Best Snub Nose Revolvers in 2022

Best Snub Nose Revolvers

If you’re looking to get yourself a snub nose revolver as a concealed carry weapon, then you’ve come to the right place. A few things that you need to take into consideration when hunting through the revolver platform for the best snubbie for concealed carry purposes is that it needs to be compact and lightweight. As much as they might be small enough to fit your holster, snub nose revolvers are also known for delivering quite a punch. 

Unlike some revolvers, with its simple operation, minimum controls and rock-solid reliability, these mini wheel guns are great choices for self-defense applications as well. With so many companies adding cutting-edge materials and design on the market, we understand that picking out the best snub nose revolver can be complicated. Fortunately, we have shortlisted some of the best snub nose revolvers in this article for you to consider. 

Snub Nose Revolver Review : The Factors to Consider for a Good Snub Nose Gun

Finding the right snub nose revolver for yourself involves plenty of things that you need to take into consideration. Knowing what to look out for will help you decide which is a good revolver and which isn’t. Here are a few characteristics and criteria that you can look out for:


It is important for you to get a good quality revolver and this will mostly depend on what material it is made from. Steel and polymer are proven materials that ensure you get a better grip and overall durability. Despite a durable construction, one should also make sure to conduct regular maintenance, clean, and care for their firearm to reduce wear and tear. 


If you’re shopping with a budget, it is likely that you’ll place a large emphasis on the price tag. However, you should remember that it shouldn’t be the only reason to pick out a snub nose model. The goal is to get the best quality revolver than you can afford, even if this means forking out a little extra. 


Not every revolver comes with the same number of capacitities in their cylinder. Some may only have five while others may offer up to eight rounds of shots. Nonetheless, the handgun capacity is more of a personal preference and may also depend on your intended use for it. Generally, a larger capacity is better for those who intend to use their revolver for target shooting purposes. 

Top 13 Best Snub Nose Revolver Review

Without further ado, here are the top snub nose revolvers that you can get your hands on now. 

1. Rock Island Armory Spurless M206 

While the Rock Island is mostly known for their 1911 pistols, they do actually also manufacture two revolvers including a service-size .38 Special (the M200) and a snub nose version (the M206). The Spurless Model 206 snub nose revolver is a new model from Rock Island Armory. Designed for deep cover carry, this revolver comes in six rounds magazine capacity, 2-inch barrel length and features a full-length underlug and bobbed hammer to make it easy for pistol draw and concealability in the waistband or even in your ankle holster. 

2. Charter Arms Undercover Stainless DAO

Charter Arms’ .38 Undercover Stainless DAO offers plenty of performance in one compact and affordable weapon. Designed with a bobbed hammer, this snub nose revolver offers a snag-free draw while the double action trigger pull (DAO) snubbie also comes with a 2-inch barrel length and five-shot capacity to take on the .38 Special +P rounds. Not only that, but this light weight model only weighs 16 ounces with a full underlug under the barrels to protect the ejector rod from damage and a checkered black rubber grip for better comfort. 

3. Chiappa Rhino 20DS

Chiappa has completed a revolutionary revamp of their classic Chiappa Rhino wheelgun to produce the Rhino 20DS. This snub nose revolver has its barrel at the bottom to align with the lower firing chamber instead of having it aligned with the uppermost chamber. This not only gives it a reduced perceived recoil, but it also cuts down on the revolver’s muzzle flip.

In terms of construction, the Rhino 20DS features a hard chrome build that is chambered in the .357 Magnum cartridge. Overall, this snub nose revolver offers shooters an ultra-compact and powerful option with attractive finishes and short 2-inch barrel. 

4. NAA Sidewinder

The NAA Sidewinder revolver offers an interesting new take on its micro revolver design. Chambered in .22 Magnum with .22 LR conversion cylinders available, the NAA Sidewinder also makes it easy for fast reloading as it features a swing-out cylinder design instead of needing it to be removed for reloads. This compact snub nose revolver comes with a five-shot capacity, stainless steel construction, and a super light weight of a mere 6.7 ounces only.  

5. Charter Arms Undercover Lite

The Charter Arms Undercover Lite offers a reliable design that combines the .38 Special +P power with a compact and lightweight package. Made from a lightweight aluminum frame with a steel cylinder and barrel, this concealed-hammer snub nose revolver weighs only 12 ounces. 

This five-shot revolver from Charter Arms also sports a DAO operation system with low-visibility finish. Overall, this .38 Special +P is a comfortable revolver with finger groove grips. The rubber grips also make for better compact dimensions and enhanced control. 

