Best Remington 870 Recoil Pads [May 2023]

Why Get Good Remington 870 Recoil Pads?

Each shotgun has a different recoil with different stages of intensity and the Remington 870 shotgun is not an exception. If you have used the factory recoil pad before, you will understand the pain and suffering of a sore shoulder for days.

This is the one of the major reasons that shooters opt for a better model that allows them to shoot in a more comfortable position.

If you’re here to look for a better recoil pad to relieve yourself from the damage of a strong recoil from your Remington 870 shotgun, then you are at the right place.

Before we review the list of best Remington 870 recoil pads available on the market, we will be taking a look at what recoil pads are, how to choose them and some extra information you should know about recoil pads.

What are Recoil Pads?

Recoil pads are generally made of a small piece of such as foam, rubber or leather and are attached to the buttstock of your shotgun or rifle. The purpose of a recoil pad is to give you extra padding between your shoulder and the hard surface of your shotgun or rifle’s stock.

Having a recoil pad can help to avoid pain and injuries caused by the impact of your gun’s recoil. Plus, it can also give the gun a better grip on your clothing and prevents slippage to ensure that you can shoot consistent shots.

Do Remington 870 Shotguns Need Recoil Pads?

You will notice that all Remington 870 shotguns come with a factory recoil pad, which comes to show that recoil pads are essential as a part of a shotgun. It makes perfect sense that recoil pads are necessary because they act as a cushion for the recoil.

The last thing you want is to get hit badly in the shoulder with a hard buttstock, so having a recoil pad will definitely be useful.

Good recoil pads are made to absorb the force, allowing you to be in a better condition to fire the next shot. Since the proper way of shooting a Remington 870 shotgun is to stand behind it, a recoil pad is always meant to soften the recoil effect.

The Criteria – How to Choose the Best Recoil Pad for your Remington 870 Shotgun?

When it comes to the search for a new recoil pad, you shouldn’t be moved by fancy and exaggerated terms and designs.

This is because manufacturers are always coming up with new and innovating concepts to appeal to the general market, but not all recoil pads can actually be effective when it comes to recoil reduction. Here are some of the things that you should look out for in the best recoil pads.

Length of Pull (LOP)

The LOP, short for length of pull, is the distance from the center of the gun’s trigger to the end of the buttstock. This is a very important consideration to be taken into account if you want a proper gun fit and have a recoil pad that ensures you get a comfortable shot.

Shooting Type

Regardless of your preference for low-gun mounts or fixed pre-mounts, there are various recoil pads available for the task and when choosing a new recoil pad, you should think about what you plan to use it most. It could be for hunting, competition or recreational shooting and you should choose the one that best suits your need.

Size or Thickness

In terms of size or thickness of a recoil pad, the thicker it is, the better it is at recoil reduction. A thick pad will usually reduce recoil more than a thin pad, so it is best to opt for the thickest pad possible. You should also be aware that it can be awkward shooting with a thick pad because it makes your gun longer and might be uncomfortable to shoot.

Pre-Fit or Grind-To-Fit

Pre-fit pads are normally available in one style and one thickness, while being easy and quick to install. However, due to stock variation, it might not be a perfect fit on your shotgun. On the other hand, grind-to-fit pads need to be sanded down for a proper fit and come in many designs and thicknesses.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Remington 870 Recoil Pad

Prior to making a purchase of a recoil pad for your Remington 870, there are some additional considerations that you need to take into account so that you can make a more informed decision. Not looking at these extra considerations might lead to the purchase of the wrong recoil pad. Here are the things that you should know.

Not All Recoil Pads Can “Reduce” Recoil

What this means is that not all recoil pads can reduce all of the felt recoil, but they do reduce a good amount for you to have better control. Ideally, the pads will get rid of the impact that comes with the recoil, ensuring that your shoulder stays in a good shape.

Thicker Means Better

As we’ve mentioned earlier, recoil pads are available in a variety of thicknesses and with a thicker pad, you can expect your shoulder to remain comfortable no matter how many shots you take. Plus, a thicker recoil pad will do a good job at absorbing more shock in comparison to thinner recoil pads.

