Top 5 Best SIG P320 Conversion Kits in 2022

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If you are looking for a great SIG P320 Conversion Kit, then you are definitely not alone. There are all kinds of P320 lovers who are probably in the same position as you are now. They want to convert their existing pistol into something that may be a better size for them. Who says you are disallowed from converting a full-size P320 pistol into a sub-compact one for better concealability?​

In order to help you in finding the best conversion kit, we’ve put together a list of some of the best SIG P320 Conversion Kits that are currently on the market. One of them may be yours to take home if they are a close fit to what you are looking for and your preferences. Before we discuss the list itself, let’s talk about the components and elements of a conversion kit and how you can choose the option that can be a much better fit for you.

The Components of a P320 Conversion Kit

There are a few important components that consist of a whole conversion kit. You definitely will need to know what’s included so you know what you are getting. Here are some things that you’ll most likely see in a P320 Conversion Kit:

Groove Grip Module

A grip module will most certainly be a component you will need. However, you will need to know a couple of things about it before it’s either all right or not all right for you. First and foremost, does it fit your ergonomic finger, thumb rests, and hand size (for faster reload built)? Secondly, what type of pistol size do you intend to convert (full-size, compact, sub-compact, etc.)? Definitely do not find one that will be ill-fitted for your ideal P320 pistol or one that has bad contact and easier use. It can assist with ambidextrous fast and easy reloads. 


Your slide will contain the other 1/2 of the pistol itself. Once again, you will need to know which pistol you plan on adapting it to so you can get the correct size. Remember that a full-size slide will not be able to fit a pistol that is either compact or smaller. Or get yourselves Picatinny rails and a charging handle and a magazine holder for mounting and slide release. 

The slide is fastened to the top part of your pistol. This will provide a sliding action every time you pull the trigger and fire off your pistol. When the pistol slides backward, it will remove the casing of the used shot that you just fired. 

The Criteria: Pick the Best SIG P320 Conversion Kit

Finding the right SIG P320 conversion kit with great utility and efficiency will take a bit of time and a little bit of investigative work. You need to know how to differentiate one from the other based on its characteristics, what comes in the kit, and any additional features that are pertinent to you. Here are what you need to look for while looking for a conversion kit:


If you are someone who tends to look at the price tag before buying something, obviously your budget is the first thing that you thought of before getting something. One thing for you to know is that it should not be the only prevailing reason why you should get a conversion kit. Don’t settle for items that are low-quality just because it’s cheaper than most. Always place the items’ quality at a high priority, even if it means getting a conversion kit that may be on the higher end of your budget plan.

Components in the Conversion Kit

All conversion kits should include the right kind of components. Especially the conversion kits that you need the most. Some conversion kits may have what you want to make a complete conversion. While others may have some parts that you may not be needed until much later on. Either way, just make sure to choose a kit that will have your grip module and a slide to make sure that they are the perfect fit for conversion that comes with a quicker assembly disassembly exposed slide.

The Best SIG P320 Conversion Kit For Sale – Revealed

Below is our list of some of the best SIG P320 Conversion Kits that you can currently find on the market. As you look through each conversion kit, it is important to take note of what’s included along with some other features and characteristics that you think can fit your needs best.

1. SIG Sauer Caliber X-Change Kit SIG Sauer P320 Full-size

Sig Sauer - Caliber X-change Kit Sig Sauer P320 Fullsize

A lot of newer conversion kit buyers are able to easily convert their P320 pistols from subcompact or compact to a full-sized pistol with ease with the help of this conversion kit. One gun user even said that he wanted to switch things up. After the conversion, he said that he was able to use his newly converted pistol as his most reliable concealed carry pistol yet to date. Previously, he has only used it for competition purposes.

This has all the important components you need with the addition of one of the much-needed accessories that can make a P320 conversion kit function: a magazine. The magazine will perfectly fit the mag well and will provide you with 15 rounds of astonishing firepower. It’s an added expediency that even we can’t say no to. 

This will be a conversion kit that will be best used by people who want to turn sub-compact or compact sized pistols into a full-size one. It will be great for concealed carry purposes or even tactical situations for law enforcement or military personnel. At the same time, if you want a larger P320 conversion kit, then this is the conversion kit to go with.

