6 Best M&P Shield Upgrades of 2022 – Reviewed

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If you concealed carry a firearm, there’s only a very small chance that you don’t own the M&P Shield and an accompanying trigger kit. It is by far the most popular and extensively used sub-compact weapon on the market, especially for everyday conceal carry. However, people like to modify and change weapons to suit them and that is why there is an aftermarket trigger kit for upgrades. 

Coming to the present point here, we’ll learn about the varying reasons you may want to upgrade your M&P Shield and the kind of upgrade that will work out the best. To summarise the discussion, we have also reviewed and studied the best product for every desirable and important upgrade for your Shield.

Are M&P Shield Mods a Must? 

That really depends on how you like to use your weapon. Upgrades may not seem very important if you don’t deliberate several situations. However, upgrading your weapon will improve its functionality and allow you to shoot even better. 

The M&P is popularly used for concealed carry and if you feel the requirement to carry a weapon, it suggests that you understand the risk of not new carrying ones. The factory-made shield is great, however it needs upgrades for improved performance. Consider yourself going through a dark and silent subway, where having a tac light on your Shield can assist when things go wrong. 

At the same time, some people have huge hands, and cannot grab the small-sized M&P Shield properly. Having a grip extension definitely works wonders for them. Some people are not really comfortable and happy with the OEM (factory made) design and/or the looks of the Shield. Having upgrades for your weapons helps with that as well. 

Convincingly, there’s no rule of thumb that mentioned that you should upgrade your M&P Shield and it’s a matter of your personal choice. However, the upgrades can still improve your weapon in many different ways. 

Types of M&P Shield Upgrades Available

Although there are a huge number of different possible upgrades for your M&P Shield, we will only focus on some of the most important ones. You can either adopt all of these suggestions or you can just choose the ones that suit your best time situation. 

Grip Tape 

A grip tape is a kind of adhesive backed polymer that helps in getting a better grip over the gun. Installing the grip tape is convenient and ends up to be quite helpful. Furthermore, it doesn’t add to the weight of the gun or need any kind of modification. 

A grip tape assists in holstering and drawing the weapon with much ease. Furthermore, it also makes sure that you can properly grip the weapon as you shoot. There is also a solid chance that you may have sweaty/wet hands when you have to access your weapon. Having a grip tape also helps you in that particular situation. Different tapes come with their own textures, but in general, their function is generally the best same time.

Grip Extension 

The best factory M&P Shield is a sub-compact weapon that has the height of 4.5 inches. Grip designed a grip extension increases the length of its grip area by 1/2 an inch or so. If you have huge hands, it is quite essential to have a grip extension involved. However, even if you have small palms, having a grip extension assists in gripping the weapon properly while you draw, holster, or even shoot pull drop. 

It makes sure that you handle the best recoil solidly, and you do not have to adjust it after every shot, especially when you have slippery hands. Having a grip extension also provides you with a choice to improve the full magazine capacity. This way, you can have one extra round less in making your top different day shield to include. 

Light & Laser Combo 

Tac Lights and lasers are often best seen as bulky and redundant accessories for handguns, particularly in the urban areas. Generally, due to the fact that they take up more space that means you will have to buy a custom holster to grip them. To disentangle this problem, we have included a laser-light combo in our making recommended list that fits into the frame of the Shield as if it were last made for it. 

Having a light include directly installed on your Shield makes sure that you get a proper shot in dark areas, especially during the evening. Furthermore, the best M&P Shield install spring is a very dense weapon and hence it is a bit hard to zero in on the target. Having a laser installed on your pistol will assist you in getting the target quickly, even with successive shots and extensive manoeuvres. 


Sights are also an important upgrade to your Shield best install as it is a bit hard to quickly aim with such a compact weapon. Having a pair of great sights, especially with some sort of irradiated insert to help you under low-light conditions. Such night sights may cost you a little bit more however, they are still worth the money because of their best tactical capabilities. 

The illuminated inserts allow you to align the sights and get a clear sight picture rapidly. Installing a new pair of sights on your Shield is not a huge deal, especially if you are used to taking apart firearms. Having appropriate sights on your M&P Shield is a useful investment in the best long term. 


The trigger was once the most prevalently upgraded part of the best M&P Shield, due to the dead trigger install issue in older models where the trigger jammed after firing a shot. And you have to charge or bump the weapon to make it corrective. Although M&P has solved that problem with 2.0 lines of the Shield install use, improving your trigger is still a great idea. 

An improved trigger decreases and reduces the pre-travel and over-travel time and also the trigger weight. Having an immaculate and improved trigger is accommodating and can be a lifesaving mod to your weapon, especially if you have to use it for self-defense purposes. On top of that, installing a new one is pretty easy to use too. 

