Best Remington 870 Accessories

When it comes to the best shotgun on the market today, many people would think of the Remington 870 shotgun. The Remington 870 might even be the first shotgun of many shooters. With its incredible popularity, it is no surprise to see a large aftermarket support for its parts and accessories.

Although the Remington 870 is a popular firearm, there are still some people who are not familiar with it. If you are new to this shotgun and would like to find out more about its parts and upgrades, then you’re at the right place.

In this guide, you will find out more about the best Remington 870 tactical accessories available today for upgrading this classic pump action shotgun. But before we move on to our exclusive list of incredible upgrades, we will have a look at the perks of upgrading your Remington 870 and the things you need to consider first before you go ahead and make a purchase for the upgrades.

Remington 870 Tactical Upgrades – Why Should You Upgrade?

You might be wondering why is it necessary to upgrade your shotgun when it’s working perfectly fine. Well, you’re not wrong. Upgrading your shotgun is not a must but once you’ve started and got a taste of how much better it performs after the upgrade, you will think it’s worth it.

One of the best improvements any shooter can ask for is better accuracy and that is exactly what some of the upgrades are meant to give you. All factory Remington 870 shotguns are made the same but every shooter has a different preference of styles and techniques.

To meet your personal preference, you will need to customize your shotgun to your liking and the best way is through these upgrades. After customizing, you can expect your weapon to fit you comfortably, have enhanced accuracy and possibly be easy to carry. At the end of the day, your weapon is supposed to make your life easier and more convenient.

Additionally, you will find an upgraded shotgun to be incredibly helpful and beneficial for hunting, home defense and competitive or recreational shooting.

Things to Consider When Buying Remington 870 Modifications

With so many choices to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best accessory for your Remington 870. However, you don’t have to worry about finding the wrong one as long as you follow the following considerations when you look for accessories for the Remington 870.


Prices of Remington 870 tactical accessories can vary since each upgrade is meant for a different purpose. There aren’t any ideal prices, only prices that match your budget.

Hence, it is important to come up with a budget that you’re comfortable with. With this budget, you can easily search for accessories at prices within your budget.

Some cheap choices can provide incredibly good value for your money, while some aren’t. To avoid buying bad products, you want to aim for the best product possible. Namely, find the product with the best quality and capability that is affordable for you.

Top-Quality Construction

The common high-quality materials that are used for firearms and their accessories are polymers, aluminum and steel. These materials are proven to be ideal for resisting damage and incredibly durable, which is why it is important to look for options that are built with any of these high-quality materials. It ensures that the product lasts for a good duration and your Remington 870 can be well-protected too.

Ease of Installation

It is not a good idea to buy items at a significant cost only to end up not knowing how to install them. When choosing an accessory for the Remington 870 shotgun, you want to look for one that is easy to install and preferably one that can be installed within minutes.

Finding products that have an easy installation helps you save a good amount of time and money because you don’t need to hire and wait for a gunsmith to settle it for you.

The Best Remington 870 Tactical Accessories

Now that you have a better idea of the reasons to get an upgrade for your Remington 870, let’s take a look at the list of the 8 best Remington 870 accessories available on the market.

Although not every accessory will be suitable for you, it will still be good to familiarize yourself with some of the popular upgrades for a Remington 870.

These products are carefully selected based on their quality, practicality and ease of use. With the knowledge you gained, it should be easy for you to choose the best item for your Remington 870 shotgun. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the first one.

1. Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle


  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Innovative rubber friction retention system


The first and most essential add-on for the Remington 870 is a sidesaddle, especially if you use the shotgun for home defense. When you get your shotgun at night, there’s no time to search for additional rounds, which is why having a sidesaddle can be extremely helpful. The sidesaddle that we highly recommend is the Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle.

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle has incredible durability and as a matter of fact, it is the most reliable and long-lasting sidesaddle you can get your hands on. With the use of sturdy material to build this sidesaddle and paired with a hard coat anodized, it is no surprise that the Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle can last for a great deal of time.

Another good feature that not only people who use the Remington 870 Tactical as a home defense weapon will like, but also gun range owners is that this shell carrier is designed to keep the serial number visible. This allows gun range owners to keep track of their Remington 870 Tactical shotguns.

