Best Remington 700 Recoil Pads (2022) – Reviewed

While the Remington 700 rifle is popular and loved by many hunters and precision shooters, it is also just as well known that using any rifles we have reviewed for extended periods have the potential to bruise your shoulder. And this is where recoil pads come in to solve the problem.

In this article, we will be going through a few factors to consider when getting recoil pads and how they will improve your shooting experience. We have also shortlisted and reviewed some of the best recoil pads to go with your Remington 700 in the sections below.

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Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad

Most Recommended Option

1. Angled opening for easy swivel stud access
2. Made with heavy-duty neoprene for enhanced durability
3. Stretchy design to fit different stocks

Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad1. Up to 70% reduction of felt recoil
2. Prevents muzzle flinching
3. Lightweight construction
9.5/10SHOP NOW
Remington 700 SuperCell Recoil Pad Synthetic1. Lightweight and quality construction
2. Does not impact the balance of the rifle
3. Easy installation
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Recoil Eraser Slip-On Recoil Pad Gel-Filled1. Fits most stocks
2. Absorbs 70% recoil
3. Gel-filled for comfort
8.0/10Currently unavailable

Factors to Consider When Getting Remington 700 Recoil Pad

When looking for a recoil pad for your Remington 700 rifle, it is likely that you will be looking at a few features and characteristics that will make them stand out from the rest. The recoil pads upgrade should serve you in the long run and here are a few things you should look out for:


Most of the recoil pads on the market are made from high-quality materials such as rubber and polymer. However, it is also important to find one that is durable and comfortable for your shoulders. The better the quality of the material, the higher chance that it will last you for years.


This may be an important factor for some, especially for those looking for something to absorb a good amount of recoil and shock. Therefore, it is imperative that you get a recoil pad that is thick enough to offer shoulder comfort without impacting the length of pull.


If you’re a budget shopper, then it is very likely that you’ll be turning to look at the prices of each piece of equipment. However, you should remember to get an option that is excellent in quality and performance at an affordable price instead of getting something cheap and disappointing. If you end up getting something that is low in quality, it will likely end up being a choice you wish you never made.

Benefits of a Remington 700 Model Recoil Pad

Below are a few benefits that you can instantly enjoy once you’ve installed the recoil pad on your rifle:

Reduced Recoil

The main purpose recoil pads are designed for is to help you reduce as much felt recoil as possible. On average, these recoil pads are able to cut down between 50 to 60% of recoil. Some better-quality recoil pads can even reach up to 70% of recoil reduction to offer you much better control over your rifle for improved accuracy.

Better Comfort

It is undeniable that your rifle will leave bruises on your shoulder every time you fire off a shot. This is where the recoil pads step in to put an end to it. These pads ensure that you get to shoot your rifle much more comfortably and more consistently by acting as one of the best forms of protection against heavy-hitting recoil.

Instant Results

It generally only takes a couple of minutes to install the recoil pad on your Remington 700 rifle for you to enjoy all the benefits it can offer. You will be instantly shocked to find out how much more comfortable it is to use your rifle with the recoil pads on. This is also a perfect solution for those who do not like to waste too much time getting a little results.

The 4 Best Recoil Pad For Remington 700 in 2022

Below is a list of the top recoil pads to go with your Remington 700 rifle that has been judged based on its durability, weight, ease of installation, recoil reduction and comfort.

1. Remington 700 SuperCell Synthetic


Best Overall

The SuperCell Recoil Pad is constructed from high-quality polymer and is specially designed to offer shooters with a good amount of comfort and recoil reduction. This recoil pad is a textbook example of how they should work with an impressive recoil reduction of up to 55%. So, if you’re in need of something to help you reduce felt recoil, then this pad may just be the solution for you.

The Remington 700 SuperCell Recoil Pad features a drop-in design that can be easily screwed over the buttplate of your rifle for super easy installation. All you need is to attach the pad and tighten the mounting screws to enjoy an efficient reduction of more than 50% of felt recoil compared to the standard factory pad.

On top of that, the recoil pad even helps to prevent flinching for more accurate follow-up shots. The lightweight construction features quality polymer material that fits well with both wood and synthetic stocks. The lightweight design of the SuperCell Recoil Pad also means that it will not impact the balance of your rifle. However, the one notable drawback about this pad is that it isn’t compatible with newer Remington 700 models such as the 700 BDL.

