Best Scope Mounts For SKS Rifles (2022)

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The SKS rifle is a fairly renowned and loved rifle and its origin dates as early as 1943. It has been through many wars and conflicts, and it is still being used in present day. At the same time, the rifle is quite popular among huntsmen and precision hunters. It is mostly because of its exceptional reliability and inexpensive ammo.

With so much tech on the market, even an old school rifle like the SKS can be made exceptionally accurate. We will take a look at some of the qualities a good SKS scope mount and the advantages of upgrading it.

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UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount

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1. Precise alignment and great zero holding
2. Most reliable 380 pocket pistol
3. Includes a magazine with a 6 + 1 capacity

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Barska SKS Mount (with Integrated Rail) 1. Additional accessories can be mounted
2. Lightweight and compact
3. Inexpensive and affordable
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Crazy Ivan Quick-On SKS Scope Mount (with low Picatinny rail) 1. Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
2. Short version works with stripper clips
3. Solid and excellent quality
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The Criteria: Top Qualities in SKS Scope Mounts

Like any other weapons, an SKS scope mount must inevitably have some specific qualities to perform efficiently. To make things simpler, we will outline and discuss these factors one by one.

Weight and Length

The SKS rifle fires 7.62x39mm rounds which makes it suitable for hunting small and big game. To conclude, it means that the rifle is often to be carried for a very long time in long distances during hunting trips.

Therefore, you will have to look out for mounts – which often are lightweights, helps with reducing fatigue, and also improve accuracy. On top of that, the loading mechanism of the SKS demands a scope mount that should not meddle with the bolt and ejector port.

Durability and Alignment

Since the SKS rifle shoots a heavy calibre and is widely used for hunting, the scope mount has to be durable enough to withstand recoil and jerks. On top of that, a scope mount should stay properly aligned with your rifle at all times. It helps in easily sighting in the rifle and zero-ing in the scope. Hence, improving the accuracy of the rifle.


Most SKS scope mounts feature a Picatinny or weaver type design. That is the standard design for a SKS scope mount standard these days. Weaver style mounts offer a low profile design. The Picatinny type mounts, on the other hand, are more versatile for attachments.

Apart from all of that, many SKS scope mounts feature a see-through design that allows you as a shooter to use iron sights without removing the scope.


Another important factor for you to consider is the fitting of the scope with your SKS rifle. A good scope mount must fit snug with your SKS rifle, so that means you must not falter while taking shots.

Are All SKS Scope Mounts The Same?

Based on the criteria we have just listed above, it is quite clear that not all SKS scope mounts are made to be equal. SKS scope mounts differ in several aspects listed below:

Ease of Installation

Some SKS scope mounts may require taping and drilling of its receiver. Whereas there are some that can simply be mounted using side screws. The ease of installation is a primary difference among different types of scopes.

A good scope is one that must not need any modifications to your SKS rifles for installation or operation. But modifications may sometimes become necessary, such as when using ATI/TAPCO scopes.

Mounting Options and Ease of Use

SKS scope mounts offer weaver or Picatinny rails to help attach scopes easily. The SKS mounts featuring these rails offer versatility to attach more accessories to the rifle.

At the same time, the scope mount must not be too long that it blocks the ejection port, which is also the loading point in an SKS rifle. Other options such as side mounts also help in attaching more accessories to the rifle.

On the side note, you must make sure that the dimension of the scope mount you are buying will be compatible with your SKS model.

Advantages of Upgrading Your SKS Scope Mount

Upgrading the scope mount of your SKS rifle opens a new area of customization options. If your SKS rifle does not have a scope, then getting a scope mount is necessary to gain precision and improve the efficiency of your rifle.

Also, the SKS OEM scope mount is a PU type 1-sided scope mount, like the ones originally used with the Mosin Nagant during WW2.

Accessory Usages

Upgrading the scope mount assure that you can add on more accessories to the SKS. You get many options such as rails and side mounts to allow you to add accessories like lasers and flashlights to the scope.


Another reasonable factor for adding the scope mount is the added safety. Some SKS scope mounts feature a deflector, which prevents the spent off cartridges from hitting your face while you are shooting. It is a problem especially faced by left-handed gun owners and the SKS rifles.


Adding a strong and solid mount to your SKS rifle provides you with a solid and sturdy platform for your scope. AD mounts allow you to install or remove the scope quickly for cleaning, or even when you are under rough conditions.

A scope mount can let you adjust the height and the eye relief of your scope. That way you can get to a proper and comfortable position for shooting.


It is said that a good SKS scope mount helps you with instant and accurate zeroing-in of your scopes. Models that have a see-through design help you in using iron sights while the scope is mounted. This feature is great in the sense that it comes in handy if your scope breaks or your batteries dry out.