6. NAA .22 Magnum

The King of Micro Revolver from North American Arms provides shooters with one of the smallest self defense revolvers on the market. The NAA .22 Magnum is a classic example of a rimfire snug nose revolver with a five-shot cylinder capacity. Manufactured from stainless steel, this single-action revolver has 1.12-inch barrel length with an overall length of 4.6 inches and 5.9 ounces in weight for deep-cover concealment. 

7. Rossi Model 46202

Next on our list is a model that is slightly larger than the other revolvers we’ve discussed. Despite its slightly larger profile, this is still considered as a compact model from Rossi. The Model 46202 delivers six shots of .357 Magnum cartridge in a very concealable package. 

The snub nose revolver is machined from forged steel for extra strength while the exposed hammer comes with a comfortable rubber grip with integral finger grooves and double action/single action (DA/SA) operation. On top of that, you also get a very attractive stainless steel finish round right out of the box. 

8. Ruger LCR

The Ruger LCR combines cutting edge and durable materials you’d typically get from classic wheelgun platforms to offer a snub nose revolver that is a perfect combination of traditional with ultra-modern. The Ruger LCR weighs only 13.6 ounces and is able to deliver five-shots of .38 Special +P cartridges. Not only that, but the snub nose revolver also features a polymer fire control housing, U-notch rear and a DAO operation system with concealed hammer. 

Ruger also claims that their Ruger LCR trigger ensures a smooth and non-stacking pull thanks to a friction-reduction cam. You can also find Ruger LCR variants with Crimson Trace or Hogue Tamer grips if you prefer. 

9. Smith & Wesson Model M&P Bodyguard 38 Crimson Trace

The Smith & Wesson Model M&P Bodyguard 38 Crimson Trace revolver features a small frame and a five-shot capacity to take on the .38 Special +P round. Just like Smith & Wesson Model 638, the DAO revolver features a concealed-hammer design that utilizes both polymer and aluminum in its construction to provide a lightweight and durable strength. 

With a short 1.9-inch barrel, the S&W model has an ambidextrous cylinder release and an integrated Crimson Trace red laser located on the right side of the frame, this .38 Special +P is one of the best short nose revolvers that you can get your hands on now. 

10. Ruger LCRx

Based on the popular Ruger LCR model mentioned above, the DA/SA action LCRx model features an ultra-modern wheelgun design and an exposed hammer. This is unique to the rest of the LCE line that comes with a concealed-hammer design, U-notch rear and Hogue Tamer grips. However, LCRx’s exposed hammer gives shooters the option of thumbing back the hammer for a light single action trigger pull. Despite the slight difference in design, the LCRx is still compatible with all standard LCR accessories that you love.

11. Smith & Wesson Model M&P 340 (J-Frame)

Yet another S&W Model M&P, this snub nose revolver is chambered for the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge and is one of the most advanced members of the popular J-Frame line. Made with a lightweight scandium frame, this snub nose revolver has a concealed-hammer design and features the DAO operation with a five-shot capacity.

In addition, the Smith & Wesson model has a 1.8-inch, aluminum-shrouded, stainless steel barrel also comes with an XS Tritium Big Dot front sight as this front sight has made it a lot easier for you to acquire your target. This lightweight J-Frame revolver weighs only 13.3 ounces and is ready to accompany shooters on deep-cover duty. 

12. Taurus Mini

The Mini Snub Nose revolver from Taurus combines the best elements you’d find in a snub nose revolver with the compact and powerful .380 ACP cartridge. With a shorter overall length thanks to the cartridge’s compact dimensions and a shortened cylinder and frame, this five-shot Taurus Mini M3801BULB Revolver delivers a great deal of power in a very small and compact package. 

This snub nose revolver also features an exposed, bobber hammer and DAO system of operation. 

13. Taurus View

The Model 86VTA “View” Model from Taurus takes the compact .38 Special wheelgun concept to the next level. The most visually distinctive element of this five-shot snub nose revolver is its Lexan side plate that lets shooters see the DAO mechanism in action. 

Other than that, the compact .38 Special snub nose revolver only weighs 9 ounces when empty with an ultra-short 1.41-inch barrel length and an abbreviated grip frame. Although it is only designed to fire off .38 Special rounds and not the higher pressured +P ammunition, the Taurus View provides users with one of the most compact five-shot .38s available. 

Best Bang for Your Buck – Budget Snub Nose Revolvers

Here are a few other budget options you can consider

1. EAA/Weihrauch Windicator

One example of the snub nose revolver is the Windicator that was made by German arms manufacturer, Weihrauch and imported by European American Armory (EAA). This compact revolver features a six-shot capacity of either the .38 Special or .357 Magnum rounds. 

