The Best Mossberg 500 Rails (2022) – Our Recommendations

The Mossberg 500 which is touted as America’s favourite short-ranged weapon has always been the forerunner in shotgun due to its versatility and dependability in home defense. Proving its worth with a plethora of upgrades and accessories readily available for people like hunters and general enthusiasts who want to have fun or protect themselves.

Going up against its rival, the Remington 870. Although we love any type of scattergun, the better firearm option for us will always be the Mossberg 500 because of its easier upgradability and cheaper rates. You can say we are a big fan of the Mossberg 500 and Mossberg 590 series of shotguns.

Accessories as we know, greatly improve the versatility of shotguns such as a Mossberg. The accessories are also incredibly easy to install. The amount of options are endless including the likes of attachments such as a very impressive red dot sight and a tactical flashlight. However, you can’t use these attachment upgrades without a rail for your Mossberg. 

For novice owners and enthusiasts alike, the topic of rail options for the Mossberg 500 might be a bit confusing. The first question that comes to mind is, what is a UTG Picatinny rail mount? Or, what is a polymer build? We will be giving you the rundown of two popular Mossberg 500 rail options.

Picatinny and Weaver are both big players in the shotgun’s best rail products and it may prove to be a bit confusing on which one you should choose for your Mossberg 500, this guide may even help in deciding for other types of shotguns rails as well. We will discuss the best Mossberg 500 rails, as well as a comparison between the Picatinny. Search no further, this guide will also include sights that are easy to install. 

RailsNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Ergo Grip Mossberg Tri Rail Shotgun Forend

Most Recommended Option

1. Wide array of accessory combination
2. Easy to install
3. Great quality and material

AIM Sports Inc Mossberg 500 Keymod Modular Rail System

Premium Option

1. 6 Additional shellslot for faster reloading
2. Easy to install
3. Sturdy build, premium feel 

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Aimtech Warhammer Shotgun Mount1. Allows multiple attachments
2. Extended length rail for stability
3. Durable material
9.0/10SHOP NOW
EGW Mossberg 500 Shotgun Picatinny Rail Scope Mount1. Fits older series shotguns
2. Accepts Picatinny and Weaver accessories
3. Durable material
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Leapers Picatinny Style Shotgun Tactical Mount1. 13 slots for flexible eye relief adjustments
2. Attachments can be easily mounted
3. Affordable
8.0/10SHOP NOW
NcStar Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun Receiver Rail Mount1. Perfect fit for all rail accessories
2. Easy to install 
3. Affordable
8.0/10SHOP NOW

What is the big difference – Picatinny vs Weaver Rails

Picatinny and Weaver gun rails are long time players in not only the shotgun market but the weapons industry as a whole. At first glance, you might not even notice the differences between the Picatinny gun rail and the Weaver gun rail.

However, it is crucial that you decide on what rail fits your best needs such as already owning an accessory that requires a Picatinny rail mount or a Weaver rail for you. In this article, we will show you the best Mossberg 500 rails, and you can decide which one is the best for you. 


You may be asking, if either of the rail accessories would fit on one another, the quick answer is yes and no. The compatibility between accessories for the Weaver rail and the Picatinny rail is very one sided, Weaver rail accessories will fit on Picatinny rails whereas it will not work the other way around. This is due to the recoil grooves on the Picatinny being wider than the Weaver rails.


As the major differences between the Picatinny rails and the Weaver rails mainly lie on the differences in recoil grooves, we will break them down into further detail. As said above, the recoil grooves on the Picatinny are wider than the Weaver with the Picatinny being at .206” whereas the Weaver rail being 180”. There are also differences on the grooves themselves, with the weaver having varying levels of raised spaces between recoil grooves for each accessory while the rivals are consistent and always the same for any accessory.

Which is better?

Your decision on which rail is better for you depends on what your preferences and needs are. Both can be used to attach red dot sights and mounts. However there is one major disadvantage for the Weaver rail.

Although you can say it goes both ways, you will most likely own multiple weavers as each accessory might have a different specification of the weaver rail so even though your Mossberg shotgun is designed for a weaver rail it may not fit since it uses a different recoil groove. Whereas with a Picatinny, since they are always the same you should be granted larger compatibility with your accessories and it might save you money. 

But don’t count the weaver rail out as it has its advantages as well such as being generally lighter than Picatinnys.

Factor of a Good Mossberg 500/590 Rails 

The market for best rails is very large and profitable making this a perfect target for sketchy manufacturers who are looking to just earn a quick buck. 

This is why we do not recommend just buying any cheap rail you see thinking it is of great value when it really isn’t because these are usually made with very cheap material such as low quality plastic not high quality polymers and will most likely break easily. This is why we are glad you visited our site and this guide, as we only recommend the top and best rail options for your Mossberg shotgun. 

