Best Mossberg 500 Barrels (2022) – Reviewed

Best Mossberg 500 Barrels

If you’re searching for some of the best Mossberg 500 barrels, you’ll be facing a challenge unless you’re well-researched and confident about what to specifically look for. Whether you’re building a Mossberg or replacing the barrel on a currently existing model, it is important to find a barrel that will provide you with the performance in terms of velocity and account accuracy. On top of that, you will want a barrel that will last you a long time regardless of how often you use it. 

Keeping that in mind, we’ve hand-picked 15 of the really slug Mossberg barrel barrels ourselves that are currently on the market as of this writing. We’ll be looking at not only the best overall but also barrels that can fit your budget and be ideal for your intended application. If you are looking for other accessories, have a look here.

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Mossberg – Barrel, 26″, Vent Rib

Most Recommended Option

1. Fires and functions like a factory replacement barrel should.
2. Fits most Mossberg shotguns with little to no issues.
3. Perfect for hunting big game or birds.

Mossberg 514 Kit: 14″ Heavy Wall Barrel

Premium Option

1. Parkerized barrel means that it is strong in durability.
2. Makes your Mossberg shotgun more low profile.
3. Some users may find the assembly process intimidating.

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Mossberg 500 12 Gauge All-Purpose Barrel1. Blued finish makes it aesthetically pleasing.
2. Excels at any type of application.
3. Might be too long for some purposes (e.g. hunting)
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Mossberg 500 Barrel 12 Gauge 20″1. Excellent for home security, but can still be used for hunting purposes.
2. Drops in and fits easily with most Mossberg 12 gauges.
3. Looks intimidating thanks to its ribbed look
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Security Barrel1. Excellent not just for home defense, but also hunting.
2. Allows accurate shooting.
3. Moderate length, perfect for most
8.0/10SHOP NOW
Mossberg – Barrel, 20″, Blue, 8-shot1. Can handle both slugs and mini slugs without any issues.
2. A drop in fit barrel that works great with 8 shot tubes.
3. Excellent for close range, large game hunting.
8.5/10SHOP NOW

The Criteria: How to Choose a New Mossberg 500 Barrel

One thing you should know is that not all Mossberg barrels are the same. They come in different lengths, are made from materials that are different from others, and are often designed for specific purposes. 

There are several features and criteria that you should consider while choosing a new Mossberg barrel. Here are what some past buyers have taken into consideration when they made their purchase: 

Barrel Length 

Barrel length is an important aspect to consider when choosing a barrel. The longer the barrel, the more accurate your one shot can be. Likewise, your shots will be a lot speedier in velocity when they travel through a long item or items. 

Before settling on a length, it is important to know the intended purpose of your Mossberg barrel. If you’re using it for target shooting or hunting purposes, then you may want to consider something as long as 20 inches. However, no longer than at least 24 inches. Anything longer can be considered overkill in some applications such as bead sight replacement or game hunting.  

Intent And Purpose 

As mentioned before, your intent and purpose for using your Mossberg shotgun barrel is a key factor in your buying decision. Are you planning to use your Mossberg for hunting purposes? Do you intend to use it for home defence purposes? Competitive shooting, perhaps? 

No matter how you answer the question of what your Mossberg barrel will be used for, you’ll need to know which barrel is ideal. For instance, if you’re a competitive shooter, you should choose a barrel that will help your Mossberg maximize its accuracy potential, given that accuracy is placed at a high level in such competitions. 


The material your barrel is made from will define whether or not it has the potential to endure the wear and tear of regular use. If you appropriately take care of your barrel and clean it regularly, you can generally expect to extend its lifespan. 

Most modern barrels are made from high-quality materials and finished with some type of steel. This is in order to make them as durable as possible. Regardless of how frequently you use your Mossberg 500 barrel, the ability to handle round after round and function flawlessly even after firing off numerous shots is important. 

How Do You Change A Mossberg Barrel? 

