Best Remington 870 Grips in 2022 [Top Picks]

Why Get a Good Sawed Off Remington 870 Pistol Grip?

Remington 870 are known for their immense and destructive capabilities at a close range. They were also the only defensive weapon for many civilians in the world for a very long time. Throughout the years, Remington 870 have evolved and improved and now there are many variants available.

For home defense purposes, the Remington 870 with their barrel and stock cut down would be ideal because it enhances maneuverability in small spaces. Short-barreled shotguns aren’t exactly something new because one of the best-known sawed-off shotguns were Mafia’s Lupara, modified double-barrel shotgun.

There are also a number of performance enhancing accessories for a shotgun and one of them is grips. In this review, we will be looking at some of the advantages and reasons to own a new grip and what you need to look for in a grip for the famous Remington 870.

After that, we’ll be exploring some of the best Remington 870 grips on the market and you can pick the best one based on the information we provide. Without further delays, let’s jump right into it.

Reasons to Have a Remington 870 Tactical Grip

Here are some of the main reasons to have a new grip for your Remington 870.

Better in Confined Spaces

Most Remington 870 today are designed as sporting firearms, but they can also be useful as close-quarter indoor weapons. There are arguments about whether sawed-off shotguns with a pistol grip are useful, but there’s no arguing that they are definitely easier to handle in tight spaces like apartment corridors and vehicles.

Compact Design

A typical defensive Remington 870 in the subcategory of small arms usually comes with a traditional stock, while a pistol grip stock is more commonly seen on tactical style shotguns.

There is a third type of shotgun which has become more popular and it’s the PGO, short for “pistol grip only.” This type of shotgun is incredibly compact which makes them easier to store and carry around.

Easy to Conceal

A pistol grip Remington 870 tends to be lighter than the standard full stock shotguns, making them easy to be concealed under clothing.


It is without surprise that a PGF, short for Pistol Grip Firearm, is lighter in weight compared to full-sized shoulder weapons. So, a pistol grip only shotgun would be more suitable for smaller-sized people like a small stature or women.

Aesthetic and Versatile

Adding a pistol grip for your 12-gauge Remington 870 shotgun doesn’t just give it a unique modification, but also adds tactical versatility to it. Plus, a pistol grip is not only a great addition on a tactical home defense shotgun, but it is also aesthetically pleasing.

For Practicing or Fun

Another reason you might want to add a pistol grip for your Remington 870 is for the purpose of practicing or having fun. Getting a standalone pistol grip is easy to install and it enables you to practice reflex shooting without normal aiming.

Law Enforcement Applications

Sometimes, law enforcement units utilize a PGO shotgun for breaching purposes.

What to Look For in a Remington 870 Pistol Grip

Now, we’ll be taking a look at the things that make a good grip for your Remington 870. Be sure to consider these things first before buying one.


The first and most important thing about a Remington 870 pistol grip is that it should be made of high-quality materials. Its construction should also have at least two materials with different hardness. The two materials combined should provide the user a firm and comfortable hold so that it fits the ergonomics of your hand.

Reduction of Recoil

A pistol grip needs to be able to absorb the heavy recoil from shotguns too and the best pistol grips can absorb and reduce recoil to a minimum. You can also read reviews from customers regarding the recoil reduction of a specific pistol grip.

Better Grip

Besides absorbing recoil and giving your shotgun a nice and comfortable feel, the best grip should come with finger grooves for consistent hand placements. Generally, high-quality pistol grips have universal finger grooves which ensures your hand grips consistently and as a result, you will have more accurate shots.

Added Versatility

After the installation of a standalone pistol grip you should be able to store your Remington 870 more easily. This means your shotgun can be more versatile and you can utilize your shotgun as a coach gun in a vehicle.

Additional Features

A pistol grip can come in different sizes or it can be offered as a universal model with adjustable length of pull (LOP) features. Regardless of other features, the one important feature that you should be aware of is the length of pull (LOP).

Some pistol grips are also equipped with rear sling attachment points to allow for different styles of carrying a shotgun.


Looks are also a key feature that many Remington 870 owners pay attention to and having a pistol grip can make their Remington 870 look more tactical. This is why you shouldn’t overlook the looks of a pistol grip like its finish and details.

