Best SIG P320 Grip Modules (2022) – Reviewed

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Finding the best SIG P320 Grip Module may be a challenge for some people, but if you have a good idea of what they are and how they work, then you’ll be able to find one a lot easier than most people would. You will obviously need a good grip that will actually work to your advantage in some conditions like bad weather or when your hands are sweating in high-pressure circumstances (yes, it does happen for some people). 

As soon as you replace the factory grip, you’ll have a better grasp of your pistol than you have before. To help you find one that works well for you, we’ve taken the liberty of including some of the best SIG Sauer P320 Grip Modules that are currently available as of this piece. Before we dive into the list, we’ll talk about what a grip module is and what size you may need. We will also talk about what makes a grip module a lot better than the rest of the pack.

Grip ModulesNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Best Deal
Sig Sauer 320X SIG Medium Grip Module

Most Recommended Option

1. Fits average to medium-size hands perfectly
2. Super tough due to solid construction
3. Easy to install

Sig Sauer Compact Small Grip Module1. It doesn’t add any extra bulk to the pistol itself
2. Very tough and durable
3. Some have an issue with the installation process
9.5/10SHOP NOW
SIG Grip 9/40/357 Sig Sauer Grip Module Assembly1. Made from high-quality polymer
2. Fits most calibers
9.5/10SHOP NOW

SIG P320 Aftermarket Parts : What’s a Grip Module? 

A grip module is basically what gun owners referred to as the grip handle of the pistol. Without the grip module, the pistols will be useless. Besides, how else are you going to use the pistols when you cannot properly hold onto it without the help of a grip module? A good grip module can be added to the handle part of your pistol and is made to provide you with excellent gripping ability. 

Most shooters use a grip module as upgrade accessories as opposed to using the grip that comes as a factory default on their P320 pistols. These grip modules come in 3 types: small, medium, and large. All 3 sizes have grips accessible in the usual full-size, carry, compact, and sub-compact sizes. 

The Sizes Available 

The short answer is: it depends on you. It will depend on the size of your pistol and the module grip sizes itself. For example, if you have a small hand and have a full-size P320, you’ll definitely need a mini grip module that will be compatible with full-sized P320 pistols and trigger guard. To help you find the best possible grip module size for your small hands and your pistol, you can refer to the following list here. It is important to know the size measurements of your pistol so you have a good idea of what grip size you’ll need. 

The Criteria for A Great Grip Module 

There are a few characteristics and features that make a great grip stand out among its peers. It’s pretty much up to you to know what they are so you can differentiate between those that are considered flimsy and unreliable. Here are what you need to look for: 


Granted that it may not be a direct grip module feature, however, a lot of budget shoppers are drawn to the price tag. They want something that’s within their budget range. While it’s understandable, no gun owner should compromise for a cheaper grip module. As a rule of thumb, find one that is outstanding in quality but fits within your budget range. It’s not an unbearable task and it will definitely save you the aggravation of dealing with a cheap and flimsy grip module. 


It’s important to find out which materials are used for manufacturing potential grip modules. For example, the polymer is one of the materials that can be found in your usual market grip module. It is established to be one of the best materials for its resistance to impairment and abuse. At the same time, proper materials also loan themselves to the superior gripping ability. 

Ease of Installation 

A lot of new and seasoned users of the grip module will not have a good amount of gunsmithing skills to utilize. So we looked for grip modules that are easy to install. Imagine having a better grip on your pistol without needing to rely on a gunsmith. Most of these grip modules will take a few minutes of your time with the right kind of tools. Why spend more money and waste time waiting when you can do it at home yourself?

The Best P320 Grip Module – Reviewed 

The following is a list of some of the best SIG Sauer P320 grip modules that are currently on the market as of today. While the list is due to change between now and the following months to come, this will give you a good opportunity to check out what’s popular among the many grip modules that are currently available.

1. SIG Grip 9/40/357 SIG Sauer Grip Module Assembly

SIG Grip 9 40 357 SIG Sauer Grip Module Assembly


A lot of recent buyers are happy with this grip module generally. Most are able to install it and get a nice firm hold on their pistols. One of the users said it was like holding onto flypaper while he’s shooting. It also gives them more control and makes their shots more accurate. 

The design of this SIG Sauer grip covers most of the lower half of your pistol. That makes installation a whole lot more convenient. Since it’s made from high-quality polymer, it is anticipated to be one of the best in terms of durability. It will definitely hold its own for many years or decades, as long as you take good care of your pistol. 

This SIG Sauer grip module will be best used on almost any SIG Sauer P320 pistol no matter which caliber it is. It will fit most pistols that are classified as full-size P320s. It will benefit a lot of concealed carry people and even casual target shooters who are looking for the best in grip and control. The boost inaccuracy will be a huge bonus here. 