Changing a Mossberg 500 barrel can be a challenge if you have no idea what you’re doing. With that in consideration, we’ve put out these quick steps that you can follow when swapping out your old Mossberg barrel for a new one: 

  •         First and foremost, make sure that your Mossberg 500 gun is unloaded. If you have a sling, then remove the front part of the sling.
  •         Next, unscrew the action nut until it is loose enough to remove.
  •         At this point, you can easily remove the barrel from the frame.
  •         Take the new barrel and place it in at a 45-degree angle. Slide it in and rotate it if need be to ensure that the sight is perfectly aligned.
  •         Replace the action nut.

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Barrels 

The following are some of the best Mossberg 500 barrels that are currently on the market (as of this writing). While this list is subject to any updates over the course of time, we believe that these barrels are the ones that stand ahead over the cheap, low-quality models. 

Keep in mind that while some of these Mossberg 500 barrels are affordable, some will likely be out of the question for budget shoppers. Whatever the best Mossberg 500 barrel is listed on here, you should carefully examine the information for each product. You very well may discover a Mossberg 500 barrel that will be flawless for your personal needs and preferences. So let’s get started with our barrels mini guide!

1. Mossberg Barrel 20 Inches (Blue, 8 Inches)

Mossberg - Barrel, 20inches Blue, 8-shot


First and foremost on our list is the Mossberg 20 inches 8-shot barrel. This blued finished barrel is measured at 20 inches in length and is the picture-perfect barrel if you hold accuracy to a high standard. Considering that this is an 8-shot, this will be preferably paired with your 8-shot capacity Mossberg shotgun. 

If you’re using your Mossberg gun for hunting or home defense, this barrel may be a viable option. At 20 inches, it’s not as lengthy as other barrels, meaning that it will not stick out as much. You’ll be grateful for the low profile design of this barrel if you just so happen to be hiding around while waiting for the right option to show up. 

If you’re using 8 slug rounds or 13 round mini-slugs, then you’ll want to consider this option. Not only will it upgrade the performance of your Mossberg 500 barrel but it will also give it a sleek look that is hard to top. Excellent in performance, sharp in looks. It’s the total package in a 20-inches slug barrel. 

This barrel, for the most part, has proven itself worthy to be one of the best barrels. The Mossberg 20-inch barrel is flawless if you want to hit large game targets from as far as 50 yards out. This option is lengthy enough to give you a good amount of accuracy at that range. 

Likewise, this one is also a strong choice if you use a barrel for home defense purposes. Either way, the look, and overall performance are the two major benefits that stand out with this inch barrel. 



2. Mossberg 500 12 Gauge All-Purpose Barrel

Mossberg 500 12 Gauge All-Purpose Barrel


Next on our list is the Mossberg 500 12 Gauge All-Purpose Barrel. If you’re searching for a new option for your 12 Gauge Mossberg shotgun, you’ll probably wish to consider this option. The reason why it holds the “all-purpose” name is self-explanatory. 

Whether you’re using your shotgun for home defense purposes, hunting, shooting competition, or target practice, this option has the ability to handle any application that you use it for. This option comes in a blued finish and is calculated at 28 inches in length. Expect your Mossberg 500 barrel to be deadly accurate when you switch from your current barrel to this one. 

This option also has a beaded site that you can use to get a solid aim on your shot with pinpoint accuracy. If you hold accurateness to a high standard on your Mossberg (and you should, no matter what the purpose is) then this option will be the perfect upgrade. 

An all-purpose barrel could be perfect for you if you don’t have a specific purpose in mind for your shotgun. Luckily, this is an all-rounder kind of option. If you have a 12 gauge barrel that is in need of an upgrade, you should consider this 28-inch barrel as a possible choice. While its length may seem like overkill for some purposes, it will still do a great job no matter what the purpose is and certainly won’t disappoint. 



3. Mossberg Barrel 26 Inches Vent Rib



Now we turn our focus to a barrel that is considered the best for budget shoppers. If you’re reading this and consider yourself a budget shopper, don’t think for a minute that this is another one of those cheap, low-quality barrels. 

You’d be surprised how many reasonable barrels are actually great in quality. Just be sure to find the best one you can afford and never buy a barrel because of the price tag alone. Quality and value should always be held above budget. 

