Best Remington 870 Side Saddles in 2022

Remington 870 Side Saddles Review

One of the most common shotguns for home defense, competitions and hunting is the Remington 870 shotgun. A commonly used shotgun such as Remington 870 requires proper tactical accessory to shine under stressful events and a Remington 870 side saddle is an incredible example.

The main benefit of a Remington 870 side saddle is not only to increase ammo capacity, but there are other benefits associated with it as well. In this review, we will be exploring more about side saddles and also the features of a good Remington 870 side saddle. After that, you can use that information and knowledge to choose from the list of the best Remington 870 side saddles.

What are Side Saddles and Their Purposes?

The other name for a Remington 870 side saddle is also a shotgun shell holder. Generally, a side saddle is made of plastic, metal or fiber and is mounted on the side of a shotgun to hold extra rounds in it. Side saddles are meant to carry extra ammunition in a convenient and easy way.

When using a Remington 870 side saddle, reloading is as easy as pulling the new rounds out and reloading them into the shotgun, without having to reach for an ammo pouch or crate.

Having a Remington 870 side saddle is incredibly helpful in competition and in self-defense situations because these situations call for a quick rate of fire and time cannot be wasted on reaching out to your ammo pouch to get new rounds. Simply put, side saddles are the key in a life and death situation. Many people also use it as a backup for SHTF because of its ‘quick reloading’ feature.

Reasons to Have The Best 870 Side Saddle

There are more reasons to have a Remington 870 side saddle than not and here are some significant benefits of a side saddle that will potentially change the minds of those who don’t agree.

Extra Rounds

As you can see from the design of Remington 870 side saddles, they are meant to let you carry extra ammo and are extremely important and crucial especially in a life and death situation. A shotgun such as the Remington 870 only has a 7 to 8 rounds capacity and having that few extra rounds can make a big difference.

Quick Access

A Remington 870 side saddle is usually mounted at the side of a shotgun which provides quick and easy access to ammunition, without reaching out to your pockets or pouches and wasting your time.

If you want the fastest option for reloading your shotgun, then a Remington 870 side saddle is undeniably the best option. However, practice is required to achieve a high reloading speed.


Instead of stuffing the bulky shotgun rounds in your pockets, having a Remington 870 side saddle allows you to conveniently mount some extra rounds into it. Plus, imagine you’re in a home defense situation at night. Having those extra rounds on your shotgun can be crucial especially when there isn’t sufficient time to get extra ammunition.


While this isn’t a practical benefit of a Remington 870 side saddle, it is still something that boosts the confidence and satisfaction of shooters. Adding a Remington 870 side saddle makes your shotgun appear more lethal and tactical, which is a feature that some people are searching for.

The Criteria – How To Pick The Best Side Saddle for Remington 870 

Now, let’s have a look at some features that make a good Remington 870 side saddle.


The first and most important thing of a great side saddle is its durability. Recoil from shotguns are pretty intense and a side saddle needs to be tough and durable enough to handle the pressure. You wouldn’t enjoy seeing your side saddle destroyed in the middle of shooting, so make sure the side saddle you choose is durable enough.

Easy to Mount

Another quality that saddles must have is they should be easy to mount and not require any gunsmithing or permanent changes to the gun. Also, the side saddle must be gentle enough that it doesn’t damage the finish of your gun.

Better Design

The design of a side saddle is not just about its style, it also refers to the quality and practicality. Of course, it is still important to pick a side saddle that suits your preference. A saddle with a good quality and functionality means the shells must have enough friction to stay secured in place and don’t fall out when you’re moving around.

Additionally, the saddle must be designed in such a way that the serial number of your shotgun is visible. This is important for the purpose of inventory maintenance and other legal matters. You might find angled side saddles to be useful under those situations as well.


Finally the last important feature you should pay attention to is the capacity of the shell holders. The best capacity is based on your personal preference and there isn’t an ideal capacity that suits everyone. Generally, the best ones have a 6-round capacity, which is similar to the original capacity of a Remington 870.

