5 Best P320 Magazines (2022) – Buying Guide

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Finding the best SIG P320 Magazine may be a challenge for some people. However, if you need magazines for your P320, regardless of the usage you use it for, you’ll need to find the best fit for your pistol without much issues. A great magazine has to be reliable and will be able to hold as many shots as you require. You may not go through the whole magazine, but you’ll have more than enough handy for whatever the application requested for.

To get you started on finding the best SIG P320 magazine for yourself, we have put together a list of some of the best magazines on the market for the SIG P320 pistol as of this writing. Before we get to the list itself, we are going to go into why you need new magazines and how you can opt for your own personal use.

Magazines Name Editor’s Comment Rating Get The Best Deal
Sig Sauer P320 / P250 Full-Size 9 mm Magazine – MAG-MOD-F-9-10

Most Recommended Option

1. Very reliable feeding and shooting
2. Fits perfectly in most P320 pistols
3. Excellent for EDC or CCW use

10/10 SHOP NOW
Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9 mm 10-Round 1. Springs are not as stiff
2. Super durable construction and almost indestructible
3. Small and compact for concealability
9.5/10 SHOP NOW
Sig Sauer Magazine: P320 9 mm 12-Rd Capacity 1. Super durable construction and quality
2. Fits most Sig P320 pistols like a glove
3. Great for CCW and target shooting
9.0/10 SHOP NOW
Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9 mm 15-Round 1. Very durable and can handle the toughest conditions and impacts
2. Easy to load
3. Great for concealed carry and CCW training
8.5/10 SHOP NOW
Promag Sig Sauer P320 9 mm 32-Round 1. Excellent for casual target shooting and competition shooting
2. Easy to load
3. May malfunction if consistently loaded to full capacity
7.5/10 SHOP NOW

The Benefits of a New SIG P320 Magazine

There are several really good reasons why you’ll need a new magazine aside from a good upgrade. You will be crazy enough to pass up the opportunity to get for your pistol. As a matter of fact, you should get more than one magazine. We will also explain some of the other reasons as to why you need a new magazine: 

It’s Great to Have Extras 

Bad things happen, even with the most dependable magazines for a SIG Sauer P320 pistol. Jamming is a common incident in a malfunctioning magazine. In the event of a magazine jam, you are certainly going to need to unload it from the mag good enough so you can replace it with a new one that will be a lot more dependable and jam-free. In some applications, a faulty magazine can put you at a dangerous disadvantage. 

Awesome for Concealed Carry Purposes 

These magazines are small enough to be concealed carrying purposes like the pistol itself. It’s vital to keep it either stored in the pistol itself or in a carrying case of some kind when you are taking it around. These magazines should be kept out of your pockets unless they are in a holder of some sort to protect against possible and unintentional discharge.

Extra Firepower Is a Good Access

There is no such thing as having too many magazines. You will have as many magazines as you need depending on your usage. You won’t even have to care about whether or not carrying too many rounds is considered a bit of an overkill. This may apply more to target shooters and competitive shooters due to the fact that they will have the number of rounds they’ll need to get through targets. 

The Criteria: How To Choose The Best SIG Sauer Magazine

In order to find the SIG P320 Magazine that best fits you, you are going to have to take a look at some of the features that go into making the one magazine stand out among its peers. It’s really important to know what these characteristics are so you know the variance between a great, high-quality magazine and one that is really low in quality and unreliable. Here are what you should be looking for in a SIG Sauer P320 magazine: 


While it’s not really a feature directly related to the functionality of a magazine, it should be talked about anyway, especially when you are looking for the best quality you can possibly get financially. As a warning, do not ever settle for a ridiculously cheap magazine. This will usually result in bad quality and be more likely to fail. Look for the best quality and reliability possibly within your budget range. Even if it means paying a bit more than usual, it will be a lot better in terms of its value. 

Opt For Top Quality

What makes a great quality SIG Sauer P320 magazine? The short answer is the materials a magazine is made of. In the case of SIG P320 magazines, it’s a mixture of high-quality steel and polymer. Sometimes, a magazine may also have an anodized coating for added durability. Either way, these are made to be tough and will have the ability to battle hard surface impacts should it free-fall. 

