Best Remington 870 Slings in 2022 – Reviewed

The Remington 870 is a classic shotgun being used in many areas such as hunting, self defense and law enforcement. It is also considered to be the best selling shotgun in history and with good reason, priding itself with its industry leading reliability and sturdy design the Remington 870 is a must own for firearm enthusiasts or people who want reliable shotguns. 

The Remington 870 also has access to a multitude of accessory options which greatly improve its usability and reliability, one big upgrade a person can make for their Remington 870 is by adding a good sling. If you have added a number of accessories on your Remington 870 already, you would realize just how much weight it adds to its already heavy duty 7 lb body.

This is why owning good tactical shotgun slings for your Remington 870 would help greatly in reducing carry weight helping with stability and preventing theft if an attacker decides to try and snatch your shotgun away from you. A sling is definitely a must buy for all firearm users and we will go into further detail on why a sling for your Remington 870 might be for you in this guide.

Hopefully, this guide will get you a decision on which sling to buy by the end. 

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Specter Gear Remington 870 – 11/87CQB Sling

Most Recommended

1. 3-point ambidextrous sling
2. High quality
3. Synthetic fiber –  Withstand hard weather conditions

Specter Gear Raptor 2 Point Tactical Sling

Best Two Point Option

1. Ambidextrous sling
2. Lightweight
3. Military grade adjuster straps

9.5/10SHOP NOW
BlackHawk Storm Tactical Sling

Best One Point Option

1. High strength nylon
2. Simple and comfortable
3. Weather Resistant

9.0/10SHOP NOW
VISM Shotgun Bandolier Sling

Best for Budget 

1. Padded for comfort
2. Various attachment points for accessories
3. Holds up to 15 additional shot shells

8.5/10SHOP NOW
Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Push Button Sling

Best for Comfort

1. Lightweight and does not absorb water
2. Padded for comfort
3. Easily adjustable

8.0/10SHOP NOW

The Reasons for Getting a Remington 870 Shotgun Sling

Enthusiasts and professionals alike have described the importance of slings as important as having a holster for your handgun going to such lengths as saying that your shotgun is not complete without one. We think a shotgun sling is a great accessory for your Remington 870 because it provides a lot of new benefits you can appreciate having.

Reduces Carry Weight Load

The most useful function of a sling is definitely how it helps with managing the weight of your weapon. The Remington 870 is a beast of a shotgun and if you already decked it out with the perfect tactical shotgun sling gear, you are going to start feeling that weight after a few times carrying it.

Fitting your shotgun with a sling will do wonders in helping reduce that carry load. Imagine having to carry a shotgun for hours while trekking hills and forests during hunting season or in a pursuit of a home intruder during home defense , without a sling you will be out of energy very quickly and that is not something you want to happen.

It will also reduce the risk of injuries as well since your body does not need to constantly withstand the load your shotgun puts on it.


If you haven’t already realised, a sling is a great convenience add on for your shotgun. Maybe you are outside and you need to carry things but you also have your shotgun with you, without a sling you will either have to carry only one thing while you have your shotgun in your other hand and do two trips back or if you have a sling you will be able to use both hands to carry things while still having your shotgun on you. 


A sling will provide stability for you while aiming, especially a Remington 870 fitted with other accessories. Owning a sling will give you a more solid hold on your shotgun by being draped over your shoulder.

Buying Considerations for A Good Remington Shotgun Slings

You may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of variety the market has to offer on shotgun slings. A great shotgun sling depends on its material, padding, construction and its choice of sling swivels and studs. Not only that, you will also have to consider if you want to have a one two or three point sling.


Shotgun slings can be made out of many different types of materials, including but not limited to natural leather or synthetic leather and nylon material. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. 

A sling made from nylon and synthetic materials are cheaper in price and do not tan in the cold. They also do not stretch over time and are just overall more resistant to weather conditions however they won’t look or feel as good as good old leather.

A sling made from leather on the other hand looks great aesthetically and is also quite resistant to wet conditions. Leather durability is still quite great however synthetic materials will last longer so leather slings will require more care than synthetic slings.

