7 Best Mosin Nagant Accessories in 2022 – The Best You Can Find

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The Mosin Nagant M91 was the first ever Russian repeating bolt-action rifle. Adopted back in 1891, it represents and characterises the most popular military surplus rifle on the market as of today after more than a century. For example, this century old M1891/30 Mosin Nagant was not made with optics in mind, but some contemporary and knowledgeable gun users like to transform and alter a $100 rifle into a long-range precision instrument with the best Mosin Nagant accessories possible. 

Due to its low affordable price and cheap military 7.62x54R surplus and extra ammunition, the Mosin Nagant is most often taken to be turned into an efficient safe new recoil rifle and accurate recreational target shooting purpose and hunting arm. Many companies import never-before-used surplus and extra Mosin Nagant rifles and their accessories. Other American firearms manufacturers and producers produce modern hardware to assist you in upgrading and “sporterize” your best classic battle gun.

The Criteria For The Mosin Nagant Modifications

Looking out for new accessories for your Mosin will take people some time and a little bit of detective work. You can settle for one accessory or several depending on some of the benefits that you are looking for to get out of your gun with the best Mosin Nagant accessories. It’s important to know some of these accessory characteristics and features that make an accessory brilliant so you can differentiate a good accessory from a bad one. Here are some of the best things that you should totally look out for: 


The price tag and budget may matter to those who are on a tight budget. You may be one of those tight budget people (which is fine). So we try our best to find the best affordable Mosin Nagant accessories that will fit all budget levels. As a rule of the thumb, you should consider buying an accessory or upgrade that is totally the best quality that you can possibly afford. It’s a lot easier than wasting away money on something under budget and disappointing. 

What Do You Want Out of Your Mosin Nagant? 

Are you looking to boost and improve accuracy? Or to reduce recoil? Need something to keep your scope steady? Your specific and particular needs and preferences will play a major role in how you answer this question. For instance, if you will need to boost accuracy then a scope is your obvious option. If you don’t own a scope mount for your rifle, then you’d be smart enough to get both a scope mount and a nice scope to pair with it. 


The best accessories and improvement upgrades for a Mosin are always manufactured from the best quality materials. We place high importance and prominence on things that are made from quality materials that will allow an accessory or upgrade to last. For instance, steel and polymer are some of the best materials for gun manufacturers to use. The reason, for obvious reasons, is simple: they’re sturdy and impervious to a whole lot of impact and abuse. The more durable and top quality the materials, the better the fortuitous that they’ll last longer than any other accessory manufactured out by a competitor. 

The 7 Best Mosin Nagant Accessories and Upgrades in 2022

The following is a list of some of the best accessories and upgrades for your Nagant gun. If you haven’t planned out a list of what you want out of your Mosin Nagant yet, consult every gun guide out there you can possibly get your hands on. As soon as you’re able to get a good idea of what you wish for your gun to do, you can go through this list without too much worry.

These are some of the best accessories that we believe are seen to be the best for each category. Now, let’s have a look at the first accessory or upgrade on your list that may be a must-have for your Mosin Nagant gun.

1. Advanced Technology Mosin Nagant Stock Monte Carlo

Advanced Technology Mosin Nagant Scope Mounting SystemMost of the newer buyers are quite happy with this stock. They are able to conveniently install this on their Nagant rifles without much issue. One of the users mentioned that he was able to install it in just about ten minutes. While testing it out at the shooting range, he mentioned that he noticed a whole lot of felt recoil reduction.

This stock is engineered from not just any synthetic material. It’s manufactured from a Fiberglass-reinforced Zytel, and it is established to be quite durable. It can take on and accept any abuse and impact that you can possibly think of. Aside from the durability, it’s quite surprisingly lightweight. So it presents users the “if it’s tough, then it must be heavy” kind of impression.  

