Best Remington 870 Magazines Review (2022)

Shotguns generally do not have magazines where you can attach a box magazine to the gun itself, as compared with other types of guns, such as rifles and handguns. Traditional users of the shotgun are required to manually reload the shells into the chamber of their shotgun of choice before and after they use it.

However,  some shotguns are built to allow the custom of having magazine extensions which function exactly the same as a common box magazine, allowing them to increase the standard capacity of ammunition in the shotgun itself.

When shotgun owners first get their hands on a new gun, magazine extensions are one of the first upgrades that they would get as a shotgun’s ammunition is very limited. However, you may be wondering, what extensions would be perfectly suited for your shotgun.

Well, if you own a Remington 870 shotgun, then this article is suited for you. Throughout this entire segment, we will be going through some of the greatest mag tubes that you can get for your Remington shotgun.

Mag ExtensionsNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
The Wilson Combat Extension Tube

Most Recommended Option

1. Short and compact
2. Easy installation
3. Durable

Carlson’s Choke Tube Magazine Extensions

Premium Option

1. Rust prevention steel
2. Lifetime warranty
3. Large Capacity

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Choate Tool Remington 870 Extension1. Long lasting
2. Suitable for 20 gauge user
3. Suitable for tactical users
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Remington Model 870 Magazine Extension Kit1. OEM Product
2. Flexible choice of steel
3. Durable
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Lancer Remington 870 Magazine Extension 1. Military grade
2. Light because carbon fibre
3. Impossible to wear down
8.0/10SHOP NOW

The Greatness of Remington Model 870 Shotgun

The Remington 870 Shotgun is one of the best bottom-loading and side ejecting receiver express pump action shotguns which comes with a 4-round capacity chamber. The shotgun features a 28” vent-rib choke barrel, alongside with a non-reflective and a sleek, matte black metal finish. The shotgun is also attached with a wood-laminated stock.    

What Is A Remington 870 Magazine Extension

So before we begin, what are these extensions? Magazine extensions are shaped and constructed differently as they depart from the basic box shape. They are constructed as hollow tubes that replace the regular magazine caps which can be found on shotguns that allow such modifications.

To select the perfect extension for your shotgun, you would have to keep these few things in mind: the material it is made off, the durability of this material, the design of the magazine extension, and the extra ammunition capacity in which the magazine extension can provide.

To get the perfect extension for your magazine, you would have to pick either a magazine made with steel or aluminium. At times, shotgun users may opt for the plastic option due to the light nature of plastic components. However, users who choose this option should refrain from heavy use of the shotgun and may experience shorter life-spans for their product.

Therefore, the most viable option would be to choose from either the steel or aluminium components. Overall, it is much more durable as compared to the ones which are made with plastic in return having to carry a much heavier gun instead.

Just like finding a perfect fit for the outfits that you choose, finding a perfect fit of the magazine extension for your shotgun matters just as much. You should go for one that does not extend longer than your barrel for aesthetic purposes.

Most magazine tubes used for the Remington 870 fall into both of these two options, which is a single-piece and two-piece extension. Single-piece are easy super easy to install and remove, while two-piece extensions are more versatile in terms of replacing faulty individual parts.

Individuals who use magazine extensions are typically the individuals who practice at a shooting range or while hunting animals in the wild (i.e. shooting at moving targets). In general, policemen and law enforcement officers would have these expansions on their shotguns.

These extensions allow them to worry less over ammunition running out excessively fast when they are taking shots at suspects or persevering through a difficult situation where they wouldn’t have a lot of time to reload. All in all, a shotgun magazine tube will typically cost about $30-$50 overall.

The Best Remington 870 Magazine Extension – Reviewed

1. The Wilson Combat Extension Tube


Why did we choose this product?

The best rated magazine extension on our list would be the Wilson Combat Extension Tube for 12 Gauge Remington. The Wilson Combat Extension offers two choices, which is to either have an extra magazine capacity of 1 or 2 rounds depending on your preference.

This magazine tube will increase your magazine capacity to a total of either 5 rounds or 6 rounds. The magazine tube comes along with an Extra-Power Magazine Spring for improved reliability. This is considered as one of the best options out there for the price, due to the weight, versatility and build quality of the magazine tube.

Only the strongest materials were used in constructing this magazine tube to ensure the maximum durability and resilience during rough and high usage. If you want something that will consistently serve your needs throughout its lifespan, this is the extender you will want to purchase.