Sling Paddings

If you use your shotgun for long periods of time you should also consider slings that have padding included as it makes carrying a shotgun much more comfortable, although take note of the added bulk of paddings when purchasing a padded sling.

Sling Types

When buying a sling, you will have to take into account which sling type it is and choose which one you prefer better. It may be a bit confusing so we will show you what each sling type has to offer.

Single Point Sling

Single point slings are very basic in construction, they only have one point of attachment to your shotgun most of the time at the butt or rear end. This belt can form into a loop or ribbon and you can wrap the single point sling around you on the shoulder or across your chest.

You still need to hold your shotgun with at least one hand even with this shotgun sling. We wouldn’t recommend this sling for Remington 870 users as they are usually designed for light and compact weapons.

Two Point Sling

These are the most common and traditional sling of the bunch, considered a classic it is attached to two sling swivels one at the end of the shotgun and the other at the barrel. They are very convenient for hands-free carrying but it is very difficult to raise the barrel quickly. You wrap the sling across your torso or on your back and they provide the perfect balance and stability. 


Three Point Sling

The three point sling is the most recent innovation of the bunch, its construction is similar to that of a two point sling but with an extra sling connecting via two sling swivels. The belt is securely fixed on the weapon and it allows for very quick weapon raising which is ideal for hunting and home defense. This is definitely the most modern and best tactical sling option as it combines the best of both worlds incorporating elements of the simpler options into one. 

The Best Sling For Remington 870 Tactical Review You Need

Now that you have all the information you need to know about slings, it is time you pick out your very own sling for your Remington 870 and other weapons. Luckily, you won’t have to go elsewhere to look as we will be giving you the rundown of the perfect Remington 870 sling for you.

Be sure to read what our review has to say and take note of which suits you best. fit all models of the Remington 870.

1. Specter Gear Remington 870 – 11/87CQB Sling – The Best Remington 870 Sling Overall 


Why we recommend this product –

This is our best pick for a sling for the Remington 870, the Specter Gear Remington 870 Sling. It is one of the best three point slings on the market. This option allows you to get the advantages of two and one point designs and it is perfect for your weapon.

Its special features are that its sling is fully ambidextrous for right or left handed users and includes a matte heavy duty finish steel side front sling mount plate and a stirrup type webbing rear strap adapter all included in the box.

The sling is made out of high quality synthetic fibre made to withstand harsh weather conditions and provides a snug and secure fit for your torso. It is definitely a great sling for its price.

What Customers Reviews Say –

The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive towards the sling, with many being surprised on how great of a sling it was for its price. It works well and is made well and the setup is easily adjustable and can be reconfigured to accommodate various setups.

Some say it is perfect for tactical training and the sling holds the gun in a comfortable position and we would have to agree with that statement. 

Bottom Line –

This sling was chosen as our best option due to its great quality and material choices along with its free complimentary add ons. This sling is great for any shotgun user especially for a Remington 870. We highly recommend this sling!



2. Specter Gear Raptor 2 Point Tactical Sling – The Best Two Point Option 


Why we recommend this product –

If you are feeling a bit traditional and do not want to go with a three point option, Specter Gear also offers a two point sling that has all the quality and reliability as well. It is designed to fit a standard stock Remington 870 and even has an ambidextrous side sling adaptor.

It features lightweight but highly durable military grade adjuster straps whilst having a quiet friction lock polymer adjuster buckle for quiet and smooth operation.

And for good measure, it also has an emergency release buckle for when your strap gets stuck in a risky situation and you need to disengage the strap to get away. It features a classic two point sling.

What Customer Reviews Say –

Customers love the comfortable webbing across the shoulder area and its simplicity in installing since it comes with its standard sling swivels and fittings included.

Even though not leather they love the feel of the synthetic material and appreciate the resistance it has to harsh weather conditions. 

Bottom Line –

If you are a bit of a traditionalist but got impressed by the three point sling we crowned as our perfect pick, this is the kind of sling you want instead as it features everything that one has but with just a difference in sling type. 



3. BlackHawk Storm Tactical Sling –  The Best One Point Option 


Why we recommend this product –

If you just want a simple sling this is the perfect option for you, constructed with high strength nylon webbing with elliptical bungee for extra comfort and support it also includes robust bar tacking and box stitching for maximum strength.