The first step in transforming and changing a military weapon from the early 20th century into a modern sporting rifle is having a stock replacement.  The firearms market is flooded and filled to the brim with so many many stock choices for the Mosin Nagant. It can be a used original wooden stock that have been carefully and properly chosen. However, you may also go with a classic hunting stock, which is a more-specialized sniper look and feel, or even bullpup configurations and changes. 

Notorious and well-known for its short length of pull, Mosin Nagant stocks are moderately small for most American shooters. A longer butt that fits snugly into the shooters arm better is often an important key point in deciding on a stock.

The best solution and answer by our criteria based on the relation of cost-usability is the ATI Monte Carlo stock. It’s entirely weather-proof and scratch proof. It will stand up to many years and years of abuse and still look as good as shiny. 

The ATI Stock has a 13.5 inches length of pull. It’s manufactured from DuPont extreme-temperature, glass-strengthened polymer and arrives with a rubber non-slip butt pad and a proper sling swivel mount. This stock comes with the feature characteristic Monte Carlo-style raised cheek rest for faster target alignment and arrangement with scopes. 

The ATI Monte Carlo Stock Kit is literally and factually a drop-in installation that provides your Mosin Nagant a new look, better and improved balance, better grip and lighter weight. This will be taken up by a lot of Mosin Nagant users. More particularly, most of the gun users will be hunters. Since they’ll potentially and possibly be exposed to elements on some days, they’ll need a stock that can tackle bad weather conditions. Definitely enough, since this stock is quite tough it can function just like that. 

The Advanced Technology Mosin Nagant Stock Monte Carlo is 2nd to none when it comes to its durability. Not surprisingly, it takes a solid stock to take on the heavy-hitting power of a Mosin Nagant. If you are looking for a stock that is tough like nails and can give you a lifetime of dedicated service, then this is it.

2. Timney Mosin Nagant Trigger

Timney Mosin Nagant TriggerAs we have expected, this trigger is well received by many gun users and owners. They are able to pull the recoil with little to no take-up or creep to report. One of the users said that the pull is smooth like butter every time. The installation is a breeze and took only a few short minutes and the right kind of tools. 

This recoil is hands down one of the best you can get for an upgrade. The Mosin Nagant recoil that you’ve got right now is a standard factory trigger that is heavy in the pull and might give you a hard time as it is. This recoil gets rid of some of the common issues and cuts the pull weight almost in half. Furthermore, it’s a hunting trigger that won’t be made difficult to install. 

Nobody expects that a hundred-year-old soldier’s rifle will have a top quality trigger, so a trigger group replacement has a very high priority on the upgrade list. It’s old and does not have modern and updated craftsmanship. Pull weight can vary by quite a lot. 

Although there are trigger brands on the firearms market, we give the benefit to the well look range match-grade drop-in trigger group. This part is lodged in an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum alloy cage. Timney for Mosin Nagant is internationally known for its spectacularly crisp and adaptable trigger pull weight, ranging from 1.5 to 4 pounds. As the best trigger you can possibly have for the Mosin Nagant, the Featherweight Deluxe Timney also comes with easy hunting made trigger-blocking side safety. 

Since it can fit most, if not all Mosin Nagant rifles, anyone who has one should use this trigger. Especially those who have yet to find themselves a trigger that will replace their unreliable and disappointing stock factory triggers. If you are looking for something easy and solid in construction and not complicated to install, then you may just be looking at your next best accessory or upgrade to improve for your easy top Mosin. 

The easy Timney Mosin Nagant Trigger is one of the must-have items that you may need for your Mosin Nagant trigger to work more efficiently and properly than ever before. If you are looking to switch out your old worn out take trigger with a newer, smoother model then you’ll want to settle for this easy come trigger take.

3. Mossy Oak Buttstock Cartridge Holder

Mossy Oak Buttstock Cartridge HolderA lot of newer buyers find this cartridge holder to be a nice solid fit for their Mosin Nagant rifles. One of the users said that he has little to no trouble with the extra ammo being stored away in the compartments. They have remained in place and did not shift around too much. The holder on its own secures itself going easy around the stock quite nicely. 