As for the visuals of the magazine extension, the extension tubes match perfectly with models such as the Remington 870 TAC 14, which gives the shotgun a sleek and dark look, overall making it look aesthetically pleasing. The magazine also comes with a High-Visibility Follower for Improved Feeding and Visual Reference as to whether the magazine is empty or not.

For the installation process, this magazine tube is super quick and easy to install without looking at any instructions or manuals. The magazine tube extension comes with a Right or Left Hand Side Sling Mount too, depending on your personal preference.

However, if you own the newer Remington 870 shotguns, you would have to remove or smoothen out the two dimples before an extended tube can be attached. All in all, this is a reliable choice and the most viable choice if you are looking to get a new magazine tube.

Who would use this product?

This is best used by hunters who depend on their Remington 870 shotguns, who also prefer their guns to be at a lighter weight. Choosing this option will allow them to travel lighter, therefore contributing to their fame even more.

Most recent review from customers

The latest review from the customers who ordered stated that it was a great product as it fits really well as expected. However, he also noted that newer models of the shotgun would need the two cramps to be smoothen out before the extended magazine could be used properly. Overall, he thought that the product was good and would definitely recommend this product to others.


In conclusion, if you want a high-quality and reliable magazine tube with a couple of extra rounds for a decent price, this extender should definitely be in your top picks list.



2. Carlson’s Choke Tube Magazine Extensions


Why did we choose this product?

Next up on our list would be the Carlson’s Choke Tubes Magazine Extensions. Carlson’s is a company based in Kansas that focuses on mainly shotgun components. Their products have been well known due to their high-quality build, alongside a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Carlson’s focuses on giving the best for their consumers by providing these top tier and amazing deals alongside their products. Their long product lifespan and value for money has certainly caught the eye for many and their famous magazine tube is no exception.The Carlson’s Choke Tubes are constructed of blued solid steel which prevents it from rusting while also maintaining it’s well known quality.

This extension comes with a spring, base clamp and a swivel stud which allows you to hook your sling. An easy to follow instructions manual is provided for the easy installation process, but you won’t probably need it due to the easy and straightforward installation process.

This extension is available at different ammunition capacities whereby you can choose from either the 7 shot, 8 shot or 10 shot which is solely based on your personal preference. The extension is also equipped with a bright hunter orange which helps users visually reference when their magazine tubes are completely empty.

Again, just like the Wilson Combat Extension Magazine Tube, users with newer models will have to smoothen out the dimples before the extended tube is attached. 

Who would use this product?

The additional capacity will definitely benefit hunters and law enforcement officers. Having a larger capacity of ammunition to shoot would allow users more chances to redeem their shot if they missed. This is a wonderful option for people who are looking to increase their shotgun’s magazine tremendously, this will certainly be the right choice for you.

Most recent review from customers

The customer reviewed that this was a great product overall due to the easy installation and the extension being a perfect fit on his shotgun. The customer also stated that he really liked the orange follower as it was easier to see in low light settings. The customer also pointed out that the dents needed to be smoothen out and grinded down, which will allow the shell to slide past and secure itself.


The Carlson’s Remington Model 870 Choke Tube Magazine Extension is the best option for you if you’re looking to get double your capacity fast. This is a great option as it doubles your magazine capacity and it also gives you the freedom on how much extra you will be getting as well.



3. Remington Model 870 Magazine Extension Kit


Why did we choose this product?

Remington, founded in 1816, Connecticut, is one of the oldest and largest firearms manufacturers in the nation. Famous for producing high quality products for a number of years, the Remington Model 870 Magazine Extension Kit stands out to us as this is one of Remington’s very own products produced to compliment their famous shotgun.

This is a wonderful option for people who are looking to increase their Remington 870’s magazine tremendously, this will certainly be the right choice for you.

This set comes in three different options whereby consumers can choose a Parkerized steel three-round extension, Parkerized steel two-round extension, or the blued steel two-round extension. All the options come with an end cap, magazine band, a spring and a bolt. 

Who would use this product?

This will be an ideal product for many consumers due to the reliability of the product. This is especially true for consumers who wish to use a factory made replacement for their magazine as there are some individuals who prefer accessories made from the manufacturer themselves for their products. Consumers will feel more confident and safe with the reliability of the product. 