Number of Rounds Matter

Remember that the number of rounds you need for the magazine will pretty much depend on your personal preferences. So if you are using it for concealed carry purposes, you can start off with the standard amount. If you are more of a target shooter or competitive shooter, you may have a look at extended mags.

The Best SIG P320 Magazines – Analyzed 

The following is a list of some of the best SIG P320 magazines that are currently on the market as of this writing. While the list may be subject to change between now and the future, this will give you a peek at what’s popular among SIG P320 users. Remember to keep in mind some of the characteristics and features of the magazine you are looking for. 

Since you have a good idea of what you are looking for in a magazine, you can now find one that can suit any usages. Now, let’s get started on our list.

1. SIG Sauer P320/P250 Full Size 9mm Magazine – Mag-Mod F-9-10


A lot of recent buyers of this magazine are happy with this magazine. The construction is solid and fits smugly with most pistols. One of the users said that the loading was quite easy and the spring quality is solid enough to take on a full load. In terms of shooting, feeding is reliable and has no jams to mention of. 

The reason why it’s our favorite choice (and for many pistol owners) is that the magazine functions perfectly. Furthermore, it’s built sturdy to handle the hard surface impact. So if it free-falls and hits any hard surface, it won’t break in half. In other words, it’s a tough unit that can easily give you years or even decades of service. 

This magazine is outstanding for everyday use. So you will get a whole lot of concealed carry rifle owners to get this magazine for their own personal and professional use. Since it’s tough and reliable, they will probably get extras of this definite magazine. 

Aside from no obvious disadvantages, one idea to make it better is to include some magazine oil to make sure the inner workings are in proper order. Sometimes, you will need to clean and preserve your magazines so they will be able to endure with their intended purpose. Take care of your magazines and they will take care of you. 

The SIG Sauer P320 full-size 9 mm magazine is considered one of the best in the magazine business. If you are looking for something that has excellent feeding and firing ability and compact construction, you will be crazy enough to pass up on the opportunity to see this in action.


2. SIG Magazine P320 9mm 12 Rounds Capacity


The purchase of this sig magazine is highly satisfying. Its compact handles adequate amounts of rounds and definitely serves its purpose according to many gun owners. Some rifle owners use this for concealed carry purposes and to have extras that come in handy. It’s also a favorite among many casual target shooters as well. 

This magazine has 12 rounds product to work with, which is about the standard amount you can get your hands on in P320 pistols. It’s just sufficient for you to carry in case of you finding yourself in a self-defense situation. It’s lightweight, small in size, and will be reliable in circumstances where you need it the most.

Once again, most product purchases will be your CCW kind of rifle users. In this, they found something that is concealable, durable, and will be worth getting the extra mags. Since they will have 12 rounds maximum per magazine, this may be the ideal product purchase for EDC purposes. 

This magazine should be relatively easy to assemble and take apart. That way, it won’t make your cleaning experience or maintenance such a frustrating job. You want to conveniently clean these so they will not rust, corrode, or get damaged in any other way. If you have to clean and maintain them, then the model has to be easy for most gun users. 

If you’re looking for a pretty good magazine that is made for CCW uses, then the SIG Sauer Magazine for P250 P320 pistols can be what you are looking for. Especially if you are looking for something that is simple, reliable, and will give you just about enough rounds to have around in case a situation calls for the use of a pistol.


3. Promag SIG Sauer P320 9mm 32 Rounds


Recent buyers of this SIG Sauer P320 are able to use this magazine for the purposes of target shooting and competition shooting. One competitive shooter mentioned that he uses these magazines all the time for the reason that they give him more rounds and fewer magazines to carry while in the process. It saved him a lot of time and gave him a better advantage and an upper hand over his opponents.

32 rounds are a lot more than what your standard P320 magazines can offer. But rest assured, this is the kind of magazine that is best used for applications where a large number of rounds may be needed. It’s a great option for a long day at the range or a powerful competition that will get down right to the wire. The construction from the inside out is compact and reliable, and for the most part, loading it is smooth.

This magazine is within reasonable budget ranges for most gun users. And it will be best used for those who want to spend a whole day at the range firing off every round they have got going up against paper targets or through a run and gun course. This will be a magazine used by many gun owners who want to have the most fun out of their SIG P320 pistol.