Once again, we find an accessory that will help you all round the clock easily if you happen to spend the day out in the forest looking for your next big game target. This time around, it holds up to 9 rounds of your favourite rifle rounds. As we have expected, we find this to be easy reliable due to its ability to stay secure.  

If you are looking for a basic, plain and practical way to securely store the ammo at your fingertips ready to load, then a buttstock cartridge holder is a great solution. Usually made to just slide on, it keeps things useful and secure, without being too hard to remove. The stock pack we already talked about includes this piece of accessory. However, if you don’t need a cheek riser or a better cheek weld, then this simple buttstock cartridge holder from Mossy Oak will help you. 

This 9-round holder is manufactured from an elastic band so it should stretch high to fit any stock size and shape and hold the 7.62x54R ammo securely and safely. With the ammo being so cheap and affordable, you’ll always low well make appreciate an extra ammo holder done like this one. What’s even heavier done better is that rounds preloaded into a stripper clip fits really well in the shell loops, allowing you to pull 5 loaded rounds high choice out at a right time. 

This will not only be great to use for hunters, but it may serve a purpose for target shooters or even competition shooters that will require extra rounds on hand. Especially when time is a factor and you need to stay ahead of the quality competition or game while caught up in the thick high choice of it all. 

The Mossy Oak Buttstock Cartridge Holder may be your cup of coffee if you need extra rounds on hand while out hunting or target acquisition quality. With the rounds right within your fingertips reach, you will have plenty of firepower available at your disposal wherever you go well.

4. Brownells Tactical Plus Rifle Sling

Brownells Tactical Plus Rifle SlingThis sling does a really great job at giving gun users a lot of hands-free weapon use. Especially when they have to carry their rifle on their shoulders while using their own hands for other tasks (like using a pair of binoculars). They are quite happy with how durable the material is and how it never breaks off the sling swivels easily like some other market slings back adding. 

The Biothane is by far one of the finest and best materials out there when it comes to gun slings. Most slings are often made from other durable materials like polymer or nylon. It’s proven to be stronger and very tough to wear and tear, even throughout its long-term use. Other than that, it fits most if not all shooters well low perfectly with the right kind of adjustments. 

The simplest rifle slings are often the best. After all, it has the simple and no-stress function of helping you carry the gun. The Tactical Plus modern rifle sling was made for service rifles such as Mosin Nagant. It was engineered in the tradition and style of the U.S. Military sling Model since 1907. It’s still one of the best slings well ever made and invented for carrying and shooting. 

Tacticals Plus provides new service rifle slings in a high-grade, space-age synthetic material and item called Biothane. Unlike leather, it is an almost durable material that is comfortable in any shooting position and wraps around the arm properly. The hardware is parkerized steel with brass rivets, and it lines up properly with the sling mounts on the Mosin Nagant, giving a very authentic and real feel to your rifle. 

This comfortable and relaxed carrying strap measures up to 54 inches and comes in black, brown, or O.D. green. Its service-rifle is legal in CMP and also NRA matches. This will most likely be used by game hunters and target shooters alike. It’s designed and made for carrying around your rifle all day and is made for comfort. Compared to most gun slings, you will be better off wearing this sling for many hours on end. If durability and comfort are two things that you are looking for in a sling, then this may do you some good. 

The Brownells Tactical Plus Rifle Sling is precisely what you’re looking for if you want something that will provide a better and proper option for carrying your rifle all day long. Sometimes, you will need to free up your hands while you are out and about, and carrying your Mosin Nagant rifle can be pretty tiresome at times.