It is definitely a solid sling, being elastic enough for quick and awkward weapon maneuvers and being weather resistant is also a huge plus. It is also fitted with a quick ditch buckle which allows for instant detachment of the sling and the gun itself for fast releases. 

What Customer Reviews Say –

Many customers are happy with what they got out of this sling for their Remington 870. They commend the product for its simple construct and being cheap. It is a great sling that fits most people’s needs.

This is perfect for casual and competitive users alike as it provides great amounts of stability for your weapon.

Bottom Line –

The Blackhawk Storm Tactical Sling is a simple and easy to use weapon sling and we think you will be happy with it if you are just looking for a simple one with not a lot of bells and whistles but is just the bare essentials.

It’s great for its price and you can’t go wrong with its use of quality materials.



4. VISM Shotgun Bandolier Sling – The Best Budget Option


Why we recommend this product –

If you are a budget orientated user, we have a present for you in the VISM Shotgun Bandolier Sling, even at its price point it has a lot to offer which is very impressive.

It includes a padded shoulder pad for maximum comfort when carrying and it uses web material for a variety of attachment points to keep all your weapon accessories close to your firearm.

The padding also provides shock absorption so you won’t feel the force of your Remington 870 while firing. Its bandolier also allows you to hold up to 15 additional shot shells, this is definitely a budget king of slings.

What Customer Reviews Say –

Most customers say that it is a very well constructed and good stitched weapon sling, and they found the ability to carry extra shot shells a very welcome addition to its already cheap price. They like how they have the option to remove the bandolier chest pad and the shoulder pad and adjust the strap to their preferences.

Although since it is quite cheap, quality control is not that good and there are some customers who have experienced it breaking after 20 minutes or so from attaching. 

Bottom Line –

This is a great option if you are on a budget for your Remington 870, although it does seem that quality is a big question mark for this weapon sling but there are more good features than bad and it’s good for its price point. Overall a very impressive sling!



5. Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Push Button Sling –  The Best Comfort 


Why we recommend this product –

If comfort is what you are looking for in your weapon, look no further than the Blue Force Gear Vickers. It combines the tactical weapon sling capability of the famous Vickers Sling with the added comfort of a padded rear section. The sling is made from closed cell foam that will not separate or gain water weight which is great for traversing wet conditions.

This is a very convenient sling to have as it features a quick adjuster function that allows the user to instantly lengthen and shorten the sling allowing them to transition from hands free carry to a shooting position in a snap with a simple pull of the adjuster. It features nylon hardware and webbing which is light, strong and more flexible than traditional plastic weapon slings. 

What Customer Reviews Say –

Customers are happy with what they got with this sling, saying its comfort padding is unbeatable and its use of very high quality and durable materials is a big yes for many users. Although some have said there are problems with the QD sling swivels, being difficult to operate at times. Despite that it is a great sling that is well made. 

Bottom Line –

This sling certainly has a lot of useful and convenient features up in its sleeve, it is however not a very good budget option if we have to be frank with you. It’s our most expensive sling in this article but if you have the cash to deck out your Remington 870, this is a great padded sling to consider.




Shotgun sling is a welcomed addition to the accessories you can add to your Remington 870, there are many slings available in the market and we hope we helped you narrow down on which one you want to buy.

Just remember to figure out which sling type fits your shooting style the most, what situation you will be using your weapon the most as it will help greatly in deciding what kind of sling you need as there are many kinds out there.

If you still cannot decide, you can’t go wrong with a two point sling as it is the classic choice for most veteran users and some are considered the best Remington 870 slings in existence.

If you are a hunter, padding should be important too as you will be trekking for long hours during hunting season and it is important that your body does not wear out in the middle of hunting. Take note that there are many other options out there but this list is our opinion on the best Remington 870 slings. There are so many options that anyone will eventually find the perfect one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A Sling Good For Home Defense?

Yes, but you shouldn’t be dependent on it because you may not have sufficient time to reload a sling in crossfire. Hence, you should master shouldering the weapon and able to position it properly so it’d bear in a nick of time using a sling. Note that there are various slings on the market to choose from which could give you quick detachment couplings or even readily sling your weapon.


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