Best Marlin 60 Stocks (2022) – Buying Guide

Best Marlin 60 Stocks

If you’re a Marlin 60 owner looking to upgrade your favorite Marlin rifle, you ought to already know that finding the best Marlin 60 stock options is a challenging task. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way, as long as you know what to look for in good quality stock. 

The Marlin 60 is a reliable firearm and with it, you’ll need the best accessories to ensure it stays that way for as long as possible. One way to ensure your rifle’s reliability is to have a quality stock to give your rifle the stability and control you need to get consistently accurate shots every time. 

To make it easier for you, we’ve dug through high and low to find the best Marlin 60 stocks available on the market that you can get your hands on now. But before we get to it, we’ll first discuss what to look for in a quality Marlin 60 stock. If you are seeking for other accessories, have a look here

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Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole

Most Recommended Option

1. Available in five different finishes
2. Lightweight
3. Durable design

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks SS Evolution

Premium Option

1. Available in seven different finishes
2. Unique design
3. Features a recoil pad

9.5/10SHOP NOW
Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstock Barracuda SB1. Tough material to handle more stress
2. Good recoil reduction
3. Features recoil pad
8.5/10SHOP NOW
Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks Otasco Pistol Grip Stock

1. Made from walnut
2. Pistol grip for better stability
3. Classic design

Advanced Technology – Fiberforce Stock Monte Carlo1. Two sling swivel studs
2. Ambidextrous pistol grip
3. Polymer construction
8.5/10SHOP NOW

Perks of Upgrading your Marlin Model 60 Stocks

You will definitely experience a lot more benefits with upgraded stocks than most factory-issued models. Here are a few advantages that you might enjoy from the upgrade:

Less recoil

A good stock that comes with a recoil pad attached will give you a better chance to resist the shock and have better command over your rifle – ultimately better, if not some of your best shots. This will also mean a better chance of hitting your targets with higher accuracy. 

Better Appearance

While this is not a performance-related perk, most wooden ones will give your gun a much better enhancement in terms of aesthetics. A wooden stock will give your firearm an ageless look compared to some of the seasoned ones that have been around for years. 

Better Handling

Most stocks come with a pistol grip to ensure you add extra stability to your firearm. This not only gives you a better handle over your rifle but it also means you won’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands due to weather conditions or heavy recoil. 

How To Choose the Best Marlin 60 Stocks?

There are a few aspects that you’ll have to look into to differentiate a high-performance Marlin Model 60 stock from one that won’t do their job well. Here are the characteristics to look for in a great Marlin 60 stock:

Wood or Synthetic?

The best Marlin Model 60 stocks come in either wood stock or synthetic materials. Each of which has their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages to consider. Although wood is generally considered to be more susceptible to damage from water, modern technological advances have made several wood stock more water-resistant over time. 

However, their ability to withstand cleaning oils and solvents remains suspect. Synthetic stocks on the other hand are more capable of absorbing shock and recoil than their wood counterparts, but they may be a little more expensive in price. 

Adjustable or Fixed?

A fixed stock is suitable for those who have no trouble with the length of pull. However, one size does not fit all. Bigger and taller shooters or those in shorter stature will require a different length of pull. This is where an adjustable stock comes in handy to allow shooters to adjust it to match their exact needs and comfort for a more enjoyable experience. 


Some models are drop-ins while some are not. Your decision on which type to get boils down to your level of gunsmithing skills. If you have no gunsmithing skills or experience, then it’s advisable for you to go for a drop-in stock, though it seems to be on the higher end of the budget. 

However, if you find a product that’s better in quality and performance but requires professional installation, it would be good for you to hire the services of a gunsmith to install it on your rifle. Although spending extra money and waiting for the installation to finish may not be favorable, a quality stock that needs professional installation might just be cheaper to offset the costs. 

Review of the Best Marlin 60 Stocks in 2022

Now we will dive straight into our list of the five best Marlin 60 stocks available for purchase. Whether you prefer a more classic wood version or a high-pressure synthetic product, we have one that will likely suit all kinds of preference. 

1. Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks Otasco Pistol Grip Stock – The Best Overall Marlin Model



  1. Walnut material for a unique look
  2. Pistol grip for better stability 

One part that took us by surprise is the gunstock’s pistol grip. It is something one would often see on synthetic stocks instead of wood stock. This could only mean one thing: the Otasco wooden gunstock is not your average gunstock with a pistol grip that will perform when needed. 

This would most likely be favored by your usual hunters and casual target practice shooters, especially for those aiming to achieve a more timeless look for their guns. This gunstock will make your rifle seem like it’s been passed down from generations before. 