One possible improvement is to make sure the edges themselves are smoothed out before it ever hits the market. This way, it will fit your pistols better, rather than having to deal with edges that may snag on your holsters and make drawing the pistol more complicated. 

This SIG P320 Grip is flawless for most full-sized pistols of almost any caliber. It may be closer to a universal grip module as long as the pistol itself falls within the “full-sized” category. As soon as it is installed, your pistol will be a little more rugged and your grip and control will be even better than it is previously.


2. SIG Sauer P320X SIG Medium Grip Module


Most new buyers are able to install this with great ease. As soon as they installed it, they said the grip was a bit better in quality than their previous factory default grip frames. One user said that it was able to fit his hand really well. Another reported that her small hands are able to handle the pistol just fine and continued to maintain control over her pistol.

This grip module is maybe one of the best for shooters with medium-sized hands. Surprisingly, it can also fit hand sizes that are a little bit smaller. The grip is nice and robust and allows shooters to have a lot more stability over their pistols. They are able to shoot closer and in tighter groups when going through a full magazine.

If you are a concealed carry kind of SIG P320 owner, chances are that you will benefit from this if you are looking to add a little more stability while you are in the firing position. Target shooters and competitive shooters seem to love it too. It is perfect for when you want complete control over your pistol.

While it may not be an urgent need for some, one improvement suggestion will be to reduce the overall size of the grip a little bit so it won’t cause any bulging for those who wish to conceal carry on a daily basis, especially when wearing an IWB holster with the intention to make it as concealable as possible.

If you are looking for a pistol grip that is great for full-sized pistols and perfectly fit your average hands, the SIG Sauer 320X is the perfect grip that can fit most calibers and full-sized P320 pistols. You will be able to get a good grip of it no matter what your usage for it is.


3. SIG Sauer Compact Small Grip Module

SIG Sauer Compact Small Grip Module


This grip is a fan favorite for a lot of budget buyers, particularly those looking for an excellent grip for their compact-sized P320 pistol. One of the users said it does not take up a lot of room and bulge up. He is able to maintain his level of concealability after improving his old grip module to this one. The hold is solid and allows users better control and increased accuracy over it. 

This pistol grip module is specially made for a P320, especially for the type of pistol most concealed carry shooters rely on. As soon as it is installed, it will give you an improved grip and a more rugged, all-around quality. The odds of this receptive damage from being accidentally banged around? Little to none. That’s how hard this grip genuinely is. 

This will be used by compact P320 users across the planet, especially those who carry their pistol on them for regular concealed carry purposes. It may also come in useful for those who have smaller hands and may not be able to take on mid-size or even large-size pistol modules. 

While fitting is a major disadvantage, there really isn’t any development suggestion we can think of. However, it will also be a good idea to include something to make it a better deal for budget shoppers. Probably by including a couple more magazines in the mix. If there is one thing you may need extras of, it is magazines. Furthermore, they will fit perfectly in the mag well even after you have installed your new grip. 

If you are looking for a brilliant grip module that will fit most compact pistols without breaking the bank or negotiating your concealability, then the SIG Sauer Compact Small Grip Module may be exactly what you’re searching for. If you have small hands, you will know that no other grip can come close to this one. 



The bottom line is that if you’re looking for the best SIG P320 grip module, make sure to find one that will fit both your pistols and your hand sizes. As soon as you find one that fits you perfectly, then there is nothing that can stop you from having excellent control over your pistol and also better precision. This accessory is one of the most significant ones to have on your pistol, so it is beneficial to find one that is a better upgrade to your factory default grip. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which caliber is my pistol?

The P320 comes in different calibers. Keep in mind that most grips are basically made to handle all of them. So regardless of the caliber, your pistol is chambered for, a good pistol grip can work to your benefit in any application. There are a few exclusions, though, so be sure to check for compatibility before clicking on the “purchase” button. 

What size are my hands?

First and foremost, not all grip modules are made equal. They are created for various hand sizes and are not a “be all, end all” thing. Pay close attention to the measurement of your hands and the grip so that you know which size grip to choose for your pistol.

How To Find The Best Grip Frame? 

There’s many P320 upgrades which includes the grip modules. However, finding the best grip pattern coverage would depend on the type of carry pistol that you have. For instance, if you have the a full size carry gun then you’d need a grip module which can cater for full size carry gun. The P320 grip module is usually measured thoroughly to ensure it fits the carry pistol perfectly plus the grip texture is also very important which depends on personal preference, budget and usage such as home defense or self defense. Thus, identifying your type of gun would ensure even better shooting experience for you as it’d be easier to buy the suitable P320 grip module.

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