The Best Pistol Grip For Remington 870 in 2022

Now that you have a better idea of the advantages of pistol grips and what to pay attention to, let’s move on to the list of the 6 best Remington 870 grips on the market. These Remington 870 pistol grips are carefully selected and for certain applications, they are superior to classic stocks.

1. AIM Sports Inc Pistol Grip


  • Polymer construction
  • Front and back serrations
  • Non slip base shelf
  • Drop-in fit
  • Features

First on the list, we have an incredible pistol grip by AIM Sports Inc., one of the best manufacturers for hunting, tactical and sport shooting accessories. In light of the recent trends in the firearms industry, AIM Sports Inc. has also designed their pistol grip as part of a pistol grip stock configuration.

This specific pistol grip has a design specifically for the Remington 870 shotguns. AIM Sports Inc. also included a combo kit as an option which included a six-position collapsible stock. This kit allows you to turn your old Remington 870 into a modern tactical shotgun.

The AIM Sports Pistol Grip is made of a high strength polymer and also features a non-slip side texture. Also, you will notice a generous amount of serrations at the front and back, giving you the best grip, even under wet conditions.

This pistol grip also features an ambidextrous design and a molded shelf to bridge the gap between your fingers and the trigger guard.

Thanks to the steep-angle design and its non-slip base shelf, it is able to provide incredible comfort for your hand. The AIM Sports Pistol Grip also includes a mini compartment for the storage of batteries or small accessories.

You will fancy this product if:

You are searching for a grip that you can install easily. This grip has a drop-in fit which means the installation will be extremely easy and can be done in a short amount of time.

You prefer a durable product. Thanks to the high-strength polymer construction, you can expect this grip to have incredible durability.

You are a fan of the textured surface. The grip is designed with a non-slip side texturing and serrations at the front and back so you can grip it firmly without worrying that it’ll slip off your hand.

You will not fancy this product if:

You have large hands. Although this grip is designed to fit the ergonomics of our hands, shooters with a large hand might have difficulties holding it due to its 1.3-inch width.

2. Barska Pistol Grip


  • Reinforced polymer composite
  • Matte black finish
  • 3 shotgun shell holders


Other than binoculars, safes and sports optics, Barska also offers a wide selection of firearms parts and accessories. They are known to provide the best quality and their pistol grip is no exception. When you upgrade your standard shotgun grip to the Barska Pistol Grip, you are essentially getting a more comfortable shooting experience.

The comfort is mainly thanks to the better recoil absorption and the high-impact reinforced polymer construction. This aftermarket grip for the Remington 870 has a design that will fit into the contours of our hand and finger grooves are implemented as well.

An excellent feature of the Barska Pistol Grip that is not commonly seen in other grips is the 3 extra shotgun shell holders. This tactical grip also allows you to screw in an AR-15 buffer tube along with an adjustable stock. However, if you intend to keep the PGO configuration, there will be a hole in the back and it doesn’t have an end cap.

The Barska grip comes with all the necessary hardware for installation and it can be installed on your shotgun without gunsmithing skills. Since this grip comes with a width of 3.5 inches, it will fit in most hands and provide shooters with a better one-handed control.

You will fancy this product if:

You prefer a grip that will fit the hands of most shooters. Thanks to its decent width, this Remington 870 pistol grip can easily fit in the hands of most shooters.

You are searching for a grip with easy installation. This grip comes with all the necessary installation hardware and will only take you a few minutes to install it.

You like that it comes with holders for extra shotgun shells. The Barska Pistol Grip comes with a design that accommodates 3 extra shells.

You will not fancy this product if:

You dislike the hole in the back of the grip. If you intend to leave it in PGO configuration, there will be a hole in the back and unfortunately, it comes without an end cap for the hole.

3. Phoenix Technology Shotgun Rear Pistol Grip


  • Injection molded
  • Finger grooves
  • Comes with installation hardware, end cap and sling stud


Next on the list is a pistol grip by an experienced firearm accessories manufacturer, Phoenix Technology. This is one of their best products for converting your Remington 870 Express or other similar models into a close quarter, home defense weapon.

You should be aware that this model is designed specifically for the Remington 870 Express 20-Gauge, pump-action shotgun.

