5 Best Mosin Nagant Ammo of 2022- Reviewed

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Even after being decommissioned from public service by the Soviet Army many decades ago, the best Mosin Nagant ammo M91/30 is still a very popular hunting and sporting rifle around the planet. From firearm enthusiasts to classic old-school shooters, a lot of people use them, even today. This calls for better and improved and best ammo brown bear for the best Mosin Nagant ammo. 

Here in this mini article, we’ll be talking about what ammo the M91/30 uses and some of the factors you will best have to consider before choosing appropriate ammunition for your rifle. We have also put apart and reviewed the best Mosin Nagant ammunition that are currently available on the market (as of this writing) to help you reach a non corrosive decision.

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PPU, 7.62x54R, FMJ-BT, 182-Grain, 20 Rounds

Most Recommended Option

1. Capable of taking down larger game without costing a fortune
2. Excellent price for a decent, quality round
3. 182-grain, FMJBT brass rounds

Wolf, 7.62x54R, FMJ, 148-Grain, 500 Rounds

Premium Option

1. 148-grain rounds are great for a wide range of uses, powerful but not excessive
2. Great for hunting or sport
3. Great value, allowing you to stock up

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Wolf Military Classic Ammo 7.62x54R 148-Gr FMJ1. FMJ – Good for target practice and self-defense
2. Polymer rim for better cycling
3. Non-corrosive
9.0/10SHOP NOW
Brown Bear, 7.62x54R, SP, 203 Grain, 20 Rounds1. 203-grain is perfect for larger game, such as bears
2. Relatively inexpensive for what you’re getting
3. Compatible with a range of other weapons
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Silver Bear, 7.62x54R, SP, 203-Grain, 240 Rounds1. Not much more expensive than Brown Bear, making it a good comparative value
2. Capable of taking down the absolute largest game without much effort
3. A premium round, with smooth operation, and Berdan-primed
8.0/10SHOP NOW

What Does A Mosin Nagant Shoot? 

To put it in simple words and layman’s term, the brown bear non corrosive Mosin Nagant M91/30 shoots and fires off 7.62x54R bullets. Some of the earliest Finnish models did fire off a slightly different round that was comparable to a .308, but these models are rare. Later Finnish models used 7.62x53R but it’s seen to be interchangeable with the 54R. 

In the U.S., this translates simply into a non corrosive .311 round. Simply put, 7.62x54R M91/30 can shoot .310, .311, and .312 calibers. These numbers can help when you are hand loading your ammunition or are attempting to buy the cheapest ammunition for your Mosin Nagant. Hand loading brown bear ammunition is also a very affordable choice when it comes to shooting an M91/30 rifle. 

Apart from all of that, the most affordable and convenient brown bear type of ammunition to buy for a Mosin Nagant is military surplus. There’s a lot of mil-spec ammo that is currently available on the market for M91/30’s. From stored and excessive ammunition to spam boxes, you can find boxes of mil-spec ammo for as low as 0.25 per round. 

A lot of gun users like to use non corrosive military surplus ammunition because of its affordable price and are usually easy availability. Using these rounds don’t really matter, especially if you are just plinking. 

The Problem With Military Surplus Ammo 

Every coin has two sides, as do brown bear soft point milsurp ammunition. Although this type of ammo is often readily available and miraculously affordable, it also has some drawbacks and disadvantages. 

First and foremost, milsurp ammo is very murky. It peruses soft point non corrosive mercury-based primers, which are highly corrosive and result in a lot of fouling on your barrel. This means that you will have to diligently clean your Mosin Nagant frequently after every shooting session. 

If you really love your Mosin Nagant (especially if it is a prized possession), want to clean it regularly, and are cautious about it becoming worn out and non corrosive, milsurp will not be your primary shooting ammo choice. 

Another very realistic concern with milsurp ammo is its accuracy and precision. Milsurp ammo has been decommissioned by the military for a very good non corrosive reason – it’s either no longer needed or not effective. Ammunition has a shelf life and after several years it becomes substandard and does not work effectively. Milsurp ammo is old and hence, is not as effective as newer match-grade ammunition quality. This will usually discourage you from using it for competitions and accuracy shooting. 

