Best SIG P320 Holsters (2022) – Reviewed

Best SIG P320 Holsters

If you are looking for the best SIG P320 compact carry holster, then you’re definitely not alone. Finding the right holster for one of the best concealment holsters on the market can be a challenge. One of the things you really want to get out of a holster is optimal concealability. Let’s face it, sometimes concealed carry can be a major pain.

You are definitely trying to carry a pistol without having someone to notice. It may cause some unwarranted attention and make some people around you feel scratchy. Rest assured, you are definitely doing nothing wrong. You are carrying guns for the sake of your safety (and possibly for the safety of others).

You may not need to use it for self-defense purposes all the time, but it’s good to be prepared just to be sure. To help you find the best P320 holster on the market, we’ve put together a list of some of those best holsters that gives a run for your money. They are well-thought-out to be some of the best on the market as of writing this article. If you are interested with other parts, click here.

Before we continue on with the list, we’ll talk about the type of SIG holsters and what features you will need to consider before purchasing a holster of your own.

HolstersNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Best Deal
MFT Holster Sig Sauer P320 OWB Holster

Most Recommended Option

1. Compatible with full-sized P320 pistols
2. Outside the waistband holster
3. Best overall SIG P320 holster

Safariland Model IWB 17T SIG P320 Holster1. Runner-up for best overall SIG P320 holster
2. Made from high-quality leather
3. Inside the waistband design
9.5/10SHOP NOW
MFT SIG P320 Appendix Ambidextrous Holster1. Made from high-quality polymer
2. Best SIG P320 holster for the money
3. Ambidextrous design for both left-handed and right-handed users
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Alien Gear holsters ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster1. Available in right or left-handed orientation
2. Best OWB holster for SIG P320 pistols
8.5/10Currently unavailable

The SIG Sauer P320 Holster Options

Here are the main types of holsters that you should know about it if you haven’t already:

Outside The Waistband (OWB) Holsters

These holsters are located outside of its waistband. They are as standard as you can get with every other holster. Usually, these holsters are worn by those who work in law enforcement or others who need to have a sidearm on them at all times. Concealed carry or open carry users will often use OWB holsters but will have added layers to guarantee better concealability.

Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holsters

This is where the holster is located inside of the waistband of your pants. You’ll get the best possible concealability with this kind of holster. You won’t need to offer any additional cover. This is great for most appendix carry situations or for those who want to keep the company and visibility of their pistol as out of sight as possible.

Shoulder Holster

This kind of holster can be bound to your shoulders. It can only be worn if you’re able to shield it up with a jacket of some kind. This is another kind of holster that can come in handy when the weather gets less warm (almost to the point where a jacket is needed). The Sig P320 compact holster will be situated below your shoulder where you can rapidly draw using your dominant hand.

The Criteria: Features to Consider To Get The Best P320 Holster

Before you opt for a Sig P320 holster for your own use, it is important to consider some of the features that will be factored into your final buying decision. You should at least give these P320 Sig Sauer some thoughts before you settle for one of all the holsters that we’re about to list down here shortly. It’s never clever to choose a holster out of complete random choices. You have to come to know that some of the P320 Sig Sauer characteristics and features of what makes a holster the best. Here is what you need to look out for:


As expected, you will definitely have a lot of budget shoppers who will pay more attention to the holsters’ price tags first before they even look at the other features, just like they’d with all the accessories. As a rule, you shouldn’t consider price to be the first and foremost reason why you chose a holster. A budget shopper has to know if the holster they are buying still has the best quality possible and can be able to carry out its intended responsibilities.

Pick the Type that Best Fits You

This is where you’ll need to make the process of elimination into your overview. Your intents and purposes and personal preferences for the holster of your choice will play a major role in this. Are you looking for the best P320 concealment holster possible? An IWB holster may be a better option (if you are wearing a jacket, a shoulder holster can be a possible substitute). Are you a police officer or someone who uses a sidearm for occupational purposes? Then you may want to consider an OWB holster. 


Quality is always the most significant thing about everything you buy. This goes especially for a SIG Sauer P320 holster. What you have to understand is that quality is determined by the kind of materials that the holster is made of. In this case, the P320 Sig Sauer holster can be made from all kinds of high-quality materials.

For example, polymer and leather are two of the best materials that are usually used to make CCW Sig Sauer P320 holster. That’s because they are hard to wear, tear, and get damaged. Furthermore, they have the prospective to provide you with years of reliable service.

