The Best Mosin Nagant Cases (2022): The Greatest Protection

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The Mosin, or also more formally known as the M1891 and its successive choices, is a well-known Russian bolt-action military rifle. 

If you’re lucky enough to get yourself a Mosin and plan to carry it with you on your next hunting trip, then you’ll need a good case to keep it safe and well-secured. While Mosin Nagants are within affordable budgets, some well-preserved instances can fetch a great price from its collectors.

Mosin Nagant Rifle Reviews – How Long Is A Mosin Nagant?

The Mosin is 48.5 inches long, which is longer than most other frequently used rifles, including the AR-15. So if you are planning to use a rifle carrying off the regular shelf, make sure that it will fit the Mosin. Instead of using a regular rifle carrying, a gun case may be more suitable and fitting for this rifle, due to their longer dimensions. 

Rifle Case Hard vs Soft – Which Is Better? 

If you’re trying to settle on whether to go for a hard case or a soft case, then your decision might boil down to your requirement for strength and rigidity versus lightness and portability. 

A hard case usually offers the best protection, in terms of durability and resistance to hard knocks, scratches, and any bumps. If you will be shifting through rough terrain such as forests and woods, this is the toughest choice. Hard carriers also offer latches and are usually easy to maintain, as they can generally be wiped clean. They may also be needed if you’re traveling in any commercial vehicle. 

On the other hand, soft carriers are great if you wish to travel light and do not expect to expose your gun to bumps and drops while you are traveling. They can be slung over your shoulder and may even be moulded to conceal the silhouette of the gun. However, they do not provide as much protection as hard carriers, but they often have external and outside pockets and zippered compartments that make retrieving your items a breeze. Soft carriers are a good choice for those who don’t want to show off the fact that they are carrying around a rifle. 

What Makes The Best Rifle Bag? 

There are a quite a list of characteristics and features that will make a rifle carrier stand out as an outstanding choice for you. However, deciding on a case should not just be founded on your personal preferences. You will require a case to make sure that your Mosin Nagant rifle is sheltered from the inside out. Here are a few characteristics and structures that make a rifle carrier stand out among its peers: 


The price is one of those factors and features that isn’t necessarily a feature or characteristic. However granted, it’s something a budget shopper will love to look at first. What you have to understand is that quality and performance will most times win over the importance of price. This means having you to invest in the best quality you can possibly afford. Do not settle for dirt cheap, as you may end up getting something that will fall apart on you or will not provide optimum protection from dust or hard falls. 


Top-quality materials are something you’ll want in a rifle carrier. The better the rifle carrier quality, the better chance it will last you quite a long time. Some soft cases will even be very hard to wear and tear due to the kind of materials it is manufactured from. Likewise, hard carriers will be long-lasting and difficult to break due to the materials chosen to protect the cases. Nylon and polymer are just a few of instances of the best materials you can find in a case. 


The purpose of a rifle carrier isn’t just to protect and shield it from the outer elements liken to dust and debris. It’s also engineered and made to protect your rifle from and bumps, bruises, falls, and even unauthorized access. It is important to look for a carrier that will give you several extra layers of security, so it can be inaccessible and untouchable to children or unauthorized individuals in your house. However, as a safety provision, you should put away your Mosin in an area of your home where it will be out of reach of unauthorized people and only accessible by you. 

When you are carrying around a rifle the size of a Mosin, you will need a case that holds it easily. However, you will also want to be sure it will store any accessories firmly and safely. A hard case with a durable and hard exterior, as well as good padding can avert any shifting or scratches on your gun. 

Straps or foam cut-outs that mildly hold the gun in place are also some of the advantages and benefits. If your needs include air travel, then go for a hard case with built-in pressure equalization valves that will avert damage to scopes or other sensitive accessories. 

The 5 Best Mosin Nagant Cases Review in 2022

The following is a list of some of the quality Mosin cases that are currently on the market (as of this writing). As you read through each one, please take a while to note all the features and characteristics that stand out to you. That way, if you have a good idea of what you are looking for in your ideal Mosin Nagant case should look like, then you’ll be able to acquire one that is close enough and go from there. 

Making the most of your Mosin means taking it with you on your outdoor trips for hunting or practice purposes. If you don’t wish to subject the gun to the wear and tear that comes on from travel, then you’ll need the best case that can fit your rifle. We’ve rounded up some of the best cases for the Mosin based on fit, protection, and pricing. Now, let’s take a look at the first Mosin case on our list:

1. Plano Aggressor 10527 Single Shotgun Case

Plano Aggressor 10527 Single Shotgun CaseNew buyers are pretty happy with the rifle case. They get to fit their Mosin rifle inside without too much issues and keep them nice and safe. Another thing they are happy with is the TSA approval, hence making this case easy to travel around with. One of the users said he travelled with his Mosin from Florida all the way to Texas without any TSA issues. That cleared his path for a successful hunting trip. 

