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From its launch back in 1973, the Ruger Mini 14 convenes itself as a perfect plinker, one that you can depend on while hunting, and a replacement and modern version of the lever-action any cowboy will carry in their saddle boot. The Mini 14 is an internationally recognized shotgun that is meant for big sports. It comes in numerous models, and some of its older models do not come with the size to mount a scope.

At the same time, with some improvements, this compact and full-bodied weapon chambered in .223 can provide much more than an ordinary backseat rifle. The most common way of altering this fine carbine is with a rifle scope. While the Mini 14 is one of the best rifles for huntings, it still needs some consistent, high-quality scope to improve performance. However, the best scopes will often also need good and dependable mounts in order for them to have a superior, clearer, longer range. The following article will review some of the best Mini 14 scope mounts that are on the market. 

Whether you are looking for a non-fussy mount or something as reliable as scope rings, you will definitely find something that will be an enhanced scope rings fit for your Ruger Mini 14 scope mount. Furthermore, you will also be able to find one if you are even on an economical run. Keeping that in mind, let us have a look at our recommendation so you know what you are reading at.

Mini 14 Scope Mount Reviews – What To Look For?

There are some individualities and features that will make your Mini 14 scope of choice shine out more than the other Mini 14 scopes that are on the markets. It is pretty much your duty to make a discrepancy between those that are the best in quality and presentation and those that are not as reliable in both the categories.

If you do not have one of the Ranch Rifle with its very own scope base – or if it simply just does not suit what you were looking for – you do have several other choices. We will look at some of the choices that are presented. You may want to pick between the typical positioning and the “Scout mounts” style.

Unlike most old-fashioned optics positioning, the “Scout” rifle notion allows for a forward-mounted sight system. This offers long eye relief for quick target acquisition. This old idea was expressively refined by Colonel Jeff Cooper. It certainly does come in handy, although it may be uncooperative and pricey for some newer shooters.

In any case, no matter what you are deciding to put on your Mini 14 model, you should search for the right equilibrium between eye relief scopes and the optimal number of devices. Here are what you need to look for in a Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount.


If you are a gun owner who is on a tight budget (or a budget shopper to say the least), the odds are that you are most likely going to look at the price tags first. However, the price tag should not be the leading reason as to why you should buy a scope mount in the initial stage. You should be able to purchase one based on its qualities and features that make it shine brightest among others. Always remember that you should invest in the best quality that is within your price point rather than having to sacrifice quality for the sake of saving yourself a few bucks.


The best scope mounts are, many times, considered as having made of the best in quality materials. This is because they are created from the best material. Steel material is often considered to be one of the best materials for these scope mounts – mostly because they have shown themselves to be strong and have the aptitude to take on impact and mishandling.

At the same time, the construction quality of any scope mount model is a very important influence. It assists you and many other gun handlers to determine the endurance, as well as the presentation of the mount. Therefore, the Ruger Mini 14 scope mounts that are on our list are made with good-quality material, such as with top-notch aircraft grade aluminum.


The majority of gun advisors will want you to stick with a scope mount model that is often painstaking and a nightmare to install. So we will make sure that you end up with a scope mount that will take only a few minutes to install with the right choice of tools. You will not just have to rely on professional gunsmithing in order to install one on your rifle of your choosing.

More often than not, the best model will have to offer ease of use and installation. With that being said, the products we have a look at and add to our lists are usually easy to install, ones that come with an instructional manual, or are sustained by some type of customer service.

Brands – The Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mounting Options

The market today is jam-packed with a wide range of brands, models, and manufacturers that make products that are really similar. At the same time, not all of the brands that produce the same thing will be considered as reliable and of top quality. With that being said, only certain particular brands on the market that offer trustworthiness and quality are added to this option.

The Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts Review in 2022

The following are reviews of some of the best Mini 14 scope mounts that are currently on the market. As you look through each of them, it’s important to make a note of each of their characteristics and features. This way, if you have an idea of what your ideal scope mount should look like, you’ll probably come across the one model that is close to your ideal requirements.