Last but not least, milsurp ammo generally comes in FMJ (full metal jacket). This means that it is envisioned for wounding and not really killing. This somehow moderately limits its use for big game hunting, especially over quality long distances line made. 

Mosin Nagant 91 30 Review – The Best Mosin Nagant Ammo Type 

Knowing the pros and cons of milsurp ammo, you know it’s not always going to be that great, except for plinking. For all other uses and similar aspects with your legendary Mosin Nagant rifle, you will need to choose good-quality ammunition. We’ve reviewed a versatile and adaptable range of the best M91/30-compatible ammo on the market (as of this writing) to help you make your m91 30 quality line choice.

1. Brown Bear, 7.62x54R, SP, 203 Grain, 20 Rounds

Brown Bear, 7.62x54R, SP, 203 Grain, 20 Rounds


As expected, some gun owners are quite happy with this m91 30 ammo. They managed to fire off these rounds from various distances. They mentioned the fast velocity ammo and tighter shooting groups from 100 to 200 yards line out. 

This ammo is manufactured from lacquered steel. They are about 200-grain ammo and light enough to travel out to some pretty far-out distances away. These rounds are really great at hunting, especially when you’re hunting big game targets out in the wild. So if you are looking for a bullet that can travel far and line fast, these are what you really need in any best hunting ammo game round. 

Brown Bear 7.62x54R SP 203-Grain Ammo is an outstanding option for gun owners looking to maximize their effectiveness without sacrificing the cost or cleanliness. It is high-powered due to it being loaded to standards normally reserved for military rounds. It comes boasting the best ammo muzzle velocity of 2,300 FPS and muzzle energy of 2,446 ft.-lbs, you can expect substantially huge game powers while out hunting good user rounds.

However, not only are Brown Bear rounds within affordable game budgets considering this, but you also can look forward to relative cleanliness. For obvious reasons, you will still need routine cleanings, but they will be far less messy compared to other brands. On top of that, Brown Bear claims itself to be non-corrosive, although again, we recommend you routinely keep your rifle in a clean game state to want to reap these good corrosive grain benefits first enough.

If you are looking to take down larger game, these Brown Bear rounds are an exceptional bet. These 203-grain rounds are usually often used in parts of the world such as Russia where large bears are customarily hunted for game kind. 

 Despite all of this, you’ll enjoy a relatively reasonable leave recoil and these rounds are compatible with a wide variety and range of weapons, ensuring that, with proper precautions, you can enjoy a variety of setup choices. This is also the perfect choice for those who are looking to try out this powerful game ammo on something in addition to the Mosin Nagant, like an M44!

Last but not least, at 203-grain, you may expect a radical reduction in accuracy, but for the most part, Brown Bear’s 203 rounds handle well in a Mosin Nagant. If you are looking to take down a large game with the least extra effort, Brown Bear’s 203-grain rounds are your real way to go. 

Brown Bears 7.62x54R are the sort of rounds you will need for the purpose of Mosin Nagant hunting. If you are looking for something that is solid, fast, and can deliver a devastating kill shot, these rounds might do the job. 

With great power and relative cleanliness, the Brown Bear 7.62x54R SP 203-Grain Ammo is a great choice for tackling the largest game around.



2. PPU, 7.62x54R, FMJ-BT, 182-Grain, 20 Rounds

PPU, 7.62x54R, FMJ-BT, 182-Grain, 20 Rounds


Most recent buyers of this Mosin Nagant Ammo love these rounds. They said that this is one of the fastest rounds on the market for a Mosin Nagant. One of the users said that he was able to shoot accurate kill shots quicker than with other rounds.

These rounds are full metal jacket rounds that will rip through your muscle and flesh, so they will be excellent for hunting deer and other big game targets. The impact makes the kill shot even all the more successful. If you want your kill shots to be instantaneous on contact, you’ll want these rounds with you on-hand. 

If you’re not familiar with Prvi Partizan, they are the top Serbian manufacturer of munitions and their products are always consistently high-quality for the price point. We’re happy to mention that their 182-grain rounds live up to their standards.