Make Wise Measurements

Even though the thicker pads are better, they are not always the best, especially if it makes your Remington 870 look out of place. That is why it is crucial to measure how thick your recoil pad should be because you wouldn’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Also, if the recoil pad is too thick, it can affect the length of pull.

 The Best Remington 870 Recoil Pads in 2022

With that said, we can now move on to the list of 5 best Remington 870 recoil pads available on the market. Make sure to find one that best suits your personal needs and preferences.

In order to do so, a good way is to look at the specifications and features of each one and if it is in sync with what you prefer, then that would be the best option. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. Remington Supercell Recoil Pad


  • 54% reduction in felt recoil
  • Advanced polymer construction
  • Smooth surface


First on the list of the best Remington 870 recoil pads is the Remington Supercell Recoil Pad. Many new buyers are impressed with how comfortable it is shooting with this recoil pad.

According to the manufacturer and some shooters, the reduction of felt recoil is up to 54% which will allow you to gain more control over your shotgun while shooting.

If versatility is what you’re looking for in a recoil pad, then the Supercell Recoil Pad would be a good choice because this model is offered for both wood and synthetic stocks.

A good amount of shock is reduced right after installation and you will most likely experience the difference immediately. This is without question the best option for reducing recoil and providing comfort.

An advanced polymer material is used to construct the Supercell Recoil Pad, resulting in a 54% reduction in felt recoil in comparison with the factory recoil pad made by Remington.

With its lightweight construction, it will not cause any disturbance to the balance of your shotgun. Installation is also extremely easy and all you have to do is screw in the included screws.

Target shooters and hunters can make good use of this recoil pad as it provides better control and accuracy. The Supercell Recoil Pad is probably the only best factory recoil pad that you can consider thanks to its optimal thickness. This is a good alternative to the factory pad because it’s made by Remington so you know it will be a perfect fit.

You will like this if:

You want an accessory that can improve your performance. Thanks to the comfort and easing of shock, you can expect to have a better control over your Remington 870 shotgun and as a result, an improvement in your performance.

You prefer a simple recoil pad that is similar to the stock pad. Since the Supercell Recoil Pad is made by Remington, you will notice a similar design with the standard one and is best for anyone that doesn’t admire fancy recoil pads.

You are looking for a recoil pad that can effectively reduce shock. The reduction of felt recoil with this product is up to 54% over the standard pad and if you’re looking for something with great effectiveness, then this would be the best choice.

You will dislike this if:

You are expecting a flawless fitting. Even though this recoil pad is from the same manufacturer of your Remington 870 shotgun, it doesn’t actually have a perfect fitting all the time, which is quite unfortunate.

You don’t prefer the smooth surface. Unfortunately, the surface of this pad isn’t textured so there is a higher chance that your shotgun could slip from your shoulder.

2. Limbsaver Remington 700/870/1100/12


  • Ensures maximum shock relief
  • Made for multiple models
  • Rubber construction


Next up, we have a recoil pad by a popular manufacturer of recoil pads, Limbsaver. This unit was an absolute favorite for a majority of shooters.

Once you use it for yourself, you might find yourself agreeing to what most users are saying about how this recoil pad is able to reduce recoil up to 70%. One shooter also mentioned that it felt as though there was no recoil at all.

You will also notice a significant improvement in your accuracy and control over the shotgun using this recoil pad. Additionally, the installation is a walk in the park and can be done within a few minutes without any additional fitting.

Although this recoil pad is not the thickest, it has still proven to be one of the best by providing incredible comfort and impressively reducing recoil.

All recoil pads made by Limbsaver use a NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) synthetic material and will fit a number of rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders.

Thanks to the use of anti-muzzle jump technology, the reduction of recoil is up to 70%. You can also use this recoil pad under all kinds of weather because it’s meant to handle different weathers.

The price of this pad is in a pretty good range at the moment so not only is this the best choice for anyone with a tight budget, but it is also best for those that are looking to have comfortable shooting, better shock absorption and reduced recoil.

This is one of the best recoil pads with a high-quality and perfect for hunters or target shooters that want to minimize recoil.