If you already bought some accessories, choosing a rail should be much easier as the choice you make will have to depend on if your accessory uses a weaver rail or picatinny rail for your Mossberg shotguns. Do note that any rail we recommend will work on the Mossberg series shotguns. This is due to Mossberg shotguns being very similar in build. 


The best Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns’ rails should be durable enough to hold the weight of your accessories, scopes are usually heavy and will need a very reliable rail to ensure it does not fall off. Which is why the choice of materials for your Mossberg 500 and 590 rail is an important thing to think about.

The best Mossberg shotgun rails we recommend are made of the highest quality materials which will last you for a long time. These materials are usually made out of high grade steel, polymer and aluminum. 

Ease of Installation

The great thing about rails for the Mossberg shotgun is that it is very easy to install, with just a few screws you will have a fully attached rail on your Mossberg shotgun. The rails we are recommending are very easy to install and do not require the services of a professional gunsmith.

And luckily, most manufacturers include screws in their kit so you do not have to worry about missing screws or the need to go to the hardware shop or gunsmith to get screws to attach your rail to. It should not be too hard to install and is why we recommend getting one as it is an upgrade that is easy to install. Most come with instruction booklets and even then we found most of the time that we can just on the spot figure out how to install them.

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Rails

The time has come for us users to preview and recommend you the best of the best Mossberg 500 rails for your Mossberg. We will provide the pros and cons for each rail so you will be able to make a decision at the end of this article so be sure to read over it carefully as each rail has a specific use case!

1. Our Top Pick – Leapers Picatinny Style Shotgun Tactical Mount


Why we recommend this product –

Our top pick is the Leapers Picatinny Style Shotgun Tactical Mount and for good reason this is our highest top rated product for the Mossberg 500. It is the most versatile option to pick from at a valuable buy. It is made from high quality aluminum so you can be sure that it won’t break after a couple of uses. The value for this great product and with overwhelmingly positive reviews, owning one of these is a no brainer. It is great for mounting scopes and combinations such as a holographic and a tactical flashlight. 

As one customer said, it is simple, functional and priced right. They have great customer service too, providing customers with replacement or lost parts when needed. More slots provide more flexible adjustments on the go.

It has screws included so you will not have to worry about that and since it is easy to install, it requires no gunsmithing at all. Leaper which is an American company has a great reputation on producing the industries best accessories and mounts so everything should just work as advertised giving you a carefree hassle free experience that is actually surprising to find at such a low cost point.

So say goodbye to cheap, low quality mounts for your Mossberg, and say hello to your new lifesaver.

Pros –

Has 13 slots for flexible eye relief adjustments

Low profile

Cons –




2. The Second Best – EGW Mossberg 500 Shotgun Picatinny Rail Scope Mount


Why we recommend this product –

Our runner up is no other than the EGW Mossberg 500 Shotgun Picatinny Rail Scope Mount, in terms of functionality, this product works just as well as our top pick and has an aluminum build as well making it a very durable rail. The quality of aluminum used is very high quality and no reviewer has criticised its build. The only difference is that it works really well with older models of the Mossberg 500 which is a great choice for veteran users. The installation process is easy to install and is as painless as possible with included screws for easy mounting.

Your accessories should have no problem in being mounted on this rail and sliding them on will feel as smooth as butter. The rail is sturdy and should not have a problem withstanding the force of firing a 3 inch shell from your Mossberg 500.

Pros –

Fits older series 

Durable aluminum build

Accepts both picatinny and weaver accessories

Cons –

Pricier than other single line rail mounts



3. Best Tri Rail Mount – Ergo Grip Mossberg Tri Rail Shotgun Forend


Why we recommend this product –

Now this pick is for enthusiasts who really want to deck out their Mossberg 500 with the best rail accessories. The Ergo Grip Mossberg Tri Rail Shotgun Forend is not for the faint of heart as you will spend hours trying many combinations as this is one of the best tri-rail for triple the accessories.

This product has a great matte black finish made of the toughest aluminum metal you can find on the market. It fits both the Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns coming in two different lengths which we advise measuring before buying and is a great addition to any user.

This tri-rail is built to stand the test of time, so if versatility and reliability is your game, this tri rail is made for you. 

The only reason why it is lower down the list is due to its hefty rate. However, this tri rail is worth every single penny. Scopes, flashlights and whatever other accessory you have will make the best combination altogether. It is also very easy to install, so all the more reason to get it right now!

Pros –

Reputable Manufacturer

Aircraft grade aluminum build

Easy installation 

Endless possibilities for accessory combinations

Cons –

Customers may order the wrong length so they have to order again



4. Best Budget Option – NcSTAR Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun Receiver Rail Mount


Why we recommend this product –

This is the budget king of rails on this list, which is surprising as there are not many cut downs made in this rail. The budget orientated NcSTAR Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun Receiver Rail Mount has the same aluminum finish like the other more expensive rails and it is an incredible rail designed with a see through channel that allows you to still use the Mossberg 500’s front bead.

