Best Marlin 795 Magazines of 2022 – Reviewed

If you own a Marlin 795, then it’s likely that you’re on the hunt for the best Marlin 795 magazines available in the U.S.A. A good rifle magazine will not only give you more capacity to work with but also more reliability each time you fire off a round. If you find that your current magazine is unreliable and is causing you all kinds of grief out in the field or in the range, then you may just need a new Marlin 795 magazine to stop missing big opportunities. 

We understand that there are plenty of magazines available on the market and it can be confusing to find the best one for you. To make it easier for you to find the best Marlin 795 magazines for you, we’ve scoured through the net to compile a list of the best Marlin 795 magazines that you can get your hands on now. These magazines stand head and shoulders above other models. However, before we get to our list, let’s first talk about why these magazines made the cut and what factors to consider to make an informed decision. 

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Marlin – Marlin 795 Magazine 22 Long Rifle 10rd Steel Nickel

Most Recommended Option

1. Made from sturdy construction for hunting and target shooting
2. Sbright color follower
3. Smooth and reliable feeding

Promag Marlin 795 .22 Long Rifle 25-round Polymer Magazine1. Polymer construction
2. 25-round large capacity
3. Suitable for target practice and competitive shooting
8.5/10Currently unavailable
John Masen – Marlin Glenfield 7-rd Magazine 22 Long Rifle1. 7-round capacity
2. Suitable for prone position shooting
3. Fits older Marlin 795 models
8.5/10Currently unavailable
ProMag Marlin 795 .22 Long Rifle 70rd Drum Magazine Smoke1. Large drum magazine capacity
2. Slender design
3. Tough built to resist abuse
7.0/10Currently unavailable

Benefits of Having a Few Extra Mags

Wonder why it is much more advisable to have extra mags on you than just having one? Here are a few advantages that you’ll be able to enjoy just by carrying a few extra mags along with you. 

A Quick Solution to Jammed Mags

Even the best magazines can jam sometimes, that’s why it’s better to have extras that are loaded and ready to go. This saves time and frustration, especially in times when you need your rifle the most and don’t want to deal with availability problems/errors. In a self-defense situation, a quicker reload could even mean the difference between life and death. 

Faster Reloading

It only takes a few seconds to release empty mags with one that’s fully loaded. Extra mags offer plenty of time savings which might otherwise be wasted on just reloading the same magazines. This will help keep you on edge during high-stress situations, such as an intense competition. 

A Chance to Test Out Different Capacities

A standard factory Marlin 795 accessory will have around 10-round volume. So, extra mags will give you the chance to test out some extras with lesser rounds or more rounds, depending on your preference. That way, you can easily determine whether you need less or more. This would also depend on your intended application. Some might be ideal for more rounds while it might be an overkill for others. 

Aspects and Characteristics to Consider when Looking for a Marlin 795 Magazine

Considering how the market is flooded with various magazines, the selection process was a tough one and you can trust that we’ve carefully looked through each one to examine which characteristics stood out to us. Here are a few aspects to keep an eye out for while shopping:


Most magazines are crafted from high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum with some featuring polymer coating finish for extra durability and longer service life. You need to make sure that the magazine does not break when it falls freely onto the ground. This is definitely a critical factor to pay close attention to when looking for a Marlin 795 magazine. 


You should always place quality to high standards as high-quality accessories will typically boast a much longer lifespan. This means that you won’t have to constantly spend extra money on magazines that won’t last for years or decades as other quality options are known to do. 


While it is true that the price tag will play an important role in the selection process, especially for budget shoppers. However, you should remember that the price should not be the only reason to choose a rifle accessory. You also need to consider other important factors such as the overall quality and reliability of these magazines. Aim to find the highest quality and greatest reliability that fits your budget. 


The quantity of rounds the magazine holds should also be a critical consideration and will vary depending on your intended use for your Marlin 795. Do you prefer a magazine with a standard count? Less than that? Or More? It all boils down to personal preferences and needs. 