You will like this if:

You want a comfortable and effective recoil pad. This recoil pad is made with a NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) synthetic material and utilizes the anti-muzzle jump technology, giving you a comfortable and effective pad.

You are looking for something easy to install. Installing this piece on your shotgun is extremely simple and will only take you a few minutes with no extra fitting needed.

You prefer a reasonably affordable accessory. Taking into consideration the amount of features that this unit offers, the price that it’s offered at is reasonably cheap and affordable for most shooters.

You will dislike this if:

You are not a fan of how it’s designed. This item is near perfect and the reason why it’s the best recoil pad for most people, so the only reason that you dislike this would most likely be due to a different preference of design.

3. Limbsaver AirTech Precision-Fit


  • Atmospheric chambers
  • NAVCOM technology
  • No-slip surface


The AirTech Recoil Pad is another good piece by Limbsaver. As we’ve mentioned earlier Limbsaver makes impressive products and this is an excellent example as well. Most new buyers noticed at least a 50% reduction in recoil after they use this recoil pad and it feels as though there was no recoil at all.

The new users also said that shooting their Remington 870 shotguns is a lot more comfortable.

With the use of this Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad, you will feel as though it was made out of some air foam, making it a lot more enjoyable to use than others. If you have been suffering pain on your shoulder due to the amount of recoil your gun produced, then this would be the best solution you can ask for.

It might not be the thickest, but it won’t affect the length of pull too much and can definitely satisfy you with its performance.

Unlike some pads that are grind-to-fit, this recoil pad is designed specifically for the make and model of a stock, so you’ll find no issues with the fitting during installation.

This is the ideal pad for your Remington 870 if you intend to make your shoulder comfortable while shooting. You will also get immediate recoil reduction and better control over your Remington 870.

Not only is this one of the best pads for providing comfort and reducing recoil, but it is also an incredible choice if you’re looking to prevent muzzle jump on your Remington 870. Look no further if you want to have a good time shooting without worrying about a sore shoulder.

You will like this if:

You are looking for a recoil pad that is easy to install. This is an incredibly easy to install recoil pad because it is designed and made to be attached to your specific make and model without having to sand off any excess.

You are a fan of the no-slip surface on this pad. The AirTech Recoil Pad comes with a textured, non-slip surface so that it’s able to grip onto your shoulder firmly and you don’t need to worry about slippage.

You want to make sure your shoulder remains comfortable. With the use of this recoil pad, you can expect an immediate reduction in recoil and muzzle jump, ensuring that your shoulder doesn’t absorb all the impact.

You will dislike this if:

You don’t intend to drill a hole in your gun’s stock. While it fits perfectly, you might still have to drill a hole in your gun’s stock to get it installed.

4. KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays


  • Diagonal cut at the heel
  • Sorbothane construction
  • Can be ground and fit similarly to rubber pads


Most new buyers of the KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays Recoil Pad were impressed not only because they’re able to use it for target shooting, but also for competitive shooting. Upon use, shooters reported a significant recoil dampening of up to 60% and some even said the recoil felt “non-existent”.

As the name suggests, the KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays Recoil Pad was designed for sporting purposes. This is why it’s logical for the recoil pad to be as lightweight as possible while being not too thick and still be able to absorb shock and recoil.

This pad is also made with high-quality genuine leather, Sorbothane, ensuring comfort for your shoulder while being durable enough for heavy-duty use.

Besides being incredible for target shooting, it is also extremely good for competitions thanks to the additional comfort and the dampening of recoil.

You will certainly find the KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays Recoil Pad helpful every time you use it and after you install it, you’ll be enjoying a battle-ready recoil pad that prevents the abuse on your shoulders.

This is also an easy to install pad, with no extra fitting needed and is able to be done within a few minutes. A unique feature about this pad is its diagonal cut at the heel which prevents it from catching onto your clothing. It also fits most Remington 870 shotguns so you don’t have to worry as long as you’re using the Remington 870.

You will like this if:

You want to keep your shoulders feeling comfortable. The KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays Recoil Pad is made with high-quality leather and is thick enough to make sure your shoulder is well-cared for.

You prefer a pad that is easy to install. When you install this pad, it should only take you about a minute or maybe slightly more, making it one of the easiest accessories available to install on your gun.

