Best Remington 870 Barrel (2022) – Reviewed

Best Remington 870 Barrel

If you’re the lucky owner of a Remington 870, you know it is really customizable. Like many other parts of the gun, the barrel of this renowned shotgun can also be modified, radically altering its shooting characteristics. 

For instance, to further improve your hunting experience, you may want to consider changing the barrel to something that suits the kind of game you hunt. 

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the types of barrels, how they can impact your performance, and how to choose the right barrel for your shotgun. Also, we’ll be breaking down our top picks for the best Remington 870 barrels and discussing their main features, pros, and cons.

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CARLSONS – Rem 870 12-Ga Vent Rib, 24″

Most Recommended Option

1. Red fluorescent front sight stands out nicely against background
2. Chrome-lined bore
3. Looks great

Mossberg Tactical Model 870 Stand-Off Barrel

Most Recommended Alternative

1. Perfect fit to the Rem 870 Express HD
2. Solid build
3. Hefty

CARLSONS – Remington 870, Ramped Front Sight1. Fits perfectly on most Remington 870 models
2. Chrome lining makes it longer lasting
3. Robust and tough
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Remington 870 Barrel, 18.5″, IC Bead Sight, Parkerized1. Matches the original finish on the receiver
2. Tough
3. Looks great
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Remington 870 Barrel, 18″, Police w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized1. Sights are easy to adjust
2. Great fit and finish
3. Solid construction
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Remington 870 Barrel 18 Inches Cylinder Bore1. Tough and robust
2. Easy to install
3. Shoots well
8.0/10SHOP NOW

Benefits of Using an Aftermarket Barrel on a Shotgun

Investing in an aftermarket barrel has its perks. You really do not want to miss out on them, as they are usually easy to install. So here’s what you’ll get to enjoy, should you get one. 

Better Accuracy

It’s no secret that a barrel with great versatility can help you increase your overall accuracy, especially when it is much needed for many applications. You’ll land your shots wherever and whenever you want them to be, provided environmental elements don’t play an adversarial role. Don’t be taken aback if your accuracy is noticeably better after installing a new barrel on your shotgun. 

Better Reliability

 Aside from accuracy, reliability is compulsory for those who own a shotgun. You want it to function when you need it most. In applications where timing is everything, reliability should be the most important of all. These barrels won’t allow any errors or jamming of any kind, even if it’s a quality aftermarket barrel.  

Less Recoil 

These barrels are known not just for increasing overall performance, but they are good for something more beneficial: reducing recoil. A lot of recoil can derail your control and make your shots less accurate. A good, upgraded barrel, compared to factory defaults will probably be your best resolution if you intend to find ways to reduce recoil. 

While the factory or stock model that comes with a Remington is already good enough, you may need to upgrade to better suit your lifestyle and needs. For instance, hunters often prefer a longer barrel for their shotguns, as it allows them to shoot targets at much longer distances. 

Another reason to upgrade your barrel may be the need to have a detachable choke system. This helps shooters vary their pellet scattering patterns based on the kind of game they are hunting. 

Shotgun Barrel Types

There are two kinds of shotgun barrels; here’s what you need to know about them irregardless of barrel length: 

Smooth Bore

Smooth bore barrels are most collective and suitable for rifled slugs, birdshot, and buckshot. If you plan to hunt small game, then a smooth bore option would work great. 

Rifled Short

Rifled barrels are for shooting sabot slugs, such as the Premier Accutip Slug. They are used when shooting at longer range targets and are great for large predators. The rifling imparts spin to the slug, providing more accuracy and stability in flight. For long-range shotgun shooting, this is a top choice. 

How Do Different Barrels Size Impact Performance? 

The length of a barrel alters the shooting characteristics of a shotgun. Longer shotgun barrels provide longer sighting and the sights are spread out further apart along the barrel plane. It makes it easier to accurately aim the gun. They also create less noise and muzzle flash when compared to short-barrelled guns. 

Longer barrels are better matched for hunting and activities like trap shooting, skeet, and sporting clays. On the downside, longer barrels are heftier and harder to maneuver.