With no obvious disadvantages, we can still think of something that may be worth adding into the mix. Since a magazine is included with this conversion kit, then why not include a holster that can fit your new full-sized pistol like a glove. It can be within the waistband holster or an OWB holster. Either way, it will be the perfect addition to this conversion kit and can be useful once you have successfully converted your P320.

If you are looking for a conversion kit that is considered the best of the best conversion kits and would be ideal for turning your current compact or sub-compact pistol into a full-sized P320. This SIG Sauer Caliber X-Change Conversion Kit will definitely be right up your alley if that is something you’re looking for. Especially when you want an alternative conversion kit to buying a new pistol that may set you back by hundreds of dollars.

2. CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kit (MCK Stabilizer) – SIG Sauer Conversion Kit

Caa Micro Conversion Kit (MCK Stabilizer) Sig Sauer P320

 Most recent SIG Sauer Conversion buyers have concealed carry users or use their P320 for tactical or occupational reasons (for example – police and military personnel). They are happy with how quick and easy it is for them to convert their pistols into a decent size that is great for concealability with the help of this MCK Micro Conversion Kit stabilizer. They also are happy with this CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kit SIG Sauer P320 and its overall rugged design.

This SIG Sauer MCK micro conversion kit is considered to be one of the best MCK micro conversion kits on the market when it comes to fast assembly or disassembly. Either way, you peruse it, you’ll be able to put this SIG Sauer MCK micro conversion kit to good use in a matter of minutes. Once you have it installed, it will be ready for battle no matter which application you use your Kit SIG Sauer P320 MCK micro conversion kit for.

This will most likely be a favorite among the government agents and law enforcement personnel. It will also be a great MCK micro conversion kit that is useful for your ordinary concealed carry user. No matter who uses this SIG Sauer micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320, they’ll get a micro-conversion kit that is simple and easy to use and makes the P320 much more usable and concealable.

A possible improvement that can be done to this SIG Sauer conversion kit is including a grip module that will work befittingly with this conversion kit. This kind of SIG Sauer micro conversion kit takes care of the barrel part of your P320 pistol. Looking at this micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 and seeing no pistol grip module, it looks a little incomplete.

If you are looking for a micro conversion kit that will turn your pistol into a tactical beast, the CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kit SIG Sauer P320 (SIG Sauer P320 conversion kit) may be exactly what you’re searching for. Just add this onto your P320 MCK Micro Conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 pistol and you’ll have one that is ready for battle whenever you need it the most.

3. SIG Sauer Caliber X-Change Kit SIG Sauer P320 Carry

Sig Sauer - Caliber X-change Kit Sig Sauer P320 Carry

A lot of MCK micro conversion kit users are happy with the P320 conversion kit SIG Sauer P320. They are able to try out new calibers that are different. One of the users converted his 9mm into a .45 ACP and said it is slightly better than his previous one. He said that while he loves 9mm calibers, for some reason he has decided to stick with the .45 on his P320 pistol.

This may not be a size conversion of its kind for a P320. It’s more of a micro-conversion MCK kit to try out on new calibers. There may be a time when you get tired of firing off the same old shots. That’s where this MCK kit SIG Sauer P320r will come into play. You can switch out one caliber with the other and give it a tryout. If you like the MCK kit SIG Sauer P320, keep it. If you don’t, switch the SIG Sauer conversion kit to something else.

This MCK kit SIG Sauer P320 will be used by mostly concealed carry users who may be interested in a change in caliber. Some may not be happy with 9mm calibers and want to switch it to something with more firepower. And there may be gunslingers who want to convert from a .45 to a 9mm. Either way, there is a caliber that you can consider your new “go-to” that will be equipped for conversion.

This MCK kit SIG Sauer P320 should include additional magazines that can perfectly fit the caliber that you choose. Some magazines can take on a 9mm, but won’t fit any other caliber rounds. It can (and will) lessen the frustration if you include magazines that will fit the appropriate shots you wish to use.

If you’re looking to switch calibers on your P320, you’ll definitely need a conversion MCK kit SIG Sauer P320 that will definitely stand out. This Caliber X-Change MCK Conversion Kit SIG Sauer P320 may be just what you need so that you can upgrade your P320 pistol to the next level, even if it means switching out the calibers.