Review of the Best M&P Shield Upgrades 

This list of M&P Shield upgrades comes with the products related to the upgrades mentioned above. Each of these is a top of the line suggestion in their respective categories and is widely used and trusted by many work users.

1. Uni-Comp

Uni-CompThe Tyrant Designs CNC Universal Compensator, also known as the Uni-Comp, has composed a lot of positive reviews from its consumers. The elimination and removal of faulty attachment methods and set screws for its installation are some of the things that everyone gains. 

The importance of this compensator not coming loose while using any firearm outpaces every other feature. The variety of the range of firearms from Smith to Walther that this compensator is compatible with caught our attention. This Tyrant compensator is compatible and is well-matched with any 9mm firearm. It shoots and fires easily with almost any modicum ammunition, which further assists with the smooth and fast functioning and that is the most dangerous work aspect you look for in any compensator use. 

Anyone who is looking for a secure hold on their firearm with the low profile production Uni-Comp offers can use it to their advantage the most. Uni-comp provides a very small profile to hide from any printing and so it becomes the primary and basic target of people hunting for concealed carriers. 

The confidence that Tyrant has in their world-wide compensator says what a quality product it is. The unproblematic installation and a few acquisitions set aside all or any competition in the market. Any shooting range day goer or competitive shooter will love to benefit from this compensator.

2. S&W Shield +2 Mag Extension

S&W Shield +2 Mag ExtensionAttaining efficiency with pistol grips was difficult recently, but that was before this model was introduced into the end-used market. The S&W Shield comes with extensions that permit for greater customization. Recent buyers are entirely happy with the performance of this unique model and have flattered its ability to dependably house an extra two rounds. 

For products to be seen as special, they need to have great designs and stronger construction. However, one very important feature that users miss out on is the ease of installation. This specific pistol grip stands out because it permits for easier installation. Not only this, however it doesn’t need many tools for its installation. Moreover, the time for installation is also supremely short site might, which makes it stand out in the firearms market. 

Any model that provides greater compatibility and well-match with other equipment appeals more to customers. Because of this, that’s exactly why the sales for this particular pistol grip is so high. It can function with a range of different factory magazines recent problems might. 

Not only because of this, but it is only 1.15 inches long. It allows you to guarantee better disguise. This comes in useful for policemen and people in comparable work to better hide their pistol grips. A product that provides you with amazing quality all over is the one that you actually need. With a convenient installation that takes less than 10 seconds, this model is already making its mark in the firearms industry. Its lower weight is another added feature that people love about it. All of this, coupled with ease of transportability, makes it one of the finest pistol grips that you’ll ever have.

3. S&W Shield Extended Magazine Release

S&W Shield Extended Magazine ReleaseThere are very few products that stay true to their name, and this is one of these recommendations. The S&W shield protracted mag upgrade make is one of the most trustworthy models, according to recent buyers. It is tremendously smooth and comfortable and needs very little effort to perfect its usage made around. 

Moreover, it matches your profile flawlessly and allows for more discretion when needed.

The most notable feature of the model is that it is engineered from specialized aluminium. This is aerospace-graded and can combine flawlessly with ergonomics and provides better styling for your M&P Shield. 

Moreover, its extended magazine or mag release is also slightly raised and comes with chamfered edges that help guarantee a much smoother design. Moreover, it allows for convenient ejection. 

When it comes to pistol grips, timing is your key to success. Most pistol holders need a lot of time to smooth save eject, which often becomes difficult and a hassle in good operation available. 

The extended mag release emanates with raised edges, which not only allows for rapid ejection but also allows you to place the equipment back inside quickly. So, if you are searching for quick and effortless functioning, then this model is certainly the one for you. 

It is quite infrequent to see a product that is faultless from the beginning to the end. However, this is one such exemplar model. It can be installed within the matter of seconds and its operation afterward that also saves a lot of your time and energy. 

The company hasn’t negotiated on the quality of the construction either. Aerospace-grade aluminum is perused in the manufacturing of this product, which further adds to the durability and high resilience of the whole model.

4. Trijicon Night Sight

Trijicon Night SightThis is a set of night sights for the M&P Shield, which comes with tritium-filled inserts to allow you to acquire targets rapidly under low-light conditions. All these are protected by a 12-year warranty for illumination that guarantees their quality. Furthermore, the black finish provides a professional look. 

These are manufactured from metal and are quite convenient to install. Trijicon night sights are used by many defense enforcements and law enforcement agencies internationally, so there’s no point in doubting their effectiveness. They are available in 3 different types, each featuring a different color of illumination. 

The Trijicon night sights are a solid upgrade to your M&P Shield for shooting under low light conditions. Alternatively, if you have weak eyesight then this is a great suggestion for you. It comes at a reasonable price and features a drawn-out warranty. Furthermore, it is widely used by law enforcement and defence personnel internationally, so there’s no point in questioning its effectiveness.