Thanks to the design of this upgrade, you can expect the felt recoil to be reduced by 40-50%. This is also a one-piece pistol grip made from injection-molded, glass filled nylon and is designed to be a perfect and direct fit onto the Remington 870 Express shotgun receiver.

With its 3.10-inch width, the Phoenix Technology pistol grip can provide a firm and comfortable grip not only for shooters with big hands, but also for females that are slightly smaller in size.

Its design is also decently slim and the non-slip surface can provide you with a better control. Unfortunately, there is a finger nub that can cause disturbance if you shoot with your left-hand.

You will fancy this product if:

You want a rugged and tactical grip with excellent durability. Thanks to the premium-quality polymer construction, you can expect this tactical pistol grip to last for a long time.

You are searching for drop-in fit products. This grip can be installed on your gun with incredible ease because it is designed to be a drop-in fit for Remington 870 Express shotguns.

You are planning to upgrade to the Phoenix Technologies KickLite series of stocks. This grip can be upgraded to the Phoenix Technologies KickLite series of stocks and even if you don’t like the upgrades, you can cover the rear with the end cap and sling stud provided.

You will not fancy this product if:

You are a left-handed shooter. Shooting with this pistol grip on your gun will be troublesome if you’re not using your right hand because there is a finger nub on the grip.

4. Hogue Overmolded Tamer Rear Pistol Grip


  • Hogues’ famous orthopedic hand shape
  • Proportioned finger grooves
  • Sorbothane recoil cushion


Hogue is one of the best manufacturers of pistol grips with their famous molding technology that can provide users with a comfortable shooting experience. The “advanced Tamer technology” by this company is also used in the Smith & Wesson 500 revolver grip. This pistol grip isn’t made with one material only, but three different materials.

The first part is a sturdy fiberglass-reinforced skeleton that offers a grip-to-frame fit. Then, it has a plastic outer grip with rubber over-molding slides coating the spine of the grip. Finally, the third material is a Sorbothane insert beneath the web of the hand.

The Hogue Overmolded Tamer Rear Pistol Grip has a hand-filling design with finger grooves. However, this type of grip might not be the best for everyone. The design of this grip also provides both single and two-point sling attachments with standard Q.D. sling hardware, but the sling stud connections aren’t as secured as they should be.

You will fancy this product if:

You want to reduce felt recoil as much as possible. Besides its ergonomic design, the Hogue Overmolded Tamer Rear Pistol Grip incorporated three different materials for maximum gun control and reduction of felt recoil.

You are a fan of a textured grip. This pistol grip has a Cobblestone texture that is best for improving traction and as a result, you will see an improvement in the control of your shotgun.

You fancy the design that gives single-point and two-point sling attachments. The Tamer design gives both single-point and two-point sling attachments with the standard Q.D sling.

You will not fancy this product if:

You have small hands. The width of this grip might not be the best for people with small hands.

You prefer a higher grade sling attachment. The grip sleeve has slight movement because the single-point stud doesn’t provide a sturdy connection for the two parts.

5. TacStar Shotgun Rear Grip


  • Rearward angle and back swell
  • Injection-molded from ABS polymer
  • Includes all the necessary hardware


TacStar is a brand owned by Lyman and they offer a well-known line of shotgun parts made of a sturdy plastic material known as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Plus, they are decently affordable too.

While the newer TacStar models have a slight difference in design and shape, the original model sports a special angle, pinky finger groove and a rear swell.

That single pinky finger groove is an incredible addition as it allows you to have more control than a grip with no finger grooves. The angle of the grip is tilted towards the rear and although it is slightly shallow, the proper width and palm swell are still up to par for even distribution of recoil.

As a result, you can expect a pain-free shooting experience and incredible gun control.

This piece is made from two separate plastic halves joined together. However, you will not notice any flaws because they are aligned precisely. The TacStar Shotgun Rear Grip has an ergonomic design, but the hard plastic lacks a rubber coating which can be difficult for shooters when firing their weapon.

You will fancy this product if:

You are a fan of its unique rearward angle. The TacStar Shotgun Rear Grip has a rearward angle that you don’t usually see in other options and there are incredible benefits associated with it such as better gun control.

You want the best width and rear swell for an amazing grip. Besides its unique rearward angle, the grip is also wide enough and has a rear swell that enables shooters to have a sure grip.

