Best SIG P320 Accessories of 2022

Best SIG P320 Accessories

Finding the best SIG P320 magazine can be a challenge for some people. However, if you need magazines (or any other accessories) for your Sig P320, regardless of the application you intend to use it for, you’ll have to find one that will fit your pistol best without many issues. A great Sig P320 accessory has to be reliable as much as it is trustworthy. On top of that, it has to be able to hold as many shots as you want it to. You may not use the entire magazine, for example, but you’ll have more than enough handy for whatever the usage calls for.

A Brief Introduction on SIG Sauer P320

The SIG Sauer P320 was introduced back in 2014 and has been well received and well regarded by the gun community. After being chosen by the U.S. Army for the Modular Handgun System contract in January in the same year, however, the SIG P320 was lunged onto the big stage, under the brightest spotlight a gun company can possibly hope for. Suddenly the P320 was on the radar for millions of American gun owners who have never heard of the pistol or are only vaguely aware of its existence.

The version of the SIG P320 chosen by the U.S. Army was called the M17 and offered in full-size and compact versions. The differences between the M17 and the commercial P320 are small and mostly for cosmetic purposes. However, sales of the commercial P320 are sure to skyrocket due to the Army’s adoption of its design. Whether or not it’s cars or guns, Americans sure love to accessorize.

The best P320 has been around for a few years. There is definitely no shortage of essential upgrades that are already available for it, with more sure to come. First and foremost, the holsters. Because the SIG P320 has the same exterior dimensions as SIG’s previously presented double-action/single-action P250, holsters made for either SIG gun fit this pistol. This means that just about everyone has holsters that fit the P320, including P320.

The Unique P320 Performance Upgrades – What’s So Special?


SIG P320 does not actually make holsters. However, starting with its current Legion series of pistols, the company teamed up with Blackpoint Tactical, a holster maker from Georgia, to offer some very holistic designs that are available through the SIG website.

Some years ago, SIG introduced the then new-fangled Blackpoint Tactical Mini Wing inside-the-waistband holsters. This holster is only available exclusively through SIG, and it has the SIG logo delightfully laser-etched onto the holster body.

Blackpoint labels this as their Mini Wing IWB holster (it says so right on the box). However, on the SIG Sauer website, it’s called the IWB Tactical holster, which is best available for full-size and compact P320s for US$90 each. Right-hand and left-hand models are both available.

Its holster body is a shell and comes up high enough in its back to protect you and yourself from the gun and vice versa. The mini wing name comes from the small leather wings before and after of the holster.

Belt Clips

The belt clips are committed best to these wings, and since the wings are made of the best leather, they activate to better imitate the curve of the wearer’s silhouette.

The belt clips are made of polymer and can be mounted high or low on the leather wings. Or you can choose to mount one elevated and the other low to cant the holster. Two sets of clips are included with its holster for 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch belts.


SIG Sauer was extremely smart in this area regarding the P320’s sights. The sight cuts are the same as on the well-respected P226, which has been around for many decades. Just about everybody who creates aftermarket sights offer one that fits the SIG P226, meaning that it’ll fit the SIG P320 pretty well too.

SIG itself offers standard 3-dot steel sights, tritium-insert night sights, TruGlo Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) front sights and tall suppressor night sights for the SIG P320. When everyone customizes their SIG P320 Compact, they install one of SIG’s XRay3 night sights.

These are SIG Sauer’s best solution to the well-respected Trijicon HD sights and feature a plain black rear sight with tritium inserts on both sides of the notch. Gun owners have their choice of either a round-bottomed or square rear or back notch. The front sight comes with a tritium insert, around which is a large fluorescent green circle for high visibility during daytime use.

Grip Modules

What’s best in most handguns may be the polymer frame of the pistol in the SIG P320 is just its grip module. The authentic serialized part is the stainless steel chassis inside of the grip module.

If you want to swap out your grip module for one that is made of a different color, girth (small, medium and large girth sizes) or size (full size or compact length), it takes only a few minutes and no tools needed. Grip modules are available from the P320 store for just US$44 apiece (prices subject to change).


The best P320 trigger itself can be detached from the pistol with little to not using any tools. Apex Tactical provides replacement trigger bows for the SIG P320. These are convenient to install in just a few minutes without any special tools needed. Gun owners put one of the firm’s flat-faced triggers on their SIG P320 Compact.