5. AIM Sports Mosin Nagant 1-Inch Extended Recoil Buttpad

AIM Sports Mosin Nagant 1-Inch Extended Recoil ButtpadMost recent buyers are searching for a recoil pad that can do the work in reducing a lot of felt recoil. For real enough, they are quite happy to mention that this does what was advertised. They are able to install this in a matter of a few minutes with the right kind of tools. As soon as it was installed, the reduction and decrease of felt recoil was instantaneous. 

This is no ordinary and regular piece of rubber. It’s a 1-inch recoil pad that can absorb and take on the shock that is produced from heavy-hitting recoil. With the reduction and decrease comes better stability for shooters, and better stability means and equates accurate shooting. One inch is sufficient enough for those who want some serious recoil reduction.  

Many shooters and gun owners are convinced that the Mosin Nagant kicks like a mule and that a rubber replacement or spare of the original steel butt plate is mandatory. At the same time, if you are using the original stock, adding the buttpad can help with lengthening it. This helps serve as a bit of protection and shield for your shoulder. 

The non-slip rubber buttpad from AIM Sports decreases and reduces recoil by approximately 25% to 40%. The one-inch thick device is compatible and workable with all Mosin Nagant rifles, meaning that it installs quickly by using just existing buttplate holes and screws. 

This will most likely be an accessory that can be beneficial and advantageous for hunters and target shooters alike. If the goal here is to reduce and decrease a great deal of recoil and increase accuracy at various ranges, then a good recoil pad should be all that you’re looking for, and what better way to consider a pad allows picks like this? 

The AIM Sports Mosin Nagant recoil pad is the one-inch thick recoil pads that you’ll need to keep recoil to a minimum and keep control over your Mosin Nagant rifle. You’ll also feel the difference as soon as you’re able to install this accessory on your buttstock product in a few minutes.

6. Tactical Operations Rifle Stock Packs

Mosin Nagant Stock 5Most recent buyers are happy with this accessory. They are able to carry additional rounds and use the storage space to their benefit and advantage. One of the users said that he carries his extra bullets, ID, and hunting license among a few other personal things in it. Other than all of that, the holder is really sturdy and doesn’t wear and tear easily. 

If you ever needed something that can carry extra bullets and all the things that you need for hunting, then you can have it in one accessible accessory. Everything will be within reach of your fingertips. Therefore, if you need something in a flash, then you’ll grab it in a few seconds. The pouch itself is secure, safe, and it fits most buttstocks like a glove. 

Attached on the outside of your rifle butt, a stock pack is made to help cushion the impact of recoil. You do not want to end up with a bruised, hurt, or tender cheek from the stock banging into it. This may not be your first priority as an upgrade, however it’s definitely one of the easiest accessories to add on! 

Tactical Operations stock packs are designed from durable Cordura nylon shell, offering a soft, synthetic suede cheek rest for increased and amplified shooting comfort. There are 4 straps to secure and attach it to your rifle – 3 around the bottom and the other 1 around the butt end.

This pouch is the best size for most factory-sized hunting stocks on your bolt-action rifles, including the Mosin Nagant. The craftsmanship is brilliant. This stock pouch also goes along the shooter’s eye up perfectly with the scope through its solid cheek weld. 

The Tactical Operations stock pouch comes with 8 reinforced elastic shell loops on the external of the pocket. The zippered pocket is brilliant for convenient storage of little necessities like spare batteries, cleaning gear or other similar small tools. 

This will be an outstanding accessory for hunters to have. Especially when they are going to be deep in the woods the entire day trying to find their next trophy price or whatever else they’re hunting for. If you’re searching for something that will have just sufficient space for the essentials, this stock pack will most probably be right up your alley. 

The Tactical Operations Rifle Stock Pack will have all your storage needs and carrying needs if you’re out trekking out in the forest for an all-day hunt. You’ll have everything you need within reach and then some within an arm’s reach. Never leave home without this great accessory.