Above all of that, we really appreciate the brilliant and near perfect value you get when you purchase a case of PPU, 7.62x54R, FMJ-BT, 182-Grain, 20 Rounds. These FMJBT-style rounds provide gun owners with a muzzle velocity of 2,625 FPS as well as muzzle energy of 2,784 ft-lbs, with their rounds encased in brass. They are of a boxer and reloadable primer type. While they are not quite as clean as the others that we have mentioned on our list, they are still less messy than many other rounds on the market. The manufacturer also further claims they’re non-corrosive, but as they are a bit messier, you’ll want to clean your weapon more or less regularly.

However, you will receive 182-grain rounds, 20 to a box, for an amazing price. While it’s not as powerful as some rounds that exceed 200-grain and the box these rounds come in doesn’t do a great job of protecting the rounds (you will want to store them in something more weather-proof), there’s no repudiating that you’re getting incredible power. 

If you’re hunting larger games, you will certainly appreciate the value here. They’re powerful enough to take down almost anything but affordable enough to not worry about wasting your ammunition. While they are not the most premium or powerful thing on the market, they definitely make having serious power within budget range for quite a number of gun owners.

This will be the go-to round of choice if you are looking to hunt big game targets and walk away with a successful hunt every time.

The PPU rounds are the best of the best if you are looking for a bullet that can go fast and do some serious damage. If you are also looking for a bullet that can deliver clean kills every time, then get yourself these PPU bullets. 

If you are looking for raw power but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Prvi Partizan also offers an excellent value. While not as premium as other rounds on our list, they definitely offer you a lot to work with for the price.



3. Silver Bear, 7.62x54R, SP, 203-Grain, 240 Rounds

Silver Bear, 7.62x54R, SP, 203-Grain, 240 RoundsSHOP NOW

New gun owners loved these bullets for a few good reasons. They usually used these for the purpose of big game and varmint hunting. They also reported hitting their targets ranging anywhere from 250 yards to almost 500 yards out. 

These rounds are brass rounds that can conveniently penetrate through both hide and bone. In easy English, they can deliver devastating kill shots at various distances. If you are looking to get the best out of every hunting experience for your Mosin Nagant, these rounds may be what you are looking for. 

Silver Bear is more the pricier range than Brown Bear rounds, but the price is definitely and totally worth it. The reason that they are called Silver Bear is that they are zinc-plated steel cases, which appear silver. These tough and durable rounds are non-corrosive and Berdan-primed. They are considerably cleaner than Brown Bear, although again, we always recommend you clean your rifle regularly.

As with Brown Bear, you get a 203-grain, which is a lot to take down the absolute largest game, such as large bears, living up to their illustrious name. Overall, they are a great compromise if you’re thinking hard between the more expensive brass-encased reloadable rounds out there and something like Brown Bear. Compared to the polymer-coated Brown Bear, the Berdan priming goes for a well-rounded, clean shot.

While true of Brown Bear, it’s much truer of Silver Bear that you’ll go a very, very long time without jams or misfires. For a 203-grain round, that’s not something that we can say for anything short of the best.

As for the price, while it’s a bit more than Brown Bear, we do think the difference is totally worth it. It’s not a considerable monetary difference and you will be able to get markedly improved performance. If results are all that matter to you, Brown Bear is sufficient. However, if you want results and the smoothest performance, then we advise that you go with Silver Bear. We’d say that even if you aren’t disposed to going with Silver Bear, it’s worth procuring some just for that special hunt. 

These will be used for the leading purpose of big game or varmint hunting. No matter what your intended target is, these impactful rounds will deliver some serious knockdown power. If you’re a hunter who will need regular bullets that will deliver an unmatched performance, these may be your best possible option. 

The Silver Bear rounds are certainly a hunter’s best friend. If you are looking for your Mosin Nagant to deliver excellent performance from the start to finish in any given hunting application, these bullets can do just that. 

If you are looking for a seriously powerful round that offers clean firing, is exceptionally unlikely to jam or misfire, and is a close compromise and agreement on the more expensive rounds out there, Silver Bear is a solid value and choice.



4. Wolf, 7.62x54R, FMJ, 148-Grain, 500 Rounds

Wolf, 7.62x54R, FMJ, 148-Grain, 500 Rounds


Wolf’s Ammo is Russian-made, high-quality, durable, and will suit a wide range of applications. With full metal jacket style and 148-bullet grain weight, it shows off a muzzle velocity of 2,840 FPS and muzzle energy of 2,651 ft-lbs. It comes in a top-quality steel case to help resist damage. 

