6 Best Mossberg 500 Slings in 2022 – Reviewed

Choosing the best Mossberg 500 slings may be difficult since there are just so many available in the market. Shotguns are usually used with two hands when firing, but it is a pain to carry on your body. 

Slings enable the user to carry the shotgun conveniently, and can help with stability when aiming. Shotgun owners usually get a sling during purchase as being able to freely use two hands while having your shotgun ready is an important and critical aspect. 

With so many types of slings out there, it may be confusing which one to pick. This article is aimed towards Mossberg owners, as we will be showcasing information of the best slings for Mossberg owners.

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Specter Gear Mossberg 590/500 Sling

Most Recommended Option

1. Ambidextrous feature
2. Extremely comfortable
3. 2-point tactical sling

Allen Yukon Neoprene Shotgun Sling

Premium Option

1. Comfort is main focus
2. Heavy duty
3. Additional ammo compartments

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling1. Prioritizes Comfort
2. High quality nylon to prevent sling from slipping
3. Additional ammo compartments up to 15
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Ten Point Gear Gun Sling Paracord 5501. Swivels that connect to factory sling mounts
2. Paracord for emergency situations
3. Worth every penny
8.5/10Currently unavailable
Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling 550 Paracord1. Good for hunters who goes out for a long period of time
2. Lightweight
3. Sturdy materials
8.0/10Currently unavailable
​​ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gun Sling1. Comfortable
2. Stainless Steel Design
3. Affordable
7.5/10Currently unavailable

About: The Mossberg 500

The Mossberg 500 is a 12-gauge pump action with hammerless repeaters, bottom-loading and side-ejecting rounds and a 6-round capacity chamber. The firearm is finished in anodized aluminum alloy receiver and a polished barrel and best known to be one of the most user-friendly options .

How to Choose the Best Sling For Mossberg 500

Before we start, what is a sling? Single point or two point or three point? For starters, slings are a type of harness or strap which allows a shooter to carry a firearm on their body conveniently. This increases the mobility of the shooter as they do not need to hold on to their firearm at all times while moving. It also increases the stability of the firearm as it uses the shoulder as support. 

For the Mossberg 500, there are three types of slings which we will be looking into detail. One of these three may reason you perfectly depending on your intended use of your firearm.

Carry Strap Slings

Carry Strap Slings are the most affordable out of these three as it is the most common in the market. These slings are designed to be attached to both ends of a shotgun, with paddings to ensure comfort when wearing out in the field, the woods or anywhere else. These were targeted towards shooters that occasionally use their Mossberg 500 which is why it is not often made with high-quality materials such as nylon. Some stability is still maintained when using it despite the flaw.

Shooting Slings 

This type of sling acts as an extra aid apart from carrying in the form of stability to shooters who hold accuracy with high regards. There are two subtypes for this sling, which are detached loops and integrated loops. So what are the key differences of the two? Detached loops are more suitable for supporting heavy duty rifles such as the M-16 and the AR-15. 

For the Mossberg 500, the part of the sling which is attached to the stock is instead fastened to the forend arm support, which creates a loop. On the other hand, integrated loop slings have the ability to create a loop without detaching itself from the firearm itself. The flaw of them is that it is hard to search for, and is also expensive. If you prefer these types of slings, browsing online will be your best bet.

Patrol Slings

They provide the best front end stability for shotguns, while also providing better speed by allowing the shooter to move into shooting position much quicker. The downside of this sling is that adjustability is not its best point. Weapon retention and shooting support may also be insufficient with some straps. 

Review of the Best Sling For Mossberg 500

We have selected six of the best Mossberg 500 slings currently available on the market. These are all selected based on unique features compared to lower quality dangles. However, as not every sling is created the same, there are both pros and cons of each sling. Let’s take a look at them below. 

1. Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling


Why did we choose this product?

The Blackhawk brand Black Sling was our top pick for best Mossberg 500 slings for a number of reasons. First off, there are extra compartments for holding up to an additional 15 shotgun shells, which is convenient for carrying extra shots when out in the field or the shooting range. 

Your pockets will no longer be needed to be relied on as a place for your shells. The strap can be adjusted to fit many sizes, and is also very comfortable. While it is made of high quality nylon, there is also a backing which prevents the sling from slipping. 