The Best Remington 870 Side Saddle in 2022

Getting the right side saddle for your shotgun can be a troublesome task but thankfully, we were able to discover and review 5 of the best Remington 870 side saddles for you. The saddles mentioned here are carefully picked and fit the criteria that we’ve set.

1. ATI Remington 870 12 Gauge Halo



  • 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Military type III anodized
  • Sleek skeletonized design


First, we have an incredible side saddle by Advanced Technology Internationals, the Remington 870 12 Gauge Halo Side Saddle. This saddle by ATI is made from top-standard materials and features an anodized coating. With these features in place, you can expect the ATI Halo Side Saddle to be extremely durable.

This ATI saddle has a unique design where it covers the top section of your receiver. To mount this saddle securely in place, you’re required to use the current screw holes on the top of the receiver. The skeletonized design also keeps the weight to a minimum, weighing in at about 5.5 ounces only.

An incredible feature about the ATI Halo Side Saddle is its modular design for putting on additional shells. It also comes with 6 individual shell holders that can be attached or unattached from the saddle. This side saddle also has a detachable top mounting rail, allowing you to attach accessories if you wish to.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a durable side saddle for your Remington 870. Thanks to its top of the line construction and coating, you can expect this product to last for a long time on your Remington 870.

You prefer a lightweight side saddle. With its skeletonized design, the saddle is able to maintain a lightweight of 5.5 ounces only.

You enjoy having a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. This side saddle is offered with a limited lifetime warranty where you can get a new saddle if the current saddle is faulty.

You will dislike this if:

You prefer saddles that don’t require gunsmithing. The top receiver holes are required to be drilled for the screws to fit in so gunsmithing might be required.

2. Lyman Side Saddle Shell Holder


  • Molded-nylon shell carrier
  • Aluminum mounting plate
  • Window in the mounting plate


The next best option is the Lyman Side Saddle Shell Holders. This side saddle offers good flexibility and strength because the shell holders are made from nylon and the mounting plate is made from aluminum. The plate can be easily mounted on the existing screw holes, so no permanent changes are needed.

There are two models available for their shell holders which are 4 and 6 for not only the Remington 870 model, but also models such as the Remington 1100 or 11-87 ESN.

Since the shell holders are made of nylon, they will be soft enough to easily load the rounds in and also strong enough to hold them in place, even if you are constantly moving.

Its mounting plate is also designed with a window to make sure that the serial number of your Remington 870 stays visible at all times. This can be of great help for law enforcement agencies or shooting range owners that keep track of their guns. The design is also fairly compact so it won’t have a big effect on the handling of your Remington 870.

Whether you’re using it for hunting, home defense or competitions, the Lyman Side Saddle Shell Holders will certainly satisfy you.

You will like this if:

You enjoy having few models to select from. The Lyman Side Saddle Shell Holders are available in 4 and 6 shell models and you can pick the right option based on your needs.

You are looking for a lightweight Remington 870 side saddle. Since this isn’t a full metal construction, the whole item has a weight of about 5.3 ounces only.

You don’t intend to do permanent changes to your Remington 870. Its plate mounts directly on the current screw holes of your receiver, so no modifications are required.

You will dislike this if:

You are not a fan of its design. The design of this side saddle is quite simple and might not appeal to some people.

3. GG&G Remington 870 Side Saddle


  • 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Type III hard anodized
  • Non-marring backing plate


If you are looking for a more tactical choice, then the GG&G shell holders will be your best bet. The design implemented for this product is slightly different as compared to other shell holders on the market but it is still the top of its line. It is made from a high-quality material and has a military standard finish to ensure its durability.

You can mount this side saddle with ease using the trigger replacement bolt holes. The finish of your top receiver is also protected because the mounting plate is made from a non-marring material. The unique feature about this side saddle is that the shell holders are angled at a 15 degrees for quick reloads, even when you’re moving around.

Besides the angled design that allows you to feed rounds into the mag tube or ejector port in a quick manner, the whole system is also resistant to oil. This means it will still work extremely well under damp conditions. The overall weight is incredibly light thanks to the lightning cuts and serial number remains visible.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a top-standard Remington 870 side saddle. Similarly to the others mentioned in our review, this side saddle is constructed with top-standard materials and hard anodized to make sure it’s durable.