You need maximum recoil dampening for target or competitive shooting. The KICK-EEZ Sporting Clays Recoil Pad is incredible at reducing recoil up to 60%, which is great for multiple purposes.

You will dislike this if:

You are not a fan of its design. One of the reasons that you would dislike this product is if you dislike how it’s designed, other than that, this is pretty much the ideal choice for most buyers.

You have a tight budget. This pad is offered at a slightly higher price than others and is possibly another reason that you dislike this item.

5. Pachmayr SC100 Decelerator Sporting Clay


  • Patented design
  • Classic looks
  • Decelerator material for optimum recoil absorption


New users of the Pachmayr SC100 Sporting Clay Recoil Pad said they felt a significant reduction in recoil of up to about 60%. The results are also instant after you install the recoil pad.

With this reduced recoil, you can expect a much better chance at hitting your target accurately. There is a user who said that he was able to shoot his Remington 870 more comfortably after he installed this pad.

The Pachmayr SC100 is another recoil pad constructed from high-quality genuine leather. With a high-quality construction, the pad is able to resist wear and tear greater than others.

If high-quality is what you want and is a “make or break” deal for you, then this pad would be the right one to opt for. It’s also not too thick so it won’t affect the length of pull of your gun.

This is a huge upgrade from the factory pad and unsurprisingly, it is offered at a slightly higher price range. Thankfully, you’ll be able to get excellent value for your money thanks to its high-quality construction, which ensures that it lasts for a long time as well.

So, if you’re looking for something long-term for your Remington 870, this would be highly recommended.

Getting this recoil pad installed on your Remington 870 is also fairly easy and should only take you several minutes. For such minimal effort, you’ll be able to get significant recoil dampening and the results of that are enhanced accuracy and performance.

You will like this if:

You want a pad that you can easily install. You can easily install this recoil pad within minutes and is ideal for anyone that wants something convenient.

You don’t intend to affect your gun’s length of pull significantly. Since the thickness of this item is not extremely thick, it shouldn’t affect your gun’s LOP drastically and you can shoot similarly to how you always do, minus the hard recoil.

You are looking for a high-quality item. The construction of this unit is something you don’t see in others which is why it’s top of its line.

You will dislike this if:

You have a tight budget. For such an impressive recoil dampening tool, it is no surprise that it will cost you some money to acquire it and if you have a tight budget, this wouldn’t be the ideal one for you.

Conclusion: Your Shoulder Needs a Recoil Pad!

The bottom line is that acquiring the best item for recoil dampening will take some time, but it will be worth it. Now that we’ve provided a review for 5 incredible options, make certain to find one that is ideal for your needs and preferences so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What else can I add to reduce recoil?

Recoil pads are not the only recoil dampening tools. There are a number of other accessories such as a muzzle brake that can effectively reduce recoil as well. A muzzle brake reduces recoil in a different way as compared to a recoil pad.

While a muzzle brake still reduces recoil for shotguns, the recoil reduction effect may not be as great as opposed to being attached to rifles. Nevertheless, it is still a great recoil dampening accessory for shotguns.

How To Install A Recoil Pad To Remington 870?

Here are some steps that you can follow to install your new recoil pad on your Remington 870.

  1. Prepare some lubrication such as Vaseline and a Phillips screwdriver and apply the lubrication onto the screwdriver. It is important to ensure that the screwdriver is in good condition.
  2. Extract the factory recoil pad. While this might not be needed for certain models, the Remington 870 came with a factory recoil pad that you will need to remove.
  3. Get rid of the screws from the factory recoil pad and place them into the new one.
  4. Apply lubrication on the Philips screwdriver again and tighten the screws on the recoil pad in a gentle manner to attach it to the stock of your gun.

Do you need to change your Remington 870 Recoil Pad?

It is important to note that the standardized and basic Remington 870 recoil pads are usually very hard and sturdy as they’re made from rubber though they may not be considered the best recoil pads on the market. Hence, you’d take the opportunity and change your Remington 870 recoil pad to a softer recoil pad which would provide better comfort. The replacing process of the recoil pad is incredibly simple and you’d always do it at home.

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