Best Mossberg 500 Pistol Grips Review (2022)

Best Mossberg 500 Pistol Grips

If you’re looking for the best Mossberg 500 pistol grip, it’s important to look for one that specifically addresses your personal needs and preferences. The main purpose of a pistol grip is to make sure that you have full control over your Mossberg 500 shotgun while you fire it. You’ll be dealing with a great deal of recoil, which in turn will push the muzzle to rise. If you cannot, for the life of you, control a gun while it’s recoiling, the accuracy and precision of your shots will be very accurate. 

We’ve tracked down some of the best Mossberg 500 pistol grips that are currently on the market (as of this writing). It does take some time and research to determine which one is the best for you. Furthermore, there is no one pistol grip that is perfect for anyone. It will come down to a few factors and most importantly, what you are looking for in a pistol grip to call your own. If you are looking for other upgrades, click here.

Pistol GripsNameEditor’s CommentRatingGet The Deal
Mossberg 500 410Ga Pistol Grip Kit

Most Recommended Option

1. Fits really well with this type of Mossberg 500 shotgun.
2. Ergonomic grooved grip.
3. Challenging assembly for some but highly doable.

Mossberg Flex Synthetic Pistol Grip

Premium Option

1. Fits easily on most Mossberg 500s.
2. Absorbs a great amount of shock.
3. Fits most hand sizes

9.5/10SHOP NOW
ATI Outdoor Talon Rear Pistol Grip1. Easy to install or switch out
2. Very durable
3. No recoil to speak of
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Mossberg – Cruiser Grip1. Compatible with the Mossberg 500 12 gauge Cruiser shotgun, but will fit most Mossberg 500s.
2. Very durable.
3. Very comfortable and ergonomic.
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Hogue – Tamer Pistol Grip & Forend1. Recoil is reduced considerably.
2. The fit is outstanding in most hands.
3. Some have complained that the grip is a little too big due to the overmolding.
8.0/10SHOP NOW

Are All Pistol Grips The Same? 

One question we often get asked about gun accessories is whether or not they are all similar. While all pistol grips usually serve the same purpose in giving you better control over your shotgun, they differ in a few other minor ways. 

First, the design may be dissimilar from one grip to another. More specifically, some pistol grips have been deliberate with ridges to ensure a better, firmer grip, while others have not. Another difference is the material that they are made of. Like stocks, pistol grips will either be made from wood or synthetic materials like polymer. 

What Makes a Great Pistol Grip? The Criteria 

What makes a great pistol grip stand out from one that will be cheap and low quality? Knowing how to differentiate one pistol grip from the other will make your decision process dramatically easier while you’re looking for a pistol grip. 

There are a few criteria you’ll need to know before making a purchase. Here are what some past buyers will recommend you look for in a great quality pistol grip: 


As mentioned previously, you’ll need to consider the best stocks as an instance of what a pistol grip will be made out of. The materials that are used to make the best 500 pistol grips are wood and polymer. 

In a contest between the two, polymer has the upper hand in a number of ways. One of them is having the ability to handle weather conditions like rain or snow. Polymer is also known to be impervious to water damage. At the same time, they will also be able to endure oils and cleaning solvents. On the other hand, a wooden grip can tolerate damage if it comes into contact with water, oil, or solvents. 

Another key difference is their aptitude to handle shock associated with recoil. The polymer is made to take a lot of punishment, while wood is able to absorb some recoil but not as much. 


The design is something you may want to look into while you’re carefully reading through the pistol grips that we are going to be reviewing. It will play a huge role in how you operate your grip and how much control you’ll have over your Mossberg 500 Magpul SGA. 

One such design to look out for is the ridges where you can put your fingers at. With these, you can get a steadier grip on your shotgunner than you can without the use of gloves. At the same time, the design will play a major role in ergonomics and comfort. This will make sure that your hand doesn’t get tired or strained after long shooting sessions in a Magpul SGA Mossberg 590. 

Ease of Installation 

Of course, a great pistol grip is worth the time money if you don’t want to waste any time on the installation process. Most of these pistol grips are drop-ins. Which largely means that they can be easily installed without advanced gunsmithing skills or length of pull tools. 

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Pistol Grips 

In this section, we’ve compiled information on some of the best Mossberg 500 pistol grips on the market (as of this writing). It can be very helpful for you to look through each of these carefully since there may be a unique feature or two that may pertain directly to your list of personal preferences. Whether you have some money to play around with a AR 15 Mossberg 590 or if you’re on a tight budget, we may have your next pistol grip right here on this list.