Despite the advantages, it may not fit some Mossberg 500 shotguns so it is best to measure your shotgun beforehand. Some comments have stated that the material was quite cheap. If you are looking for a strap that will stay in place when you are holding your Mossberg, this is a great option for you.

Who would use this product

This is best used by hunters who are out in the field for extended periods of time, as it increases the capacity of ammunition held and is comfortable at the same time as well as the comfort provided by the padding. 

Most recent insight from customers

The most recent review from an user stated that it was very easy to install, and had over 20 munitions including a side saddle. The only downside was that it made the shotgun heavier to carry and operate, but overall recommended the option to others.   

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you want the convenience of having extra shell on you for when hunting, target practicing or self-defense, the Blackhawk Sling is your best bet for having more shell than you’ll need.


2. Specter Gear Mossberg 590 & 500 Sling


Why did we choose this product?

The Specter Gear sling is an ambidextrous sling, which is perfect for left-handed. Even for right-handed people, the ability to use your hands while your shotgun is securely held by this sling is priceless. It is also available for most Mossberg, which would be a good opportunity to get one of each if you own both. 

Who would use this product

This sling is best used by left-handed users due to its ambidextrous feature. However it also serves its purpose to right-handed hunters just as well when required to free up their hands for other tasks.

Most recent review from customers

Recent customer comments said that he unexpectedly had an increase in handling speed, in which he was ready to fire at an unexpected moment. No flaws were stated, considered his best upgrade and overall he would recommend the product to others.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a Mossberg 500 sling that benefits everyone, this sling may interest you as it fits the Mossberg 590 as well.


3. Ten Point Gear Gun Sling Paracord 550

Why did we choose this product?

For a shotgun owner looking for a budget sling, this may be the best sling in terms of quality and affordability. The sling itself is made of paracord, which is often used in outdoor emergency situations. It fits hunters of any size due to its adjustability which ranges from 33 inches to 44 inches.

For situations when you need to move your Mossberg 500 shotgun around, the Ten Point Gear sling has swivels that connect to the factory sling mounts so that you don’t need to remove the sling itself. A wide variety of colour selections are also available for personal preferences. However, it is not well padded for support, which may make long distances or long days uncomfortable. 

Who would choose this product

This sling should be used by shooters that want a reliable sling without forking out too much cash, as well as hunters who are looking for a reliable sling in situations such as hunting or range shooting.

Most recent review from customers

One of the most recent reviews stated that it was a great looking sling and well made. The user commented it was really easy to clip on their hunting rifles. The only downside was that the paracord did not have a handle on their hunting coat, which made it move around a little. The user also recommended that there should be more padding on the gun sling. This is definitely worth the money. 

Bottom Line

The Ten Point Gear sling is an impressive choice for a budget Mossberg 500 sling, considering it is made out of materials which can prove handy during an emergency. As paracord is an excellent firestarter, one may keep warm or send an emergency smoke signal for attention.

4. Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling 550 Paracord

Why did we choose this product?

The Ace Two Tactical Sling is actually similar in terms of design when compared to the Ten Point Gear sling. While being a fitting sling for a Mossberg 500 or 590 shotgun, reliability is one of the strong points of this sling. 

In survival situations, this sling can be used to stop bleeding as a tourniquet, a fishing line for catching some fish from the stream, a firestarter as paracord can easily burn as well as a rope for many situations. 

Similar to the previous sling, this sling is adjustable from 33 inches to 44 inches. It may be a little short for hunters of tall stature, but is not as tight as people assumed. It is a lightweight sling that does not add significant weight to your Mossberg 500 shotgun, which makes long distances more bearable.  

Who would choose this product

For shooters who would want a durable and reliable sling, the Ace Two Tactical Sling is the best bet for them, as it can handle a variety of emergency tasks. It is also made of sturdy materials and is lightweight, which makes it perfect for Mossberg 500 owners who are out in the field for long periods of time.   

Most recent review from customers

The buyer reviewed that this was a great product overall, especially the looks and feel of the sling. It was also very easy to hook on to their rifle. The user however stated that the downside was that the strap was a little thin, so it was not comfortable when carrying the rifle on their shoulders. Recommendations toward the manufacturer of making the strap wider was made as well.

Bottom Line

The Ace Two Tactical Sling is perfect as a Mossberg 500 sling. Owners who want more bang for their buck in terms of usefulness. The sling  is durable and is made of sturdy material, which can also save your life in emergency situations. 

5. ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gun Sling

Why we did choose this product? 

The ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gun sling is a single point sling that is manufactured with padded neoprene, which makes it a very comfortable sling to be worn for long distances.

If you are using your Mossberg 500 shotgun to hunt ducks or other waterfowl, a sling like this is easily one of the best essentials you need to carry your firearm as your hands will be occupied with rowing your canoe. 

The is one of the best Mossberg 500 sling which is also made to last with a stainless steel design which prevents it from rusting.

Who would choose this product

Waterfowl hunters who mainly hunt on open water would appreciate the convenience of having a sling like this as they can easily maneuver their boat at the same time and easily have access to their firearm. The stainless steel design is an icing on top of the cake as waterfowl hunters do not need to worry about the shotgun slings rusting from the water. 

Most recent review from customers

Recent opinions focus on the comfort and looks of this sling, as well as pinpointing that the sling does not move around at all due to the padding that is provided. The only complaint customers have was that the sling was packaged poorly, leading to some aesthetic problems.

Bottom Line

The ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gun Sling is perfect for operating your Mossberg 500 shotgun at bodies of water such as waterfowl hunting. This shotgun sling has high levels of comfort due to its material, as well as durability and mobility. As it is a one point sling, any shooter can use their firearm while freeing their other hand for other tasks. 

6. Allen Yukon Neoprene Shotgun Sling


Why did we choose this product?

The last sling on this list is the Allen Yukon Neoprene Sling. If comfort is the main priority for you, this sling provides just that with some extra plus points. Similar to the last sling this one is also made from neoprene, with additional compartments to store extra ammo. 

The reload speed for your Mossberg 500 shotgun is also increased, due to extra shell options readily available. This sling is also designed to be adjustable in terms of weight, which can be done by using the thumb ring loop. 

This sling is designed to be durable and to last you a long time as it is a heavy duty webbed constructed sling. It can also be attached to the pistol loop of your firearm for the purpose of hunting, competitions or target shooting. 

Who would choose this product

Hunters with a Mossberg 500 who are interested in a pistol grip may choose this product as it can be attached to the grip of their shotguns. Hunters in the market with heavier shotguns can also benefit from this as the sling can be adjusted accordingly with the weight of their guns and attached to the pistol grip without any fuss. 

Most recent review

The review stated that the neoprene material made the sling very comfortable for long days and does not slip from their shoulders at all. The extra compartments for extra rounds were also handy to have as well as adjustments to the strap was easily made. The downside of this sling was that the padding was too thick and might be awkward to hold at times. 

Bottom Line

The Allen Yukon Neoprene Shotgun Sling is a godsend as one of the best Mossberg 500 sling for shooters that have a heavier shotgun, due to its adjustability and comfort. As it is quite affordable, hunters might not need to search further for a comfortable sling without breaking the bank.  



To sum this up, selecting the best sling for your Mossberg 500 comes down to factors including personal preferences and the usage of the sling. If I had to choose from the six Mossberg slings above, my preferred choices would be the Blackhawk Black Sling, the ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gun Sling and lastly the Allen Yukon Neoprene Sling.

I would pick the Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling due to its extra components for ammunition as well as high quality of materials. The price itself has justified how it fits in the list of best options. The added convenience of 15 rounds on a sling would make reloading my firearm far easier.

As for the ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Gun Sling, durability is the main advantage as it is made of stainless steel and neoprene. Comfort for when out in the field  is not compromised as well. Lastly, for the Allen Yukon Neoprene Gun Sling it would be due to the comfort as well as the added convenience of storing some additional rounds. 

Hopefully this guide has shed some light on which to buy, and of course the right sling is dependent on your needs and preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Use Mossberg Sling Mount?

Firstly, you’d drape it over your shoulders and secure by balancing it so you’d have good control over your shotgun. Make any adjustments required if it’s wobbly or falling too low. Besides that, you can place the strap over your head and ensure it drapes over you. This method is convenient and excellent especially if you’re planning to walk long distance with your shotgun. As for deer hunting, you can utilize your shotgun sling the similar way of how you’d use your rifle sling. You just have to secure your arms all the way through and ensure it is above your elbow. Then, use your forearms and cover the sling where you can hold the foreshock of the gun with ease when firing.

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