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle comes with many different models and the key difference between each sidesaddle is mainly the capacity. Mesa Tactical offers this shell carrier in 4-round, 6-round and 8-round models. However, the 4 or 6-round model should be enough for general use.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for the most durable sidesaddle. Thanks to the use of tough material, the Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle is one of the many products with the best durability.

You want to mount some extra shells to your shotgun. Regardless of whether you use the Remington 870 Tactical as a home defense weapon or casual shooting, this shell carrier would be the perfect choice for you to mount extra shells on the side of your shotgun.

You want a sidesaddle that doesn’t hide the serial number. The Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Saddle has a low profile design that ensures the numbers on the shotgun remain visible.

You will dislike this product if:

You prefer products that are offered at lower prices. Unfortunately, if you consider how great this product is, it is no surprise that it is offered at prices that are higher than many other options.

2. Scattergun Technology Extended Magazine Tube


  • Machined steel magazine extension
  • High-visibility nylon follower
  • Loop or QD stud models


The next item that would make your Remington 870 a good weapon for multiple purposes such as home defense, hunting and competitive shooting is a magazine extension. Many shooters are looking for a good magazine extension and thankfully we found the Scattergun Remington 870 Extended Magazine Tube that will definitely be satisfactory.

First and most importantly, installing this Remington 870 magazine tube is extremely easy and didn’t take the new buyers to get it installed. Also, installing this product doesn’t require the help of a gunsmith.

All you need to do is screw it onto the end of your shotgun’s magazine tube. Right after you install the magazine tube, you will be able to add two more rounds on top of the original capacity.

This product comes with a high-quality extension that doesn’t warp or turn faulty under the pressure of additional shotgun shells. With its high-quality steel construction, you shouldn’t be surprised that this extension will last for a long time.

Plus, a guide mechanism is included in this extension, allowing you to load up the shotgun at a faster speed.

This magazine extension is offered in two models, the loop model and QD stud model. The former comes with a stationary loop that is compatible with a tactical-style sling without swivels, while the latter can only accept a sling with quick-detach swivels.

You will like this product if:

You want tactical upgrades that are good for various purposes. Adding a few extra rounds to your shotgun is not only excellent for life and death situations such as home defense, but also for competitive shooting and hunting.

You are looking for something easy to install. Installing this magazine extension doesn’t require the help of a gunsmith and is as easy as screwing it to the end of the magazine tube of your 12-gauge Remington 870.

You want a product with a high-standard construction. This magazine extension is made of top-standard materials and will certainly last for a long time.

You will dislike this product if:

You are satisfied with the number of rounds the Remington 870 can fire. While having extra rounds to shoot is incredible, some people might be fine with the original capacity and don’t see the need for this upgrade.

You prefer to install accessories without the use of tools. Although the help of a gunsmith is not needed, you will still need to use a drill to drill out the dimples in the tube to install.

3. Magpul SGA Stock and Forend Set for Remington 870/Mossberg 500/590



  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Recoil-absorbing butt-pad
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Reinforced polymer construction


The classic Remington 870 Express comes with either a wood stock and forend or a simple synthetic stock and forend. While some shooters find them to be sufficient and satisfactory, some who upgraded will say otherwise. We agree with the kind of improvement an upgraded stock and forend can bring, which is why we would highly recommend the Magpul SGA Stock and Forend Set.

Magpul Stock

First, let’s have a look at the Magpul stock. There might be times when you experienced difficulties using the gun and that’s because the ergonomics of the Remington 870 Express stock doesn’t allow you to aim and shoot accurately.

But with the adjustability that this Magpul stock offers, you will be able to adjust it to a comfortable length.

The material that Magpul uses for this Remington 870 stock is the same kind of material that they use for the Magpul AR-15 stocks. Their rifle stocks are known to be incredibly long-lasting and reliable, so you can expect the same for this stock. It makes this an excellent addition for hunters because the stock will remain intact regardless of the environment they are shooting in.

The grip of this stock is also designed to mimic a pistol grip, making it easy for users to hold it with one hand. With its recoil-reducing butt-pad, it will make it easier for users to control the gun. Not only is this stock made for the Remington 870, but it is also made for the Mossberg 500/590 shotguns.