Shorter barrels are perfect for home defense models and tactical situations. They are more adaptable and less heavy. The disadvantages are that they have a shorter sighting plane and create more noise, muzzle flash, and recoil than longer  Remington 870 barrels.

The most popular barrel length for the Remington 870 is 18 inches as it is short, simple, and inexpensive. Lengths such as 32’ inches and 30 inches’ are common for hunting, but in order to get the best equilibrium, they are often modified to be lighter via aftermarket Remington 870 boring. 

How to Choose the Best Barrel for Remington 870

When you’re shopping for a new aftermarket Remington 870 barrel, take into consideration the length, rifling, sight, choke, and balance. As mentioned, the length of the barrel may affect the shooting features of your gun, such as choosing a rifled barrel allows you to use slugs for hunting large game. 

With this, there are a few aspects we want to review in Remington 870 shotgun barrels, so you’re fully prepared to pull the trigger on a new barrel when the time comes. 


Choosing a Remington 870 rifle sights barrel with a good sight is useful for accuracy and precision. Modern light gathering sights are popular, as they assist users in ensuring they’re on track and aligned with their target. 


Some Remington 870 barrels allow you to put in removable chokes. A choke is made to shape how the shot spreads after you pull the trigger, possibly improving the accuracy and range of the shot.

Two kinds of chokes are available: screw-in chokes and fixed chokes. Fixed chokes are assimilated into the shotgun’s barrel, and cannot be replaced. However, screw-in chokes are removable. 


When purchasing a new Remington 870 barrel, make sure that it does not adversely affect the balance of your shotgun. Often, longer barrels are weightier and make the gun hard to balance and shoot effectively. That’s why hunters who use longer Remington 870 barrels often change them by boring the barrels. 

Review of the Best Remington 870 Barrels in 2022

The following is a list of the best Remington 870 barrels currently on the market as of this writing. As you look through each one, you’ll need to be able to see the features and characteristics. This way, you can choose which will be the best option for your intended use going forward.  

Here are some of our best picks for the Remington 870 barrels. Let’s see why they made our list and what makes these Remington 870 rifle sights stand out compared to others. Let’s begin by taking a look at the first recommendation.

1. Remington 870 Barrel, 18.5″, IC Bead Sight, Parkerized

Remington 870 Barrel, 18.5 inches, IC Bead Sight, Parkerized


A lot of newer buyers are happy with this Remington 870 barrel. Most are able to install this barrel in a few minutes and manage to keep it safe for the long-run. They are using their Remington 870 shotguns for hunting and target shooting. The general consensus agreed that this Remington 870 barrel had the prospective to last them quite a few years.

One thing that makes it stand out is the Parkerized finish. It proves itself as one of the most durable types of steel on the market. The finish just adds an extra layer for a peace of mind. So if you want something that is tough and can give you a longer period of loyal service, this barrel may be what you want for your Remington 870. If you’re serious about your rifle’s durability, this barrel may be a good accessory to begin with. 

This 12-gauge 18.5 inches barrel comes with a matte finish and manganese Parkerized, with a fixed choke. It fits shotguns with a 2 ¾ inches to 3 inches chamber but is not threaded for choke tubes. It has an external magazine tube size cap retainer and a front bead. The barrel weighs 2.11 pounds and comes in black. With this, the barrel only allows 2 ¾ inches or shorter shells, and can shoot both slugs and shot. 

The Remington 870 bead on the sight can be altered, but the sight itself is threaded into a pedestal, which is brazed to the barrel, so it may be hard to remove the 12 gauge sight results.

This will be great for hunting and even some uses that will allow for extended periods of long-term use. It’s tough enough to handle heavy-duty applications that will not cause the barrel to wear down easily. If sturdiness is high on your list of priorities, this just may be the barrel to go with.

The Remington 870 Barrel is the go-to option for hunters and others who intend to use this shotgun for the sake of making highly precise and consistent shots. If you want to get the most out of your barrel, you can bet your bottom dollar this one will offer tight shooting groups and is a long-term solution for your Remington 870 shotgun that works as a factory replacement barrel color. 