The Plano brand has been well-known for building gun cases and tackle boxes for so many years (if not decades). So it makes sense to see them make any Mosin case list for making a pretty sturdy case for rifles like the Mosin. From the inside and out, it offers brilliant protection for most long rifles. The outer shell is made from toughened materials to protect your rifle from dust and a great deal of shock couple associated with hard-surface falls long enough. 

This shotguns hard one fits the Mosin pretty well, with its dimensions being 53.5 inches long x 10 inches wide x 5 inches high. It features internal storage sections and bail-style latches. For more security, you can always use the padlock tabs. The internal storage comes with dividers so you can arrange it however you wish to. The one has a rugged looks due to the etched landscape scene on the external part. 

This can ideally make a great one for those who go hunting or go to the range on a regular basis. It’s also the greatest carrier that you can work with if you like to travel from one place to another just for the purpose of hunting. So, if you are looking for a great one that is travel-friendly and will not help you in deep trouble at the airport, this is the one you will need for your Mosin. 

The Plano 10527 Gun Guard FL Aggressor for Single Rifle/gun carrieris maybe one of the best Mosin Nagant cases in the rifle business, and for a few good reasons too. This will offer you the best in protection and will make traveling with your Mosin rifle a whole lot more convenient. You probably will not find a onequite like this anywhere else on the market, especially if you are traveling across the country to nail some pretty big hunting targets you cannot find in your backyard.

2. US PeaceKeeper P14552

US PeaceKeeper P14552Most newer buyers are pretty happy with the overall one. They mentioned that it was at the perfect size and had little to no trouble fitting their Mosin Nagant rifle inside it. Furthermore, they are pretty happy with the amount of padding the one has given to ensure excellent protection from hard falls. One of the users said that he dropped it by accident while carrying it around once and surprisingly enough, didn’t impair the rifle after what seems to be a six-foot fall. 

This one is made of water-resistant fabrics. So if you are carrying with you your Mosin Nagant rifle outside and all of a sudden it starts to rain, you won’t have to worry too much about the one getting ruined. Don’t complicate this with the case being waterproof (because it really is not). However, if you want to protect your Mosin Nagant rifle from any  bad weather, you’ll have a one that will be pretty defensive of what nature will use to wreak havoc on your trip. On top of that, it’s a pretty great fit for most rifles and is quite comfortable to hold around too. If you’re looking for a carrier with these kinds of capacities, this may be the perfect career to go with. 

The soft is engineered for shotguns, is made from 600 Denier water-resistant fabric, and has 1.5 inches thick padding. For security purposes, you will have a double zipper and some added space outside of the carrier in the external zippered accessory pocket. It fits the Mosin Nagant flawlessly and the brushed Tricot finish will defend the rifle’s surface. It comes packaged with a lifetime warranty and weighs 1.4 pounds. Its construction is sturdy and durable. 

This will be the best carrying carrier for many hunters, especially when they need something to make transportation really easy and convenient.Besides that, this is the kind of rifle carrier you’ll want on hand to keep weather elements from destroying your gun. If you are looking for a carrier that is soft, protective, and pretty dang sturdy, this just may be right up your alley. 

The US PeaceKeeper is a soft rifle carrier built tough and built to last. So if you are looking for a soft case that will last you quite a while and will be very hard to wear and tear, this can be the best choice for you. Furthermore, the carrying straps will have little to no problem handling even some of the heavier rifles you may have, too.

3. Allen Daytona Gun Case

Allen Daytona Gun CaseAs we have expected, so many new users are pretty happy with this case. Not only are they happy with how ridiculously affordable and within budget it is, but they are also happy with the inside padding being nice and thick. They are confident in the case’s ability to provide them with brilliant protection against external environmental elements and hard falls. One user mentioned that the carrier was also easy to transport without entirely falling apart. 

This carrier is manufactured from soft materials that are really hard to wear and tear. Not to be beaten, the straps encompassed on this bad boy are pretty tough. So, if you have a rifles packed inside this soft, you can hang it up or carry it over your shoulder without endangering the straps busting apart. Either way, it presents and proves scope itself to be very sturdy and can handle heavy rifles with much ease. That means if you want a case that will not easily fall apart on you, this can be exactly what scope you need. 

The shotguns soft case from this company fits shotguns up to 52 inches, so the Mosin Nagant should fit perfectly too. It comes with 4 accessory pockets and thick foam padding and comes with an easy-to-clean lining. The construction of the case is durable and tough, as it is made from strong fabric. The zippers are sturdy and it comes with an adjustable sling for easy carrying. 

This will most likely be used by Mosin Nagant hunters. However, it can also be great for those who use their rifles for other uses like target shooting (casual and competitive). This case was made to handle the simple tasks a Mosin Nagant case is made to do. So if you are looking for something that will be simple and straightforward to use, then this case might be what you’ll need. 