NcSTAR has also integrated their Micro-Dot Base for mounting micro dot reflex optics as low as possible to the receiver. This adds up to the best of the best accessories. Although it does seem like a steal, there are some caveats such as accuracy on specification. Some users review have noted out how the U notch is too tall to correctly use the factory front bead and some users have complained about how the trench is way too tall to realistically utilize the bead with.

Users also reported this is one of the best products in the market. The reason being that it is extremely easy to install, and it looks very clean as well. Reviews also report that, this is better than the UTG, hence why we’d recommend this as well. 

Pros –

Sleek finish 

Good value

Perfect fit for all rail accessories

Easy to install

Cons –

Screws included are sometimes too long



5. Best Saddle Mount – Aimtech Warhammer Shotgun Mount Mossberg 500 12 Gauge


Why we recommend this product –

The Aimtech Warhammer Shotgun Mount lives up to its name, it is a literal beast of a rail mount in every way and one of the best as well. Made from a solid piece of high grade aluminum coated in an attractive finish of harcoat black. This saddle style rail not only looks great but works great as well.

If you want to look intimidating while protecting your home with your Mossberg 500, this is a great alternative. It’s extended length can be utilised for a plethora of options such as a long scope and along with that you have two smaller removable side mounts for tactical lights, lasers, swivels and other rail attached accessories. 

The installation process is very easy with only a few nuts and bolts needed and they provide them too with extra screws for accessories that require the extra weight support. Multiple users reviewed that you can install them in under 5 minutes with only a phillips screwdriver which is impressive. 

The downsides for this fixture though is that it really adds a heavy weight to your weapon and to clean the barrel, you will have to remove the product before being able to access the barrel.

Pros –

Picatinny Rail

Saddle style mount

Extended length rail

Cons –

No quick release feature

A bit on the heavy side



6. Best Tactical Rail – AIM Sports Inc Mossberg 500 Keymod Modular Rail System


Why we recommend this product –

This is a great tactical style rail option for owners who want to have a practical rail. Not only does this rail have a super long Picatinny rail it also includes a one side mount that allows you to hold 6 extra shotshells.

This rail will transform your Mossberg 500 into a tactical powerhouse, coming with a wide ejection port that allows for fast reloading for your weapon and combining that with the shotshell holder your reloading speed will be increased tremendously. 

The installation is very simple even though the design of this tactical rail looks complicated, it is a bolt on rail so you do not require any gunsmithing skills. The bolts are also included so you would not need to worry about that. 

This rail is compatible with most Mossberg shotgun and it is definitely the best option for situations like home defense and hunting making this a great tactical offering for your Mossberg 500 as it includes a shell holder.

Pros –

Quick access to shells

Easy installation due to perfect fit

Comes with sidesaddle to store extra rounds

Cons –

Customers have sometimes receive product with parts missing



Final Verdict

Finding the best rail for your Mossberg 500 could at first seem like a challenge, however using this guide should help you more to reduce that workload. It is important to take note of which shells you normally use as the Mossberg 500 can utilise 2.75 or 3 inch shells so if will have to take that into account when choosing a rail that holds shotshells.

Also do note that there are multiple different versions of the Mossberg 500 shotgun, some will not work with older ones and vice versa. Be sure to purchase the correct length rail for your firearm or else you will end up with a longer or shorter accessory than your weapon which is obviously not practical and can render your weapon unusable. 

You should purchase the best, and only the best mounts to pair along with the best model shotguns like the Mossberg 500 and 590 itself. Which in short, is the best weapon for home and self defense, so adding these mounts will allow you to attach flashlights which would be best for night intruder uses and such.

Our listings here are what we consider the best of the best for your money and your weapon in terms of build quality, reliability and durability. Most of these mounts are made from high grade materials from reputable manufacturers. On a search for more of the best accessories, there are several products that can affect the image of a shotgun. Be it a shell holder, eye relief, rail slots, M-Lok grips with a polymer build, or even the manufacturer itself.

Every firearm owner deserves to add a rail to their shotgun, which makes it a more enjoyable experience for you to use. Unfortunately M-Lok did not make it to the list of the best, but stay tuned for more guides on your browser, we will be releasing more in hand some time soon.

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What Are The Best Mossberg 500 Picatinny Rail Forend?

I’d recommend the Ergo Grip Mossberg Tri Rail Shotgun Forend because of its reliability, durability and compatibility with Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns. Besides that, the ease of installation and compatibility with various accessories would allow you to fully customize your shotgun to your personal preferences.

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