SIG Sauer for years have been working together with Bruce Gray and Grayguns, which is considered by many gun owners to be the top custom gunsmithing company specializing in SIG P320s. It has plenty of upgrades available for the best SIG P320.

Trigger pull weight on the SIG P320 averages approximately seven pounds. The Grayguns PELT (Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger) trigger for the SIG P320 comes with a replacement trigger bow (curved or flat), trigger bar spring and also a heavy-duty extended sear housing pin. It reduces over-travel and the trigger pulls weight on the best SIG P320 by about two pounds. A version of this trigger upgrade can be found on SIG’s new X-Five competition gun.

They may be the 1st gunsmith to offer trigger jobs for the P320. Its Competition Action Package, done in-house, will bring the trigger pull on your P320 down to about 3.5 pounds while still maintaining it as drop-safe.

Recoil Springs

Most competitive gunslingers years ago came to realize that lighter recoil springs assisted in reducing muzzle bounce during rapid-fire without hurting pistol frames. However, the P320, like a lot of new pistol designs, comes with a captured recoil spring.

Grayguns is just one of many gun companies that sells a replacement steel guide rod for the full-size P320 that accepts 1911 recoil springs. That means you can tailor your recoil spring weight to your own personal preferences.

The SIG Sauer P320 is still quite young in gun design terms. At least compared to iconic platforms like 1911, and the number of accessories and aftermarket parts and upgrades are only going to increase.

The Criteria of The Top P320 Accessories For SIG P320 Mods

In order to find the SIG Sauer P320 accessories that best fits you, you’re going to have a look at some of the best characteristics that go into making one stand out among its peers. It’s really important to know what these features are so you know the differences between a great, high-quality accessory and one that is not so great in its value and unreliable. Here are what features you should be looking out for: 


While it isn’t really a gun feature related to the functionality of any Sig Sauer P320 accessories, it should be talked about anyway. Especially when you are looking for the best quality you can possibly afford. As a notice, try not to settle for a ridiculously cheap accessory. This will usually result in bad accessory value and be more likely to go haywire. Look for the best quality and reliability within how much you are willing to pay fpr. Even if it means paying a bit more than what you want to fork out, it will be a lot better in terms of its value.


What makes the best quality of gun accessories? The short answer is the materials a gun accessory is made from. In the case of Sig Sauer P320 accessories, it’s usually a combination of high-quality steel and polymer material. Sometimes, accessories may also have an anodized coating for added durability. Either way, these are made to be durable and will have the ability to take on hard surface impacts should it free-fall.

The Number of Rounds

This only applies if you are looking for magazine accessories. Remember that the number of rounds you need for a magazine will depend on your personal preferences. Therefore, if you’re using it for concealed carry purposes, you can start off with the standard market amount. If you’re more of a target shooter or competitive shooter, you may want to take a look at extended mags.

Review of the Best SIG P320 Accessories / P320 Aftermarket Parts

The following is a list of some of the best P320 accessories that are currently on the market as of this review. While the list may be subject to change between now and the following years, this will give you a sneak peek at what’s popular among P320 pistol users. Remember to keep in mind some of the individuality and features of each accessory.

1. CMC Trigger – AR 15 Tactical Trigger Group

CMC Triggers - AR-15 Tactical Trigger Group

To overcome the disadvantages of both the old heavy triggers and the new and super-light ones, someone came up with a compromise: the set trigger. A set trigger allows the pistol owner to have a substantially reduced trigger pull while maintaining a degree of safety while out on the shooting range.

There are two kinds: single set and double set. The Double-Set Triggers (DS for short) initially get its initial from Deutscher Stecher, a German set trigger that is widely used by Central European hunters as the standard precision shooting triggers.

However, hunters and marksmen in the USA are not happy with that compromise. Their answers were to allow the trigger the safety of a heavier pull with the precision of a lighter break.  Two-stage triggers usually have a far longer and heavier portion of the pull-in its first stage, followed by a reasonable area of travel with little conflict followed by a trigger break.