Some developments to the inner workings of the magazine may be a possible idea. This way, you will deal with fewer malfunctions and jamming problems. Even with high-capacity magazines, this can be a problem unless there are some improvements done to it. One place to start is consolidating the inner springs so it can handle more rounds.

If you are looking for a lot of rounds to work with at a price that you can get financially, the Promag SIG Sauer P320 9 mm magazine may be right up your alley. It comes with a solid construction, a large capacity of rounds to work with, and is easy to fit, this magazine is the best choice for the competitive shooter or for someone who loves a good, long day at the shooting range.


4. P320 Compact 9mm 10 Rounds 


This is a popular magazine for a lot of recent gun owners who are also concealed, carry shooters. One gun owner even said that he was just getting started with carrying a pistol on him at all times and requires a magazine that is best as a starter. So far, he has had little to no complaints with the magazine after a few test sessions at the shooting range.

This magazine is compact, concealable, and will most likely be your leading choice for extra magazines if you are either in an EDC or target shooting usages. Either how, you can unnoticeably store these in either a tactical belt or vest with just sufficient compartments to carry them. 

This may be a magazine best used by concealed carry users who are just starting out. So this may be considered as a “starter” mag since it holds fewer rounds than a standard market magazine. It will give them a chance to get to know their SIG Sauer P320 pistol so they have a good idea of how it can work, especially in situations when a life and death condition may just happen.

One of the things that this SIG Sauer P320 mag can be improved is to make the spring tension less tight than it is. This will allow you to load and reload the SIG Sauer magazine with little to no problems whatsoever. This process should not be an infuriating task, even for novice CCW users. 

If 10 rounds are what you are looking for in your next magazine, then this SIG Sauer P250 P320 Compact 9 mm 10-Round Magazine may be just what you are looking for. While it may be the closest thing to a standard magazine, it is great for those who do not want too many rounds at their disposal.


5. SIG Sauer P320 Compact 9mm 15 Rounds


Most recent purchases are either new SIG Sauer CCW users or seasoned veterans. Either way, they are happy with the magazine’s capabilities and what it is capable of them. The feeding is reliable and has little to no jamming whatsoever after 100 capacity options or more rounds. Most CCW trainees peruse this P320 for practice shooting and are quite happy with the overall performance. 

This magazine is solid in its construction and is slightly longer than most magazines. However, they are still concealable for most gun users. It’s the picture-perfect magazine that can be used for everyday carry. Furthermore, you will be able to carry extras of these without having to worry about whether or not if you want a handful of more rounds or not. 

This will be used by most concealed carry purpose users. As mentioned previously, it’s also great for training purposes too. So no matter what your level of ability when it comes to using a gun, this magazine will fit very well with all kinds of shooters. Target shooting and even self-defense purposes are the best usages that can fit these magazines. 

One of the things that may be in need of improvement will be to make the follower a little brighter than it is and maybe a bit easier to load for most users. That way, they will know how many rounds they have in and how many more they will need to go to get it to full volume. At the same time, the follower should be “catch-less” so it can free-fall when it is being released. 

Whether you are a veteran concealed carry shooter or just starting out, the SIG Sauer P250 P320 magazine with 15 rounds may be exactly what you will need for your intentions and purposes. Especially when you are starting out with using a pistol and need a magazine that can give you enough rounds for a few good training sessions.



The best SIG P320 magazine you are looking for is definitely out there. It does not matter how many rounds you require, you will definitely want something that is reliable, durable, and will be something you can hold onto for many years or even decades to come if you take good care of them. These magazines will certainly make the most out of your P320, no matter what you intend to use it for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best SIG P320 pistol magazines?

It depends. Some people say it’s the ones from Springfield Armory, some said it’s the ones from Coyote or even S&W. It really depends as there are many manufacturers who make these magazines, you couldn’t be 100% sure if Springfield Armory or S&W would fit you best just like any other air gun. Such firearm devices offer many answers from the manufacturer platform.

Is it Legal to Own Mag in My Jurisdiction?

Yes, but this usually depends on the capacity of the magazines. For instance, the State of New Jersey forbids pistol magazines which exceeds 10 rounds. However, this can be easily resolved by checking the Rules and Regulations at your region and can be doublecheck with Law Enforcement Officers before purchasing an aftermarket part to upgrade from your factory mag for an ease of mind.  

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