This is a great slug barrel with great responses from users who’ve experienced it first-hand. If you’re looking for an option that’s tough, offers a matte finish, and shoots really well, go for this one. It is a good option for beginners or for home defense purpose and model, as well as for clay shooting.



2. Remington 870 Barrel, 18″, Police w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized

Remington 870 Barrel, 18 inches, Police with Rifle Sights, Parkerized


New buyers of this barrel are law enforcement officers looking for a barrel that will be more useful in terms of handling high-stress situations. They are not disappointed when they come across this barrel. This only takes a few minutes to install and was able to tighten shooting groups considerably with targets situated at as far as 25 yards out. One of the users said that not only did it provide ridiculously great accuracy, but the barrel is durable and light in weight, hence making it surprisingly tough.

This barrel is made from high-quality steel with an added Parkerized finish. Not forgetting to mention, it’s a barrel built to be super accurate and reliable. This is definitely what you need if you are in a tactical or self-defence position. If you want a barrel that will make every shot count when every second is a factor, then this is the barrel that will get the job done.

This 18 inches black barrel is suitable for a tactical rebuild, thanks to its double rifle sights. The design of these sights is planned to improve your accuracy at moderate ranges. This short-barrel does not accept choke tubes, as it comes with a fixed choke, and it handles 2 ¾ inches and 3 inches shells. Additionally, this barrel is one of the preferred choices for many law enforcement officers who own Remington 870 firearms. It weighs 2.22 pounds and comes in Parkerized flat black.

This will stand out as the best choice for law enforcement officers and even users who rely on their Remington 870 shotguns for home defense shotgun purposes. If you plan on making a few upgrades to your shotgun, it starts with an accessory that is outstanding in quality and performance. This barrel will probably be the best possible firearm option.

The Remington 18-Inch Police Barrel with Rifle Sights is the go-to barrel for those who are looking for something that will be useful in home defense model situations or tactical applications. It’s tough, dependable, and can deliver some accurate shooting at some impressive distances. If these 3 qualities stand out as interesting to you, this may be the barrel for you.

Choose this barrel if you are looking for an accurate barrel for your Remington 870 for tactical purposes and home defence situations.



3. CARLSONS – Remington 870, Ramped Front Sight

CARLSONS - Remington 870, Ramped Front SightSHOP NOW

A lot of new users are happy with this choice. They said this is a durable unit that is easy to install and is made to last them for a long time. One user also said when it came time to clean it, it was easy to do. Performance-wise, the accuracy boost was instantly noticeable in the United States of America product site more length.

This barrel is made for multiple purposes. If you use your Remington 870 shotgun for the sake of hunting, self-defense, or both, you’ll definitely be able to put it to good use. And it can make accurate shooting a lot more possible. That increase in performance will happen almost immediately and the break-in period will be a more nice and short barrel length pattern.

This 18.5 inches barrel has a chrome-lined bore and comes complete with a Carlson cylinder-bore choke tube. With this barrel, you can convert your Remington 870 into a slug gun or home defense purpose shotgun. The barrel is threaded for standard Rem Choke and has 3 inches chambers, so it does not fit 870 Tactical models.

Moreover, you can replace the choke, if needed. It’s available with either a ramped blade front sight only or adjustable front or rear rifle sights. The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee on all their products, so you can buy with confidence.

If you want something that is durable, trustworthy, and will be great for many purposes, this barrel will certainly do you some good. In fact, it is great for replacing your factory barrel firearms models. Once you install this Remington 870 barrel, you will not be able to wait to give this barrel a spin at the range.

Carlson’s Replacement Shotgun Barrel is the best Remington 870 barrel you can find as far as factory replacements go. In fact, it may be a bit better in quality compared to barrels that come directly from the manufacturers themselves. Accuracy, tight shooting groups, and reliability are the things you will want to get out of this barrel.

With plenty of fancy features, this is not your typical barrel. It is suitable for home defence or tactical use, and the sights develop your accuracy significantly.



4. CARLSONS – Rem 870 12-Ga Vent Rib, 24 Inches, 3 Inches Chamber, MOD Choke, S-Matte

CARLSONS - Rem 870 12-Ga Vent Rib, 24inches, 3inches Chamber, MOD Choke, S-Matte


As expected, many newer buyers are satisfied with this barrel. They said upon installation, they’ve noticed some immediate changes to their Remington 870 shotguns. These included amplified accuracy and reduced recoil. One user said this barrel is perfect and worked so much better than his previous factory default barrel store.