1. Mossberg Flex Synthetic Pistol Grip

Mossberg Flex Synthetic Pistol Grip


The first pistol grip on our guide is the Mossberg Flex Synthetic Pistol Grip. Right off the bat, we’re not surprised to see that the best overall pistol grip is manufactured from synthetic materials. This grip is made from hard-wearing polymer and is compatible with Mossberg 500s and Mossberg 590 AR 15. 

This grip is made using Mossberg’s patented Flex System in Mossberg 590 AR 15, which is designed to make it more convenient for Mossberg users to switch out their stocks, pistol grips, forends, and recoil pads. Simplicity and rapidity in switching out are some of the benefits that you’ll like with this pistol grip. On top of that, you’ll also absorb a lot of the shock that comes from recoil. This grip will make sure that recoil reduction is guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a pistol grip that is convenient to install, comfortable to use and gives you firm control over your Mossberg 500, then there is no denying that the Mossberg Flex Synthetic Pistol Grip is the best overall in these categories. This may even be your favourite pistol grip to use for many years to come.

This pistol grip justifies being one of the best options for all the right reasons. For one, its ability to be installed on your Mossberg with the extreme of ease thanks to its Flex system is a huge relief. 

Another reason is that this grip is a tough as nails kind of pistol grip, which promises great comfort, better control, and overall performance. If you’re looking for the complete package in one pistol grip, then you probably won’t be disappointed with this Mossberg Flex Pistol Grip.



2. Mossberg Cruiser Grip

mossberg 500 cruiser


Next on this list is the Mossberg Cruiser Grip. This grip is made using polymer that will ensure maximum durability and shock absorption from recoil. The contoured ridges on this grip tolerate excellent control over your firearm, which will make you even more active with your Mossberg 500. This is especially important in situations where you only have one chance at a huge hunting opportunity or when your life’s on the line in a self-defense purpose or situation.

This is a perfect pistol grip if you own a 12 gauge Mossberg 500. More specifically, this pistol grip is made for the Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12 gauge. If you are looking for a pistol grip that allows for better control, absorbs a great deal of shock, and will look pretty great on a Mossberg 500 12 gauge, then you’ll want to look at this Mossberg Cruiser Grip a little further.

Considering that this is the second best on our list, it is still a pretty good pistol grip for its intended purpose. This item reminds us of a dangerous, tactical-style pistol grip. So if you’re looking to give your shotgunner or shotgun that tactical, beastly look, then this may very well may be the right grip for you.

Bear in mind that just because it fits on a Mossberg 500 Cruiser, does not mean it will fit on all other Mossberg 500 shotguns. That being said, give it a try if this grip is more your speed and you most likely won’t be disappointed.



3. Hogue Tamer Pistol Grip and Forend

Hogue - Tamer Pistol Grip & Forend


In this category, we always look for general quality as the top priority when looking for an affordable product. We will never find an addition that will be cheap and crappy in quality. While others may say that you get what you pay for, we can also say you’ll get more than what you pay for. That’s our viewpoint and we won’t be changing that at any point in the future.

Keeping that in mind, our next choice for the best pistol grip for the budget shopper is the Tamer Pistol Grip and Forend by Hogue. Hogue is best known for crafting over-molded grips, ensuring that their products will absorb as much shock as possible and keep the recoil of your Mossberg 500 to the minimum. This is exactly what you’ll require regardless of what purpose you use your shotgun or shotgunner for.

The materials used to craft this grip is a combination of polymer and rubber. The addition of these materials means that Hogue is making steady on their promise regarding shock absorption and recoil reduction. If you’re a left-handed shooter, you don’t have to suffer anymore with handling problems. That’s because this is an ambidextrous pistol grip that can easily work with both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

This is the grip for you if you are looking for the best in usability at an affordable price. Even if you have money to play around with, buying a budget grip is not exactly a bad idea either, considering that you can then use the money you’ve saved to buy upgrades for other components of your concealed carry shotgun.

For a budget Mossberg 500 pistol grip, this lives up to our you get more than what you’ve paid for viewpoint. If you’re not happy with your current pistol grip or if you’re new to using the Mossberg 500 and are looking for a starter pistol grip, then investigating in this particular grip will be a perfect place for pistol grip stock and shotgun to start.

You may even love it so much that this may be the only pistol grip you want for every Mossberg shotgun you’ll ever come to own. Best of all, you’ll be acquiring it at a price that you can afford.


4. Mossberg 500 410Ga Pistol Grip Kit

Mossberg 500 410Ga Pistol Grip Kit


We’ll now be looking into the best Mossberg 500 pistol grip for those who use a .410 caliber gun. This best Mossberg 500 pistol grip is made from synthetic materials and has grooves that allow for optimum grip and control. Since it’s made from polymer, you’ll obviously expect this to absorb shock and reduce as much recoil as it can.