The Best Holster For SIG P320 – Reviewed

The following is a list of some of the best SIG Sauer P320 holsters that are currently on the market as of writing this piece. While the list is subject to change between now and the coming years, this will give you a chance to know what is popular among the concealed carry groups’ holster.

Just make sure to take a look at the structures and characteristics of this Sig Sauer P320 so you know whether or not it’s the perfect match for your ideal holster (assuming that you already know what you want in one). Now, let’s get started by unveiling our list of the best SIG Sauer P320 holsters.

1. MFT Sig Sauer P320 OWB Holster

MFT Holster Sig Sauer P320 OWB Holster


Most recent holster buyers are Sig Sauer P320 concealment holster users and are also law enforcement personnel who are looking for a solid OWB holster. They are quite happy with this MFT Holster for a huge number of reasons. For one, it’s made from polymer that doesn’t break easily nor allows for snagging as some holsters can do in the past. The law enforcement officers are able to draw their pistols and assume the firing position much faster.

This holster is tough as nails and provides its users with a solution to a long-running problem: snagging. While most holsters are made from soft materials, this one from Sig Sauer P320 compact carry is made from one of the toughest and most scratch-resistant hard material you can possibly find. Where would gun owners be without polymer? This Sig Sauer P320 compact has the ability to slide onto most service belts with great ease, making it a lot more comfortable for gun owners to wear.

This will be used as a concealed carry holster by many people who practice it. For obvious reasons, this will also be used by people whose occupation needs them to wear a sidearm at all times for their personal safety. Nevertheless, they are getting a holster that is tough and has the potential to provide them with many years of dependable service.

Although there are no obvious cons to point out of it, one suggestion we should stress is that the holster should have the inclusion of a belt. This will make it a lot easier for those who are looking to save money and time rather than try to find a belt that can fit their holster. Something that is durable, tough, and won’t wear and tear after a short period of time is a positive must.

If you are looking for the best P320 compact holster in the business, the MFT holster certainly fits what you are looking for. We should mention that it’s the perfect OWB holster for EDC and tactical use. Don’t be surprised if it ends up being the one and only holster that you’ll depend on for many years or even decades.


2. Safariland Model IWB 17T SIG P320 Holster

Safariland Model IWB 17T SIG P320 Holster


Most recent buyers of this P320 IWB holster are happy with the holster’s overall performance. The leather material is pleasant and sturdy and does not wear and tear easily.​ ​Whether they are right-handed or left-handed shooters, they are able to draw their pistols rapidly without much delays or snags to deal with. One of the users is a left-handed shooter who said that he was happy to find a Sig Sauer P320 compact holster that comes across as usable for left-handed people like him.

This is probably one of the best leather P320 holsters that you can find on the market. Like polymer material, it’s tough and provides shooters with a non-snag resolution for their pistols. Since it’s also an IWB holster, it’s maybe one of the best for those who want maximum concealed carry. Either way, it’s a calm holster that defines concealability.

This will be used mostly by gun owners who tend to concealed carry on a daily basis. They want a holster that can make it as inconspicuous as possible without attracting any kind of unwanted attention. This can also be used for those who want a very relaxed and easy to wear holster rather than wear one with a belt.

One thing that may warrant a possible development will be to expand the quality of the clip itself. Make sure that it’s durable and does not have a fragile quality to it. Also, it should have no piercing edges whatsoever. That way, it doesn’t pierce into clothing or the worst of all your skin.

If IWB holsters are more of your thing and you will definitely want one that may be considered one of the best in its class, the Safariland Model 17T may just be right up your alley. This will give you brilliant comfort and near-complete concealability. Most IWB holsters will certainly give this a run for their money.


3. MFT SIG P320 Appendix Ambidextrous Holster

MFT SIG P320 Appendix Ambidextrous Holster


A lot of recent buyers of this holster are happy with what the holster comes with overall. They are able to quickly draw their P320 pistols without having to deal with any snags. A handful of new users are left-handed shooters who are feeling ditched by the holster choices they have previously faced (since most of them are made for right-handed shooters). Nonetheless, left-handed shooters are able to use this without much problems with the drawing. Most are able to attach this to their waistband and it stays sturdy throughout the course of the day.

This holster is actually both an OWB and IWB holster. It may be one of the most captivating designs we have ever seen. So whether you like an OWB or IWB, you cannot lose here. Either way, you will be able to securely wear this holster for EDC purposes and be able to choose for yourself how you want to wear it. Whether you want it outside or inside the waistband, it’s your choice.

This will be used mostly by concealability users. How can they resist the chance to get a holster like this one? Having to choose between an OWB and IWB may be rough. This is the holster that can alleviate a problem that has long been a problem for most users.