The SuperCell Recoil Pad is great for shooters who are in need of comfort and recoil reduction. You should not underestimate the potential of a solid recoil pad to help put an end to the abuse and discomfort a heavy recoil can deliver.

Customer Feedback

Many users are very satisfied with their SuperCell Recoil Pad as it does a great job of reducing recoil without being ridiculously thick. They also noted that the quality of the recoil pad is amazingly solid, and installation was a breeze. Some said that they only took a couple of minutes to set it all up to receive all the benefits of a recoil pad. Despite long hours of shooting, many have commented that their shoulders do not feel too banged up or bruised.


The Remington 700 SuperCell Recoil Pad is one of the best recoil pads you can get for your rifle as it offers you instant benefits with just a quick snap. No shooter will be disappointed after installing this recoil pad on their rifle.


  • Easy installation
  • Prevents flinching
  • Lightweight and quality construction
  • Does not impact the balance of the rifle


  • Dull aesthetics
  • Does not fit newer Remington 700 models


2. Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad



The Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad does not come with a super thick design, yet it can help reduce an insane amount of recoil to deliver maximum comfort with every shot. This recoil pad easily makes a strong case to be one of the best recoil pads available on the market for your rifle and you shouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the most popular one soon.

The innovatively designed Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad features atmospheric chambers to ensure a uniform energy dissipation. This allows the pad to absorb as much as 70% of the recoil from your Remington 700 rifle for ultimate comfort.

The recoil pad is a slip-on design that is not too squishy to prevent any muzzle flinching. You only need two screws to attach the pad to the buttplate of your rifle to enjoy all its benefits. The Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad even features high-quality construction that is durable enough to last you through harsh conditions, making it ideal for outdoor hunting trips.

The Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad will mainly be used for hunting purposes to help up your accuracy game by offering you complete control over your rifle. With the recoil pad, you can finally land that elusive hunting target that you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Customer Feedback

Many customers have commented that they could feel a significant reduction of felt recoil by up to 70% and some even felt like there was no recoil after every shot. One even commented that after installing the Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad, he was able to finally hit a 200-pound buck that he’s been eyeing for months. Overall, the Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad offers easy installation with instant benefits.


You can expect to get a lot more value than what you’ve paid for with the affordable Limbsaver Airtech Recoil Pad. The quality construction also means that it will last you for a long time to be your go-to option for many years ahead.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Up to 70% reduction of felt recoil
  • Prevents muzzle flinching


  • Does not fit all models
  • May require some customization to fit properly


3. Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad


Best for Value

If you want something that is easy to install without the need for all kinds of tools, then the Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad is perhaps the best option for you. The slip-on design also means that timing should not be a factor for you anymore You get to enjoy instant comfort with a recoil reduction of about 50%.

This best value for money recoil pad features a slip-on neoprene sleeve that lets you fit it on nearly all kinds of gunstocks, regardless of whether it is a rifle or a shotgun. On top of that, it even comes with rubber backing to keep the sleeves securely in place.

The Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad also offers shooters the flexibility to adjust the length of pull with ease. It has an angled opening to allow for quick swivel stud access. You can also expect a lot of comfort thanks to the rubber padding at the base that will work to protect your shoulder from stress and injuries while your fire off your shots.

On top of that, the neoprene body of the recoil pad features reinforced thread seams to ensure long-lasting durability. The package even includes four different sizes of pads for increased versatility. All-in-all, the Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad is able to reduce felt recoil by almost 40% while also preventing the muzzle from flinching.

The Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad is ideal for those who don’t have much of a recoil pad on their rifle. So, if you’re hunting for a quick solution to help protect your shoulder when you’re at the range, then just slip this on and you’re all set to go.

Customer Feedback

Many customers were very satisfied with how easy it is to install the Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad on their rifle. They were able to fit the recoil pad on their Remington 700 stocks without any complications. Some have even noted that the fit was perfect without needing to deal with any looseness. On top of easy installation, the recoil pad also offered unrivaled comfort to make shoulder abuse a thing of the past.


The Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad acts as your go-to option for those who are seeking to get something that can be installed in under a few seconds. It also acts as a good temporary solution until you are able to find a more solid recoil pad to support you through heavy recoils. Whether you’re using it as a temporary solution or a permanent fixture, the Beartooth 2.0 Slip-On Recoil Pad acts as a pretty good recoil pad to give you a great deal of comfort.