Review of the Best Marlin 795 Magazines in 2022

Now we’ve reached the section of our article where we go through our top picks of Marlin 795 magazines available. As you go through the list, remember to take note of the particular features and functions of each magazine to better decide if they make a close fit to what you’re looking for. 

1. Marlin – Marlin 795 Magazine 22 Long Rifle 10rd Steel Nickel

Best Overall


This Marlin 795 magazine features a low-profile design that won’t be much of an obstruction to you when you’re holding onto it. Odds are that your magazine won’t touch the ground even when you’re firing from the prone position. If this is what you’re looking for, then you might’ve just found the right magazine to count on in almost any application. 

Considering the fact that it’s a 10-round magazine, most hunters and target shooters should be able to benefit from this magazine. The 10-round chamber is good enough since there’s usually a strong chance that most owners won’t need to use more rounds than that. 

One improvement that would make this even better is to improve its loading ability. Despite it being easier to load than most, it would be great if the manufacturer dug a little deeper to find out why this isn’t the case for some customers. 

Nonetheless, most buyers are impressed with the magazine’s overall durability. Since it’s made from steel nickel, you can let it fall freely on the ground without worrying about it getting damaged on any hard surfaces. This means that they could use it again and again. 

The bottom line is that this may just be considered as the best Marlin 795 magazine available. It has the perfect number of rounds to suit all kinds of hunting and target shooting applications. Furthermore, the magazine is even tough all over with the potential to last you quite a long time. 

You would like this if:

You want a durable magazine. This Marlin 795 magazine is made from a solid and sturdy construction that’s perfect for hunting and target application. Plus, there are no reports of jamming even after 100+ rounds. 

You want smooth feeding. The magazine is easy to load thanks to a bright color follower and feeds ammo into your gun smoothly and reliably. 

You might not like this if: 

You want something longer. This 10-round magazine may be a little too short for some rifles. 


2. Promag Marlin 795 .22 Long Rifle 25-round Polymer Magazine

Runner-Up and Best 25-round Magazine

This Marlin 795 magazine from Promag company features the toughest kind of polymer in the business – the DuPont Zytel. The company is the same people who developed Kevlar for bulletproof vests and are well known for making durable and tough fibers. With this in mind, we expect nothing less from DuPont when it comes to making a lot of tougher products. 

This 25-round polymer product would make a great choice for target shooters and competitive shooters who want more than ten rounds. The increased quantity of rounds would also benefit a hunter who doesn’t mind the extra capacity. 

It would be good if the manufacturer were to have the springs stress-tested more to check on their reliability and make sure they don’t wear down quickly. This would certainly improve the longevity of the polymer ProMag magazine themselves considerably while also providing a smoother reloading process. 

Many recent buyers who are serious competitors or range shooters themselves have expressed satisfaction with the long-rifle 25-round mag itself. Some hunters have mentioned that they only used half of the magazine’s 25-round capacity for their application. Regardless of the number of rounds they use, many have reported that the polymer Marlin 795 magazine is reliable with no jamming issues to speak of. 

Overall, the ProMag 25-round magazine model is the one you’re looking for if you want something that will give you plenty of firepower. The toughness of this magazine model will last you a long time with a large 25-round capacity. 

You would like this if:

You want a large capacity. This 25-round product not only fits perfectly on all Marlin 795 guns, but it even offers a large 25-round capacity. 

You want a durable Marlin 795 magazine. This Marlin 795 25-round magazine is made from a tough polymer that’s perfect for target practice and competitive shooting. Plus, there are no reports of jamming or reliability issues. 

You don’t want to add excess weight to your rifle. This magazine model is also super light weight such that it does not add on unnecessary weight to your gun itself. 

You might not like this if:

You want to use it right out of the box. This powerful magazine model will need to take a little longer break-in time than expected. There were several issues with the plastic lock being a little flimsy. 

3. John Masen – Marlin Glenfield 7-rd Magazine 22 Long Rifle

Best for the Money

This is yet another low-profile Marlin 795 long rifle magazine that won’t touch the ground when you’re shooting in a prone position. This means that it won’t drag if you’re moving the rifle from side to side. The Marlin Glenfield is the right magazine for those who do not care too much about having a lot of shots on hand. Just reload a few and forget about it until you need more. 