A possible improvement will be to include additional clips that are best made for either OWB or IWB carry. No matter which one you opt for, you can slide and install a clip that can make carrying a lot stronger. At the same time, the clip should have a good grip on most belts and waistbands so slippage is reduced.

If you are looking for the best holster that won’t break a hole in your bank, you’ll want the MFT Sig P320 holster in your own hands. If you are having a hard time choosing between an IWB or OWB holster before you purchase one, why not get your hands on this holster so you know for sure which one is better for you in the event you decide to buy another holster in the foreseeable future? Then again, you may not really need one since the quality and performance of this is excellent.


4. Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

Alien Gear holsters ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

A lot of recent buyers of this holster are the ones who worked in law enforcement or prefer concealability outside the waistband. The holster does a great job at keeping the pistol in place without much wiggle room. The draw time is a lot faster compared to other holsters that may have materials that wear and tear, which leads to snagging. Other than that, the fit is excellent and can definitely benefit most shooters.

This holster looks pretty rugged and scary. However, don’t let the looks be the one thing that is the most important. It blends in quite smugly regardless if you have it committed to a belt or waistband. As a matter of fact, it makes concealability outside the waistband less of a problem if you are looking for something that still provides you with a good amount of concealability and fast access, all without making yourself look like an alien just because you are carrying a pistol.

It will be best used by those who need a sidearm for their job. However, don’t write this off as useless for everyday concealed carriers. It can also be used by shooters who are looking for a comfortable fit and quick access to their pistol just in case something bad happens. This holster can come in handy if users have a strong tactical belt hanging around.

One thing that can be perfect is to make it well-matched with most belts that can fit a wide range of waist sizes. We believe that you do not have to be a certain size to conceal carry. So it should be able to be used by all.

If you prefer an OWB holster and want nothing else but the best of the best, the Alien Gear OWB holster definitely can work in your favor. It will also be a lot easier than most OWB holsters and offer you with a good amount of concealability when you are looking to keep your pistol in a secure location and out of open sight.

Conclusion – The Best SIG P320 Holster

The bottom line is that the best SIG P320 Holster is definitely out there. No matter how frequently you conceal carry or how much concealability you need, one of these few holsters we have listed will quite likely be yours if you value your pistol as much as anything else. Furthermore, you will definitely need something that comes in handy if you are going to be out and about. When danger shows itself, the question is: will you be ready to face it head on? To better get ready yourself, it starts with finding and choosing a really good holster for your SIG P320 pistol. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one is better- SIG P320 or Glock 19?

The Sig Sauer P320 brand went from being a popular striker pistol to being one of the really popular striker pistols on the market as a result of the government saying that they will buy some for the army. However, how does it stack up against Austria’s most famous export since the ever-famous celebrity, Schwarzenegger? A lot of people wonder which gun is the worthier of their money, so brooding over the Sig P320 vs. Glock 19 is definitely a good thing.

The truth is that either gun is a solid option of a holistic pistol. In compact guise, both pistols are huge enough to be service pistols but small enough for everyday carry – as close as it gets to a “Goldilocks gun” if there was ever one.

For real though, it comes down to what you, personally, are searching for. The Glock 19 is basically the Honda Civic of pistols (if we can put it that way). It does not require frequent maintenance. Capacity is great and it will run just about anything and can most likely last longer than you. The SIG P320 has a lot of very similar characteristics, sort of like a Toyota Corolla compared to a Civic. However, it has some tricks up its sleeve in terms of its modular design and other characteristics. You will have to see and decide for yourself, but there is a lot to like in either gun.

Is the SIG P320 worth it?

Yes, the SIG Sauer P320 is definitely a reliable and durable gun model. The gun model of SIG Sauer P320 has been tested to be capable of having 1 million drops where only 11 malfunctions were discovered. Hence, the chances of defects or any sort of malfunctions are extremely low so gun owner can be less worried as it’d take maximum impact to hurt or damage your SIG Sauer P320 thus, it is definitely worth getting this gun model.

Yes, there’re concealed carry holsters meant for SIG Sauer P320 but there’s some considerations to consider. The polymer frame and subcompact design of the SIG P320 is a definitely a very versatile handgun. Well, the size is sufficiently small to be concealed carry in most of the jurisdictions but do check with the Regulations to avoid hassle with the Law Enforcement officers. Regardless, this SIG P320 is awesome with an impressive 16+1 rounds of 9mm ammunition that will fire quick and accurate shots.

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