If you ever choose Wolf, you’ll enjoy reliable feeding. Wolf rounds are also quite clean and you can quite likely go several days without cleaning your rifle, although we do suggest that you clean as often as you possibly can. Wolf also claims that their rounds are non-corrosive and many gun owners agree. Along these lines, some gun owners have also noted that their rounds sometimes discharge with something of a really foul smell. This has been a rare, however, consistent claim, and although it doesn’t seem to affect its performance or quality, it may be something for you to watch out for. 

One thing that’s pleasant about these rounds is they have a very strong kick. We do recommend that you prepare for this, as it can be as strong and durable, even more powerful than Brown Bear’s 203-grain rounds. 

When you add in the great price for a healthy 500 round, it’s really hard to go wrong. It’s definitely the sort of ammo you’ll want to stock up a lot on, and with its substantial power, 148-grain bullets, and low price, you won’t have to be stingy about it. If you are looking for a high-quality round that’s affordable and powerful, but also versatile enough that you can comfortably use it anywhere, then these Wolf 148-grain bullets are a great choice for you. 

Often, high-quality rounds, especially of this grain, are cost-effective for uses like sport, but this round is a great compromise. Great for a huge variety of uses, Wolf’s 148-Grain Rounds are a powerful and affordable addition to your ammunition and arsenal. Enjoy them when you are out hunting or in competitions!



5. Wolf Military Classic Ammo 7.62x54R 148-Gr FMJ

Wolf Military Classic Ammo 7.62x54R 148-Gr FMJ


These bullets are Russian-made 148-grain, steel-cased rounds specifically for high-volume target shooters. This is an FMJ round from Wolf Military and comes with a polymer coating over the base rim for proper cycling. The FMJ design makes it good for self-defense purposes and target practice. 

The rounds are not milsurp, so you won’t run into many real issues with accuracy. Fouling may be a problem, however the low price overrides this disadvantage. The round uses non-corrosive powder, however it is Berdan-primed which prevents handloading. 




The bottom line is that Mosin Nagant rifles are still being used by a lot of shooters all over the world internationally for hunting purposes and target practice. An M91/30 uses 7.62x54R ammunition, however at times some Finnish M39 models use 7.62x53R ammunition. Milsurp ammo is a widely opt for type of ammunition for these rifles, as it is cheap and within budget range. 

But on the contrary, it is dirty, moderately inaccurate, and non-reloadable, leaving it good enough only for plinking. Newly-manufactured ammunition, on the other hand, has great accuracy and quality, and is quite versatile. 

The Mosin-Nagant and 7.62x54r may be long in its tooth, but history proves they both are effective and reliable in unimaginable conditions. History has not changed, and neither has the rifle. Although the choice range of cartridges from which to choose – including a long list of clean-burning non-corrosive choices – has improved dramatically. 

There has never been a better time to pull your Mosin out of the safe and head outdoors. If you are in the ammunition market, take a closer look at that slightly battered surplus rifle you have been ignoring at your favorite gun store. It may take a little elbow grease to get the cosmoline off, but you’ll be happy that you did. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Which Mosin Nagant is the best? 

Finnish capture Mosin Nagants are seen as being the most well-built of all Mosins. These rifles were opted for during the Winter war and modified to meet Finnish standards resulting in one of the most accurate and reliable rifles of the time period. The Finns heavily improved on the iron sights there. 

Are Mosin Nagants reliable? 

Despite its shortcomings, this Model 1891/30 was rugged, reliable and accurate, its average minute of arc ranging from a 1.5 to below 1 (less than an inch over 100 meters). It proved itself to be murderously successful. As the matter of fact, German snipers reportedly preferred captured Mosin-Nagants to their own Mauser Karabiner 98k rifles.

What Is The Best Cheap Mosin Nagant Ammo?

I’d highly suggest the best Mosin Nagant ammo for the money among other ammo choices to be PPU, 7.62x54R, FMJ-BT, 182-Grain, 20 Rounds for its top-notch speeds of its rounds, accuracy and consistency. These features make it an excellent hunting ammunition for your hunting activities and even deer hunting. Moreover, the high power is certainly very impressive that would make your money’s worth though it is not the most premium ammo choices in the market.

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