Most recent review from customers

The latest customer reviewed that this was a great product, however, the magazine extension was a little too long and stuck out from his 20” inch barrel. The customer loaded and tested the gun to find that it worked more than fine and the rounds were cycled nicely. 


All in all, this is a great product for consumers who wish to stick to their comfort zone and try something which is very much reliable as the product is from the main manufacturing company itself.



4. Lancer Remington 870 Magazine Extension


Why did we choose this product?

Having a vast experience in carbon fiber product design, Lancer, which is a company from Quakertown, Pennsylvania constructed this high quality magazine extension with carbon fiber that makes it impossible to wear down. With a fair price of the Lancer Remington 870 Magazine Extension Tube, you are getting your money’s worth by investing in such an amazing product.

Furthermore, with the right kind of tools, this magazine extension is easily installed on your shotgun. Using the cutting edge of military engineering, combined with precision machined aluminium components, alongside advanced carbon fibers, Lancer offers seven variations of size for these extension tubes, from having two additional rounds to eight additional rounds.

These magazine extensions are extremely lightweight and durable for long term usage and they come with a strong and customizable spring that allows you to modify and snip the spring to the preferred length. 

Who would use this product?

This product is extremely versatile and it is entirely up to the preference of the user on how much more extra capacity they need. Consumers who wish to purchase an extender which can last them for years and on quality alone, they should definitely give this product a chance.

Most recent review from customers

The latest customer reviewed that this fit perfectly with his Remington Model 870 and further emphasized on how excellent the quality was alongside all Lancer products. He stated that clear instructions were given and would recommend a magazine clamp to support the extension tube depending on which length consumers buy. 


This is a great product for consumers as these consumers would be making their money’s worth from the durability of these products. Although priced slightly higher as compared to the other options in this list, these consumers will definitely be content for many years to come due to the easy installation and high quality of the product.



5. Choate Tool Remington 870 Extension


Why did we choose this product?

The Choate Tool Remington 870 was created with the intention of producing the best item for any individual trying to search for a high quality selection. These magazine extensions are designed and created by product experts at Choate Tool using dependable and efficient materials which in return will give you a longer lasting product. 

This magazine extension is fairly easy and quick to install with a solid and robust extension tube. The spring and follower provided while buying this product is much more reliable than the factory ones. 

Who would use this product?

This magazine extension is suitable for Remington 870 users that have a 20-gauge. This will be very suitable for tactical and home defense users. Hunters and target range shooters will also benefit from the extra firepower as well.

Most recent review from customers

Recent reviews from customers often focus on how easily it was for them to load shotguns while also complimenting the durability of this product.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a magazine extension with a 20-gauge shot compatibility,this will be the best option for you, as there is almost no other product with similar features and will benefit you in the long run.



Our Final Thoughts

In order to conclude this guide, selecting the right magazine extension for your Remington Model 870 shotgun depends solely on your preference, and the compatibility of that magazine extension with the gun. If I had to choose from the 5 options that were provided on top would be 1) Wilson Combat Extension Tube for 12 Gauge Remington, 2) Carlson’s Choke Tubes Magazine Extension, and lastly 3) Lancer Remington 870 Magazine Extension.

I would pick the Wilson Extension Tube due to its low price and high product quality. The Wilson Combat Extension Tube comes with an Extra-Power Magazine Spring brings a new sense and level of reliability for this choice for a magazine extension. As for the Carlson’s Choke Tubes, they offer users a larger variety ranging from 7 shots to 10 shots total for their magazine capacities. 

This provides users, especially for home defense purposes, a good chance to customize their gun according to their needs which is something not many manufacturers practice. Lastly, for the Lancer Remington 870 Magazine Extension, for a higher price, this product has exceeded the expectations of many people due to their durability and lightweight. 

Again, the right magazine extension for you depends on your needs and preferences, and hopefully this guide has brought light to your situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is The Remington Magazine Extension Slightly Longer Than The Rest?

The length differences is quite minimum but the default Remington 870 mag extension is generally about an inch longer than the rest of the manufacturers on the market. The length difference is essentially to allow attachment of a bayonet to your Remington 870 but you’d need to purchase an extra bayonet mount for this. But of course, there are many bayonet options available which includes Bayonet Lug Mount and Military Bayonet Adapter. Note that bayonet may be helpful for you but it is unnecessary especially if you’re tight on budget.

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