We have looked at some of the option models that will fit your Mini 14. Now, let’s take a look at the first Mini 14 Scope Mount on the list:  

1. GG&G Ruger Mini Side Mount

GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Side MountAs the majority of gun handlers have expected, most recent buyers of this scope mount are able to rapidly install this mount relatively quickly (alongside with their scope of their choosing). Their scopes are able to stay in place and did not dislodge as some thought it will be. One gun user even reported back that after firing as many as 200 rounds, he was able to take note of the zero settings are still intact.

The Picatinny rail for this Ruger Mini 14 model is deliberated to be one of the more well-approved and well-liked rail systems for a lot of rifle handlers. The reason being that it has the ability to fit with many optics and scopes relatively easy. The rail has been estimated long enough to accept even some of the slightly bigger in size scopes (for example longer scopes or larger objectives). Furthermore, it is sturdy and can handle several concurrent amounts of shock from recoil.

Another side mount derives from the ever-famous and popular GG and G, an Arizona based American manufacturer of rifle accessories. Similar to the B-Square, the GG&G mount confers directly to the side of the receiver without the necessity of a gunsmith. At the same time, it likewise replaces the bolt stop cover plate. It is slightly shorter in length, at 5.7 inches long. If you should know, this is a MIL-STD-1913 dovetail rail.

Comparable to other side mounts, this Mini 14 scope mount is made as a “See Under” type to allow the use of iron sights.

Manufactured on CNC machines from jagged 6061-T6 aluminum and weighing 3.5 ounces, the GG&G hardware provides a robust mounting base for a magnified scope or red dot sight to intersect the rigors that are related with the harshest of condition or conditions.

You should expect this to be huge popularity among those who are expending their Mini 14 ranch rifles for hunting purposes. They are looking for something that is durable and worthy enough in quality to make sure that they never have to re-zero the scope anymore. Even after spending off nearly 1000 in shots. If you are looking for a scope mount that can hold its own and conserves your scope’s zero settings, then this mount is exactly what you are looking for.

While there are plenty of scopes that can fit Picatinny rails, there are some scopes that ought to be accepted. For instance, scopes that may be well-suited with Weaver rails. The more scopes you can permit to fit, the better the chance it will aid any Mini 14 rifle owners in the long term.

If you are looking for a scope mount that is hard-wearing, keeps any scope in place and is based on a surely consistent rail system, then this GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Side Mount will definitely be a mount that will be worthy of devoting your hard-earned money in.

2. GG&G Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Optic Mount

GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Optic MountAs expected, a lot of recent buyers were quite happy with this scope mount. The majority of the new buyer community are mostly hunters, while others were more of the competition and casual target shooting type. This lets them to install their scopes of their choosing on the mount without them moving around too much.

This scope mount is made from high-quality steel, and it also positions a lot of Picatinny companionable scopes. It is also at the best length for it to be deliberated as an ideal scope mount for most gun users. This optic mount is able to take all kinds of hunting scope that can give you a better and improved hit probability of landing that big game target you have been aiming for a long time.

While the side mounts are suggested for the older Ruger Mini 14 production rifles, most Ruger Mini 14 specialists propose top-mounted rails on the latest models. Most designs lock directly to factory-integrated scope mounts, and this model from GG&G applies the same principle.

Its way of attaching the scope houses the low-profile optics designs and gives a high cheek weld. The GG&G Mini 14 MIL-STD-1913 Model is a Picatinny rail with 14 slots. This allows you to place your scope far enough onward for optimal eye relief. Concurrently, it is still secured with a dual locking screw leveling system.

In case if you are worried about case ejection issues, the engineers from GG&G have already thought of that too. They have added machined relief cuts on the underside of the rail to make sure of unimpeded ejection. Made from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum and gauging 5.7 inches in its longevity, these Mini 14 scope mounts slots the mini-red dot or powered scopes onward for long eye relief and fast target acquisition.