The Best SKS Scope Mounts – Reviewed

As mentioned previously, about what makes a  SKS scope mount unique and reliable, different SKS scope mounts differ in qualities and capabilities and have their own unique features. Here we have listed out and reviewed some of the best SKS scope mounts on the market.

1. UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount

UTG Pro SKS Receiver


This SKS scope is one that a lot of recent buyers are quite happy and satisfied with – especially in terms of its durability of the covermount. It also allows them to add on a good-sized scope like those with large objectives (around 40mm and above).

The gun owners are quite impressed with how quickly the installation takes. One of the gun owners said that it takes him nearly 5 minutes to install it on his SKS rifle – with the right kind of tools of course.

The reason why it stands out to us and many other gun owners is that it covers a good solid part of your SKS rifle. It is not some short, flat mount or a set of rings. You can use this rail for mounting a scope and probably some other relevant accessories that can make your SKS performance a little bit better.

Since it is made from high-quality aluminum, it is guaranteed to last you quite a long time while it sustains all kinds of shock through a number of rounds of gunfire. If you are looking for something that is durable and will protect your scope’s 0 settings, then you may find that this covermount may just be the right option for you.

The UTG Pro is a drop-in receiver cover type SKS scope mount, which fits snugly and provides a tight fit with your SKS rifle. The mount has a shell deflector design, which protects the shooter and the scope from spent cartridges.

At the same time, this UTG pro has been cast and precision machined from stainless steel and features a hard coat anodized coating. That makes it resistant to wear and tear, which is a good thing. This model delivers plenty of eye relief. The 22 slot Picatinny rail allows you to install long scopes as well as other accessories too.

This model has a see-through design and weighs only 12.2 ounces. It offers simple installation with repeatable 4 point rock-solid locking onto the receiver.

This is a great SKS scope mount for gun owners who want something for bigger scopes. It is long enough and will provide a good amount of ample room for scopes with large objectives. If you do not mind seeing a lot more in your field of view, then this mount will definitely accommodate a scope that has the ability to give you more real estate. What more, you have more rooms to use, you can use it for other accessories as well.

The bottom line is that the UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount is maybe one of the best possible options for those who want a top-quality SKS scope mount that can handle the heavy-duty firing.

It has got the durability and just enough space to handle all kinds of scopes – even the ones with large objectives. You will be hard-pressed to find any kind of SKS scope mounts like this one elsewhere on the market. If you love your scope, then take the best care of it with a SKS scope mount like this one.

The UTG pro scope mount has a long 22 slot Picatinny rail, which allows you to use additions such as a flashlight and thermal cameras. The mount is said to be sturdy and the shell deflector is a nice feature.

Gun owners who have this said that mounting is easy and it fits just nice. The stainless steel machined base provides shock-proof stability. Overall, it is a good SKS scope mount to add to your collection.


2. Crazy Ivan Quick-On SKS Scope Mount (with Low Profile Picatinny Rail)

This is another SKS scope mount that a lot of new gun owners are pretty happy about – especially with the design overall. This SKS scope mount wraps around a good part of your SKS rifle without getting loose easily.

It can even handle all kinds of scope without any reliability issues or looseness, so to speak. The installation of both the mount and most rifle scopes take around 10 to 15 minutes, thereabouts. It may take less time to install sometimes for other scopes.

One of the users says that the mount did a pretty great job holding the scope in place when he shoots hundreds of rounds. Furthermore, the 0 settings stayed intact without much need to reset it, the user further adds.

The reason why this scope mount stands out to many gun users is that this Picatinny rail mount gives you a low profile look for your SKS rifle. It makes giving away your position in a hunting situation less of a problem.

That means if you want a scope mount that can keep low and still give you a good amount of space for the scope itself, then this may be exactly what you are looking for. The design is simple and makes installation a breeze!

Furthermore, it is tough enough to handle so many episodes of shock and recoil to a point where resetting your 0 is just a thing of the past.

These scope mounts have been machined from aluminium and feature a low profile design with picatinny rail top. The mount attaches to the rifle using a side plate. The mount is available in short and long rail variants. It also allows the shooter to use stripper clips for loading, whereas the longer version acts as a deflector on the ejection part.

The hard-coat anodised design makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions, if that is something you worry about. The optics can be quickly attached and detached, while retaining their original 0 positions. The scope mount delivers a sturdy platform for mounting scopes and shooting accurately.

If you are a gun user who is looking for something that will keep a scope low profile rather than raised, then this scope mount is one that you should look into. What more it will also allow for a straightforward alignment that will make sure that each shot you fired will land exactly where you want it to.