  • 4 sizes of inserts
  • Angled opening for easy swivel stud access
  • Made with heavy0duty neoprene for enhanced durability
  • Stretchy design to fit different stocks


  • Might take some effort to clean it


4. Recoil Eraser Slip-On, Gel-Filled

This Recoil Eraser Gel-Filled Pad is one of the few slip-on recoil pads that you can find on the market. All you need to do is to just slip the pad on to enjoy maximum comfort with no recoil to make it one of the best recoil pads you can find without the Limbsaver name.

This recoil pad’s slip-on design is stretchable and can fit almost all types of rifles and shotgun stocks. So, it is no surprise that the Recoil Eraser Gel-Filled Pad offers a perfect fit on Remington 700 rifles while the gel filling within the base works to reduce recoil by almost 70%.

Another great thing about this easy slip-on model is that it does not affect the sheen of your stock and can also be easily interchangeable with other stock rifles. On top of that, the butt end of the recoil pad is made with a high surface tension material that helps to prevent it from slipping out while you shoot.

The gel-filling within the recoil pads make it very comfortable to use as it works to absorb most of the impact coming from your rifle to protect your shoulders. Other than that, the Recoil Eraser Gel-Filled Pad is also very lightweight and portable, so you can easily slip it into your pocket when it’s not in use.

Customer Feedback

The Recoil Eraser Gel-Filled Pad has won the hearts of many shooters and they’ve even commented that the comfort delivered was almost “cloud-like”. On top of quick and easy installation, the recoil pad was able to absorb recoil shocks of up to 70% the moment it is slipped onto the rifle. Some even noted that they could easily land their hunting target that was approximately 250 yards out.


The Recoil Eraser Gel-Filled Pad lives up to its name as it instantly erases a significant amount of recoil in seconds to let you use your rifle without experiencing any muzzle jump or recoil to throw you off. Just slip this on your rifle to experienced unrivaled comfort and say goodbye to bruised shoulders forever.


  • Fits most stocks
  • Absorbs 70% recoil
  • Will not slip off while shooting
  • Gel-filled for comfort


  • Prone to wear and tear
  • Might require some adjustments for some models


A recoil pad is particularly useful to help you dampen and absorb the recoil from your Remington 700 rifle as you fire off shots on top of protecting your shoulders from injuries. The recoil pads are great for hunters or those who frequently shoot for longer durations. Overall, a quality recoil pad will work to absorb recoil to prevent any occurrence of muzzle flinching and be lightweight and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are recoil pads?

The recoil pad is a piece of polymer, rubber, gel-filled nylon or any soft material that can be attached or worn around the buttstock of your rifle. They work to help you reduce the impact you experience from a recoil. The soft part of the pad stays pressed against the point of contact between the buttstock and the shooter to dampen any impact.

The main purpose of a recoil pad is to reduce the amount of recoil and to provide better comfort while you shoot. Some recoil pads are even known to be able to reduce the recoil impact by up to 70%. They also work to prevent the buttstock from slipping against your shoulder which could happen with metal or synthetic buttstock plates.

Are recoil pads necessary?

While recoil pads are not a must, having one is completely dependent on individual preference. The Remington 700 is a well-known powerful rifle that delivers quite a fair bit of recoil. Whether you prefer bench rest shooting or like to take your rifle out for a hunt, having a recoil pad will significantly reduce the felt recoil to offer you much better comfort.

Recoil pads ensure a reduction in recoil which will help to reduce the pain that you may experience after the kickback from pulling the trigger. Prolonged use of rifles, whether indoors or outdoors, can result in shoulder bruising and even problems like hairline fractures. This is why getting a recoil pad is important for some.

What are recoil pads made of?

Recoil pads are generally made with a piece of rubber, foam, leather or any other soft material and are usually attached to the buttstock of a rifle or shotgun to relieve the pressure felt by your shoulders from recoil.

How To Install A Recoil Pad?

Generally, mostly recoil pads required simply to be slip over the back of your stock. However, leather recoil pads would be more complicated but essentially, you’d have to slide it over the back of your stock followed by pulling the top section up.

You’d check the placement by using your fingers to go through between the recoil pad and stock to ensure it is secured. Then, slowly maneuver the remaining space of your stock. Note that they’d often have a couple of air bubbles beneath it but this can be solved by moving your stock back and forth to flatten it and you’re good to go! 

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