A lot of people expect this to be used as a scope mount for gun owners who are hunters. They are looking for something that is not too short or too long, and of course, they will want a scope mount that can fit almost any riflescope made for the purpose of hunting varmint and big sports targets.

While there are not many major cons to point out of this scope mount, we can suggest something that may make this a popular scope mount with more buyers. Since people are concerned with attaching a scope, why not include some tools that can help get the job done as soon as possible. While you may have tools of your own, you should have some extra installation tools with you that come in handy – just in case another gun owner out in the field requires an alteration with their scopes (for instance – their scope coming undone).

The GG&G Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Optic Mount is confirmed to be one of the most dependable scope mounts where hunters will utilize it in full. You will have to find the fitting type of scope that can hold its own and provides you a better chance at trouncing the targets that you are going after.

3. ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope Rail

ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope RailThis scope mount has made a lot of new gun users how have bought this scope really happy. This was not just a popular mount for Mini 14 handlers, it was also a hit with those who owned Mini 30 ranch rifle too. One of the users mentioned that he has little to no issues with mounting his scope and finds it to be quite a durability and jiggle free.

This Picatinny Tactical Scope Rail is certainly long enough to take on almost any riflescope. As soon as this is installed, it makes a Mini 14 rifle seem more battle-ready than it last was. With a suitable type of scope, the ProMag Picatinny Rail can make it usable for hunting, target shooting, or even plinking.

Coming in at over 10 inches in length, the ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope Rail is the longest one yet that has ever graced the markets. As such, it provides supplementary flexibility when mounting scopes that are longer than usual, electronic sights, or even night vision.

The PM141A scope rail needs no permanent changes to the rifle. Nonetheless, the installation process requires more attention to details, if we can put it that way. This piece of ProMag hardware fastens directly to the built-in scope base grooves. The installations points on the ProMag matches seamlessly with the points on the Mini 14 Ranch, Mini 30, and 6.8 Ranch rifles respectively.

The rail designs from rugged T6 aluminum and offers 10 1/2 inches of Picatinny mount rail slots, which provides more points of attachment. Furthermore, this lightweight “universal” mount rail takes on both Weaver style and Picatinny Weaver rings. It also seats the scope over the receiver for improved balance and better eye alignment.

This will mostly be used for the purpose of target shooting, however do not over-rely it for any other application. If you are a hunter, you can also appreciate this scope mount for any variety of rifle scope that is made for hunting.

This scope mount is a Picatinny rail, however, the cons is that it only accepts Picatinny style scopes. This should be one of those scope mounts that can take on scopes that can be fastened to Weaver rails. There is, however, potential here to make this mount more adaptable.

The ProMag Picatinny Tactical Scope is made to last and built to take on any variety of scope. No matter which scope you opt for, this mount will provide solid and strong support for it and protect it from all sorts of shock.

4. B Square Mini 14 Mount

B-Square Mini 14 Mount

Most of the newer buyers are satisfied with this scope mount. The gun handlers mentioned that by far, it is one of the scope mount with great reliability they have found. With a mix of the non-fussy base and scope rings, the mount does a pretty great job of fastening their scopes in place and making sure it does not shift around too much with every bit of gunfire.

This scope mount is a hybrid and a mix of two types of scope mounts: the straightforward flat mounts and the one that is always reliable scope rings. Simultaneously, they function together to keep the scope in place without any shifting room while shielding the scope’s zero from any shock that is emanated from recoil.

The B Square mount platform is perhaps one of the most reasonable rail-mounting solution for this gun design. It is also perhaps the easiest way to put a scope on older Mini 14s, so to speak. The B-Square one piece scope base needs no professional gunsmithing since it takes on the place of a stock bolt-stop cover plate that is threaded. The mount features front and rear alignment set screws utilized for locking it down firmly and adjusting scope-zero.