Magpul Forend

The stock 12-gauge Remington 870 pump-action shotgun is equipped with a factory forend that certainly needs some improvements. A forend is below your barrel and you hold it with your hand to stabilize the weapon so you can aim and shoot accurately.

Unfortunately, the factory forend isn’t good enough and having an aftermarket forend such as this will be perfect.

With its simple assembly, you do not need to use any complex tools to get it installed and no gunsmithing is required either. Simply use the wrench that is included and you’ll be done within minutes.

If you’re looking for a modular product, then the Magpul MOE M-LOK forend will not disappoint you. After installing this Magpul forend, you can use it for home defense, competitive shooting and hunting. Additionally, military and law enforcement personnel will also find this forend useful.

You will like this product if:

You want to upgrade the factory stock and forend to something better. Not many people are a fan of the stock parts that the Remington 870 is equipped with and getting the Magpul stock and forend set will definitely improve the looks and performance of your gun.

You want high-quality products. Magpul is known for making high-standard products using sturdy materials and the Magpul stock and forend set is no exception.

You want to get a Remington 870 tactical shotgun. After installing this upgraded stock and forend, you will be getting a Remington 870 tactical shotgun thanks to the aesthetics and functions of this stock and forend set.

You will dislike this product if:

You are satisfied with the factory stock and forend. The only reason that you wouldn’t want this Remington 870 tactical upgrade is if you’re happy with the factory parts and don’t see the point of changing.

4. Blackhawk Industries Storm Single-Point Tactical Sling


  • Heavy-duty 1¼” nylon webbing
  • 1″ elliptical elastic bungee cord
  • Compressed tubular nylon sheathing


One of the best Remington 870 tactical upgrades would be a sling and if you’re looking for something that doesn’t disappoint you, then the Blackhawk Industries Storm Single-Point Tactical Sling would be ideal. Most new buyers also reported that they are able to attach this sling to their Remington 870 shotgun almost immediately.

If we have a look at the quality of this sling, you will be filled with nothing but satisfaction. The Blackhawk Industries Tactical Sling is incredibly well-made from high-quality nylon, ensuring that it’s comfortable for the user and not easily damaged.

If the last thing you want in a home defense situation or when you’re hunting is to see the sling break, then we highly recommend you to get this.

A quick detach clip is included with the Blackhawk Industries Tactical Sling that allows you to connect it to a single point sling adapter, allowing for easy carry. The clip can also be covered with an elastic sleeve to prevent it from rattling and causing noise disturbances. You can easily release your weapon thanks to the nylon buckle.

For any hunter who is planning to go on a hunting trip and will be walking for some time, we would highly recommend you to get this incredible sling. With this sling, you are given the chance for hands-free carrying because you can easily hang it off your shoulders while you perform other tasks with your hands.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for a sling with great adjustability. This product can be adjusted with incredible ease thanks to the use of a heavy-duty buckle for quick adjustment.

You prefer a durable product that can last for a great deal of time. The Blackhawk Industries Tactical Sling is made with top-quality nylon to resist damage and is covered in compressed tubular nylon sheathing for weather resistance.

You plan on carrying your shotgun for a long time. With the level of comfort that the Blackhawk Industries Tactical Sling is able to provide, it is undoubtedly one of the best choices if you’re carrying your Remington 870 for a long period.

You will dislike this product if:

You think having a sling attached to your Remington 870 is troublesome. While some people might agree that shooting with a sling doesn’t make a difference, some might find it to be troublesome to shoot after attaching a sling to their shotgun.

5. SureFire Remington 870 Dedicated Shotgun Forend Light


  • Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body
  • High and low output level settings
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries


To improve your Remington 870 into a combat-ready shotgun, you will need a light. Unlike some lights that mount directly on your shotgun, what we have here is a Remington 870 Dedicated Shotgun Forend Light by SureFire.

This is one of the most popular options for a tactical shotgun because of its reliability and compact design.

The SureFire Dedicated Shotgun Forend Light is a combination of a forend and a light. The product is made of sturdy material and has a light source integrated to shine a bright and blinding beam of light.

Not only does the product have strong construction to protect the light, but it is also hard anodized to mil-spec and has an O-ring and gasket seals to keep moisture, dust, and debris out of the unit.