While the overall force requires it to release the firing mechanism is the same in both. This is because dual-stage triggers work and feel smoother and lighter than a single stage. That is all due to the final amount of pressure that is needed much less than with the single-stage trigger.

A lot of recent buyers of this tactical group are quite happy with this trigger, and not for its affordability itself. It is easy to install for most sections, it took them about 10 minutes or less. As soon as it is installed, they are able to try it out at the shooting range. They are quick to report that there is no creep for the most section and shooting is quick and smooth. 

This one is more than just your regular market budget triggers. It performs like a factory replacement trigger that can put all the other stock triggers to shame. The design is ergonomically friendly, which makes it a standout feature for those who want to spend more time at the range. Finger fatigue, in a lot of gun owners’ point of view, will become a thing of the past thanks to a tactical trigger like this one.

This will be mostly used by hunters, target shooters, and even competitive shooters too. It will be a trigger that can be mostly used by those who use AR-15 rifles and less so the AR-15 pistol users. This trigger will be for persons who are looking for something that is the closest to the flawless factory replacement trigger.

An improvement that should be worth anyone’s consideration is finding out why there is still some creep and take up that some users claim to have. Could it be possible that the pull weight may not be worthy enough? If so, then lightening it may be a good possibility. 

If you are looking for a trigger that is easy to install, great for your AR15 rifle, and will not suck the life out of your bank account, then this CMC trigger may be what you are looking for. While it’s most likely the most affordable trigger on the market, it definitely achieves like it should be sold at twice its market price. For smooth shooting experience and better ergonomics, you cannot go wrong with one like this.

2. Faxon Barrel

faxon barrel

Faxon Firearms makes some really top-notch gears and fascinating guns. They also produce some of the best and outstanding barrels, and if you are going to sink money in a better barrel, you’d definitely want to buy from some of the best. Faxon has an assembly of different barrel options for the P320.

For obvious reasons, you have different barrel lengths, but also a multitude of different final product options. This includes TiN-coated, Rainbow-coated, and of course black finishes. The barrels are also fluted in what Faxon calls their “flame fluted pattern”. It gives the barrel a really pretty look overall.

They also have threaded options for pistol enthusiasts too. The best thing of all is that the threads are a standard ½ x 28. P320’s threaded barrels are some rhythmic left-hand twist which demands an adapter, or a specially-made muzzle device.

½ x 28 is the most common barrel threading for 9mm weapons, and this makes it a lot simpler to add a suppressor or even a compensator. Faxon barrels are made from 416-R stainless steel material and have an 11-degree target crown. That makes sure the gas is relieved and will add that hair of excellence to your pistol’s precision.

The inside finish of these barrels is a robust salt bath nitride finish, and the outside is TiN, for obvious reasons, as well as salt bath nitride. These barrels are rock-solid, well-made, and are a flawless upgrade for your P320. Especially if you are looking to add a muzzle device. To be honest, pistol and accessories part-makers should know that pistol owners use ½ x 28 here.

3. Springer Precision P320 Compensator

Springer Precision

Speaking of muzzle devices, why not opt for a compensator? A lot of people criticize the use of compensators on a 9mm handgun. Plenty of pistol owners used to do this and then later stopped. It’s pretty easy to dive into any pistol websites’ comments sections and say, “Is 9mm too much for your little wrists?” then proceed to fire the Nighthawk Firehawk in 9mm.

It’s a ported 9mm 1911, and everyone suddenly realized just how grand it is, and how easy handling a compensated 9mm is. If you wish to upgrade your P320 with a compensator, then there are a few choices available out there. However, we suggest the Spring Precision model for a few good reasons.

First and foremost, they produce compensators specifically for and with the P320 M 13.5 x 1 LH thread twist. At the same time, they also provide a standard P320 Compensator for the ½ x 28 threads. That way if you have ever spent that extra money for a P320 with a threaded barrel, then you have that choice.

We are going to suggest 2 different Spring Compensators for 2 different uses. The Springer Precision Open Compensator and also the Springer Precision Shorty Compensator. The Springer Precision Open Compensator has 3 ports that allows for a noteworthy level of muzzle rise reduction. It’s also rated for 9mm +P and 9mm Major loads.