This would mostly be favored by hunters since they will use fewer rounds compared to target shooters and competitive shooters. This would also make for an ideal magazine to use in a home defense situation. Regardless, you can trust to have just enough rounds to deal with your target. 

One thing we would like to see improved in this long-rifle magazine is its ability to lock. We’ve found several reports on the magazine being a little loose when it’s in the magwell. The magazine should not move around once it’s in the gun unless you’re unloading it. 

The bottom line is that this mag provides reliable shooting at an affordable price that will also work with older Marlin 795 models. So, if you need a magazine model that won’t break the bank, then this mag would definitely make for a potential top choice. Even at seven rounds, this mag is probably good enough for a short day’s work. 

You might like this if:

You like to go hunting. This Marlin 795 magazine provides 7-rounds of shots with smooth and reliable feeding thanks to a follower that helps with the ease of loading. 

You have an older Marlin 795 rifle. This magazine model features a design that works well with older Marlin 795 rifles. It is also super durable enough to not damage when it hits hard surfaces. 

You might not like this if: 

You want a perfect fit. There have been a few reports where customers had issues with the mag not latching in all the way. It may also not fully free fall out of your gun.

4. Promag Marlin 795 .22LR 70rd Drum Magazine Smoke

Best Drum Magazine

If you thought that drum magazines were only limited to AR-style rifles, then you would be pleasantly surprised to find this mag option. This is the perfect choice for those who want to spend all day at the range without needing to reload often. Considering the fact that it has many rounds, this mag may not be the ideal hunting solution. But it sure will let you put on quite a show. 

The long rifle polymer ProMag drum mag would most likely benefit competitive shooters, especially for those who need to go through many rounds during an intense competition. On top of that, this mag will even save them plenty of time from having to reload the rifle with new mags. This would make it a suitable choice for high-stress situations. 

One improvement in order to make this better would be to make this ProMag magazine model a little smaller so that it can be used by prone position state shooters without touching the ground. This way, shooters won’t have to face the burden of carrying a product that feels like a 100-pound dumbbell. 

Recent buyers have noted their satisfaction with this polymer ProMag drum mag thanks to its continuous feeding ability, making for an interesting day at the range. One owner even said that some of his fellow range goers were stunned to see how smoothly a drum magazine works on a Marlin 795 rifle. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a polymer Marlin magazine that will give you more than enough rounds, then the ProMag Drum magazine would make a perfect choice. While it might not be ideal for certain applications, it would definitely be a super fun choice to have it in for the long haul at the range.

You would like this if:

You want a product with a slender design. This non-bulky polymer ProMag magazine fits most Marlin 795 rifles to provide easy loading and reliable feeding. 

You want a large capacity product. The speed loader offers plenty of rounds to make this an excellent option for competitive shooting. 

You want a durable product. This magazine body is made of super-durable polymer to take on all kinds of abuse. 

You would not like this if:  

You want light weight products. This magazine model can get a little heavy for some. 

You shoot in the prone position. The ProMag magazine has a rather large size and may not be suited for prone position shooting. 


The bottom line is the best Marlin 795 magazines in the firearm industry are tough, reliable, and always handy to have whenever you need them. Hopefully, this article has given you sufficient information and recommendations on how to best choose the perfect choice for you. Remember that you can never have too many magazines, no matter what application or reasons you use your Marlin 795 rifle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to have extended magazines?

In some states, extended magazines may be restricted or banned due to strict laws. There are even some online vendors that will not sell extended magazines to specific states in the U.S. Nonetheless, you should still check the laws in your local area prior to purchasing to avoid any legal headaches/problems later on.

Are all magazines the same?

No, not all magazines are made the same. The first difference is that they all have different capacities. Some have standard counts of 10 rounds while some have lesser or more. Another reason they’re not the same is also due to design and finish. Hence, drum magazines or even curved magazines exist for gun owners.

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