This light is a LED light that has a minimum output level of 200 lumens and up to a maximum output level of 600 lumens. At the lowest setting, you can expect the light to last for about 3 hours. On the other hand, if you put the light on the highest setting, it will only last for approximately 1.5 hours. Thankfully, you can replace the two CR123A batteries with ease once they’re out.

You can control the SureFire light with ease thanks to the switches that are included. There isn’t only one button to control the light but switches on both sides to allow left and right-handed users to control the light. One downside that almost every shooter is unhappy about is the price of this product.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for a reliable and compact light for your shotgun. This unit is built with a tough material and by a trusted manufacturer to ensure the product has maximum reliability.

You prefer a forend that you can grip with ease. Not only is the forend easy to grip, but it is also textured, allowing you to get a secure grip even if your palm is wet.

You will dislike this product if:

You are unfamiliar with the disassembly of your forend. Installing this SureFire unit requires you to disassemble your forend and if you’re unfamiliar, it might be difficult for you to install it on your own.

You don’t plan to spend a lot of money. It is unsurprising to see this product offered at such a high price, so if you don’t intend to splurge so much then this wouldn’t be the best choice for you.

6. Trijicon Tritium Shotgun Sight Set


  • Tritium lamps
  • Self-luminous for 12 years
  • Steel body


Another “must-have” enhancement for your Remington 870 shotgun whether for home defense, hunting or competitive shooting is a good set of front and rear sights like the Trijicon Tritium Shotgun Sight Set. Most people that shoot with the Trijicon sights are impressed at the accuracy it gives them, even under dim conditions.

This set of sights are meant for accurate shooting and the front sight works together with the rear sight to allow you to shoot as accurately and precisely as possible. Trijicon is also popular for making reliable sights for many firearms so you don’t have to worry that you’re buying bad sights from them.

The Trijicon sights utilize luminous sapphire crystal, tritium lamps that are self-luminous for 12 years. As such, there will be no need for batteries or maintenance. Thanks to how the sights are built and paired with the silicone rubber cushions for the lamps, the sights will be sturdy enough to handle all the stresses you put them through.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Trijicon sights will not only be useful when you’re hunting but can also give you an edge in providing safety for your home or target shooting.

You will like this product if:

You are looking for accessories that enhance your accuracy. Installing the Trijicon sights for your Remington 870 is the best way for you to shoot more accurately.

You prefer reliable sights for your Remington 870. Trijicon is a popular manufacturer and they are known to make reliable sights like this Trijicon Tritium Shotgun Sight Set.

You want sights that don’t require a battery. The sights offered by Trijicon utilize a luminous sapphire crystal, tritium lamps that are self-luminous and don’t require a battery.

You will dislike this product if:

You want to utilize the sights for other firearms. Unfortunately, this set of sights that we’ve reviewed is only built for the Remington Model 870 and if you have the intention of using the sights on other models, then this wouldn’t be the ideal option for you.

You prefer a red-dot sight. While this set of sights are excellent, some people might prefer using a red-dot sight instead.

7. Carlson’s Choke Tube Shotgun Barrel


  • 18.5″
  • Made from 304 high stress stainless steel
  • Brass center bead sight


One of the best Remington 870 upgrades that we highly recommend is a short barrel. There are various barrels available for the Remington 870 and the barrel length that we highly recommend for home or self defense is 18, 18 ½ or 20 inches. For this review, we will be looking at Carlson’s Remington 870 Choke Tube Shotgun Barrel.

A short barrel is extremely helpful especially when you’re using your Remington 870 in tight spaces. However, we do not recommend barrels that are shorter than 18” because it might put your overall length shorter than 26” and it would be considered as a Short Barrel Shotgun (SBR), where you’ll need a special license for it.

But with the Carlson’s Shotgun Barrel, you don’t have to worry about getting the license because this is a Remington 870 18 ½” barrel. You can choose between a rifled model which is constructed with 304 high-stress stainless steel and other choke tubes that are built from 17-4 stainless steel.

A rifled barrel is not needed if your shotgun is used for home defense, but it is recommended for hunters. Regardless of which, you can still expect a smooth shooting experience with Carlson’s Shotgun Barrel thanks to its chrome-lined bores. With its brass bead sight, it ensures that users can stay on their target with ease.