This barrel includes a vented rib that tolerates for superior cooling ability. The last thing you want to do is deal with accidental blisters due to touching a hot barrel. A barrel can heat up pretty quickly after an extended time of use. However, the vents are enough to help dispel heat in a matter of minutes. Aside from that, it’s made from high-quality steel that can last you quite a period of time (assuming that you take great care of it regularly). It’s also long enough for the resolution of hunting and target shooting in your pump-action shotguns. The longer the barrel, the better chance it will improve your accuracy compared to smaller barrels.

This 12-gauge barrel is engineered from ordnance-grade 4140 steel with a chrome-lined bore. The vent rib models has a satin, matte blue finish with a red glowing front sight and brass center bead.

It comes with a Carlson Modified stainless steel choke tube and adapts for both rifled slugs and all types of shots. The longer barrel attempts to improve accuracy compared to standard 18.5 inches barrels and gives longer sighting.

If you plan on minimizing recoil and increasing accuracy at the same time, this barrel can be exactly what you are looking for. This is perfect for usage where accuracy is a must. So if you target practice or if you are looking for some kind of barrel that will allow for the best possible chance to make a kill shot, this may be one to consider further.

This Carlson’s shotgun barrel will certainly give your Remington 870 a much-deserved boost. It may even give your shotgun a bit of an edgy look, thanks to the ribbed rail. Switch out your old barrel with this and you’ll be surprised at the increased accuracy and reliability of your shotgun. And trust us, no factory default barrel can do as much of a great job as this one cantilever scope. 

Perfect as a high-quality upgrade for your Remington 870, this barrel makes shooting in poorly lit conditions a great ease thanks to its red fluorescent front sight. It is a good fit for hunting and getting rid of bothersome varmints.



5. Remington 870 Barrel 18 Inches Cylinder Bore

Remington - 870 Barrel 18 Cylinder Bore


This 18 inches cylinder bore barrel fits 12-gauge Remington 870 3 inches guns and has a bead sight. It weighs 2.59 pounds and comes in black shade. It has a fixed choke, so swapping out chokes is not exactly possible. The barrel is made to fit Remington 870 Express guns. This smooth bore barrel can take on rifled slugs and all kinds of shots.

This barrel isn’t exactly fancy but will get the job done if you are looking to upgrade an old shotgun, giving it a new lease on life. It is suitable for home defense and hunting purposes, although the short-barrel won’t have the accuracy of a longer barrel for home defense.




While getting a new barrel to replace the factory model on your Remington can improve your accuracy and shooting familiarity, it can also have a negative impact if you don’t factor in the rifling, balance, choke, and length. 

Keep your shooting needs in mind when assessing the barrels on each of these factors and you’ll be more than satisfied with your purchase. We hope this review has been beneficial in your hunt to secure a new barrel or your Remington 870 shotgun for home defense. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should you take with you while hunting with your Remington 870 barrel?

There is no doubt that some people still love to hunt. Before you go out hunting, it is imperative that you take some important items with you like a Remington 870 shotgun for home defense for example. The price may be a bit expensive. Besides your rifle and ammunition, you will certainly want to wear a reflective vest.

That way if another hunter is out at night-time with their flashlight and hunting rifle, the light from the flashlight will help your vest light up. This will let the hunter know that you are a human being and not some kind of animal. Failure to wear a reflective vest can result in you getting accidentally shot at night-time, or even during the day in some cases.

And of course, don’t forget to bring a flashlight for yourself because you won’t want to end up shooting someone else accidentally either. You may not be as lucky as some people getting away with it.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Remington 870 Barrel?

To be clear, the Remington 870 works perfectly with the original barrel that comes along with it. However, even these barrels can be further upgraded to improve its performance and your shotgun’s capabilities as a home defense shotgun. This will allow you to visualize your sights on target which can be enhanced by adding rifle sights to your barrel that is excellent even mid-long range target shooting.


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