic sheet that can easily be bolded in virtually any shape.

Are leather holsters bad for guns?

Although there are very nice-looking leather holsters available on the market for concealed carry purposes, they can sometimes be dangerous to use. Over time, the leather then softens and becomes more pliable. This then increases the possibility of the leather at the top to collapse when you draw your fun which will then make it more difficult and dangerous to re-holster your pistol.

How tight should my gun fit in the leather holster?

A tight new leather holster should get to the “Goldilocks – just right” size after a few sessions of breaking in. If they were made loose, to begin with, it’s likely that the pistol might fall out after the leather stretches from the initial use. So if you find that your leather holster feels a little tight, you should just continue using it until it has loosened up.

Can you shrink a leather holster?

Unfortunately, a leather holster cannot be shrunk. Leather can stretch but it will not shrink.

Can a gun goes off in a holster?

Guns won’t go off in a holster unless you accidentally pull the trigger. However, most holster designs come with a safety feature to prevent the trigger from getting pulled. Hence, firing a pistol while in the holster does not really occur.

How do you properly wear the Taurus G2C holster?

This depends on the type of holster you have decided to get, which is your dominant and non-dominant side, at what level is comfortable for your body. Here we discovered a pretty good visual and explanation on how you can wear or latch on the holster to your pants securely without worrying much.

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Holster For Taurus G2C?

There are many concealment options for your Taurus G2C but the best concealed carry holster goes to Alien Gear Holster ShapeShift Modular Holster Starter Kit for its reliability, easy to assemble and versatility. Besides that, this concealed carry holster comes with multiple Taurus G2C holsters which you can switch from time to time. This concealed carry holster can be an even better concealed carry if an outer shell is added to improve the level of comfort and concealability of your carry gun.

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