You are searching for a grip that can last for a long time. Thanks to the ABS polymer construction, you can expect this grip to work for a timely duration.

You will not fancy this product if:

You prefer the best finish and construction. The plastic construction doesn’t inspire much confidence and the finish isn’t the best either.

6. TacStar Gun Grips


  • Injection-molded from ABS polymer
  • Rearward angle
  • One piece construction


This is another grip for the Remington 870 shotguns but instead of a typical pistol grip, this is a matching vertical grip for the forend. People who are experienced in shooting strongly recommend using a vertical grip at the forend if you are using a pistol grip without a buttstock.

This helps to provide more stability and control for shooting and reduces vertical recoil.

This TacStar Gun product comes with a new design that uses a cutting edge finger groove pattern and pebble texture so that it fits in the shooter’s hands nicely. The TacStar Gun has a one-piece construction that is made of injection-molded, high-impact ABS polymer.

Its overall shape and design significantly improves control and recoil reduction.

Its recoil reduction is also thanks to the ergonomic shape that helps to spread recoil over both hands and enables you to handle the shotgun when shooting. Unfortunately, this unit is too wide that it wouldn’t be best for people with small hands.

Installing this pistol grip is rather simple because it comes with all the required hardware and you don’t need to do any modifications to your shotgun. Overall, it is the best grip for the forend of your shotgun regardless of the environment it is used in.

You will fancy this product if:

You plan to have matching grips. This item is offered in a kit that includes a pistol grip so that it matches each other and makes your shotgun cooler.

You are searching for a sturdy polymer grip for the forend of your weapon. Thanks to the use of a strong ABS polymer material, this unit is extremely tough and has incredible durability.

You prefer a grip that is easy to attach. It is extremely easy to install this unit because it is offered with all the required hardware and no modifications are required.

You will not fancy this product if:

You dislike the cheap plastic look it has. Unfortunately, this item has the looks of a cheap plastic construction which doesn’t inspire confidence.

Conclusion: Get Your Pistol Grip Now!

Contemporary PGO shotguns are essentially sawn-off shotguns and they are meant to perform extremely well at close-range.

While shotguns with a pistol grip aren’t perfect for everyone, there is no denying that they are incredibly advantageous and some people find them to be perfect for their intended purposes. Practice is still required to have a comfortable time firing your Remington shotgun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put a pistol grip on my Remington 870 shotgun?

Yes. Although the name is called a pistol grip, installing it on shotguns won’t turn them into a handgun. When using a pistol grip, it is best to keep one of your hands on the fore-end for an easier management of the weapon when shooting.

What’s the difference between the Remington 870 and 870 Express?

The main difference between the Remington shotguns are their aesthetics and some of the internal components. The Express model has synthetic fore-ends and stocks made of laminated wood while the Remington 870 is more expensive and has walnut stocks with a superior finish.

Did Remington stop making 870?

Remington is a famous manufacturer but they have been suffering from financial issues for quite a while. Unfortunately in 2020, the 200-year-old manufacturer entered bankruptcy and was sold off in blocks. Nevertheless, their weapons were incredible and now there is an opening for other companies to take over the market for pump-action guns.

What is length of pull (LOP)?

The LOP is the distance from the trigger to the part of a weapon where it touches the shoulder of the shooter, usually the buttstock. LOP is important because it is a major factor for comfort and the ease of using the gun. The perfect LOP varies based on the size of the shooter, thickness of clothing or body armor and also the position of the shooter.

Which is ideal, a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870?

Both. These two guns are incredibly popular and reliable, so there’s no saying which is superior compared to the other one. The Mossberg 500 has safety for both left and right-handed users, a double-extractor, a more pleasant shell lifter, an immense amount of upgrades and the military uses it. While the Remington 870 has a smoother action, a steel receiver and a greater pistol grip setup.

Is a Remington 870 ideal for home protection?

Yes. This is one of the most useful guns a shooter can own. Not only does it excel in providing protection, but it is also a tactical shotgun and can be used as a weapon for camping in bear country too. Though, you should be aware of the heavy and strong recoil it produces.

What shotgun is utilized by the military?

Currently, the military uses weapons from the Mossberg 500 series, including the Mossberg 590.

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