The Windicator snub nose revolver can also come with either a 2-inch or 4-inch barrel and in either blued steel or stainless steel. 

Although the EAA/Weihrauch Windicator does not come with the pedigree of J-Frames, plenty of reviewers and gun owners have praised it for delivering good loads and offering the features and details you need in a carry gun for that price range. It may not be the best but it does work how it’s supposed to when you pull the trigger. Overall, this is a great choice if you don’t need all the features or an IDPA gun. 

2. Charter Arms Undercover, Pitbull, Bulldog, and Mag Pug

For many, when they think of getting snub nose revolvers in the lower price range, it’s likely that the Charter Arms models will come to mind first. Snubbies such as the Undercover and Bulldog have been in many stores and glove boxes for years. 

The model you pick will also depend on what you want as the Undercover is able to take on .39 Special +P rounds and are also available in DA/SA or DAO operation. The Bulldog is chambered in .44 Magnum Special, Mag Pug in .357 Magnum caliber while the Pitbull is chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, or the .45 ACP. If you like to have a snubbie with wood grips, then you can consider the Charter Arms Mag Pug. 

While they aren’t the prettiest of the lot, they do deliver good performance as snub nose revolvers. Not only that, but they’re also made in the USA, meaning you can make it go bang and trust their durability, simplicity and reliability. 

3. Rossi R35 and R47

Rossi is known for their lever-action rifles but they also do make several revolvers. And their snub nose revolvers include the R35 and R46 variant. The main difference between the R35 and the R46 is that one is chambered in .38 Special (R35) while the other is in .357 Magnum (R46). 

Both snub nose revolvers come in either blued steel or stainless steel versions with both cases having a five-shot capacity. Overall, the Rossi snub nose revolvers are known for being reliable and one of the least ugly revolvers in an affordable price range. 

4. Taurus 85

Taurus also manufactures a host of their own budget snub nose revolvers such as the Taurus 85 series. This is the Brazilian brand’s primary snub nose revolver design with four different variations all at a budget price range. The Taurus snub nose revolvers offer you five shots of .38 Special +P cartridges and are made in either blued or stainless steels. Some even feature a polymer frame.

Other than that, the Taurus snub nose revolvers also come in either hammered models or DAO models. A number of such revolvers even allow shooters to unscrew the hammer spur from the hammer. 

All in all, the Taurus offers more than 15 different snub nose revolvers (not including the Taurus Judge) and word on the street is that the Taurus models are some of the best revolvers on the market. Though it might take some time getting used to the cylinder release, the Taurus model is comfortable to hold in your hand and looks good too. 


The bottom line is that finding the right snub nose revolver that will suit you may require some time and research. Overall, snub nose revolvers offer great functionality, versatility, and ease of concealment. With a large variety of offerings available on the market, remember to keep your needs and preferences in mind as you are on the search for the best choice. We hope this list of best revolvers are going to be helpful and be mindful to take into account the reviews provided by gun owners or seasoned shooters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best revolver to carry concealed?

Some of the best revolvers to carry concealed include Taurus Raging Bull, Smith & Wesson Governor, Ruger Super Redhawk, North American Arms .22 Revolver, Taurus Protector, Smith & Wesson Model 442, Ruger LCR-22, S&W Model Bodyguard, Ruger GP 100, Smith & Wesson Model 638, Kimber K6S Kimber, Colt Cobra .38 Special, Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 Special +P, Ruger LCP Centerfire, and Rossi 352. 

Are snub nose revolvers accurate?

No, snub nose revolvers are not known for their good accuracy. The snub nose revolver’s small size and short sight radius does not let the weapon achieve target-grade accuracy, but with regular practice, many shooters are able to achieve reasonable groups and accuracy enough for the gun’s intended purpose. 

Are revolvers easier to conceal?

Yes, revolvers are easy to conceal and they are probably some of the easiest handguns for concealment. Unlike a semi-auto, while the cylinder may be problematic for some older models due the handle tends to jut out, you can opt for revolvers outside of IWB (inside the waistband) to make a revolver an excellent choice as carry guns. 

Are Snub Nose Revolvers Good for Self-Defense and EDC?

Yes, the best snub nose revolvers would makes a vast difference in self defense and EDC. This is because snub nose revolvers are often lightweight and designed to fit into conceal holsters easily. However, the recoil reduction may not be the best especially for avid gun enthusiast but you’d switch your caliber to .38 Special, .44 or .357 which could reduce recoil.

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