The best barrel for your money is the Mossberg 26-inch barrel shotgun, which has a vent rib and is stained with a blued finish. If you’re looking for a substitute to your stock barrel, this may be exactly what you need. 

This barrel is an Accu-Choke barrel that is an improved, full choke tube. If you fire shells that are measured from 2 ¾ inches to 3 inches, this is the barrel that will be most compatible with those rounds. No matter what the gauge is, your shotgun Mossberg will have an immediate upgrade if you opt for this 26-inch barrel shotgun. 

Nothing is more sustaining than the added advantage of having an accurate shotgun shot, faster velocity, and a sharper look for your Mossberg shotgun barrels. With this Mossberg barrel, you’re paying for something great at a price that budget shoppers will love. 

When we look for the best gun accessories in a lower price range, we always seek out the very best in terms of the barrel’s quality and performance. We weren’t disappointed when we came across this Mossberg 500 barrel. This barrel shotgun is worth every money you invested in and then some. 

If you want a really good package shotgun deal (great performance and a sharp look) without having to break the bank, then you should consider something like this one Mossberg 26-inch vent ribbed barrel as a possible shotgun option. 



4. Mossberg 514 Kit 14 Inches Heavy Wall Barrel

Mossberg 514 Kit - 14inches Heavy Wall Barrel


You may be one of a few people who are not impressed with the idea of a long-barrel shotgun. And that’s all right, we won’t hold any judgment against you. If we did, then we wouldn’t have suggested you with the best 14-inch Mossberg 500 barrel on the market for your Mossberg 500 shotgun. 

We are proud to present the 514 Kit with a 14-inch heavy wall Mossberg 500 barrel. Unlike some of the other Mossberg 500 barrels we’ve reviewed so far, this is a complete barrel kit that you can use to put together and install on your Mossberg 500 shotgun barrel firearms. If you’re building one on your own, a barrel kit may also be something worth front sight looking at. 

Included in the kit is a 14-inch heavy-wall barrel complete with a bead sight that will allow you to aim at your target and ensure an accurate shot every single time. Also included is the magazine tube that embraces a maximum of six rounds, the slide action assembly, magazine spring retainer, magazine cap, action nut, and forearm. 

This barrel sports a Parkerized finish, which means that you’ll have a durable Mossberg 500 barrel in your hands that will be ready for action as soon as you assemble it. If your intended purpose is to own a shorter firearm, then look no further than this Mossberg 500 barrel and kit as the best possible option. 

While most of the barrels you’ll come across here are easy to install or “drop-ins”, this barrel is great for people who enjoy a challenge when assembling things. Aside from that, this is the model barrel to have if a long barrel on a Mossberg doesn’t appeal to you. The added parts for assembly are suitable because you don’t have just the barrel. You have the magazine tube, the slide action, and the whole 9 yards. All that considered, you’re getting a whole lot of a deal at a price that you can swing for.



5. Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Security Barrel

Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Security Barrel


At this point, we’re going to switch gears to focus on the moderate length barrel enthusiast. For a true compromise, we offer the best 18.5-inch barrel we could find, the Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Security Barrel. 

As the name indicates, this best barrel is more compatible with a 12 gauge, preferably a 12 gauge Mossberg that is intended for tactical or self-defence purposes. Some people have even used this barrel on a non-Mossberg shotgun and it still functions just as well. 

If you’re looking for a best barrel that is a good enough length for any other shotgun you may have, it wouldn’t hurt to get one for that particular kind of shotgun. Just make sure that it’s a good fit by doing some in-depth research before making that choice. If you’re unsure whether it’s a good idea or not, then stick with just using it on your regular barrel. 

This best barrel is finished in black and is measured at 18.5 inches. If you’re looking for the best barrel that will give your Mossberg an intimidating look, you should definitely consider this one. That being said, don’t think of this as a security barrel based on looks alone. Its beaded front sight allows for accurate shooting and fast maneuvering, and in a situation where your life is on the line, then you certainly want to move and move fast. 