While it’s a great gunstock, two things appear to be absent in this model: a recoil pad and sling swivels. A good, solid rubber pad would be a great addition to help it absorb more recoils while People were happy to find that the product is solidly built and reliable. Some hunters and target shooters even said that this is a step up from the regular factory-made wood stocks on the Marlin 60 rifles. 

The bottom line is that this may just be it for you if you’re looking for a beautiful wooded stock that’s easily considered to be one of the best. The Boyd’s hardwood stock is solid with good potential to take on all kinds of abuse while giving your gun a classic look that will catch a lot of attention. 

You would like this if:

You want a classic-style gunstock. The wooden stock provides an ever-green style that will turn heads on top of an aesthetically pleasing finish. 

You want a durable wood stock. Not only does this gunstock give you a good amount of grip in most conditions, but it is even tough enough to handle bumps and bangs on hard surfaces. It can also handle quite a lot of stress you introduce to it. 

You might not like this if:

You want an easy installation. There have been some reports where they find installation to be a bit of a challenge whereby some fitting may be needed. You may also need to hire a gunsmith to install this. 



2. Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole – The Best for the Money



  1. Available in five different finishes
  2. Lightweight and Unique look

The main feature we noticed straight away is the thumb-hole design that’s rather interesting for a wood stock. The wooded gunstock also features vents located on the front that is designed for quicker heat dissipation. This means that you can expect your rifle’s barrel to cool off faster than normal after a long session. 

This wood stock would make a great fit for all kinds of shooting applications, especially for shooters who need something a little lighter to carry around. Considering how lightweight it is, we believe it would mainly benefit hunters who spend a lot of time carrying their rifles. 

This varmint stock is already pretty well built but if we were to nitpick and choose an improvement, it would be nice to see the gunstock be a little more slender. This rifle stock may appear a little bulky and awkward to carry occasionally. However, this may make fitting be even more challenging than it really is for other users. 

The gunstock is considered to be a “varmint hunter’s dream” for some, especially since the thumb-hole design made it even more lightweight compared to other stocks. Several buyers didn’t even notice any increase in weight upon installation. A buyer was pleased with their purchase as they said it even made their Marlin 60 look better than before. 

Bottom line, the Boyd’s Thumb-hole Gunstock is definitely for you if you need a great product without needing to shell out too much money. Other than being the best choice for budget shooters, this gunstock will also be beneficial for various shooting applications.

You would like this if:

You want better control over your rifles. These best Marlin 60 stocks are very lightweight due to the unique design that also helps to considerably reduce recoil. Thumb-hole also ensures a cooler barrel surface. 

You want something durable. Made from durable and tough materials, this wood stock is designed to handle a little more stress than usual models. 

You want something easy to install. This Marlin 60 gunstock is one of the best options if you intend to install onto your rifle without a gunsmith, but with the right tools and some gunsmithing skills. 

You might not like this if: 

You often shoot in the rain. The wood stock’s water resistance may be a little suspect. 



3. Advanced Technology – Fiberforce Stock Monte Carlo – The Best Tactical Stock



  1. Two sling swivel studs
  2. Ambidextrous pistol grip
  3. Made from polymer

The fiberforce stock is designed to take on all kinds of high-pressure situations, especially when a wood stock simply won’t cut it. This is as close as you’re getting to a tactical stock, plus it even has the ability to help you reduce recoil and absorb any shock that comes along with it. 

All-in-all, this is a good Marlin 60 rifle choice to rely on if you’re a competitive shooter or a shooter that uses the rifle in high-pressure situations. This stock can also be used for any application if you’re not a particular fan of wood variants. The durable built will definitely benefit shooters who want a stock that will last for a long time such that they don’t have to worry about replacing it often. 

The first thing we believe that could make this better is for the manufacturer to get rid of the top section of the stock that covers the barrel. Other than that, it would also be great if this synthetic rifle could offer additional adjustments to fit different lengths of pull.

Nonetheless, most recent buyers had only positive things to say about the fiberforce stock. This is a hardcore option that’s resistant to all kinds of impact. Some even went as far as to say that it is nearly indestructible. The ambidextrous pistol grip design also pleased many left-handed shooters. 

The bottom line is that this might just be a product you can consider if you’re not a fan of wood stocks. The Advanced Technology Marlin Monte Carlo is tough all around and is amazing at providing solid support and increase your accuracy shots. This is the exact type of rifle stock you want to get if you are looking for a product to ramp up your accuracy shots. 