You will like this product if:

You prefer using a short barrel of your shotgun. A long barrel has its benefits and so does a short barrel, so if you like using a shorter barrel on your shotgun to move around with ease, then the Carlson’s Shotgun Barrel will be ideal for you.

You are looking to improve your shooting experience. Not only is this barrel constructed with a sturdy material, but it is also chrome-lined to ensure you fire the shotgun smoothly.

You will dislike this product if:

You are on a tight budget. If you’re on a budget and would rather spend your money on other tactical upgrades, the Carlson’s Shotgun Barrel wouldn’t be your ideal choice because it isn’t an inexpensive product.

8. Police Metal Trigger Plate Assembly


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • 12 gauge
  • Easy to install


The standard Remington 870 Express uses a polymer trigger group assembly that is well-known among gun enthusiasts. It’s not that the trigger group doesn’t work or it’s bad, but it could definitely be upgraded to something much better like the Police Metal Trigger Plate Assembly.

This trigger is different from the standard trigger group assembly and is found in a Remington 870 Police shotgun. The good thing about this trigger group assembly is that it’s made of metal which is more long-lasting and reliable than the OEM trigger group. Plus, it looks and feels much better.

A high-quality trigger is extremely important to have because if the springs of your current trigger assembly doesn’t make you feel comfortable, then you wouldn’t perform in excellence with your gun. If you are a law enforcement or military officer, it is even more important to have an enjoyable trigger group.

You might be wondering why not just buy a Remington 870 Police shotgun along with its metal parts. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should be aware that it will likely cost you a fortune and buying a police metal trigger group separately and getting it installed by yourself will be much cheaper.

You will like this product if:

You are unhappy with the current trigger on your gun. Not everyone is satisfied with the factory trigger group assembly of their gun and if you can relate, then you should get this Police Metal Trigger Plate Assembly for your gun.

You want a trigger that can be easily assembled. Thanks to its drop-in design, you can assemble this trigger group on your gun like a walk in the park.

You are looking for a top of the line trigger. If you were to look at the reviews of this unit, you will notice nothing else but compliments about how impressive the quality of this unit is.

You will dislike this product if:

You are fine with the existing trigger on your gun. The only reason you wouldn’t opt for this enhancement for your gun is if you’re already happy with what you have.


Based on what you’ve seen, it is clear that finding the best Remington 870 accessories isn’t too difficult because of the abundance of parts available. Just keep in mind that the best Remington 870 accessories are the ones that meet your personal preference and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Remington 870 Mods For Home Defense?

I’d recommend the Surefire Remington 870 Dedicated Shotgun Forend Light because of the lightweight and ambidextrous design which proven to be accessible, quick and easy to reach when facing potential intruders in times of despair to protect your loved ones. The great recoil allows lights to be switched easily which makes a great tactical upgrades. The downside would be that it is quite costly but for the features discussed above, it’d be worth your investment. 

Is the Remington 870 a good gun to customize and upgrade?

The Remington 870 is a weapon made for customization and with so many parts available for this gun, it makes the Remington 870 an incredible choice for customization and upgrade. Since this weapon has been around for about 70 years, the aftermarket parts manufacturers have adapted to make products that enhance this shotgun.

Plus, the parts that are available for this shotgun allows you to make the best tactical home defense or hunting weapon, based on your personal preference. It can even give you an edge in competitive shooting.

Unfortunately, the Remington 870 is not made on a modular platform which means you can swap out parts but not everything can be done on your own. You might need the help of a gunsmith at times to make some modifications.

How do I install the Police Metal Trigger Plate Assembly on my Remington 870?

Before you install this unit, make sure that your Remington 870 is unloaded and doesn’t have any ammunition inside it. To do so, check the magazine tube and the chamber and make sure both areas are cleared.

After that, push out the pins from the receiver that holds the existing trigger group. Once you’ve done that, place the new trigger group in place and reassemble your Remington 870 and you’re done with the installation.

What is the effective range of a Remington 870?

The effective range of a Remington 870 is approximately 40 to 50 metres for shot and 70 to 80 metres for slugs.

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