This barrel can handle just about any shooting round. Birdshot, buckshot, or slug…it doesn’t matter to this best security barrel. This should give you the ability to hit your shot on target whenever a threat dares to cross you or your family. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of best barrel you use or what its intended purpose may be; you can use this barrel and turn it into a home defense shotgun category that is guaranteed to deter any home invaders. Furthermore, its ability to be an effective field barrel for hunting purposes is something that really impressed us. 

Some users have turned their bird hunting field guns into a menacing presence that is sure to give you an upper hand in the right situation. With that in mind, if you’re looking for the best barrel shotguns that won’t fall short in serving you, this best barrel is ideal for the 12 gauge home defense shotguns.



6. Mossberg Barrel 12 Gauge 20 Inches

Mossberg 500 Barrel 12 Gauge 20 inches


Next on the list, we have a 20-inch barrel that is most well-matched with a 12 gauge shotgun. This barrel comes with a front bead sight that will give you the aptitude to aim at your target quickly and deliver a deadly, accurate shotgun sight. 

If the best 20-inch barrel is something that you’d consider replacing your current 12 gauge the best barrel shotguns sight, you may want to investigate this barrel further. The finish on this best barrel is blued, making it dark in color and aesthetically pleasing regardless of how the rest of the shotguns look like. 

This is also a security type barrel, which means that its ideal purpose is for home defense purposes. So if you have the best barrel that is typically a bird shotgun and you want to turn it into a home security and defense weapon, then this Mossberg 500 barrel may be perfect for you. Not to worry, you’ll still take it for hunting with you; the only difference is that your barrel will look like it added on a few pounds of muscle. 

Like the previous best barrel, this is a pretty good barrel in terms of versatility. Just because it is ideally designed for home defence purposes doesn’t mean it will be made entirely for that. Regardless, this is an outstanding barrel to consider if you’re upgrading your Mossberg or building shotguns. 

Easy to install and very sharp looking with its blued finish, this is a barrel that you’ll be eager to try out once it’s shipped to you. Give this barrel a try and we’re certain that you won’t be disappointed. 




If you’re looking for the ideal and best barrel, make sure it fits your shotgun flawlessly. Regardless of whether you’re using it for hunting or home defense purposes, you will enjoy the advantages of a new Mossberg 500 barrel once you are able to find one that is a suitable replacement for the old, worn-out best barrel you may have now. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a Mossberg 500 Barrel Fit a 500A?

Yes. As long as the gauge and mag tube capacity of both the shotguns in question are the same. Many components of the shotguns within the same product line are interchangeable because of similar receivers. The magazine tube is a very important controlling factor since the barrel lug fits on the tube. That means the same models with different capacities will have a barrel disparity. 

Are Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500 Barrels Interchangeable? 

Yes. The barrels of Mossberg Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500 are fully-interchangeable without much modification. Given the gauge and magazine capacity of the shotguns are the same. Additionally, most parts between these models are interchangeable except for the trigger group. The Maverick 88 is basically identical to the barrel.

Can You Put a Mossberg 500 Barrel on a 590? 

Mossberg 500 and 590 are types of the same series of shotguns. However, with a few variations. Barrels from a standard Mossberg 500 won’t work with a 590. The Mossberg 590 features a thicker barrel compared to the barrel. Furthermore, the means of attachment of the barrel to the receiver is dissimilar on each of these shotguns. It is still possible – however is very involved and not recommended.  

Can a Mossberg 500 Shoot Slugs? 

Yes. Mossberg 500 barrels can actually shoot slugs. However, it is recommended to use wider chokes (improved cylinder) for improved effect and accuracy. Slugs can be shot from a rifle or smoothbore Mossberg 500 barrel, however, there is some more depth to this discussion. Additionally, always keep the chokes installed while shooting slugs to avert damage to the barrel threads.

Is Cylinder Bore Good For A Home Defense Mossberg 500?

A cylinder bore is an excellent addition for your shotgun as it allows maximum speed. However, cylinder bore will not be the best option to hunt game at a relatively short range.

Is 12-Gauge or 20-Gauge Better For Deer Hunting?

A 12-gauge shotgun will be more efficient in deer hunting as the muzzle can hit high velocity. Contrastingly, a rifled barrel will increase the accuracy of your shotgun but you need to ensure the chokes are installed.

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