To put it in layman’s terms, this mount is no disappointment. It will give you a bit of stealth ability without alerting your targets at all – something hunters will sit well with. This mount is the one that hunters want so they will not waste time with re-zeroing almost constantly.

The bottom line is that the Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount is indeed one of the best SKS scope mount. It’s one of the best SKS scope mount in its durability and reliability. It can hold scopes together and protect it from so much shock and recoil that you will swear that your scope is close to indestructibility.

With a quick install and a low profile feature that keeps you on an all down low, your game targets may not know what hit them. Keep your shots straight, accurate, and precise with a mount like this one. And you will be quite happy with your shooting accomplishments.

The Crazy Ivan Scope mount uses side plates with screws for installation on the receiver. The long and short versions are suitable for respective feature loving shooters. The mount also requires some gunsmithing skills for installation, which may be a downside depending on your gunsmithing skills. The scope mount is lightweight and is good for hunting and long-range shooting.

3. BARSKA SKS Mount (with Integrated Rail)



This mount scope has received a lot of great feedback from new gun users. Aside from it being really good for scopes, some of them had been able to use it for some customization abilities such as installing flashlights and lasers.

However regardless, the rail proved itself without a doubt that it can handle multiple duties other than holding a scope together. One of the gun users mentioned that the installation was easy and takes less than 10 minutes to add on the rifle.

The reason why it stands out to us is that this mount is great for those who like to go all out when it comes to customization. If you think having a scope is not enough to make your SKS rifle stand out, then you are probably going to need this mount.

It’s a tough as nails accessory that can work pretty well to protect your scope from shock and recoil and will keep the settings intact the way you want. Furthermore, with rock-solid support, you will be able to shoot with accuracy and precision too. That means, if you are out hunting or shooting targets at the range, this may just be the best SKS scope mount that you can depend on.

This Barska scope mount can be attached to the SKS rifle by removing the rear receiver cover and then replacing it. Its top features a Picatinny weaver rail that allows for quick and easy mounting of the scope. Other accessories like flashlights and lasers can easily be attached to it too.

The mount is only 3 ½ inches long and weighs only a few ounces. The lifted design of the mount allows gun owners such as you to use iron sights without having to remove it. The Barska scope mount is quite inexpensive and delivers plenty of eye relief for the shooter.

This mount works as a great choice for those who plan on customizing their rifles. If you believe you need more than just a simple SKS scope, then you will need a mount that can give you more room and more customization abilities than you know what to do with.

Furthermore, the quality and construction are pretty damn solid so you can expect this to last you quite a long while. If you are looking to spend money on a mount that is made t last for many years, then you will be wanting to look into this one.

The bottom line is that the Barska SKS Mount with Integrated Rail makes customization a reality for most SKS rifle users. If you wish to include a laser, a flashlight, or any accessories along with a scope then you may want to give this mount a try-out.

As solid as it may seem in terms of quality, it may just stick with you for quite a long while and keep your scope setting the same shot after shot. The Barska SKS rifle mount is a compact and lightweight scope mount for your SKS rifle. The mount is pretty affordable and the 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer covers you from any damage.

The mount requires gun-smithing to be installed and you must hand it over to an experienced gunsmith since some finishing may be needed.


Our Verdict

The SKS rifle is the preferred rifle among a lot of hunters and marksmen. Using a scope mount improves its accuracy greatly and allows the user to install several other accessories. A good SKS mount must be durable, lightweight, easy to install, must retain 0, and should fit comfortably with the rifle – among many others.

The type of scope you have to use with your SKS rifle really depends on your individual preference and use. After all it’ll be you using it long term and no one else.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to put a scope on an SKS rifle?

There are only 2 mounts that actually works as SKS scope mounts should on an SKS rifle – purportedly. The first way is to drill and tap a rail on the action. And the 2nd is a mount that puts a red dot or LER scope in place of the rear sight.

What Are The Different Types of Best SKS Scope Mounts?

There’s broadly two types of SKS scope mounts, which is the forward and rear mount scope mount but each have their respective functions and usages. 

Firstly, the forward mounts are the cheaper option and easy to install which makes it incredibly user-friendly and easy to clean. The possible downside of this is that there is only a limited option of scope mounts to choose from, which are usually red dot scope mount, scout scope and SCOGs.

Besides that, there are the commonly available rear mounts which has more variety and designs. The replacement of your rear receiver cover may be time-consuming as it is difficult to get the mount to fit perfectly but the modifications would be worth it given the improved performance of your SKS. Regardless, you’d also opt to mount directly onto your receiver but would be more pricy.

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