The Allen Daytona Gun Case is a straightforward and easy to use Mosin Nagant case that will make a great beginners case for those who are looking for something simple, affordable, and easy to carry. You’ll have an outstanding user experience with this case if you load up your Mosin Nagant and hold it with you. Don’t be taken aback that this case looks cheap but will actually go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with superior protection.

4. Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun Case

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun CaseA lot of new users are happy with this carrying case. Most of them have bought this as a first-time carrying case. One user mentioned that it provides some pretty decent protection and allows for easy transportation from point A to point B. The straps are quite sturdy and manage to keep a good hold while the users are carrying it around.  

In all honesty, this case is a pretty solid soft for Mosin Nagant rifles. Not forgetting to mention, it’s manufactured from the best materials that provides it a good quality to make it last a very long time. Furthermore, it’s at the best length for so many long firearms. So if you own a Mosin Nagant that you do not want to leave home without, then this may be the case you’ll want to have on your hand whether you’re taking a trip to the shooting range or spending the day hunting. 

The Bulldog Pit Bull Shotgun Case is a soft manufactured waterproof nylon. It fits the Mosin Nagant flawlessly, according to previous buyers. It includes 1 ½ inches padding and a brushed Tricot lining to guard the surface of the gun from scratches. 

This will be a great all-purpose Mosin Nagant soft, whether you are a hunter or a target shooter. If you want a soft that will easily fit a like a Mosin Nagant, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a case quite like this just anywhere else. Especially when you are looking for something that is solid in construction and will be incredibly hard to wear and tear. 

The Bulldog Pitbull Shotgun Case is overall one of the top-leading carrying cases you can have for the Mosin Nagant you use the most. It’s reliable and will fits your gun without too much of any kind of issues. So if you just want a case for the purpose of transport, this can be your cup of coffee.

5. Plano Pillarlock Pro Max Single-Scoped Rifle Black Hard Case

Plano Pillarlock Pro Max Single-Scoped Rifle Black Hard CaseA lot of new buyers are quite happy with the case, in general. They said it provides for excellent security and provided great defence from shock and outside environmental elements. One user mentioned that he prefers hard cases and this one, in particular, fits his requirements and preferences to a T. 

This case is quite huge in size, so it stands out as one of the best in the business when you want to load your one without having to eliminate any scopes or other accessories that make your Mosin Nagant a force to be dealt with. Not only that, it will keep you from wasting your time taking apart the accessories just so the gun can fits in. However nonetheless, it’s a hard-shell case that will provide you protection and security all in one great package. 

This hard case is great for light travel. It can accommodate and fit scoped weapons as well, including the Mosin Nagant gun. The interior dimensions scoped are 52 inches X 3.75 inches X 10.25 inches and it is very secure due to the 4 fasteners and padlock holes. Your gun will be protected by the interlocking foam, but the case might or might not be robust enough for air travel. It is right recommended for taking your gun to the shooting range and take back scooped. 

If you are a game hunter or a target shooter, this carrying case will be perfect if you’re searching for something that will make transportation more convenient than ever. Since it’s not heavy in weight, which made it a whole lot easier and convenient for you. If ease of transport is what you looked for in a quick double buy carrying case, this just may be the one you’ll want for in the long term. 

The Plano 1511-05 Pillared SGL Case is a simple hard case you can have on your hands for the purpose of carrying around your upgraded and improved Mosin Nagant. You don’t have to separate all your accessories just to make your rifle fit with this hard case. Just pack it in and go to your game hunting or target shooting destination without much issues. Don’t be taken aback if it ends up lasting you a long time because of the overall great quality.  


The choice of case for Mosin Nagants is moderately limited by the gun’s length, leaving mainly shotgun cases as the basic choice. A historical rifle, such the Mosin Nagant, deserves to be kept in pristine and top-notch condition when not being used, so investing in a durable case is definitely a great idea. That way you should use your gun, while also preserving its beauty and shielding it from the elements. 

At the same time, you won’t be prohibited from enjoying your gun outdoors with a good case to keep it safe.  Keep in mind your storage and travel requirements when choosing a case, and weigh the pros and cons of a hard or soft case. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is a Mosin Nagant worth your money? 

Despite its inadequacies, the Model 1891/30 was rugged, reliable and accurate, its average minute of arc ranging anywhere from a 1.5 to below 1 (less than an inch over 100 meters). It proved really successful. In fact, German snipers are reportedly said to prefer captured Mosin-Nagants to their own Mauser Karabiner 98k rifles. 

What Is The Best Rifle Bag?

The best rifle bag is inevitably the Plano Aggressor 10527 Single Shotgun Case for its shockproof, durability and reliability for its high-quality material as explained above. Furthermore, this Plano Aggressor equipped with the TSA approval for ease of travelling and possessed various padlock tabs, storage compartments and bail-style latches as discussed above.

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