4. SIG Sauer Caliber X-Change Kit SIG Sauer P320 Compact

Sig Sauer - Caliber X-change Kit Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Most recent MCK Micro Conversion Kit SIG Sauer P320 buyers are looking to turn their P320 pistols into a more compact, concealable version of the pistol itself. They succeeded in easily making it adaptable from a full-size to the compact size in a matter of a few minutes. One user even said that he has to convert to a compact size MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 because carrying a full-size conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 was too uncomfortable for him.

Now we turn our attention to the size decrease from full-size with the help of this MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320. We consider this one of the best size options for your P320 if your main goal is to make it as concealable as possible. All that while not making it too small for your hands to hold. Of course, it includes all the fixings like your slide, grip module, and a magazine that can hold up to 15 rounds of ammo.

This will be an MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 that can get the attention of many regular concealed carry users. Especially when they maybe some kind of a concealability issue with a full-sized pistol. It may be easier for them to convert to a smaller size without needing to blame either the holster or buy a new pistol that may be even more expensive.

The magazine from this MCK micro conversion kit can use a little size decrease so that it is not too tight or too loose of a fit in the mag well. You want it to be dependable enough to feed your chamber of the shots you want to fire off. Too tight of a fit may complicate that.

If you are looking for an excellent MCK micro conversion kit that will turn any P320 pistol into a compact size, then this SIG Sauer conversion kit may be your answer. Nothing makes an MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 more concealable and out of plain sight better than a compact size.

5. B&T USA USW-320 Upgrade Chassis – MCK Micro Conversion Kit SIG Sauer 

B&T USA - USW-320 Upgrade Chassis

Most recent buyers used this chassis as the framework for their MCK Micro Conversion Kits SIG Sauer P320 pistol conversion. A lot of them were happy with the SIG Sauer P320 design being solid and durable. Their firing group assemblies from their pistols fit this chassis perfectly, making it ready to go for installing the SIG Sauer P320 conversion kit of their choice.

A chassis is the cornerstone of any MCK micro conversion kit’s process. Without the SIG Sauer P320 conversion kit, you won’t be able to convert your SIG Sauer P320 into a different size or caliber. You can call this the outline of how to get it done. Other than that, the SIG Sauer P320 MCK micro conversion kit is solid in construction and will actually serve you better in the long run if you wish to turn your SIG Sauer pistol into an accurate force to be totaled with.

This chassis will be a much-needed addition for a successful pistol conversion. So it will be used by many people like your concealed carry users, law enforcement, military, and other users. Whether you convert it into a full-size or a compact with an MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320, this chassis will fit your SIG Sauer P320 kit of choice.

This chassis may need something that may turn into a nice package deal. We are thinking a set of magazines will do quite comfortably. For example, you can include a set of magazines that can fit smugly with a full-sized 9mm SIG Sauer P320. This way, you get a great chassis and MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 to work with but also a great set of magazines that will perfectly fit your newly rehabilitated pistol.

If you want something to start your MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 process with, a chassis conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 like the B&T USA USW-320 Upgrade will help get you started on what you are working on. This is the closest MCK micro conversion kit SIG Sauer P320 that you can find that will fit all kinds of P320 conversion kits (including those that are mentioned on this list).


The bottom line is that there are a lot of MCK micro conversion kits that are available on the market. You just have to find the best one to fit your fast and easy conversions. A lot of the kits are made with easy concealment and carry, allowing for quicker concealment of your pistols. At the same time, they also come with things like a grip for more stability, kits for multiple handgun models for easy handling and an even easier use, spare magazine, sights and or optics, folding stock, stock arm brace, concealment and carry locks, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best SIG P320 Conversion Kit models?

There are a lot of solid SIG P320 Conversion kit models on the market. Each different model comes with a different product with different combination of items. These products are meant to be a quick review of the models you are about to change up. Find yourself a model where the installation process is not difficult to work with. Hopefully, it can change up your rifle and provide you with better shooting experience.

What Are The Types of SIG P320 Kits?

There are different variations of conversion kits for your SIG Sauer P320 but do make the necessary comparison before putting it into your shopping cart.

Firstly, there’s SIG P320 Conversion Kit Full Size that comes with all the components needed and provides easy concealment and carry. Secondly, there’s P320 Conversion Kit Compact which is smaller in size but also provide easy concealment and carry. Thirdly, there’s SIG P320 Subcompact Conversion Kit which is the smallest size and provides the best concealment, fast and easy handling and allow better shooting for those gun owners with smaller hands.

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