If you want to include those dynamic loads through your pistol, you can. The compensator can take them on. This compensator is pretty lengthy and isn’t going to work better for any kind of concealed carry purposes. It is made for competition guns in mind, and that’s where it is suitably needed. It is also great if you wish to have fun with your P320 and experience a very trifling recoil. The Shorty is a solitary top port and 2-sided ports. It is made for standard 9mm ammunition in mind and is better suited for a street carry pistol.

The compensator weighs only .852 ounces and can help reduce muzzle rise to make it more tranquil to stay target, round after round. This tiny guy is definitely effective and is inexpensive for most owners. Again, this compensator is made for both P320’s thread pitch and the typical ½ x 28 threading. A compensated gun is a lot of fun. And if you haven’t tried it, we’d definitely recommend you to at least give it a spin one time. It opened up a lot of gun owners’ eyes and showed them how easy it is to control a compensated handgun.

4. Promag Sig Sauer P320 9mm (32-Rounds)

Promag Sig Sauer P320 9 mm 32-Round

Recent buyers of this P320 magazine are able to use this for the purpose of target shooting and competitive shooting. One competitive pistol shooter said that he uses these magazines every single time because they give him more rounds and fewer magazines to carry while at it. This saved him a lot of time and gave him a better upper hand over his opponents.

Thirty-two rounds are a whole lot more than what your standard P320 magazines can offer. But rest assured, this is the magazine that is used for applications where a huge number of rounds may best be necessary. It’s definitely perfect for a long day at the range or a concentrated shooting competition that will get down to the wire. The P320’s construction from the inside out is solid and dependable, and for the most part, its loading is smooth.

This magazine is inexpensive for most users. It will be best used for those who are looking to spend a whole day at the shooting range firing off every round they’ve got. It is fun for them to go up against paper targets or through a “run and gun” shooting course. This will be a magazine used by many gun owners who want to have the most entertainment out of their P320 pistol. 

Some developments to the inner workings of the magazine may be a possible idea. That way, you’ll deal with lesser malfunctions and jamming problems. Even with high-capacity magazines, this can be a problem unless there are some improvements done to it. One place to start is consolidation the inner springs so it can take on more rounds.

If you are looking for a lot of firing rounds to work with at a price that you can afford, then this Promag Sig Sauer P320 9mm magazine might be what you are looking for. Solid construction, a large volume of rounds to work with, and fits smugly, this magazine is great and is meant for the competitive shooters or for someone who wants a good, long day at the range.


The bottom line is that there are perks if you choose to upgrade your P320 gun with the help of accessories. Whether you are looking to improve accuracy, the capacity, increase ammo use, improve the grips, the aftermarket accessories, and kits will definitely help with that. And that’s a major win for everyone and their weapon, to be honest.

At the same time, if you are looking for kits that can help with concealed carry (concealed carry are popular among smaller pistols), grip modules, muzzle devices, aftermarket triggers, red dot sight, trigger guard and other firearm products, then we hope that the above list option is enough for you to make a decision for your guns.

Furthermore, you get the option from the kit of gear where it makes installation a lot stress free for you. Navigation of the kit should be a stress for you also because the installation process should meet your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What aspects should I consider before buying the P320 accessories?

If you live in the USA, you will have to consider whether it is legal for you to own the accessories or not. Yes, even accessories fall under firearms jurisdiction for pretty much obvious reasons. Like magazines for example. Some states allow you to own certain rounds of magazines, but only up to a maximum amount. Anything beyond that certain amount can be considered as illegal.

At the same time, the same can be said for how experienced you are in using a pistol. 

If you have never used a pistol before and have a willingness to learn, then you’ll be able to get a good magazine that can serve as a “training mag” for your range practice shots. It’s highly recommended that you get a magazine with 10rounds to start off first. If it’s legal in your state, then you are more than welcome to get a magazine with more rounds included.

How Accurate is SIG P320? 

The SIG P320 is great in shooting groups efficiently as compared to Glock 19. For above 10-25 yards. the shooting groups were merely an inch away from each other. Hence, the highest accuracy is ensured and very consistent which allow you to retain control of your pistol. However, the findings show that SIG P320 and the Glock 19 are very similar in terms of accuracy. Regardless, the accuracy of SIG P320 can be further enhanced with aftermarket parts with the best star rating as discussed above for even better accuracy of shots.

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