You would like this if:

You want durable stocks. This Marlin 60 upgrade is made from durable materials to be resistant to all kinds of weather and solvents. 

You are a left-handed shooter. This rifle stock features an ambidextrous pistol grip to suit left-handed shooters. 

You want an easy-to-install stock. You can easily install this gunstock onto your rifle in just a few minutes with the right tools. It’s even lightweight enough to not add on any unnecessary weight onto your setup. 

You might not like this if: 




4. Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstocks SS Evolution – The Best Wood Stock



  • Available in seven different finishes
  • Unique look

This Boyd’s stock is perhaps one of the hardest and toughest products on the market thus far that is difficult to beat. Not only can this gunstock handle some bumps and bangs, but it can even resist a good amount of water. It is water-resistant but definitely not waterproof. Though this is tougher than most stocks, it still does have its limits. 

Most hunters and target shoots that appreciate the classic, timeless look in a rifle would definitely love this stock. The material is even tough enough to handle light to moderate high-pressure situations to suit competitions. 

One major boost that we believe could make it better is to include swivel slings This would be a good idea considering the fact that the stock will likely be used for hunting purposes. Die-hard owners out there will need to spare their hands for other accessories as they navigate through the woods and rough terrain of the outdoors. 

Most customers love the unique design of this stock on top of the accuracy shots it deliver. Many reported tighter shot groupings when hitting targets situated from 100 to 200 yards out. Most buyers were noted to be varmint hunter variety rather than large game hunters. 

The bottom line is that this stock would make a good option for those looking for a unique-looking stock that can deliver exceptional performance for your marlin 60 rifles. This stock will even ensure a little less recoil with higher numbers of accuracy shots. So, if that’s what you want to get out of your accessory, then this may just be the solution for you.

You would like this if:

You want a product that looks good. This stock has an aesthetically pleasing design to suit various preferences. 

You want better control over your rifle. The rifle stock has a recoil pad that’s quite comfortable to fire off the rifle while reducing recoil. Plus, the stock is tough as nails to handle a bit more stress than most wood versions.

You want an easy-to-install product. You can easily install this onto your rifle in just a few minutes with the right tools. It’s even lightweight enough to not add on any unnecessary weight onto your setup. 

You might not like this if: 

You don’t want a bulky product. This may appear a little bulkier than most. It does not come with sling swivels either.



5. Boyd’s Hardwood Gunstock Barracuda SB


This is yet another stock that is not just like any other normal ones on the market. You can expect this to be a tougher model to handle more stress which can otherwise cause other stocks to crack. While it won’t handle heavy-duty applications, it certainly holds its own in certain aspects. 

This item will mostly be relied on by hunters, target hunters, or any other shooter, this is as close to multi-purpose as you’re going to get. This will also be used by those who are tired of their unreliable factory-issued products and just want a better model. 

Most customers like how solidly built this is. They also noticed a little less recoil present once it was installed as the pad added some additional comfort for the shooters in firing position. Many have also noticed tighter shot groupings when hitting targets from 100 to 200 yards out. 

So, if you’re looking for a solid, all-rounder that is reliable, then there’s a good chance that this might just be the right choice for you. This is a solid model that will help you take on all kinds of applications. It even does a good job of boosting your rifle’s accuracy shots 

You would like this if:

You want a product to provide better control over your rifle. The high-performance Marlin 60 stock comes with a recoil pad to absorb shock for a noticeable recoil reduction. 

You want a durable product. This is engineered to take on some bumps and bangs. 

You might not like this if:

You want an easy-to-install product. Unfortunately, the installation might be a challenge for some and you may need to possess some gunsmithing skills. 




The bottom line is if you’re looking for the best Marlin Model 60 stocks, then you need not search any longer with one of the five products in our list above. A newly upgraded stock is one great method to give your gun better accuracy shots and stability boost in order to gain a head start over the rest. You should remember that a gunstock would be a product that you will be using for a long time, so do choose wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to replace a Marlin Model 60 Gunstock?

Replacing a gunstock may be challenging, especially if you have no idea what to look for. Here are the following instructions as a quick guide for you to replace your gunstock with your favorite option.

  1. You should check to ensure the magwell and chamber are empty in your rifle for safety purposes. Only proceed to the next step once it’s all clear.
  2. Remove the front and rear takedown screws with an Allen wrench and place them to the sides. 
  3. Remove your trigger assembly with an Allen French from the factory default and put it aside. 
  4. From here, you can install your gunstock according to the instructions included in your purchase. Do note that synthetic and wooden stocks have different installation instructions. 


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