5. Apex Tactical Specialties Inc – S&W Shield Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit

Apex Tactical Specialties Inc - S&W Shield Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty Carry KitThis trigger kit comes with all the replacement parts to generate a fully functional new trigger for your M&P. Featuring a rock-hard aluminium body, this one decreases pre-travel and over-travel by approximately 20%. 

The centre-mounted pivoting safety bar generates a block, preventing unintended operation that cannot be detached unless the shooter places their finger unswervingly on the trigger face. 

It also transports a smooth and consistent 5 to 5.5 pounds trigger pull, which is apt for tactical and self-defence purposes. This is a drop-in kit and doesn’t need the help of a gunsmith for installation. 

This is a drop-in trigger kit that is easy to install and decreases the over-travel and pre-travel time significantly. Upgrading to this trigger will definitely improve your overall shooting performance and can give you a reliable trigger that is nearly impossible to jam.

6. TLR-6 Subcompact Gun Mounted Light W/Red Laser

TLR-6 Subcompact Gun Mounted Light With Red LaserThis is the most value-oriented and ground-breaking upgrade for your M&P Shield. It is a mixture of a laser and TLR-6 TAC light. The light has been made to securely ascribe to the trigger guard of the shelter. The combo comes with an ambidextrous button that can be used to switch out between 4 modes (off, laser on, light on, laser and light both on). 

The light has a radiance of 100 lumens that is good enough for use up to 89 meters. Furthermore, the laser light will assist you in acquiring a target quickly under low-light conditions. The windage and elevation modification screws are mounted in brass bushings for a very long life and dependable zero retention of the laser. 

The combinations work with a detachable battery cover and comes with a ten-minute auto shutoff feature, so you don’t waste much power. Each of these light combos is water-resistant and sequential for positive identification. 

This TLR-6 combo distributes the functionality of 2 different accessories in one, at a reasonable price too. It is convenient to install and adjust and improves your shooting ability. It’s a must-have accessory for an M&P Shield if you don’t mind purchasing an appropriate holster. 


The M&P Shield is a sub-compact weapon that is generally used for daily concealed carry use. Making some upgrades and improvements can radically improve the performance of the weapon and your shooting experience. 

Upgrades such as grip tape, extended grips, improved trigger assembly, laser lights, tac lights, and night sights further improve and enhance the performance of the M&P Shield. Furthermore, they also make sure that you can rely on your weapon to tackle any problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the difference between M&P and M&P Shield? 

Though the specifications and M&P Compact specifications only expressly tell you so much, they are very important in the fitting setting. 

The two guns come in 9x19mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. However, the .45 versions of both pistols are actually dissimilar from the 9mm/.40 pistols. For now, we will only be anxious with the 9mm and .40 S&W Shield and M&P9C/M&P40C, as that is what most people will like to buy. 

The M&P Shield (in 9mm or .40) has a 3.1-inch barrel, standing at 4.6 inches tall, 6.1 inches long and a svelte 0.94 inches wide. It weighs in at 19 ounces when unloaded. These two versions come with a flush-grip polymer or extended mag, and their capacity is 7+1 or 8+1 rounds of 9mm or 6+1 or 7+1 rounds of .40. 

Its base model comes with white 3-dot sights, however these can be easily upgraded to a night sight either by purchasing the night sight model or upgrading them yourself. 

The M&P Compact, though, is a bit heavier and in truth is an M&P that’s been cut down for a much more convenient concealment. Its barrel length is 3.5 inches, but width swells to 1.18 inches as the mag slide is a double-stack. Its length increases to 6.7 inches and weight is 24.7 ounces unloaded. 

However, the Compact is a bit shorter as it stands only 4.3 inches tall. The Compact comes with a flush-fit magazine and a magazine with a pinkie finger extension, however it doesn’t change capacity; it’s 12+1 of 9mm or 10+1 of .40. 

Both pistols come with a 6.5-pound trigger pull. Both also have Novak ramp rear and front sights, with possibly a tritium night sight being elective upgrades for each. Both pistols also can be had with or without a manual safety and with or without a magazine detach safety. The M&PC can also be compatible with Massachusetts or California-compliant magazines, which are constrained to 10 rounds.

What Is The Best Smith & Wesson M&P Upgrades?

The best Smith and Wesson upgrades is the AmeriGlo Smith and Wesson Pro Glo Sight Set because this Smith and Wesson product has reliable front fight which is vibrant in color and improve your visibility of your carry gun regardless of the light conditions. Besides that, there’s rear sights which is serrated black that can reduce glaring and allow focus to the front sight of your carry gun. Also, the front of the rear sight is vertical which is handy for one handed carry gun manipulations.

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