Despite some negative responses about the use of the side-mounted bracket, the B-Square Mini 14 mount is mostly better than others. This is mostly due to the fact that you can make a couple more alterations to fasten the mount down. You should also peruse blue Loctite or its similar class.

The unit is made from 6061 T6 high-grade aluminum and permits for the usage of iron sights. The B-Square optic base measures 7.8 inches long and weighs about 7.2 ounces. It is a multi-slotted Weaver-style mounting rail for perfect ring spacing. The package comprises of a pair of 1 Inch medium height Weaver-style rings called InterLock rings.

This scope mount will most likely be used by many gun handlers who will use their Mini 14 rifle for hunting purposes. At the same time, it will likely have a cult following among those who will use it for target shooting or competitive shooting applications. Whatever the initial intended use it was meant to be, it will provide stability and reliability at situations and times when they need a scope the most.

A possible improvement would be to let this not only fit Weaver rails but also with Picatinny rails too. Yes, there are scope mounts that are available that can fit both rail types. However, we believe that this one should be one of the options.

If you are looking for something that is reliable and solid in the edifice, the B Squared Mini 14 scope mount will certainly work to your advantage whenever you require it to. As soon as you have installed this and add on your scope of choice, you will be more than ready for action and for whatever it is designed for.

5. Ultimak Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount

UltiMAK Ruger Mini 14 Scope MountAs expected, this scope mount has gained the approval of many Ruger 14 users. More particularly, the big game sports and competitive shooters. The scope mount is rock-hard and is able to take on all kinds of exploitation. Furthermore, it takes a relatively short amount of time to install. Most of the newer buyers said that this has the aptitude to accept a lot of ranch rifle scopes.

It is with no surprise with most scopes on this list, it is as durable as it can get. Furthermore, it is made of high-quality aluminum. It will certainly hold your scope together and keep it from shock, a major offender in why so many rifle scopes lose their zero settings.

As you will find out eventually, the markets for scope mounts for older range Minis is relatively limited. On top of that, if your Mini is a standard version, you may have case ejection problems if you put a mount on top of the carbine’s receiver. Nonetheless, you can find for yourself a couple of mounts that still make good choices for these older models.

These mount designs keep the optics close to bore and low for a solid cheek weld. They are also known as Scout mounts, and they really need long eye relief scopes.

The UltiMAK Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount permits the use of Intermediate Eye Relief (IER) Scout optics, holographic weapon sights, and reflex sights. The Ultimak low profile mount allows the use of iron and optic sights without needing to re-configure or a raised cheekpiece for a proper hold.

The Ultimak Scout Scope mount is made from sturdy 2024 aluminum. It locks directly to the barrel of Standard and Ranch rifles for an added steadiness and does not border with the stock in any possible way.


The bottom line is that the original Mini 14 was never made for a scope in mind at all, and even on the Ranch, the majority of people will rather upgrade the rail. We have looked into some of the options available and we sincerely hope you have found what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is a good Mini 14 scope mount?

It depends on what you are looking for. What someone or sites recommend you may not fit what you are looking for. You may have to look round a lot of places before you found the most suitable Mini 14 Scope Mount. Trijicon, Vortex, Leupold, and Nikon are some of your best options. If you are having trouble looking for the right one, you can always think about the cost, versatility, and everything else for suggestions and picks. Some scope mounts are better in comparison undoubtedly and can take on a lot of abuse (but not too much abuse), have good MOA and good view, in great form and can put on a great show, can deal with anything while shooting, have great accuracy, no issue, to name a few.

How To Clean Your Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount?

The cleaning of the Ruger Mini 14 mounts can be quick easy and simple but you’d have to remove the bolt for some earlier receiver mounts when you’re undergoing cleaning process due to the design and structure of the weapon. Contrastingly, the Scout-style mounts are easier to clean due to the accessible access to the receiver mechanism where the optics are in positioned.

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