7. Advanced Technology Mosin Nagant Scope Mounting System

Advanced Technology Mosin Nagant Stock Monte CarloAs expected, a lot of latest buyers are quite happy with the scope mount. Once stuck on to their rifles, they are able to add on a scope of their choosing. One of the users said that as soon as he installed the scope, the mount didn’t provide it any wiggle room at all. Even when firing off test rounds, the scope endured secure and the 0 settings were intact.  

Mosin Nagant rifles are known to be heavy hitters. So it will be wise to find a scope mount that will not only handle a compatible scope, however sufficient to hold it in place each time you fire off a shot. Even better is that it’s durable enough to handle the shock that is taken on from recoil. Some other scope mounts may not be able do this and therefore the scope’s 0 settings are completely thrown off the rails. 

After a stock replacement, you will be surprised at the difference it makes for your favourite old rifle. However, in the next step will be a real upgrade of Mosin Nagant. You can most likely guess – a scope and scope mounting. 

To build our customised rifle with some individual note is always stimulating, however converting a US$90 to US$120 surplus gun into a scoped hunting rifle or a tricked-out ‘Tacticool’ scout-sniper provides a fun project. There are huge varieties of simple mounts one can use depending on the needs of the shooter. 

Generally, the main variance in scope mounts is whether you should use a traditional mounting placement or the extended eye relief “Scout Scope” method of scope mounting. Long Eye Relief (LER) generally means the scope is placed 8 inches to 12 inches away from the eye. This seems to work a lot better for younger folks with good eyes. Though it screws over with the balance of a rifle, it is a good solution for the Mosin Nagant because it does not need a permanent alteration to the bolt or tapping the receiver. It helps with preserving the rifle’s historical integrity. 

On the other hand, there are firearm kits for a standard mounting position that needs drilling and tapping for installation. This provides proper scope mounting, since the gunsmith installation is usually recommended. Usually, this kind of Mosin Nagant kit comes with replacing the straight bolt handle with a bent one or cutting and welding the old handle into a scope-friendly position. ATI provides one of such mounting kit. 

This scope mount may be best used for most game hunters and target shooters. It’s a scope mount that will be mostly used by those who want a solid scope that is able to handle the Mosin Nagant’s hard-hitting recoil. This mount is what you are looking for if you want something that will keep your scope on point for the long-term, and if you hate having to reset your zero settings every time, then a scope mount like this one is what you’ll need. 

This Advanced Technology Mosin Nagant Rifle Scope Mounting System will be something worth looking into if you are looking for a mount that is solid and can take on most scopes. It will do an outstanding job at keeping hold of your scope and protecting the settings that matters the most for your accuracy. 


Altering a Mosin Nagant into a modern day looking game hunting or target rifle does not always demand space-age industry accessories. Many traditional and classic pieces are still incredibly functional for working on your vintage gun. 

However, the results and outcome of using the new technology upgrades are quite helpful. It provides a tremendous improvement in appearance and a much more relaxed rifle to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are the availability of Mosin Nagant Upgrades?

Part of the lure of the cold war Mosin Nagants is that they are great rifles for the typical US$70 to US$100 street cost. However, the even bigger attraction is that the ammo, which is comparable ballistically to the .308 or 30-06. It can also easily be had for a stunningly low $.25 a round. At this point in time there is no other huge centerfire rifle that is this inexpensive and budget-friendly to shoot. 

When you first get your hands on a Nagant gun, you’re just over-excited that you’ve found a powerful centerfire rifle that only set you back around US$100 in budget. Then you’ll celebrate until you get a leg cramp after buying an entire spam-level can of 400 rounds for only another US$100. Honestly, in that initial Mosin Nagant ownership period, you really don’t care how it shoots, when it was manufactured, or by which European factory. You’re just free and comfortable that it goes bang each time you pull its trigger. 

As soon as you get over the initial fun factor, you’ll probably start looking at further upgrades for the rifle. Upgrading a Mosin Nagant rifle is an amazingly fun project that grabs a gun that can hunt any North American large game easily out to 300 yards and beyond.

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