Not only is the grip itself contained within, but this product also comes with assembly accessories like the grip bolt, flat and lock washers, front and rear studs, washers, and an Allen wrench to make the installation process as convenient as possible. Not only is the .410 a good shotgun to be in your ownership, but it’s also debatably one of the best hunting shotguns in the business, especially if you’re an avid bird hunter.

A lot of times, we’ll often talk about 12 gauges and 20 gauges. However, the .410 caliber Mossberg 500 deserves its share of the discussion. Some .410s are perfect for hunting, while some others are good for home defense purposes. Regardless, you justify a pistol grip that will fit perfectly. This may be the pistol grip for you if you are looking for better grip, better control, and most importantly, a better look on your Mossberg 500 .410 caliber shotgun.



5. ATI Outdoor Talon Rear Pistol Grip

ATI Outdoor Talon Rear Pistol Grip


Next and last on our list, we’ll be having a look at the best pistol grip for the 12 gauge Mossberg 500. The first thing that you will need to know about is the type of polymer that is currently used for this pistol grip. More precisely, it uses Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer that is engineered by DuPont. Yes, it is the very same DuPont that has long been the leader in crafting Kevlar material for bulletproof vests for home defense purposes in your Mossberg 500/590. 

Now that you know that they make more than just bulletproof vests, you’ll know that this is some pretty hard-wearing pistol grip. This pistol grip will take on any weather elements, oils or solvents that gets in its way. No matter what, this Mossberg 500/590 will not be damaged in the slightest while using it for home defense purposes search.

If you’re searching for a pistol grip that will remove recoil, this one surely does a good job of that. Without recoil, you’ll have much better control over your shots and in turn, your shots will be more perfect and precise for home defense purposes. 

This is great to have in circumstances where you have to use your Mossberg in a home defense purpose or situation or in competitive shooting contests. However, it can work with all other applications. So no matter what, this will significantly improve the overall home defense performance of your MSRP Mossberg 500.

On top of all of that, this is an ambidextrous pistol grip. So if you’re left-handed, you’re going to really like this. If you’re a right-handed shooter, you’ll definitely love it too. It doesn’t matter what hand you shoot with, this is the pistol grip you will want if you need an outstanding upgrade for your Mossberg 500 12 gauge.

Judging by the look, feel, and overall performance, this is probably the one pistol grip that will give the rest of the pistol grip suggestions on this list a run for their money. We expected this pistol grip to be one tough grip after we learned that it used a type of polymer that will be hard to beat when contested against a regular polymer. 

If you want something that’s easy to use (for either of your hands), easy to install, and takes recoil out of the equation, then this is the pistol grip that you’ll want on your 12 gauge Mossberg 500 gun. 




Finding the best Mossberg 500 pistol grip doesn’t need to be a difficult search. As long as you know what to look for and can differentiate a great pistol grip from a not so great one, the selection process will be a lot easier. Remember to do your due diligence prior to making a choice on purchasing a pistol grip. This includes having a look at customer reviews, gun forums, or even other articles that pertain to the pistol grip that you are interested in buying.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are the pros and cons of using a Mossberg 500 pistol grip?

Better Control. Of course, we begin with one of the best benefits of them all. Your Mossberg has a respectable amount of recoil. And you’ll need to decrease as much of it so you can accurately hit your target no matter what you use your Mossberg for. 

We can’t blame Mossberg owners for their personal preferences. One major disadvantage about pistol grips is that as a stand-alone, some owners are turned off by the idea of buying a standalone model. However, they’re all right with purchasing it so long as it comes with a stock. But everyone is different with what they want when it comes to how they want to purchase a pistol grip. 

More Compact. Space is key if you own a pistol grip. Especially when you need to store away your Mossberg 500 pistol grip. A shotgun with a pistol grip will not take up too much space as opposed to other shotguns. At the same time, compact means better reach and handling for gun owners. 

Less Stability. This is a problem for some people if you’re racking or reloading your shotgun. Stability issues may also come about if you’re utilizing the pistol grip only. That’s why it’s imperative to handle the shotgun with both of your hands.

What Is The Best Pistol Grip Shotgun For Home Defense?

I’d highly recommend the 12 gauge Mossberg 500 because of its durability, reliability and great recoil reduction. As for home defense shotgun, the pistol grip must be capable to reduce recoil as the proximity would be much closer and it would allow you to gain maximum control to allow highly precise shots. Besides that, the ambidextrous design allows you to use whichever hands you’re comfortable with especially in times of despair which makes it fully accessible and an incredible home defense shotgun.


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