You fancy the angled shell holders design. The angled design allows for a quick reload and is not something mainstream.

You prefer saddles that are easy to install. No modifications or permanent alterations are required when you mount this GG&G side saddle.

You will dislike this if:

You have a synthetic forend mounted Remington 870. You might experience some disturbance from the front shell case with the synthetic forend.

4. TacStar Hunter’s


  • Corrosion resistant polymer
  • Aluminum backing plate
  • Holds 4 round of shells


The TacStar Hunter’s Side Saddle is a small yet strong attachment for your Remington 870 shotgun. It also holds 4 12 gauge shells and this 4-round capacity is not too little or too much.

Whether you’re using this side saddle for competitions, hunting or home defense purposes, the 4 extra shells will definitely come in handy. However, some might argue that this capacity is slightly low.

Unlike the others that are built of metal, the holders for your shells are built from soft plastic with a sturdy metallic base. This TacStar side saddle also has the best length which won’t cause disturbance while using your shotgun. Installation of the TacStar Hunter’s Side Saddle is fairly easy and there’s no need to permanently alter your shotgun.

You will also find the mounting screws included in the package so you won’t need to get them yourself. Not only is this a good side saddle for the Remington 870, it is also a good piece for other models such as the Remington 1000 and 11-87 models.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a saddle that works well with many shotguns. The TacStar saddle is designed not only for the Remington 870 but also other variants.

You prefer a compact product. This saddle is designed to be small and compact and has the best length that won’t cause interference while you’re shooting.

You are looking for a saddle that you can use for different situations. Thanks to its compact size and decent capacity, you can use this saddle for competitions, hunting or home defense.

You will dislike this if:

You think the capacity of 4 rounds is too low. Although its capacity might be enough for some, others might prefer to carry more.

5. Mesa Tactical SureShell


  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Innovative rubber friction retention system


If anyone is looking for a side saddle with the best durability, then the Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Mount would be your best choice. It has a design that is intended to bring durability and convenience at the same time. While the holders for your shells are built from tough plastic, its base is constructed from a sturdy material.

The base is also curved to make certain that the serial number of the shotgun remains visible. There will be no issues using it in hunting or home defense situations thanks to the non-glare matte finish.

The holders have rubber inserts on top to ensure the shells stay in place. This ensures that the shells won’t drop when the shotgun is moving and can only be removed by force. One thing that any user might not enjoy about this product is that it’s slightly more expensive than the others.

You will like this if:

You want a durable product. This side saddle has the best durability in the market with a similar construction to the others that were mentioned.

You plan to keep your shells secured in place. Thanks to utilization of an innovative design, this saddle is able to retain your shells securely even when you’re moving around.

You will dislike this if:

You are not a fan of its price. In comparison to the other options available, this saddle is slightly more expensive and might not be ideal for those that have a tight budget.


The bottom line is that the Remington 870 side saddle is an excellent upgrade to your tactical shotguns that would increase performance, durability and reliability. This Remington 870 side saddle would provide you additional ammo and proven to be an amazing home defense shotgun plus equipped with shotshells when in need of quick and fast tactical emergency reloads. However, the capacity of the Remington 870 side saddle would greatly subjected to personal preferences of gun owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I install a side saddle on my Remington 870?

Installing a saddle is fairly simple and should take you about 10 minutes only. But you’ll have to prepare some tools such as an Allen key and a rubber hammer. Here are the general steps for installing a saddle:

  1. Ensure your shotgun is unloaded and check for safety before placing it on a table.
  2. With a rubber hammer and the included screws, push out the trigger replacement pins.
  3. Utilize the new screws to force out the current screws within the receiver.
  4. Once the screws are where they should be, attach the saddle by aligning the holes with the screws.
  5. With an Allen key, tighten the screws and be careful not to over tighten the screws to prevent damaging your weapon.

Be sure to follow the instruction manual too for absolute certainty and to avoid damaging your firearm.

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